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Genital Herpes Remedies

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BHT   4  0   

Posted by Anonymous (Philadelphia, PA)

[YEA]  BHT dissolved in olive oil is the greatest topical treatment I have ever tried. For every 5ml of oil use 5-350mg capsules or 1750mg of BHT powder. You must heat the oil but not hot enough to fry anything. Use a dropper to apply and do not contaminate the oil. Before I used peroxide and it would work but it turned my finger tips white and it left scars. There is absolutely no scarring using BHT and Olive oil and it even helps fade old HSV scars. I use it daily even when I'm not having an outbreak and so far so good. Hasn't been long enough to claim a reduction if outbreaks but the duration is like 2 days and you can't even tell you had an OB. AND it kills any pain from the ulcer. Try it.

Posted by Jenny

[YEA]  I recently paid $10 for two pages of information from this web site: Basically, the information said you can cure HSV (become antibody negative) using BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene) for a year or two at a dose of @50 mg to 1,000 mg (I am going by memory - you'll need to do research yourself). There is a book called "Wipe Out Herpes With BHT" by John A. Mann and Steven Wm. Fowkes. copyright 1983. which is where this information is sourced from. He said that the best source for BHT is

For more info go to:

There, I just saved you ten bucks! Hope this helps.

EC: BHT is butylated hydroxytoluene, phenolic compounds that are often added to foods to preserve fats. BHT may have antiviral and anti microbial activities. Studies are underway concerning the use of BHT in the treatment of herpes simplex and AIDS.

Replied by Ez
Phila, Pa
Has any one ever tried BHT dissolved in DMSO? would this be safe because I know dmso makes absobstion of chemicals very effective. I was thinking about placing this application on the lower spine where the herp likes to hide

What do you think??

Replied by Wuwu
Sf, Ca
I appreciate anyone who saves people money. Will try sometime. Thanks so much!
Replied by Careful
Madrid, Spain
I have read horrible things about dmso; maybe you'd better try another of the many remedies available. I am now taking lysine, and will start Evening Primrose Oil, for the hormonal imbalance which I read causes outbreaks around your period.

Very good luck

BHT, Oil Pulling   0  0   

Posted by Pookie65 (Hampshire, England) on 05/23/2014

Greetings from the UK! I have recently been researching natural remedies for HSV and HPV and stumbled across Earth Clinic. I am currently looking to improve my overall health by detoxing my body, eating healthily etc prior to starting either an H202 protocol or the BHT protocol (sooooo much information about both, I am feeling like a rabbit in headlights! ) I think I am leaning towards BHT...

I am a long term HSV sufferer (although I use the term 'sufferer' relatively loosely, as I tend to get only 2 - 3 mild OB's a year. I was diagnosed in 2001, sucked it up and got on with my life. I believe (although not formally diagnosed) I have had HPV for approximately 4 years also (a fellow HSV partner, who very kindly shared this 2nd gift).

As part of my research for getting uber healthy in preparation for the BHT protocol, I have been reading about the benefits of oil pulling - does anybody know of any reasons why I could not combine this while on BHT? I want to give my body the best chance possible, so am concerned that one might contra-indicate the other in some way... I would be opting for the 100% pure organic coconut oil.

This is a great site by the way, I wish I had searched for it many years ago!

Bitter Melon   2  0   

Posted by Michael (Des Moines, Iowa) on 11/13/2007

[YEA]  Bitter Melon for Herpes! I had started to have regular outbreaks of genital herpes and I scrambled everywhere for a cure. I found that Bitter Melon is used for Acyclovir resistent herpes so I figured if it works for Acyclovir resistent herpes it must work wonders for the regular herpes. I take it as directed and I have not had any outbreaks since then. When I first started taking it my outbreaks became less and less and less bothersome until I have had no outbreaks. I had an outbreak recently because I stoped taking the Bitter Melon but it was only for two days and I got right back on the Bitter melon and I'm all good now! I thank God for all His herbs He provided for us!!! I prefer the Solaray brand which is the most effective for me. It's hard to find in stores so you're better off buying it from which makes it a bit pricey but TRUST me it's worth it. 'I hope this will help many of you and God bless!

Replied by Dmember
Vancouver, Bc, Canada
[YEA]   Bitter Melon for genital herpes. I used get the outbreaks every month for many years. One would finish and then a within a week it would be back. I went a few years like this. I then started working near a Chinese food court and quite often would eat bitter melon there. Thinking back that's about the same time my outbreaks started to decrease and came only 2 or 3 times a year. After getting on the net and doing some research about herpes I stumbled upon bitter melon as a weapon against herpes. Put 2 and 2 together. Must be something to it and I would say it's worth it to add it to your list of healthy "foods with benefits" list. Last but not least it's not called bitter melon for nothing. An acquired taste and can be bought in tea form too.
Replied by Crystal
North Hollywood, California, Us
Mountain rose herbs has the actual bitter melon, just google the name and it will pop up. I get all my stuff there.

Black Tea   2  0   

Posted by Seema (Chicago, Il) on 03/13/2007

[YEA]  Was just reading up on this site on natural cures for Herpes 2 with a cup of black tea in my hand. Thought, "Gee, I can try this out right now", took the warm tea bag, broke it open, and applied the black leaves on the sores (really packed 'em in good, as I am a woman) and continued to read for another half hour. Upon gathering up the leaves and washing them away, ahhhhhhh, relief! The most I have felt in more than a week! I cannot believe that my infection decided to take a turn for the better just as I applied those leaves. There must be a connection! Goodby Valtrex!! It has made me very forgetful and detached. Have not been getting my work done. Will update.

Posted by Lucy (NY) on 02/25/2007

[YEA]  Black Tea is a remedy to drink against hsv, also, placing a tea tea bag on the sores, truly desperate do both (the tea bag should be luke warm for placing on sore leave for a good bit & do time & again throughout the day-also, place tea or tea bag in a plastic in freezer and do the treatment-works! It is an antioxidant naturally & the Tannin acid makes it unbearable for the virus! Hope this helps anyone-I know that this ailment is a sentence in hell for me for the past 14 years! I would not wish it upon my worse enemy trust me.

Black Walnut Hull   1  0   

Posted by Beau (Ocean Springs MS) on 05/30/2006

[YEA]  black walnut hull (tincture form) cures herpes (genital)

Carmex   2  1   

Posted by Bitty (Shasta Lake , Ca) on 03/05/2007

[YEA]  I believe my outbreak are stress related...not forgetting splenda. But I discovered while shopping and nothing to relieve my irritation, I grabbed what was handy (and never without) my jar of carmex. I applied it to the area and was immediately soothed. Ecstatic I kept applying it for the next two days and had wonderful results my outbreak was healing. Within 4 days all symptoms were gone! I've used it since and believe I found the Doctor in the jar (also comes in a tube)

Replied by Robby
Bangkok, Thailand
I came across a post stating that Carmex is effective against genital Herpes sores. Is it a medical cream or herb ? please provide more onfo. Thanks

EC: Carmex is a popular lip balm sold in the USA.

"Carmex is a salve for chapped lips and cold sores invented in 1936. The ingredients in Carmex are menthol, camphor, alum and wax. Alfred Woelbing, the founder of Carma Lab Incorporated, invented Carmex.

Alfred Woelbing suffered from cold sores and invented Carmex to find a solution to his own health issues. Carmex's name comes from the "Carm" from Woelbing lab's name and "ex" was a very popular suffix at the time, which resulted in the name Carmex."

Replied by Samantha
Los Angeles, CA
[YEA]   I tried the ACV overnight on my breakout and it hurt so badly and became much worse. Then I read this website further and I read the comment about Carmex. i use that all the time on my lips cause it's the best. i never thought about using it down there. I thought my breakouts were never going to go away. I had them consistently for two months. I have done carmex twice a day for a week now and my breakout is 90% gone. There was no pain, just a fresh sensation down there. i still take one shot of ACV and the stabilized oxygen drops to boost my immunity, but i know it is the Carmex that does the trick. You can get it in virtually any store: Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, etc. And it's cheap and long-lasting! I am so glad i've found this site!
Replied by N/A
Austin, TX
[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]   I've been using Carmex for years during outbreaks, it is the only thing that relieves the pain. I haven't noticed that it helps the length of an outbreak, but it is soothing and helps with the pain.
Replied by Caligirl100
San Diego, Ca
[NAY]   I tried Carmex (tube) and it burnt so bad! Maybe I don't have herpes and this is why it hurt? I am trying to find out what I have (for the past 3 months) and thinking it could be herpes. No lesions so trying to make itchy rash feel better. Carmex did not work for me due to pain upon application.

Choraphor, Zinc Gluconate   1  0   

Posted by Dave (Houston, TX) on 11/15/2006

[YEA]  Choraphor and Zinc Gluconate didn't cure, just reduced severity. I tried choraphor and it worked ok but did not work as well as the zinc. The zinc will actually penetrate the skin and kill the virus. It reduces the healing time and makes any other outbreaks very mild. I am continuing the treatment hoping to put years between outbreaks.

Coconut Oil   8  0   

Posted by Kim (Kansas City, Mo) on 07/14/2013

[YEA]  I have had genital herpes for 18 years. I have never used anything that worked faster and more effectively than coconut oil.

After a very stressful week I noticed a horrible breakout coming on. The spot on my backside was flaming red, about the size of a quarter and I knew it was going to be bad! The bump was large and it itched & hurt. I tried applying coconut oil the last time I had a breakout after reading about this on EC and it cut down the healing time dramatically, but I didn't start applying it last time until 2-3 days into the breakout. This time I applied the VCO by dipping one finger only once in the jar & then to the sore as soon as I noticed; once in the morning & once in the evening. Wow! I never itched or hurt after I started applying VCO to the area.

What normally takes 10-14 days to heal; took 4 days this time and it is completely gone! No scabs ever came about! The VCO threw the outbreak in total remission! I also took about 3000 mg a day of Lysine to help speed up the process. Simply amazing! Thank you EC :)

Posted by Krishna (Singapore) on 11/17/2009

[YEA]  Treatment for herpes

If anyone there is suffering from herpes virus, please try applying coconut oil on the affected area. Even if you don't have an outbreak you can still rub coconut oil on the affected areas twice daily to stop an outbreak. Coconut oils are easily available in any Indian shops. You can also make it at home. Take some milk from coconut and boil it under high temperature. Keep boiling until all the milk evaporaes. Squeeze the white substance that is left and you will get pure coconut oil. Please try, this oil treatment it really works. You don't have to spend so much money on antibiotics and it is harmless to your body. Goodluck and best wishes

Replied by Krishna
Those of you who are suffering from herpes virus, please use coconut oil in the affected area. Just keep rubbing coconut oil daily even when you don't have any symptoms. You don't have to spend so much money on expensive tablets. Coconut oil is easily availabe in Indian shops. Take care.
Replied by Maryland
Los Angeles, Ca
[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]   I used the apple cider vinegar on the lesions on my genital and it burned a lot for 5 minutes and then it didn't itch for hours. It was great! But it didn't diminish the size of the lesions.

Then I applied coconut oil and 6 hours later it was itching again :( But when I looked at the lesions, they were smaller! I applied 2 more times and it seems to be working so far.

I am also taking 3 tablespoons of coconut oil a day, after reading a guy's post about eating coconut oil 3x a day and being free of outbreaks.

Replied by Merryanne
Orange City, Florida, Usa
This is Merryanne in Central FL, , , I would like you to read all the information in our files here on Lysin, L-Lysine, it will kill viruses' you would need to take it at 2,000 mg in each dose at least 4 times a day for a while, , I do not know of anyone that has used it for herpes, but I know it cured me of a very bad virle flu last Christmas, and I thought I was dying and it was cured in 3 days, not even a sniffle left in 3 days. It does kill virel infections.
Replied by Maryland
Los Angeles, Ca
[YEA]   Well, I am happy to report to you guys that all my lesions disappeared! I had one that looked like a genital wart, and several others and they are all gone. I am still healing but I am so glad that I read this post about the coconut oil. It really worked! I applied 3 times yesterday and today I applied twice.
Replied by Maryland
Los Angeles, Ca
[YEA]   I have 3 tablespoons of coconut oil a day. I also still use the coconut oil on my genital when I feel itching. I haven't had any lesions develop, thanks to this!
Replied by Maryland
Los Angeles, Ca, Usa
[WORKED TEMPORARILY]   UPDATE: the coconut oil no longer worked after a while. It was a relief from itching but did nothing to lesions. I had to apply colloidal silver on them.
Replied by Priscilla
Springfield, Mo
I found that Chlorehexidine solution when applied to the lesion will heal it in 2 days.

Posted by Michelle (New York, New York) on 07/17/2008

[YEA]  I was totally devasted five month ago when i was diagnose with HSV2, the pain and the depression that come along with, and this site is a God sent. I change my diet and insert Coconut Oil in all my ailment. ( i find it delicious :) The second outbreak came a month later, but with no pain. so i use along with the coconut oil, the BOL and the DSMO. I have yet have another outbreak. Hope it stay that way. So, I keep you posted.

Replied by Michelle
Baltimore, MD, USA
[QUESTION]   I am responding to the previous posting on Coconut Oil, and my question is: Does anyone know what BOL and DMSO stand for? She mentions this as additional treatments for herpes. Thank you. This is a great website!

EC: Michelle, DMSO is dimethyl sulfoxide and you can learn more about it here.

Replied by Vinu
Culver City, Ca
I tried this herb called hypericum mysorense, and within 3 months my symptoms completely dissapeared. I have had no outbreaks since then, and I looked at the product labeling (Hepericum), and all its components were a combination of various herbs and plant products.
Replied by Nate
Greensboro, NC
Where did get that hypericum mysorense herb from and how much was it?

Posted by Peter (Kaitaia, New Zealand) on 07/24/2007

[YEA]  I was diagnosed with genital herpes in 1999. It was a shock to my system, in more ways than one. The nasty bleeding scabs, the weeping sores, the pain - and the horrible sensation on the thighs, like cats clawing at wet skin. (That's just my description.) I heard about coconut oil a year ago and decided to try it. I was guided to take it this way: A tablespoonful in a glass of clear warm water, mix it up, melt it, and drink it. I took it three times a day at regular intervals. I came off my medication, Ayclovir, and waited for the usual attack. (This was after a few months of taking the oil.) But nothing happened. In order to stimulate an attack, to force it, I ate my old 'enemies' - peanuts and bananas, in great quantities, both guaranteed to cause a herpes outbreak. But nothing happened. I have been clear of the genital herpes now for at least six months, perhaps more, and the only thing I want now is to have a blood test to be absolutely sure the infection has gone. Of course doctors will say that the virus is incurable, but something has happened here, something profound and unusual. I have an inner certainty that the virus has been battered about by the oil, to such an extent it has no power left. Of course, I may be wrong. But there is no sign of it.

Replied by Cindy
Los Angeles, California
Hi Peter, do you have any updates since your posting? -Thank you
Replied by Gaye
Orlando, Florida
I have a question of Peter in New Zealand who said in July 2007 he believes he has been cured of herpes and was going to take a blood test. Peter: did you take the blood test and what were the results? Am interested in knowing as I am considering ingesting vco for the same reason. Thanks.
Replied by Maryland
Los Angeles, Ca
I loved this post and I am taking the coconut oil too. It tastes awful (I always hated coconut! ) and I want to report the same thing in a few months.
Replied by Maryland
Los Angeles, Ca, Usa
[WORKED TEMPORARILY]   I took 3 tablespoons a day of coconut oil for over a month - since I hate coconut, I quit.

I saw great results when I applied coconut oil on the lesions - they would heal quickly, in less than 3 days. Sadly it didn't last long and by my third outbreak, the coconut oil had no effect on the lesions.

Replied by Christina
Orange County, Ca
[YEA]   I eat coconut oil every day and gag each time I swallow it because it's hard to swallow oil but you can use it in your cooking, put it in a smoothy.... There are so many other ways to ingest it other than eating it straight from the spoon. Coconut oil has so many other healing properties.... Helps with metabolism, insulin, digestion... I use it on my skin and in my hair. You have to make sure you by the unrefined pure organic virgin coconut oil otherwise it won't work. :)
Replied by Layla
Hi, have you taken a blood test? How long have you gone now without a herpes outbreak?

Posted by Art (L.a, Ca)

[YEA]  Dear Earth Clinic, I thought in sharing some information that has helped me. Organic extra virgin Coconut oil which contains 50-55% of luric acid that actually destroys the chemical composition of any virus including AIDS, in fact in the Philippines are curing it with this remedy. Now I can work out again with out feeling my body weak and my out breaks have been reduced 80%. about 1 spoonful a day Thank you for your great forum. Regards.

Replied by James
Seattle, Wa
I believe that should be lauric acid rather than luric, yes?

Coconut Oil and MMS   1  0   

Posted by Carl (Philadelphia, PA) on 09/07/2008

[YEA]  I have also had the same experience with MMS. I felt the tingling sensation but I got no actual outbreaks/sores. MMS works very well to destroy bacteria, fungus, parasites, viruses etc. The issue with MMS is that it is fighting the fight against Herpes alone, hence the tingling sensations. MMS cannot to its best ability fully destroy the Herpes virus when it is protected by it lipid coat (Fat coating). Monolaurin (coconut oil) is a supplement that dissolves away and destroys the lipid coating on the Herpes Virus, leaving it naked and exposed to our immune system. Monolaurin is not a drug, therefore, the Herpes Virus does build immunity to it like it does with Valtrex. Many people who use Valtrex claim it stops working for them after 2 years. The reason for this is because the Herpes virus builds an immunity to it, making the virus stronger, smarter and harder to kill. I would not be surprised if the drug companies introduced a new & stronger drug that claims to be much stronger than Valtrex.

By using Monolaurin, which dissolves Herpes's lipid coating and also using MMS, which oxidizes and kills the virus along with a healthy diet you will be able to stop all future outbreaks. But please keep in mind that you must eat well and clean your system out. Nobody can claim that there is a cure for Herpes, but I believe the cure for herpes is right in front of us. If everyone in the U.S. with HSV donated $2 (for example) we would have enough money to hire our own researchers, doctors or even help a comapny focusing on this cure see their passion to the end.

Replied by Anonymous


Replied by Naturalmedchick
New Brunswick, Nj Usa
Thanks for the information. I had been consuming coconut oil to thwart outbreaks then decided to try mms for other reasons. In researching mms, I learned some have had success keeping hsv2 at bay. Yesterday that proved to be true. I had the sensation that the virus was active although I had no sores. I did take a few different things.. Olive leaf extract, a heaping tbs of extra virgin coconut oil internally (in addition to cooking with it) and evco externally (just in case). The sensation had subsided, but a distinct pain I get on my right side which can vary from hip to foot remained. I was on the verge of taking a pain killer but decided to take mms instead. Within a few hours the pain was completely gone. This morning no sensation remained. I chalk it up to a combination of both coconut oil and mms, but really it can be either or.

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