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Cold and Flu Remedies

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Hydrogen Peroxide in Ears   17  2   

Posted by Regina (Seoul, South Korea) on 06/09/2007

[YEA]  I really can't believe this. But I'm an insulin dependent diabetic so my immune system is compromised and I get more colds. I felt a cold coming on but I have two finals next week and a thesis due the week after. In addition, I'm working and have my job duties to attend to too. Basically, I CAN NOT get sick. I found a great apple cider vinegar cure when I got a bad bout of food poisoning from this site and decided to see if there was anything on how to prevent that developing cold in its tracks. Well, I found the hydrogen peroxide remedy. It sounded completely crazy, but I figured what the hell - why not try it? It's cheap and at least my ears would be cleaner ;-) I tried it. I bought some peroxide on the way to the library. I set my cell phone timer for 10 minutes, had some tissue handy, tilted my head to the side, poured the peroxide in (I bought a small bottle with that has a nozzle so it was easy) and let the peroxide go to work. I switched ears and then did it again on both sides for about 5 to 10 minutes for each ear. It worked! That itchy throat I had is gone. That feeling that I was going to wake up sick tomorrow is gone. I truly can't believe it but I'll be doing this again at the first sign of a cold. This is great!

Posted by Milica (Santa Barbara, CA) on 04/30/2007

[YEA]  I am in my first year at college, and I am 4 hours away from home! Now when I get sick, it is a huge priority to get better as soon as possible so that I don't miss any class and my mom is not here to take care of me!! My friend and I got sick on approximately the same day with a terrible stuffy nose that led to a sore throat and headache that resulted from so much sniffling. My mom sent me the link to hydrogen peroxide therapy and with a little apprehension, I added the h2o2 in the ears, nose, and gargle to my vitamin c and oil of oregano cure. By the next day my stuffy nose was completely gone and by day 2 my voice was practically back to normal and NO sore throat. Now i'm at day 4 and perfectly normal and happy. P.s. My friend is taking vitamins as well as antibiotics and she is still sick! Now if that isn't a testament to the power of h2o2, I don't know what is!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

Posted by Anil Verma (Fremont, CA) on 03/23/2007

[YEA]  yesterday, I was about to get get flu. I had sore throat & had started sneezing & sniffling. I knew for sure that I was gonna get flu in next 12 hrs. I found the H2O2 in Ear Cure on your website. Luckily enough, I found that I already had H2O2 at home. I went ahead & put few drops in one yr, waited few minutes & then tried it the other one. This morning when I woke up, I felt so much better. No Sneezing or sniffling. This stuff really works. I put it again in both my ears this morning. I still have the Sore throat. Any ideas, if inhaling will help with Sore throat. By the way, I am also Gargling with Apple Cider Vinegar, Cayenne Powder ( as mentioned on your site). It seems to be fighting the sore throat as I can see Its not getting any works. Pl let me know if you have any more ideas for sore throat. Thanks for your website.

Posted by Michael (Seattle, Washington) on 03/07/2007

[YEA]  I've found 3 percent hydrogen peroxide surprisingly effective in "curing" a cold or flu. I fill an eyedropper with it, like down on my side, and pour it into my ears, one at a time. When I have an infection it will bubble or tickle. (Sometimes it tickles intensely... the first time I used it, I couldn't believe how much it tickled!) I leave it in for five minutes, then drain it out. I've been surprised at how effective it is in speeding my recovery, or even nipping a cold or flu bug in the bud. Oddly, putting it in my ears also helps to clear my sinuses. I also use it as a gargle when I have a cough.

Posted by Debra (Sunnyvale, CA) on 03/01/2007

[YEA]  I've only done one hydrogen peroxide application so far but it's either gotten rid of or greatly lessened my flu symptoms: headache, muscle aches, chills, extreme tiredness and nausea. At least enough so I feel like a human being again. I combined the hydrogen peroxide in the ear along with gargling in the throat. After a 3 hour nap, I felt much better. I could get up, take a shower and watch TV.

Posted by Kelsey (Menifee, CA) on 02/13/2007

[YEA]  After waking up achy and light-headed with flu/cold symptoms, and having it stick for three days I was scrambling around the internet trying to find something to kill the virus off (whatever it was) so that I could go back to work. First I tried the cayenne pepper for my sore throat - miraculous, went away immediately and as of today (day 6) has not come back. I've been taking the ACV once a day and do feel better but I'm not sure if the virus is just running its course or whether the ACV is helping. Then I tried peroxide in the ears - quite uncomfortable but my body aches were gone by the next morning and haven't returned. So I'd give a thumbs up to the peroxide and cayenne for sure.

Posted by John (Boston, MA) on 09/26/2006

[YEA]  I had developed some kind of nasty flu-like condition while in school. I don't normally get sick alot, and when I do it's not really all that bad, but this was really bad and was lingering around for weeks. I was really puzzled, but also quite miserable, and I don't trust doctors and I don't have a lot of money anyway. So one day I was looking for something on the web and stumbled across the hydrogen peroxide cures of Bill Munro and was at once intrigued, but dubious. After all, I was told by my Dad once when I was really young that hydrogen peroxide is "poisonous" which I took to mean "lethal on contact" or something since I must have been like 2 or 3 at the time. Anyway, I felt so bad from this flu thing that I decided what the heck, I'll put it in my ears. I knew that there might be some bubbling, but when I put it in my left ear, WOW, like it exploded *foosh* and scared the bejesus out of me at first, but it didn't hurt it just took me by surprise. The other ear bubbled far more mildly. Anyway, couldn't tell if it was working right then, but the next morning I KNEW I felt better. My muscled didn't hurt as much, my head felt much clearer, and I was able to cough out gobs of phlegm that had been just stuck there for weeks, making my throat raw with coughing. I inhaled it some too the next day by putting it in a plant sprayer and spraying it at a fan I was standing in front of, occasionally taking deep breaths of the fan-air. This made me feel strangely happy and energetic, and also mildly light-headed. It was not a good idea to use the fan this way, however, because a little drop of H2O2 got in my eye once and that wasn't fun! Stings pretty bad far a few seconds. The big companies will never cop to the benefits of a substance that cannot be patented.

Posted by Christel

[NAY]  I tried using hydrogen peroxide in my ear last night to ward off the beginnings of a cold. It worked fabulously in my left ear; bubbled and fizzed, then drained out smoothly. Really quite pleasant. So I went on to my right ear. It will not drain out! My sinus issues are much improved, and I slept fine, but this morning my right ear is still clogged and beginning to ache. I tried the hydrogen peroxide again, hoping it would sort out whatever had gone wrong. But no luck. If it had worked the same in both ears I would be quite pleased with the home-cure, but as it's left me with a whole new pain to deal with ... I don't think I'll try it again.

Posted by Shelly (Louisiana)

[YEA]  I have often used peroxide in my ears for ear infections. My mom used it on me as a child and I have since done so. This week I had a severe bought of what I suppose is the flu. My jaws, ears, and throat ached extremely bad. After using peroxide in my ears, my symptoms would ease up. It did the same for my husband when I did this for him.

Posted by Teri (Rapid City, South Dakota)

[YEA]  I used the hydrogen peroxide in the ears at the first sign of a runny nose and sore throat. A half an hour later I felt great and I still feel great today."

Posted by Valerie (Frederick MD)

[YEA]  I started putting H2O2 in my ears after reading about this to cure the flu. It worked great and no side effects. Do not do at night or you will not sleep. I was thrilled to see this added to your list.

Posted by Elyn From Milwaukee
Oklahoma City, Ok, U.s.a.
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Hey, I put a half a dropper of peroxide in one ear at a time for 15-20 minutes. I have a washcloth next to my head to catch the drips once I tilt my head to drain, and then I do the other ear. Peroxide DOES NOT STAIN the pillowcases! I've fallen asleep with peroxide in my ears frequently-- doesn't do any harm. :)

Posted by Linda (Centerville, Wa)

[YEA]  I use the hydrogen peroxide for cold's and flu on myself and grand kid's, it works great! Have just started using acv for gout and osteo arthritis, could feel the difference the next day. I use two tablespoons of acv with a tablespoon of honey in a glass of hot water two or three times a day.

Posted by Yvette (Vancouver, British Columbia)

[YEA]  At the first signs of either cold or flu, I use a couple of drops of H2O2 - 3% solution- in each ear, in each nostril and in my mouth. This seems to kill off viruses that enter through these areas. It will stop a cough or irritated throat immediately. Sometimes I use a spray bottle to do this. The throat may be sensitive for some people, but the effect is worth it.

Posted by B.A. (Fairbanks, AK)

[YEA]  I use the 3% peroxide drops in the ears 1-3x for 5 min each, ear up, AND then drain and dry with 70% ethyl alcohol to prevent "damp" residual in ear after blotting externally with a paper towel. Has worked well for ear aches with 2 daughters.

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Method   6  0   

Posted by Sonya (Manhattan, USA) on 08/25/2009

[YEA]  My husband started feeling symptoms of the flu on Friday, but I didn't feel them until Monday. I started inhaling 3% peroxide to the back of my throat and into my lungs following Bill Munro's instructions right away. I felt immediately better (literally, 5 minutes later) but 20 minutes later I felt the virus returning to my head. Instead of waiting the 2-3 hours for the inhalation like the instructions state, I decided to inhale again. Again my symptoms disappeared almost immediately. I kept inhaling every time I felt the symptoms returning and by midnight, I didn't have any more symptoms. I went to sleep, symptom free and did the peroxide again this morning, after an 8 hour break and will continue to inhale every 2-3 hours now. I am not 100% (mild congestion) but am doing sooo much better than my husband who is still miserable with congestion.

I am coming to the conclusion that the key to this inhalation method is starting it as soon as you feel the symptoms and then continuing it for a day or two. Don't stop doing it even if you feel better! I also think that inhaling every few hours is not enough if you have a bad strain of the virus. Inhaling every time I feel symptoms returning has been the key to kicking this virus. No doubt I will be able to test my findings again this winter, but hopefully not with the swine flu.

Good luck everyone. We need to be prepared for a bad swine flu season!

Posted by Tara
Boston, Mass
Hi Sonya. Thank you for solving a mystery for me! I don't know about anyone else but I spit out a lot of the peroxide after inhaling it, even though I try to keep it in my lungs as long as possible. Because most of the peroxide ends up being spit out into the sink, I am thinking that only itty bitty teeny weeny amounts are making it into the lungs. So it makes total sense that you need to do it more frequently than once every three hours in order for it to kill (starve?) the virus.
Posted by Bob
Memphis, Tn
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[YEA]   I had a similar experience. I had been doing the inhalation method for several months then kind of slowed down on it. Upon slowing down I felt a cold coming on. I have always gotten at least 2 colds a year and they last 10-14 days always. When I felt this cold coming on I started inhaling the peroxide as many as 10-12 times per day 4-6 sprays each time. Within a couple of days it was gone and did not return. I am a believer in this method of killing viruses. Good luck!
Posted by Tenderfoot
Las Cruces, Nm Usa
[YEA]   I too am using H2O2 inhalation, only by nebulizer since the spray bottle method I tried about a year ago did not give much improvement in my lung condition after using it for a long period of time, although it did help with sinus congestion. I started inhaling it in the nebulizer about a week ago for my COPD in order to try and wean myself off of inhalers and possibly improve the lung condition. I'm so glad I did as the following morning when I woke up my lungs were opened up for a fuller breath of air and I had great energy, I couldn't believe how good I felt. I washed my windows yesterday, a big accomplishment for me and I have not needed so much extra sleep as before. I've used it 3 times now, so I'd say I use it about every other day and plan to continue this routine and/or make adjustments depending on how I feel or if I'm feeling too dried out. I put about 1/8 tsp of 3% HP in the nebulizer cup along with 1 tsp distilled water and 1/2 tsp of colloidal silver, the kind with sun and stars on the aqua label. (I did consumer research and found this as the purest for me to use). I'm still using inhalers and supplements so far until I see cosistent progress and get checked by my doctor to see how how things stand clinically. Good luck to all and feel free to write with any questions you may have.
Posted by Deborahmay
Boca Raton, Florida
[YEA]   I have been using this nebulizer with the peroxide and it's amazing 3-5 times a day. Peroxide is only H202 which is oxygen and where there is enough oxygen no virus or bacteria can grow. I have also a vaporizer that I put the peroxide in and let it run all day and night . This is great for babies and kids thank you for this web site as it is my favorite one.:)

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