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Posted by Heather (Phoenix, AZ) on 07/07/2009

[YEA]  Thank you for your tip on using apple cider vinegar for diarrhea. I had diarrhea for three days straight and found your website while I was searching for a home remedy. I went to a health food store and found ACV in pill form. After the first dose, I felt better but still had some loose stools. After one full day of taking the ACV, no more diarrhea! I feel so much better. I've never had a home remedy work so well before. What a relief!

Posted by Karlap (Orlando, Florida, USA) on 05/19/2009

[YEA]  My 2 year old son and I had a bad case of stomach cramps which turned into 3 days of watery diarrhea every 30 min or so or everytime we ate or drank anything. I checked this site for remedies and tried Apple Cider Vinegar(ACV) (I already had in my cabinet) mixed with water.
I mixed 2 tsp ACV in about 20 oz. of water. I smelled it in the glass and knew it would be hard to get my 2 year old to drink this!! I poured half into a glass for me to drink. I poured the other half into a sippy cup, opened up one of those take-along flavored pouches you shake into bottled water (hard to describe & not use a brand name)and used about half the pouch to flavor his ACVwater in the sippy cup. I did this a few times, maybe every 2 hours, each time using less flavor to make sure he was getting the ACV. It's been about 4 hours and neither of us has gone to the bathroom. It may be early but I'm gona call it and say this remedy actually worked.

Posted by Henry (Los Angeles, ca) on 03/16/2009

[YEA]  Apple Cider Vinegar, stomach issues: I was feeling horrible, my sinuses were so bad i could not breath, and to top it off i had horrible stomach problems, not diarrhea, but very close to it. anything i would eat would cause me to go to the restroom. I have tried ACV before, and i am a believer in it, but i was amazed that despite taking pepto bismol and immodiam ad, ACV finally gave me relief. after being stuck at home for 2 days i was able to go out to watch a basketball game, go out to a nice dinner (couldnt eat much but at least i was not running to the restroom). I am going back onto a ACV regimen, trying it out again has made me a believer again.

Posted by Mark (Highland, CA, United States) on 02/15/2009

[YEA]  Thank god for this website. Apple cider vinegar cured my 3 day diarrhea. I just took about 2-3 tbs of ACV and I felt much better in 15 mins

Posted by Carrie (Reston, VA) on 02/01/2009

[YEA]  OK, so call me skeptical. I have been having diarrhea for over 6 days and a sharp pain behind my belly button for a while. I was becoming raw and felt sick every time I needed to go (which was often). I sipped a hot cup of black chai tea mixed with 2 tablespoons of regular ACV (not organic, just generic) and to my surprise everything went away. No joke! The sharp pain behind my belly button and the diarrhea stopped. It has been two days and its never returned! I was seriously considering going to the ER and Pepto was doing nothing for me. I never even took another dose of the ACV, just the one. Worked great!

Posted by Holly (Chicago, IL USA) on 01/28/2009

[YEA]  I had sinus surgery and had to take a new mega antibiotic that gave me AAD. Associated Antibiotic Diarrhea. After 3 days of sitting on the toilet I was desperate and found your website at 10:15 at night. Within 36 hours of dosing, 2 TBL ACV in water (5 times total) I was completely done with that problem. I am AMAZED and a total convert. I will now be adding it to my daily regimen for my tummy problems. THANK YOU.

Posted by Piper (Salt Lake City, Utah) on 11/28/2008

[YEA]  There has been a bad virus going around laying people up with diarrhea for two, three day straight. I got hit hard and fast last night. Couldn't sleep, of course, and found this site. Tried the ACV (two tablespoons in a coffee mug of warm water). Tossed and turned for twenty more minutes and then fell fast asleep and sleep good all night. Haven't had any since and today was Thanksgiving and I really over did it. So that is a testament to how well this works! Note: is very nasty going down the hatch, however. Great site, saved my holiday.

Posted by Shawna (Central, Ohio) on 11/22/2008

[YEA]  I tried the Apple Cider Vinegar in a last ditch effort after not having relief from several doses of Pepto. After researching the internet, I found this site and decided to try the ACV. My stomach stopped turning within about 15 minutes.

I took several doses of 2 tablespoons in 8 ounces of water. I did this for several days until I didn't have a weak stomach. I'm not sure if I should have taken it that often, but I did what I needed to. I've reccomended this to my co-workers who all think I'm crazy, but it works!

Thank you for posting, I'm so glad that I tried the ACV. (I've also read on this site that ACV will help to lose weight, if you use it sparinglty. I've not tried this, but thought I would share my new insight.) Thank you!

Posted by Miriam (New York, N.Y.) on 11/04/2008

[YEA]  I've been a fan of earth clinic for almost 2 years now, and finally I can contribute to the feedback! About 3 hours ago I had horrible cramping in my belly. So I went to the bathroom, and lo and behold I had a bad case of diarrhea. I had to go a couple of times. However, I still didn't feel 100% after. So I started thinking about what I ate or if my dog being sick vomiting earlier had anything to do with it. Naturally, I went right here to look up remedies for diarrhea, and good old apple cider vinegar came up! I already had a bottle of organic ACV with the mother (I know.. don't mention labels.. lol), which I have been taking on and off for the last year and half. I took 2 tbls with a glass of water about an hour ago, and now I feel great! Where there was an uneasy feeling and gnawing pain in my lower abdomen, now is replaced by a relieving and soothing, almost cooling, sensation. And NO MORE DIARRHEA... WHAT A RELIEF!!! =D

Replied by Kelly
Miami, Florida
[YEA]   Thank you so much!!! your post just saved me from being stuck in the restroom all night :) worked quick too
Replied by Quesha
Onley, Virginia
thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks... everyone else was like two or three days ive only had it for a couple ov hours n needed something quick ...
Replied by Robert
Katy, Texas
[YEA]   Same problem as everyone else. I took 4 ACV tablets and the problem disappered in 4 hours. I realize the tablets probably won't give all of the benefits as the liquid does, but in this case, they work also.

Posted by Debbie (virginia beach, usa) on 07/10/2008

[YEA]  After a holiday to Dominican Republic my daughter and I came down with diarrhea, for three days I was stationed in the loo. Lo and behold after searching for a natural cure I run across your website and decided to give ACV a try, instantly my stomach felt better and feel I am on the road to recovery...THX

Posted by Zion (Austin, USA) on 05/26/2008

[YEA]  I have had Diarrhea almost EVERY DAY for 6 weeks! The past week it had gotten so bad that I went to the ER twice for dehydration. I couldn't stop the diarrhea. The last bout was 12 times in one day...that landed me in the ER. They were of no help on how to stop it so I did some research. (What the heck took me so long???) I tried the ACV remedy yesterday and NO MORE DIARRHEA!!! It works beautifully!!!

Replied by Jramos
San Antonio, Texas
[YEA]   Tried the 4 tablespoons of vinegar to half cup of purified water; my stool has solidified since taking two cups of this ACV and took one again this morning. It burns a little going down but it's worth the results it offers. I was excited to see my stool texture improve and I'm going to keep doing it for a week to ensure remedy effectiveness. Thank you Earth Clinic:)!! I'm going to do this three times a day for a week.

Posted by Lynn (Kirkland, WA) on 05/25/2008

[WARNING!]  I tried Apple Cider Vinegar because I have been suffering from constant diarrhea. A doctor recommended Apple Cider Vinegar being helpful to kill parasites which might be the root cause of my problem. However, I have stomach cramps plus severe burning after I drank it. I had 7 parts of vinegar & 3 parts of water. This is way too concentrated. I just thought to share this with others... Please dilute your vinegar!

Replied by David
London, Uk
Yes after reading a few comments, people seem to be taking far to much ACV in one hit, I have been taking ACV( with mother intact) daily for 3 years now, I take 2 tspns(Teaspoons) in an 8oz glass of warm water 3 times daily, usualy with my meals ( I sip it through a straw) its cleared up my sinus problems which I had for many years, and I haven't had a cold or influenza in 3 years... hope it helps.

Posted by Doris (Muskegon, MI) on 05/16/2008

[YEA]  Diarrhea Remedies: Thank God for this site. I was miserable and at 4:00 in the morning googled and found this site. Tried two TBLS in warm tea and within 15 minutes my stomach was calm and my intestines were no longer rumbling - TRULY AMAZING. 24 hours later and no problems.

Posted by Karen (Lisle, IL USA) on 04/09/2008

[YEA]  Thanks! Could not believe it when I tried the APPLE CIDER VINEGAR CURE. A few TBS in a 1/2 cup of warm water (drank it like a shot of schnapps) first thing this morning, and here I am CURED. Diarrhea Die-a-Gone! Thanks again. It is a miracle to me after suffering for a week. k now ok

Replied by Ross
Spokane, USA
[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]   Apple cider vinegar for diarrhea: Just tried it an feeling a bit better. Wish I would have read the comments cause I drank the stuff straight. Started off tasting like pickle jucie and quickly turned so bitter. Never going to drink it straight again. I think I heard my tounge screaming :)

Posted by Ray (Valdosta, Georgia) on 03/31/2008

[YEA]  Thank god for this site!!! Apple Cider Vinegar. After three straight days of constaint i mean every 20-30 minuits of going to the bathroom with the worst diarrhea ever in my life, I had to try something as the normal drugs did not touch it one bit, I did a Google search for help for this site read about ACV and got hold of some, granted I was in such bad shape I took 3-4 Tbsp of it with a very small amount of water, OMG in mear minuites my tummy felt better and NO more trips to the bathroom, till about 17 hours later and all was back to normal. I have told many of this and even sent e-mails to spread the word thank you to all who have shared and god bless.

p.s. Now going to give the weight loss with ACV a shot.

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