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Apple Cider Vinegar  

Posted by Kathryn (Mccall, Id) on 06/06/2011

[YEA]  I had a bad cough for 5 days and I was desperate for relief. I mixed 1 tsp apple cider vinegar and 1 tsp clover honey with 1/4-cup warm water. It soothed my cough and a little while later I coughed up a lot of phlegm and it was cured!

Posted by Amanda (Los Angeles, Ca ) on 05/22/2011

I was told by a co-worker to try this apple cider remedy, however, I was told you rinse your mouth with it and not swallow it. Can you please clarify? On your website it states to drink it mixed in water. I constantly cough and it seems as though my throat is conxtantly filled with mucus that I just cannot get rid of. I will cough to a point where I practically cant breathe at times. Ive tried to go see a doctor re: this but all they tell me is that im healthy and theres nothing wrong with me and what I have is hereditary. Please help.

Replied by Kay
In The Valley, Ca
Amanda from Los Angeles, I just came accross your post while I was trying to decide what to do for my bronchitis. I'd like to offer an opinion on your condition. It sounds to me like you have post-nasal-drip. It is usually caused from allergies. Dairy would be the first thing I would look at, because I think that is a pretty common sympton. But, it could be just about anything. The list is a mile long, it could be something you are injesting or something in your home, workplace, or in your yard. How about seeing a allergist? You might want to look under Allergies on Earth Clinic to see what others have tried. I wish you luck, and I hope you get my feedback. Ksy
Replied by Ruth
Stavanger, Norway (american, Working In Norway)
A further comment on the post-nasal-drip. I have a lot of sinus and throat problems, which I am convinced are caused by Candida. I recently discovered a pleasant and extremely cheap remedy. I make my own version of Xlear nasal spray. I use 1/4 tsp. Xylitol, 1/8 tsp salt, one drop peroxide and one drop grapefruit seed extract. I spray it in my nose and also inhale it as often as I think of it--the more the better. For the first time in as long as I can remember, I can sleep breathing through my nose, and have had much less sinus problems. It is so easy, so effective, and best of all, so cheap!!! I also gargle with salt water often (helps clear the mucus in your throat) and inhale 3% peroxide using a nasal spray bottle (the food grade is best, but the drug store variety is better than nothing).

As for the red onion recipe, I make something like that--boil an onion and 1/4" fresh ginger root, then crush several cloves of garlic and add after the onion/ginger is cooked. Then I mix it with enough honey to get it down and take as often as I can stand it. I give it to the kids 1 tsp. Every couple hours (maybe 1/2 tsp. for babies) until they start having loose bowels, then give them less. They will probably smell like onion and garlic for a while :)

By the way, I am on this site because I have had a dry cough all day and finally got so fed up, I checked this site. I started using each remedy I had on hand, as I would read about it, and am now coughing up lots of mucus. Thanks everyone, for your comments! God bless you!

Replied by Carly
Duluth, Mn Usa
Urgent: Remember not to give honey to babies under one year because of botulism spores possibly in the honey. Sounds like a great cough remedy combination you came up with though. :)

Posted by George (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia) on 01/13/2011

[YEA]  This actually works.. I started taking ACV yesterday ( 2 Tablespoons, with 1 tbsp of honey in a glass of lukewarm water). My cough has subsided, am still coughing but not as much... hopefully this will help me...

Posted by Kassy (Sunrise, Fl) on 12/15/2010

[YEA]  I have had a cough for a few days that seemed to get worse by the day. I have always referred to this website for many cures, but never thought to try out any remedies for coughs until today. I poured 2tbsp of acv, 1tbsp of honey, and 1 teaspoon of lemon in a cup, and stirred it for about 30seconds. I drank it down.... And have not coughed since! Hallelujah!

Replied by Sheilah
Davao City, Philippines
[YEA]   it works for me also. 2 tbsp. Of apple cider vinegar, 1 tbsp. Of honey, 1 tbsp. Of lemon juice and 1/2 c ginger juice ( 1 tbsp. Crushed ginger 1/2 c boiling water... strain ) mix all the engridients voila I was able to sleep soundly with no more coughs.
Replied by Kier
E.b. Magalona, Philippines
Is it recommended or can do this to a 1 year old child?? please advise/help.. thanks!
Replied by Grace
New York City, New York
I have given it to my baby since he was 12 months. However, if you do not feel confortable giving him honey, you can add instead natural apple juice: one glass of apple juice, half tbs of ACV, half tbs of lemon juice and add a bit of warm water. It works for my baby.

Posted by Jack (Cross Hill, South Carolina) on 11/02/2010

[YEA]  I had a sore throat that went away but the cough stayed for several weeks. I used 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and 1 tablespoon of honey 2 times during day and 2 tblspns of each at bedtime. Only coughed once during the night. I took 1 tblspn of each the next morning (three days ago) and have been fine since then. It worked for me.

Replied by Imma_bosss
Forrest City, Ark
Do this work for a one year old child???
Replied by Life Dr
Los Angeles, Ca
The general warning is that you should not feed honey to infants under twelve months of age. It should be fine for a two year old, and older child. I have also heard of using a daily teaspoon of raw honey as a treatment for allergies. It has something to do with the pollen and other substances in the raw honey helping the patient to build up some immunity to whatever they are allergic to.
Replied by Shadonipr
Loudon, Tn
Just remember if you are going to use the honey for treatment of allergies, you have to use stuff that is locally produced in your area or you won't get the full benefits of it. You want your body to build tolerances to your allergic triggers.

Posted by Amy (Warren, Maine) on 10/16/2010

[YEA]  OK - I'm a believer!! My husband came down with a nasty cough this week. Not really any other cold symtoms, but a deep "wet" cough. He has not slept for 3 nights (nor I). I went online at 3 AM out of desperation and found this site. The Apple cider Vineager and sugar worked like a charm. With in 15 minutes he was asleep and it worked for about 3 hours. I gave him more and it worked again. My husband is a total skyptic. Not an ounce of him thought it would work, so there is no question of pyschologically being better because you think it will make you better. - Now tell me why this 50 cents of home remedy works better then the $14.00 of the strongest cough syrup I could find over the counter??

Posted by Adriana (Sofia, Bulgaria) on 03/14/2010

[YEA]  I did not see any postings on ACV's ability to cure cough. It works as a cough syrup. I had terrible cough and flu this winter. So I searched online and found out that equal amounts of ACV and honey in a cup of water work miracles. I tried it and felt instant relief. It has anti-viral properties and helps fight the flu.

Here in Bulgaria it is also traditionally used to lower fever. The way it's done is to wet a cloth with the vinegar and cover the forehead and temples. The vinegar and the cooling effect of the wet cloth work together.

EC: Hi Adriana,

We have 75 YEAS for apple cider vinegar curing coughs!

Replied by John Smith
Charlston , West Virginia
I've had a nasty painful cough for days now and I just tried this... It works enough for me to be able to talk without coughing every 5 seconds. I've slept better from this too. I doubled it and it worked even better.

Posted by Tivins (Qld, Australia) on 11/13/2009

[YEA]  I caught a bad cold recently, while the medicine from the chemist stops the cold, I cant stop the cough that came after it. The cough was very bad. Feels like theres something ticklish on my throat n makes me wanna cough it out but cant. At night, im not able to sleep, just cough n cough till i got cramps in the stomach. I looked up for the cure in this site. (i save this site on my desktop). I took 3capfuls of apple cider vinegar with my normal morning tea with either sugar or honey with warm water. In a couple of hours, my coughs lessen and the sore i felt in my throat from coughing felt better. My runny nose also stops n i fell soo much better.. Thank u earthclinic, u make my day!

Posted by Gizmo (Hot Springs, Ar) on 09/14/2009

[YEA]  I used 1 tsp apple cider vinegar,1 tsp raw honey in 1/4 cup warm water for a bad cough. I felt relief immediately, and later on I coughed up a lot of phlegm. Then the cough was gone.

Posted by Reena (Chicago, IL) on 09/04/2009

[YEA]  ACV cured husband's cough! We used 2 tablesspoons ACV and 4 tablespoons of apple juice and his cough immediately stopped! Great!

Posted by Susan (Santa Clarita, CA) on 07/22/2009

[YEA]  I had a bad sore throat from a cold which went away, then was left with a nagging cough. Nothing I tried helped. Tonight I mixed 3 tab acv with 1 tab honey, 1 cup of water and microwaved for 1 1/2 minutes. I sipped the mixture and immediately noticed the tickle and scratchy throat diminshed. I drank another cup and and haven't felt the urge to cough after several hours. This really works!

Posted by Veronica (London, UK) on 06/12/2009

[YEA]  My mother is 85 and has been suffering from a terrible cough for at least 2 years. The doctors had given her so many antiobotics she had given up. The cough was a proudctive one has well. As i was on the site fro my own problems... i happended to look up coughs and decided I would make my mpther some ACV and honey! My fod - we still cant beleive it - it is GONE... Gone! the first day - nothing hapened - she said lets just continne for another 5 days! well by the end of the 5th days all coughing has ceased. No monrning could - throughout the day and no night cough.

I used just a quarter of ACV and 3 tablespoons honey - with a litle water.

So glad I found this site .. it has made mu mother very happy. To think a simple household remedy could bring this amount of joy is unbeleiveable. my family are amazed!

Thanks Earth clinic.

Posted by Sortor (Santa Rita, Guam) on 05/24/2009

[YEA]  I gave my daughter 2 tsp Apple Cider Vinager & 2 tsp honey in 8 oz water because she had a bad cough & sore throat. It was her second night that she was unable to sleep because of the cough. After drinking the mix, she went back to bed & slept the night through.

Replied by Domesticruby
Prague, Czech Republic
[WORKED TEMPORARILY]   I tried this for my 6 year old but it was only mildly successful. It stopped him from coughing for 1 hour. Then I tried something else that REALLY worked - Vicks Vapor Rub on the soles of his feet, covered by socks gave him almost instant relief for 8 hours of night-time sleeping!

Posted by Jeannelle (Joplin, Missouri) on 03/22/2009

[NAY]  I have had this nagging cough for about 3 months now and it is driving me crazy!! Last week I found this website and tried the ACV method, so far it has not worked like everyone else. I have taken it with natural honey and have taken the mixture up to 4 times aday! I am also doing the hydrogen peroxide method/with no results! When I cough I am coughing up thick white mucus. Am I jumping the gun or do I need to keep on taking this longer? I am at my wits end! It tickles like crazy!

Replied by Teresa
Bay City, MI
Just wanted to ask Jeannelle from Joplin Missouri if you started taking blood pressure medicine recently. If so this could be the cause of your chronic cough. My father had a cough he couldn't get rid of and I told him to mention it to his Doctor and he did. It was one of the side effects of his medicine. When the Doctor switched his medicine to another type his cough went away within a week!
Replied by Caren
Johannesburg, South Africa
My mother had the same for about 3 years. This was caused by her teeth. She had a bridge for 30 years and had a bad tooth. She had it pulled and no more problems. She also changed her blood pressure tablets. Read the side effects of the medication. Oil Pulling will be a good idea.
Replied by Joyce
Joelton, Tn.
536 Posts
Hello Jeanelle, Luckily you have already stumbled onto something that works for that 3 months cough. I wish I had known about H202 inhalation when I caught pertussis (whooping cough) several years ago. The cough sounds awful and like a chest cough, but as I told someone who told me I needed to see a lung man, "no, it's all in my head. When I use a lot of normal saline to stop it, it works, but what is making me cough feels like someone is pouring Elmer's glue over my trachea, and my body is apparently doing a good job of keeping it out of my lungs". My usual 50/50 ACV and honey didn't help despite the fact that I must have drank a couple of pints of. Or if it did help, I would hate to think what it would have been like without it, because there was a couple of times that I came close to dialing 911 for help. So all of you who may catch this confounded cough, don't count on the ACV/honey to do it all. If the H202 inhalation doesn't do the job alone you might want to do both if necessary. If it seems to be your head pouring nasal drainage over your trachea, try the H202 first.

Posted by Tina (Rochester, NY USA) on 03/20/2009

[WORKED TEMPORARILY]  I had a bad cold with lots of coughing. I read about ACV on this site and decided to give it a try. I used 1 Tbsp ACV, 1 Tbsp honey and about 6 oz of hot water. It tasted much better than I expected and gave temporary relief to my cough.