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Posted by Bruce (Nova Scotia Canada)
5 out of 5 stars

I had cankers until I started eating yogurt with active bacterial cultures. It really works. One small yogurt a day & once there gone, keep eating the yogurt & they won't come back. I have done it.

Replied by Sneely
So Cal

I found a treatment that killed off the canker sores and stopped new ones from forming, but I gave it up because it isn't a good thing to do and may lead to other problems. I used a commercial throat spray, Chloraseptic, before and after eating spicy foods and anything else that might cause canker sores. If I ate something really spicy, I sprayed my mouth between bites. It was heaven to eat anything I wanted, knowing no pain would follow.

I wasn't aware that you're supposed to spit out the throat spray. After I finally stopped using it, a dentist told me I'd harmed my tooth enamel with tooth grinding, but I wondered if it was really the spray that did it.

I'm mentioning this because, if the spray could be so effective, maybe it could lead to a similar product that won't bring on other problems.

I read a letter to the editor from a woman who cured her canker sores for life with a few rounds of small pox vaccine in the 1950s. It's impossible to get now, and the World Health Organization says the vaccine is dangerous...but there must be some way of finding non-toxic ingredients that would have the same effect.