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Body Odor
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Natural Cures for Body Odor

Last Modified on Nov 21, 2015

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Posted by Freaky (Washington, Dc, Usa) on 11/08/2012

[YEA]  After doing a whole body cleanse, I was left with body odor in one arm pit that persisted without mercy, regardless of deodorant, extra shower scrubbing, etc. I even tried witch hazel to no effect. Finally, I engaged in a vigorous exercise routine that caused profuse sweating, and suddenly it cleared up and has been gone for days.

Flax Seed  
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Posted by Kathie (Houston, United States) on 05/13/2011

[YEA]  I struggled with body odor (it smelled like old lunch meat... To be so discriptive! ). I started taking flax seed for other reasons (fiber intake and hormones). The body odor receded, but I do not know why... Either because I was having more active bowel movements or it changed my hormones. I am just happy I don't stink anymore!

Now, my husband struggles from a sore back, and no, it is not related to a vitamin/ mineral or exercise issue... He stinks! Because he bathes only once a week. If he would only shower more I would not make him sleep on the sofa! Hence the back problem would be solved! LOL

General Feedback  
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Posted by Hopeful29 (Bronx, Ny) on 08/19/2012

There is this product on the market from Arizona called for p*** s***, a natural strong deo. Has anyone tried it? Im stinking, I mean thinking about it, along with some sage soap, aloe vera daily detox juice, vitamin containing cal, Zinc, and mag(calcium is important so I get a vitamin with all 3) Hoping I get results, my son starts kindergarden and I dont want to embarass him. I deal with people(all different races/ages and family included being offended by me) the thing is that no one has the heart to say hey you should try this(Family)because I do bathe properly its something internal. But whatever, my main focus is to combat the issue and start going to college and work and eventually move away.

I have tried all the well known remedies(not for long because the smell came right back) but I have faith because I was able to get my bv under control, so strong underarm odor smell you later(will smith voice)

Posted by Yvette (Manchester, Uk ) on 08/27/2010

[WARNING!]  I just heard that calamine lotion contains mercury and I checked the ingredients and there it was so beware!

Posted by Lori (Bronx, Ny) on 07/01/2009

Hi, i recently noticed a cheezy odor coming from my underarm. Does anyone know what causes this? I never had this problem before and i am worried. Help!

Glycolic Acid, Essential Oils  
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Posted by Traveler (Dallas Tx) on 01/29/2014

[YEA]  I've used earthclinic a lot, and done many of these BO busters in particular. White Vinegar spray lasted longer than Apple Cider Vinegar (after a few weeks though I noticed no difference so I rotate.) Baking soda is fine, but chafes and I don't like it as much as other options. The two options I'm using most lately are either Glycolic Acid, or essential oils. I had some leftover glycolic acid from treating my face at home-- I believe it was around 20% strength, so I thought I might try adding to my underarms thinking that maybe, even with shaving, there's a lot of dead skin that holds onto bacteria that makes it stink more easily. Found that the Glycolic Acid carried me for around 3 days (no body odor smell at all that I can recall) and I didn't get as funky after that point (at least for a little while.) I'm out of the 20% but I do have some 10% that I'm currently trying.

When I want to mess around with smells, I try a variety of essential oils. Lavender oil works really well and gets me lots of compliments from people who think it's my perfume. Orange oil works okay-- not bad at all but not as strong and long lasting. I've tried less flowery ones for when I've been sick and so didn't mind smelling strongly herbal. I would just say to be careful and make sure you're not applying something like basil essential oil full strength since that would burn. See what is okay straight, or add to your baking soda or coconut oil, and spot test. I use it straight just fine but I've also used these in other applications so I know what my personal skin to essential oil level I'm comfortable with.

I'll likely use up my 10% glycolic acid stuff and then eventually get a $25 bottle of 20% glycolic acid and use that once a week or so. Since it's an acid, I wouldn't recommend using it everyday or even close to that--maybe twice a week tops.

Grapefruit Seed Extract  
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Posted by Gean (Salina, Kansas) on 09/09/2008

[YEA]  The best natural deodorant I have found is a few drops of Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) rubbed under the arms. Works perfectly!

Hand Sanitizers  
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Posted by Sajid (Karachi, Pakistan) on 03/26/2007

[YEA]  I have found that applying the off-the-shelf hand sanitizers in the underarms after a shower. Works great for eliminating BO. I find this of great use since I have developed an allergy to some ingredient of the deodorant sprays and sticks that, if applied, cause severe itching and rash.

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Posted by Don (Toledo, OH) on 02/10/2007

[YEA]  HEBICLENS is the only thing I have found to stop underarm odor. It is available without a prescription. Costs about $12 a bottle.

Replied by Eliza
Portland, Or
[YEA]   Actually it's spelled Hibiclens. For decades, I tried a zillion ideas for stopping underarm body odor. Recently I read about Hibiclens and it's the only one that's worked for me. I put it on when I get up in the morning, then rinse it off in the shower. It's really amazing how well it works. I bought it at for about $11/bottle.

Homemade Deodorant  
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Posted by Angela (Seattle, Wa) on 08/03/2011

[YEA]  First of all, thank you to those who posted about Milk of Magnesia. I am going to try that very soon.

What has worked for me for the past 2 years is homemade natural deodorant. It does not "cure" body odor permanently, but it does work to eliminate smell if used each day.

I found the recipe on a natural homemaking blog. It contains some combination of the following igredients:

-coconut oil

-baking soda (preferrably natural)

-cornstarch or arrowroot

-shea butter (optional)

(Mix all together adding more cornstarch or baking powder as needed to make a thick white paste that becomes mostly solid, depending on the temperature in your home.)

The shea butter was recommended because baking soda can cause a rash after prolonged use. Only a little shea butter is needed. I have had the best success mixing this with cornstarch baby powder. Coconut oil is an antibacterial, so it really cuts the smell.

Some people have made it thick enough to be shaped into a recycled deodorant case. I just put mine in a tupperware dish and rub it on in the mornings. I also sprinkle on excess baby powder to dry the area as it can feel a little oily. Many people swear by this deodorant. I am so thankful to find it and be free of the scary aluminum anti-perspirants. Feel free to Google search to find more recipes out there.

Hydrogen Peroxide  
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Posted by Anon (Anon) on 02/02/2013

[YEA]  Pour half teaspoon of 3% hydrogen peroxide into palm, rub palms together, rub underarms. It keeps odor away all day.

Hydrogen Peroxide Spray  
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Posted by Tim (Oakland, Ca) on 07/07/2011

[YEA]  I get 12% food grade hydrogen peroxide and dilute it with rose water. Approximately 70% hydrogen peroxide and 30% rose water. I put this in a small spary bottle, then after I get out of the shower and dry off I use about 5 sprays per armpit and rub it in. When I am really stinky I use this in combination with ACV, sprayed on a few minutes before I get into the shower. If you have armpit hair then the the hydrogen peroxide will lighten it and if you shave your armpits then it might sting a bit.

Posted by Jorge (Albuquerque, NM) on 03/29/2009

[YEA]  Hydrogen peroxide diluted in a spray bottle. Spray on body after shower, this will kill the bacteria that is causing you body odor.

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Posted by Lisa (Riverside, Ca) on 07/17/2007

[YEA]  I swab iodine under my arms each morning to keep smelling fresh. I live in a very hot climate. In the summer--iodine is a must.

Replied by Coregon
Medford, Or
[YEA]   This is in response to your great idea for using iodine for deodorant. Using iodine in armpits has other benefits as well. Iodine is known for discouraging breast cysts and is also thought to be a deterrent to breast cancer. Since you use it under the arms.. It will get into lymph glands.. Very beneficial as deodorant and in getting iodine into glands near breasts! (Note: I suggest using the decolorized iodine to avoid "orange armpits" :) If you can't find decolorized iodine.. put some vitamin C powder in a small amount of filtered water and put on over the iodine.. It decolorizes the iodine AND Vitamin C is also a great natural deodorant! I also take Lugol's iodine orally as a deodorizing benefit, as well as the many other benefits of iodine. Have I mentioned.. I LOVE THIS SITE! All these people sharing resources and spreading knowledge.. Wish the world operated this way.. Sharing knowledge and caring for one another in this way!
Replied by Marlane
Geelong, Victoria - Australia
Warning: Lugols Solution
Be very careful about using Lugols Solution orally because it contains Potassium Salts. According to Dr Mark Sircus a form of Potassium salt is used for lethal injections. He recommends using Nascent Iodine which is safe.
Replied by Tom
Regina, Sk
Could you provide a URL link and/or a short snip segment where you got that?

It's very deficient in basic chemistry and nutrition science, to say the least. It could be that the rare person with kidney disease will have electrolyte balancing problems, but the amount of K in LUGOLS or SSKI in mere drops is puny compared to any amount of food. Directly injecting ANY substance or element into the blood without it passing FIRST through the digestive system for proper surveillance and possible sequestration WILL have deadly consequences. In a large amount, it's called a lethal injection for exactly that reason and purpose! Case in point: squalene, found naturally in shark liver oil and olive oil, where it's just one of many substances the body uses. It's a major component of the nerves' myelin sheath insulation in mammals. Yet it's been found in vaccines, and we have major autoimmune diseases like ALS, MG, MS where the body's nerve sheaths are under attack.

Plus nascent Iodine is outrageously expensive per mg of Iodine compared to LUGOLS!
How pure is your Atomic Iodine 2% (nascent)?
You will receive one or more dropper bottles (see above quantity) of 2% Atomic Iodine, approximately 400mcg per drop (also about 200% RDA per drop). LUGOLS has 6. 25 mg TOTAL iodines per drop, in a 2:1 ratio of KI:Iodine. So the Iodine portion is about 2. 1 mg= 2100 micrograms per drop. This is about 5 times per drop what nascent iodine products have, not even counting the blatant fact that THE PRICE is about 10 times per ml vs LUGOLS! (120 ml nascent iodine is $114, vs about $12 for a 100 ml LUGOLS)

Of course Lugols (and SSKI) has potassium in it! That's the 'K' in SSKI, and Mr. Lugol early 1800's discovered that the only way to dissolve both forms of iodine (Iodine and iodide) in water was to first dissolve the KI, then the iodine will dissolve in the water:

That's not even considering the fact that LUGOLS, since it has BOTH forms of iodine, can supply any and every organ, gland and tissue by itself:
The thyroid gland primarily uses iodide as does the skin; the breast and prostate glands use iodine; and other tissues including the kidneys, spleen, liver, blood, salivary glands and intestines can use either form.
Replied by Bill Donate

San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines

1226 Posts
I agree completely with Tom from Regina. For those people who doubt or are afraid of Lugol Iodine's efficacy, it would be useful to research the older history of Lugol Iodine's use -- which started round about 1829 when lugol's was discovered. Since this time, Lugol's Iodine was used quite successfully against the Asian Flu Epidemic of 1918, used for hypo and hyperthyroidism and was used regularly as a successful cure for allergies such as asthma in 6-9 mgs amounts as well as for a host of other ailments, including candida(Google "Orian Truss Candida").

Current research by the Iodine Project highlights the benefits of larger dose iodine -- backed up by the most current and up to date independent research, and also highlights something called "iodophobia" -- the successful spread, by the drugs companies, of the fear of iodine poisoning in order to belittle and sidetrack lugol's efficacy and thereby to simultaneously promote their own horrific synthetic drugs instead. Why else is lugol's iodine now sold only in 2 oz bottles? And why else is it so hard to purchase the original strength 5% Lugol's now? And, if it's so dangerous or poisonous, why is it so easy to buy Lugol's Iodine for you're dog, cat or horse from the vet?

It is only since the 1950s -- with the advent of the notorious Wolff-Chaikoff Effect report on Iodine's efficacy, that suggested iodine was both poisonous if taken in higher amounts than 1 mg and therefore useless if taken for hypo and hyperthyroid conditions. Dr Abraham's demolished the Wolff-Chaikoff findings as truly amatuerish research, that was simply used as "spoiler research" or "scare research" in order to destroy lugol iodine's useful medical reputation.

Here is Dr Abraham's rebuttal to the Wolf-Chaikoff research findings:

The Wolff-Chaikoff Effect: Crying Wolf?

And here is a link to a huge amount of other independent research on iodine -- which seems to heal everything from flu to fibroids to fibrocystic breast disease to candida to cancer -- but only in amounts over 100 or 1000 times greater than the current RDA of 150 micrograms a day. Here is the link to alot of the current iodine research:

Iodine Group Research

Leafy Greens or Chlorophyll  

Posted by Te (Charlotte, Nc) on 06/20/2013

Eating leafy greens or taking chlorophyll will help with body and breath odor. Also get rid of smelly tops or clothing because the odor is trapped in the fabric.