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Natural Cures for Body Odor

Last Modified on Jul 29, 2014

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Posted by Jeffrey (Pawtucket, Ri) on 02/21/2011

[YEA]  Several years ago I switched to natural deodorants from aluminum based anti-perspirants/deodorants due to health concerns and skin irritaton. Eventually even the natural ones began to irritate my skin, so I tried powder with aloe and cornstarch. It works amazingly well for days when I don't do much sweating, like a typical workday sitting behind a desk. Usually one application in the morning is all that's needed. I'm thinking of keeping some at work, so on warmer days or on days that I go for a walk or bike commute, I can do a quick wash of my underarms in the restroom and re-apply. My underarms feel so much better! Healing after a long time of being irritated and raw.

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Posted by Mae0012 (Manila, Philippines) on 04/10/2014

I have a huge problem about my body odor. I tried lots of antiperspirant deodorants; at first it worked but after few days of using it, the smell came back. I don't know what to do anymore. I read some article about the benefits of baking soda but it has side effect like skin rash. Can anyone give me some tips about getting rid of body odor. Thank u so much!

Posted by Portia (Durban) on 01/18/2014

Hi, My daughter is 18 years old . She has experienced bad odour under her arm ever since she started being a teenager. She has tried roll on but they cause boils. What should she use?

Posted by Kelly
Cambridge, Ma
I've read many times that Milk of Magnesia (as well as Magnesium oil in spray form) is great for underarm odor. If you go to Amazon and type in 'Milk of Magnesia deodorant', you'll find several product choices. I've read that limes work well, too. You just slice it in half and apply as you would a roll-on.
Posted by Helpyourself
Texas, Usa
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Use lemon or lime, slice in half or quarters, squeeze out some juice, rub in armpit, wait 5 - 10 minutes before shower, lasts about 3 days. Good Luck!
Posted by Mvo
Hi Portia - I don't know if this will work for your daughter's problem, but it may be worth a try. Look up Effective Microorganisms (EM) - especially a Youtube video by Brian McGrath where he explains how to make your own very cheaply and easily. This product has many applications and one of them is the removal of unpleasant odours. If you decide to try it would love to know if it worked. Good luck.
Posted by Suzy
Fort Wayne In
I am able to get rid of underarm odor by applying coloidial silver after bathing. I don't know why, but it does take away the offensive odor. I do believe I need to treat things from the inside out but until I find the solution to the odor I'm using the CS. I hope this helps.
Posted by Sp
Wb, Nj
Hi Portia, I read about using zinc oxide ointment right here are EC. It's under Ailments - Body Odor. Zinc works for me. I tried MoM and it gave me bumps like chicken skin! Maybe something in the Body Odor section will work for your daughter. Good luck!

Posted by Esme (Greenbelt, Md, United States Of America) on 09/17/2012

I need help, I have a serious problem with my armpit it smells stronger than a male odour. I try to cover this odd smell with perfume and deodorant but it just make it worst and noticeable by other people. I stay in the shower more than 30min washing my armpit after shower it smells the same and whether or not am out on the sun or in the house when its cold my armpit stil has this strong odour. This bad odour is on all my cloth, this odour is stressing me out I need a cure. please help...

Posted by Jim, Florida
Wpb, Fl
Standard soaps are mild because some people have sensitive skin. Your soaps are not strong enough to wash off the oils and deodorants. I use environmentally friendly, colorless dish soap. Dish soap is made to clean off oils. The first time, or if you don't use it daily, you may need to use it 2 or 3 times to achieve odorless arm pits. This will also work on men's groin area.
Posted by Marcaq999
San Diego, Ca, USA
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[YEA]   My bo problem started when I was 12 yrs old. My armpits were like leaky faucets, they drip constantly. I used all kinds of deo/antiperspirant, both natural and store bought. Nothing works, until 3 months ago ( Late Jan, beg Feb 2013). I am now 56 years old. My armpit sweating has diminished by 80 percent ( No cure, it came with aging). However, up until late January, my armpit and groin odor intensified. What was the smell? Amonia/sufur/onion smell, this smell will start 2 minutes after getting out of the shower and after doing a full body scrub.

Today, I am 85 to 90 percent odor free.

What did I do different? I changed my diet. I eliminated processed food, junk food, gluten food, sugary food. I ate food rich in Alkaline. I now use tea tree oil for deodorant. I use a q tip, dip the q-tip in the bottle and apply it to my armpits and groin area. My armpit still sweat, but the offensive odor is now tamed.

My new diet.

  • For carbs (bread/white rice replacement) - Soba (buckwheat) noodles, quinoa, millet, sweet yams
  • Processed food replacement - I eat whole foods - lots of green leafy vegetables like bokchoy, cabage, cilantro, parsley. Also, lots of brocoli, cucumbers and salsa (fresh tomatoes etc).
  • For protein - tofu, sun flower seeds, wild caught fish like sardines, perchs, mackerel (not canned but sea fresh).
  • For deodorant - tea tree oil, baking soda.
  • For alkalizing drink: 3/4 cup water, 2 teaspoon ACV, 1/4 teaspoon baking soda mix together, and drink it 1 - 3 times a day."

ADDITIONAL BENEFITS: My anxiety, mood swings, paranoia, depression is 95 percent better!

Above problems were so bad that I have to quit my job (over $60K/year) almost 2 years ago. Yes, loosing my job was so sad, but, the brighter side, I have gained my life back. I am still not employed.... But looking and praying that God (I am a Christian) will direct me to the better job than I had before, in His time. In the mean time, I garden (growing basil, green onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, avocadoes, lichee fruit tree (with my wife), garlic, ginger.... It's exciting.... I NOW HAVE A LIFE......

Don't loose hope.... you will find some cures to whatever your problem is...

If you want to e-mail me... marcaq999(AT)

Posted by Red (Boyle, Ireland) on 08/14/2012

My groin smells so bad that I cannot go to church or sit in a bus. Even when I bathe it doesnt go away. Help me because am suffering.

Posted by Tim
Cincinnati, Oh
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I think that this page might help you.

Posted by Gina (Pasadena, Texas, Usa) on 06/13/2012

Hello. Please help. My husband has a very bad odor that clings to anything he sits or lays on. I really notice it when I have been gone for a few days. Its not a sweaty smell, but like a very odd smell of something very old, sort of like a nursing home smell? I can't explain the smell. Sometimes I smell it on his scalp. He has diabetes and hepatitis too. Hes always had a very bad diet and doesn't listen to me about eating healthy. Please if anyone knows what this is, and if there's anything that will help, I would really apreciate it. Thank you so much, Gina

Posted by Tina
Houston, Usa
Hi, Chlorella works wonders for strange body odors. Start slowly and build up.

Also very good quality probiotics either in the form of probiotic rich foods like kefir, sauerkraut, kombucha, lacto-fermented veggies several times daily (or good quality probiotic pills in bottles) helps add good bacteria to the system which resolves body odor issues.

See to learn to make these at home for cheap.

Good luck, T

Posted by Dave
Banning, Ca. United States
Your husband system could be toxic due to eating wrong. Been there done that! He needs to eat fresh fruit and veggies. And stop with the junk food--Sugar, white flour and processed foods are terrible for the body.
Posted by Kk
Seattle, Wa
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That is not true completely. You can get parasites from fresh fruits and veggies and your odor is going to get only worse. I would say have proper treatment for parasites/flukes. Ignore the testing part, there are no good tests available for anybody.. If you get to fruit and veggies, make sure there is nothing bad on them.
Posted by Hattie
Hacienda Hts, Ca. United States
Funny but I have never gotten parasites from eating fresh fruits and vegetables? But of course I wash them before eating them. Cantalopes and watermellon should also be washed before slicing them. I read of one woman that became ill and died from eating an unwashed cantalope.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are some of the best foods you can eat for your system! According to the book FIT FOR LIFE you must eat fruits on an empty stomach or the fruit can be blocked from emptying into the intestine and putrify.

People can emit awful odors from the intestines or stomach if they don't eat properly. I sat next to a man whose odor coming out of his mouth nearly made me faint whenever he spoke. And I don't believe the odor came from his mouth. I believe the odor was coming from his stomach. I felt I was sitting next to a Corpse Flower!

Posted by Betty (Kampala, Uganda) on 02/08/2012

I've been sweating excessively for about six years now regardless of the weather and time of day. It worsens when I take a walk. I've tried to use chlorophyll, gone for checkups on my liver, gall bladder, spleen but with no promising results. Sweating brings me discomfort, shame, lack of confidence, etc. Please help because I'm really tired of the situation. Thanks.

Posted by Tim
Cincinnati, Oh
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Posted by Ian_me (Taguig, Manila) on 11/16/2011

When I read all the remedies in body odour I just want to know how long you've take this medication?.. A lifetime?.. Because I have a bad smell too.. I've tried many deodorants but it seems smell bad. Is there any suggestion to cure my body odor to last? I try to go to dermatologist but I don't have a budget to totally take care of my body odor so it will not occur anymore.. please help me..thanks.

Posted by Aikatsu (Brunei) on 08/30/2011

ive been using baking soda as deo but then I just realised it doesnt help but I think the odor is not from underarm, or is it me that didnt smell it? why is that? and I used lime too after shower or before shower.. Should I use milk of magnesia? what do u think.. Its really bugging me.. I am still a high school student in a hot weather climate country, my sch session ends at 4 pm.. which worsen the situation.

Posted by Jitzky
Dallas, Tx
Baking soda as a deodorant can make your underarm dark and sometimes irritated, leaving more bacteria which causes more body odor. What best works for me is to scrub with a loofah or a wash cloth morning and night. Then dry off completely with a towel and spray with 3% hydrogen peroxide as your deodorant. You can purchase the 3% hydrogen peroxide in a dark spray bottle at Walmart, or maybe CVS or Walgreens, and it's very cheap. Purchase another tiny spray bottle and transfer some peroxide in it to carry along with you during the day. Spray your underarm everytime you go on a restroom break or as often as needed. I've been doing this for a long time. My armpits stay clean all the time that I could now go for more than a day without spraying and there's still no smell. Give it a try! Hope this helps!

Benefits: It kills germs and bacteria, it helps whiten your armpit over time, no harmful ingredients, and it eliminates odor.

Posted by Nina
Malma, Sweden
Hi there! I would try and take a grren drink like chlorella , green barely , or spirulina. These all come in powder form and you can buy them in health food stores or online. They are great for cleaning the body. Do a google search on chlorella and I think you will find some information about body oder. I would also with out a doubt start taking acidophulus pro probiotics or drinking fermented yogurt as this problem could be cuased by a slight imbalance in your stomache. Before taking probiotics.

Best of luck!

Posted by Umaga
Anaheim, California
To Nina from Malma, Sweden. Try applying Milk of Magnesia to your underarms, feet and groin. It solved my problems. Good luck!

Posted by Shaun (Austin, Tx) on 08/10/2011

Hi u doing I'm a male with body odor it seems I only smell when I sweat alot it's not my underarms it's my under my testicles I sweat kinda alot maybe that's the problem. It effects me hanging out with friends because I'm always worried about smelling please give me some adivce.

Posted by Shane
Newcastle, Nsw, Australia
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I've read a few of the remedies considered on here and would like to add my experiences..

ATM I have bad BO and have for a few years it comes and goes.. it maybe related to what I ingest?

What I have read about ACV is that it could cure alot of stuff definitely ingest it! The book I read says take some at any chance you get add it to drinks cakes sauces whatever it is, I havent done this never really seen the need to..

I also use it to rinse my dreads after a baking soda wash with oils in it like tea tree (for bacteria) rosemary (for dandruff) thyme, lavender (for mould) and lemongrass they all have their own properties but lavender rosemary and teatree are the most benificial with what they do, the lemon grass is mainly for the nice smell and the thyme oil is good for syrocisis (spelling) it works well and my hair scalp have never been happier mix it all up with 2L warm water and wash the dirt away.. Its the best clean you will ever have!!!!!

I did an experiment and washed my hair with shampoo first then again straight after with the baking soda mix and still got dirt out, dreads catch allot of dirt, oils and smoke in the air.. IMO shampoo is pretty usless compaired to this stuff!!

The Apple Cider Vinegar then brings the PH back up.. Its also mixed with water and rinsed in the hair. I dont always use it as it sometimes makes my hair oiler not so good when you want dreads to knot up. Acv is also used in my chooks water in small amounts it helps the beneficial flora in their and our guts to fight off the bad ones.

As the smells may be related to our insides too it seems, So now im pretty keen to use it under my arms and ingest it.. The Apple Cider Vinegar that is, not the soda mix :) just wanna be clear on that.. when I do my hair ill wash under my arms with the soda mix.

Ive also found the soda mix helpful with pimples on my back not sure exactly which component it is that helps but it might be worth a try if you have this issue too.

BTW leave the soda in your hair for 10-30mins pending on how much hair u have and rise out then rise with ACV and rise out the Apple Cider Vinegar should only be in your hair for 5mins it works fast...


Posted by Always Wanted To Make Remedies
Kingston, Jamaica
Ok ok... Don't twist my arm any more... I will tell. For my underarm odor I just took two of my zinc supplement tablets and put them under my armpits for about half an hour. After this I made a paste and rub fully underarms. Did for two to three days. Tested by stopping the application and getting sweaty. Voila!! No sweaty scent. Still smelling my clothes in awe! Can't believe it! No sweat scent and I don't sweat that much again! I think the poster with smelly testicles should make a paste and apply it down there. I'm almost sure this will help and improve sperm count in the process.

A very cheap solution for anyone!

I know I could have gotten millions for this information :o) but I'll forego that and help from here :o).

Posted by Nadir (Kannur, Kerala, India) on 04/22/2011

i have a serious problem. I am losing condifence and my life is going in a bad direction. Thing is I have serious body odour issue. I sweat a lot. Problem is I was not careful with cleanliness when I was a kid. Even though I bath twice daily now I still have problem. I think problem is fungal infection. Near my groin area. Even though I bath and put on new clothes after say 1-2 hour I feel restless and unclean. When I wake up after sleep I can feel the odour. Feel like fungal infection. I could see some white patch like thing near my groin area when I wake up... Before I could see some yellow kinda covering in the pubic hair in the scrotum. But nowadays I clean my body well using some bath scrub. Still I feel restless and itchy after an hour however well I hav taken the bath. As this problem have been there for pretty long time I think the infection is kinda there all over my body since I use the same towel after bath to wipe out. I am kinda ashamed to go to a doctor and explain these in person. I went once but I couldnt say the whole problem. so please help me out with problem.

Posted by Christine
Bellingham, Wa Usa
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I used to have athletes' foot but I always found it went away with a seaside holiday. Something about getting the sun, air and salt water on your body got rid of it until the winter when the old infected shoes went back on and it came back.
Posted by Ryan
Oakville, Ontario, Canada
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Hi there,

I too have suffered with a body odour for 5 yrs only mine has been a fecal body odour and I know of all the embarrassment u speak of! I like u, have tried everything to get rid of it! You may have something called TMAU! You should get tested for it! Also look into being tested for Lactose/Sugar Problems, Heavy Metals, IBS, etc, etc. Some people have suggested some good ideas on here for body odour! I would suggest looking into buying the Lye Soap and Neem Soap and see if it helps ya! I know when I get some money, that's what I'm doing! Lol. Anyways, I really do hope u can get your life back, as I totally understand how debilitating this condition can be!! You take care.


Posted by Mellosmoothe (Metairie, La/usa) on 03/07/2011

I have a bad breath and body odor problem that I can't seem to remove. Have been to a lot of doctors. You name it and I have almost used it. Every doctor says I'm healthy have nothing wrong with me. I'm a very neat person so people says I have ocd. This my be funny since I have a body odor problem. I'm married and spend every moment I have on the computer researching this problem. Its not in my head because I have a job and people on my job have made comments about it. Its not in my head, clothes, nor is my diet I don't think because I eat healthy no meat etc. Don't know what is causing it(ONE THING IS FOR SURE IT HAS CHANGE MY LIFE NOT IN A GOOD WAY) I would give anything just to have one day of rest before I leave this earth even in my dreams I have no rest from this problem. now I have a family and they are suffering just as much. If you can help it would be forever appreciated.

Posted by Lotusland
Vancouver, Bc Canada
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You are not going to like my reply... There are a number of possible reasons for your troubles, and it could be something you have (inadvertently) not mentioned. It is difficult over the internet. Anyway, I have an 'out-in-left-field' suggestion that I have heard has worked for someone with your problem: Urine Therapy. The woman who tried it was like you - no probable cause, 'clean' eater, clean person etc. She had also tried everything. She began drinking her morning urine (do a search on how to do it) because she had nothing to lose and actually expected she would begin to smell worse. Well, it worked.

By the way, I myself have been doing Amaroli/Uropathy/Urine Therapy every morning for more than 3 years. I love it - it has helped many things.

Good Luck!

Posted by Granny Laura
Waco, Tx Usa
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I know where you are coming from, brushing and flossing didn't help, nor mouth washes and chewing mint gum.

I would shower on Sunday morning using a Betadine wash, shave under my arms, then use one of the 3 deodorants I used in rotation. My body got used to any deodorant I used on a daily basis, even "Mitchum's Industrial Strength". Lol But, by the time Sunday worship was concluded 2 hrs later I could smell myself and my sweat had soured. Phew!! By the time we ate lunch out and got home I would have to go and wash under my arms when I got home and apply deodorant again. It was like my sweat was soured in my body before it made it to my skin.

Then I got tested for allergies and started eating a rotated diet, mostly the items that I wasn't allergic (chemically sensitive) to. All my symptoms began to gradually get better, even the dandruff I was using a prescription steroid for when I washed my hair every day.

My theory is that it is our old nemesis "Candida". I couldn't have sugar or wheat, dairy or much fruit since I only tested negative for pineapple and cranberries.

Try treating yourself for Candida and look up rotary, diversified diet and get on it. The problem isn't just the bad smell, it is systemic. I was sick most of the time, and gradually getting worse. I knew that I wasn't going to last another 5 yrs at the rate I was going, and I still had my youngest child at home. My life consisted of antibiotics, antihistimines, and steroids, tranquilizers, antidepressants, and sleeping pills.

Start with eliminating all but about 40 grams of carbs a day for a while. Acv, no honey, should help digest foods. The bad breath is coming from your intestinal tract. Coconut oil will help kill the candida. There are a lot of other remedies for candida under the remedies tab.

My local doctors didn't have a clue about what was wrong w/me. I saw one of them write anorexia nervosa for a diagnosis. I was 5' 8" and weighed little more 100 lbs, I explained to him that I not only ate all I wanted but some more than that. AN wan't what was wrong w/me, I gained to 118 lbs in only a few months on my new diet, and was able to quit everything except the antihistimines. Good luck, now get to work! It's a long way back to good health.

Posted by Angela
Fort Worth, Texas
I watched an episode of Mystery Diagnosis and a women had a similar problem. Her problem was an organ (can't remember which one) but it was emitting gases that caused her body odor. Unfortunately, there wasn't a 'cure' but she was able to minimize it.
Posted by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France
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I will post again a question I have posted here a few times but no one has ever answered me! When you have certain complaints your doctor gets you to do a urine test because through the urine you can see the state of your health with things like bladder infections and so on. Won't you be drinking the bad stuff if you drink your urine? Suppose you have a bladder infection, won't you be drinking the bacteria? No one has ever answer this question..... I know that there are some books on the subject but I suspect that they will only give you the positive information.
Posted by Lotusland
Vancouver, Bc Canada
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To detail Urine Therapy properly would take too much space and time on this board, especially as it has been said (better) by so many others. Briefly, the urine is a holographic 'display' of what is going on in your body - it will have antibodies etc of what is ailing the body in it allowing an immune response.

Would I (continue) to drink my own urine if I had a bladder infection? I would, yes. Urine Therapy is best done on a vegetarian diet. No medicines, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes should be consumed while doing UT. Having said that, I have broken those rules - trust me, you can taste the difference.

I don't know why the woman who got relief from her odour problem while doing UT. I assume it somehow balanced her system.

Here are some good sites to read up on UT. I have included one from The Skeptics Dictionary so you can see opinions that disagree. However, it must be said that most of the modalities suggested on this board will have nothing but negative/skeptical responses from the Allopathic Medical System. You have to trust what resonates with you, personally. Most of the Allopathic solutions have nothing but positive said about them - it doesn't mean it's correct or healthy.

Posted by Dan
Whites Creek, West Virginia, Usa
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Mellosmoothe from Metairie, La/usa :
Did you have a major surgery in the past ?......... Where they could have left a clean-up sponge/rag inside of you........... And then it rotted at your tissue's 98.6 F temperature ? I read about such a case occuring, and they eventually found out that the surgeon left a sponge inside of them from a surgery. They cleaned it out and the body odor problem left. [and many other problems left also].
Posted by Jetcat67
Santa Rosa Beach, Florida
If you want great body odor and great breath eat Parsley. Yes just plain parsley cured breath odor and my body odor. Could not believe what a simple remedy this was. Go figure!
Posted by Mesem
Toulon, France
Maybe the bacteria that can survive in your bladder are not able to survive stomach acids.
Posted by Lisa
Waynesboro, Va
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Thanks for this post! I have candida and have lost lots of weight and seem to have lived on antibiotics, steroids, antihistamines, sleeping pills. That's what got me here in the first place. It's nice to know someone who has gotten through it.

Posted by Louie (Reigate, Uk) on 06/26/2010


Does anyone know why my daughter's night time sweat smells of vinegar? The doctor has no idea. 2 years ago, we were told my an allergies/natural health practitioner that she was full of yeast, so we took her off yeast and white sugar which definitely helped. The problem has got worse again recently (never fully went away) with the warm weather, and though we keep her yeast intake to a minimum, she has more sugar in her diet than she used to. Any other ideas/suggestions. She is 8 at the moment, so isn't embarrassed by it yet, but will become more aware as she gets older.

Posted by Isabelle
Garden Grove, Ca Usa
Hello! I am sorry your kid has this is a suggestion: beside taking Ted's remedies for candida and making her eat a lot of raw organic veggies and the anti candida diet, give her chlorophyll a couple of time a day and all body smell shall disappear. With children a lot of creativity is needed to keep them on proper diet and to disguise what they don't like, good luck!
Posted by Latina
El Paso, Texas
Please help. I am 30 years old smell like poop all the time, but when I eat it is much worse. I can stink up a room in minutes just by breathing. I do have minor periodontitis, but my dentist keeps saying it is stable, has been for 3 years now, and is not sure what the bad breath is. I also have a lot of mucus in my throat all the time, so much so, that I often feel like I am choking and often spit up thick clear mucus. I have lupus, but am not currently on any medication and the illness is stable. Often, I have indigestion, heartburn, burp a lot, and am sometimes constipated. I brush after all meals, floss and use a tongue scraper. I use biotene toothpaste and mouthwash. I just started using ACV and baking soda, only 2nd day and have not really noticed any difference. My doctor checked my liver and kidneys, he said they can produce fecal smells, but they were fine. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. How can I find out if the smell is from the stomach, nose, mouth, etc?
Posted by Isabelle
Garden Grove, Ca Usa
Hello! I am very sorry for the difficulties and I hope you get better. Here is a suggestion: follow Ted's protocol for lupus here
Also, select nutritious but easily digested food from what is allowed in the protocol and help your digestion with 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar in a cup of water 15 minutes or digestive enzymes before meal. Have enough fluid (soup or water) at meal time to not allow your bowel to slow down to constipation. If at the end of the day you didn't have a movement: up your magnesium. Take chlorophyll and rinse/gargle and rinse your mouth with baking soda for 5 minutes. A mild intestinal cleanse is a good idea. I hope you get results fast but sometimes it takes a little longer to get rid of putrefied food in the digestive system so choose a protocol and stick to it for enough time so you can see results. Good luck!
Posted by Susan
Dallas, Tx, Usa
Regarding Extreme Body Odor: Several things come to mind: Hydrogen Peroxide, Povidine iodine, ACV , saline irrigations are just some great things that have helped me. . 1) Gargle with a cap full of Hydrogen Peroxide just swish it around in your mouth while taking a shower; you can take a larger swig, but add some water to it, this is a good replacement for mouth rinse and the hydrogen peroxide will help to kill off any bacteria around your teeth and gums, which will reduce mouth odors. This diluted mixture can be used twice a day, if you use it full strength you may feel some sensitivity on your teeth, especially near fillings or crowns, just use the diluted (1 part water. 1 part Hydrogen Peroxide) and swish it around for 2-3 minutes if you can stand it (NOTE: This is a good protocol for those of you with braces, this wash helps keep hard to reach areas clean! ! )

2) You say that you have a lot of congestion; I worked in a building with mold and fungus growing on the ceilings, I got very congested-do not take tons of anti-biotics, you need to get your sinuses cleaned out and irrigate them with a saline solution at least 2 times a day-if you irrigate more than 2 times, it may cause a temporary loss of your sense of smell. Note, for severely congested sinuses (noted by heavy post nasal drip down the back of the throat)get a menthol spray decongestant (cheapest store brand) only get the 4 hour type and not the 12 hour type. . . You need to reduce the swelling of the sinus passages, in order for the saline solution to be able to get into the the sinus cavities. When I have to use a nasal decongestant, after I spray, I usually wait about 1-2 hours-you can feel your sinuses start to shrink as fluid starts to run out more freely, after about 1-2 hours, do your first saline irrigation (I find the squirt bottle method to be more efficient than a "neti pot" but, I do also use an additional squirt of a saline spray into my nose to reach the UPPER sinus passageways. The Neti pot or squirt bottle do not reach the UPPER sinuses as well. ) When trying to get the congestion in your sinuses reduced, you may need to irrigate 4-6 times the first day or so. Do not freak out at what you may see, you are trying to get your sinus passages cleaned out, and the sinus cavities are notorious hiding areas for gross things. In addition to addressing your congestion-be careful of any foods that you may have allergies or sensitivities to, as well as any other allergens-these will cause you to become congested in your sinuses, lungs, etc.

3) After having sinus surgery to open swollen cavities-it was not fun-my E. N. T. (Ear, Nose & Throat Dr. ) even told me to stay away from spray decongestants, and anti-histamines (these dry out your sinus cavities and your body-notice how dry your mouth gets, how thirsty your body is. . )He said that if you irrigate with the saline solution 2 times a day you will keep the allergens flushed out of your sinuses, thus no irritants to cause allergies. This has worked for me, no more allergy attacks. Yes, I have gotten some very bad sinus infections-my fault, not irrigating with saline-felt good, could breathe easily, let my guard down.

4) The saline solution can be purchased at any pharmacy in tiny, one time packs. (I make my own with sea salt-extra fine grained and baking soda about 2 parts salt to 1 part soda. Keep in a dry place or a plastic zip lock bag. ) Use warm water-not hot-to irrigate with, some people do not like using tap water to irrigate with due to sensitivity to the chlorine or fluoride in the drinking water-you can use room temperature distilled water and just add a splash of hot tap water to dilute the salt. . )

5) Be careful drinking too much ACV if you have sensitivities to mold or fermented foods, the ACV can cause your body to react to the fermentation of the ACV.

6) Other body odor may be from foods not properly digested or not having daily bowel movements. Drink plenty of water and use fresh lemon juice as a diuretic and bowel stimulant.

7) A lot of body odor may be due to fungus on your skin. . Do you have skin flare ups? dry itchy feet? dry itchy skin? Mine was associated with the fungus caused by Athlete's Foot. I did not have the fissures caused by the fungus, but a lot of women (& men) mistake their dry, calloused feet as being dry and calloused when actually it it the fungus causing the dry, cracked and itchy foot. It can be cured with Povidine Iodine, both as a foot soak or just wipe it on your feet, let dry and then put on socks. There are good posts regarding the fungus and other cures on this website.

8) Another thing to check out is Candida growth. Too much or an "overgrowth" will cause you to be bloated and have a lot of mucus and congestion. These are good cures for that on this website also. A lot of times "heat rash" is actually the athlete's Foot fungus that has spread by your bath towel to other sites like a waist band, etc. Foot odor? Probably the foot fungus! Heat rash in sweaty areas? Does it have an odor? Probably the fungus! If you are female, and you have offensive odor in the vaginal region? Probably Candida! A vinegar douche will help, some even use an Iodine douche-again more info is available on this website. I wipe these areas down with a the Povidine Iodine solution (purchased at the drug store, generic brand is very cheap. )

9) Acid reflux, indigestion and gas may cause body odor. . A glass of water with a small amount of ACV (1 teaspoon or less) will help balance out the acid in the stomach, but you will not ingest too much to cause any allergic reactions from the fermentation.

10) Scalp itchy and has an odor?? Probably a fungus! Info on this website is very good. Can use the Povidine Iodine on the scalp and let it sit for awhile, then rinse off. A good rule of thumb is you are having any types of odors there is some type of bacteria, or fungus causing the problem.

Posted by Latina
El Paso, Texas
Well, thank you both so much for your reply. Here is what I am doing so far. I am gargling with Hydrogen Peroxide twice a day 50 water/ 50 peroxide. Mouth does feel much cleaner. I have also gargled with ACV and Baking Soda(8oz of water, 2 tbs ACV, 1/4 of baking soda) and my mouth feels much cleaner with this also. I am not sure which one is better, any suggestions which one I should stick with? I am drinking more water with fresh lemon to help with bowel movements, but am not regular yet. I am drinking about 7 cups a day but will make it more tommorrow. I tried drinking ACV, (2tbs in 8oz of water) but somehow it seemed to make the smell worse and also caused nausea with an uncomfortable feeling and fullness in the middle of my chest area. I don't have any skin issues, rashes or fungus that I know of. However, last October I had Sepsis after giving birth, and due to a ton of antibiotics I still have a yeast infection. (Is this fungus?)It is very mild now, but still there. I will be going to dentist on Monday to ensure my gums, teeth are still stable and ask about bad breath AGAIN. I looked up some info on cleansing body, but am very nervous to do this, as I have to take supplements and eat regular balanced meals to keep Lupus stable. I have not yet looked at Ted's lupus cure info. But will hopefully try this as well. Any more ideas for me will be appreciate. It has only been four day, but I have not seen any results yet.
Posted by Cc
Baton Rouge, La.
[YEA]   I just wanted to say a quick Thanks to all who posted on the body scent issue. I have smelled just like my daddy for years. He was Native American and I never really minded that his scent was so strong, but I'm a girl. I mind it very much on me. I read many of your posts and in the end threw a cup of ACV into the tub and just used baking soda on my wash towel. I've been sitting around for hours wondering about my sweet smelling skin. It's not perfume. It's sweet like a baby just as I read. I know time will tell. I live in the deep south and sweaty, but at least for now I have hope. I drink and I smoke (habits I will work on now that I'm not that scary, stinky lady) but for today I love my scent. Thanks
Posted by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa
704 Posts
Hi Latina, I have been reading your posts for awhile now since the first one because I was curious to see the advice given. I see in your last post you said the acidophilus didn't seem to be making much headway for you. Well, from your issues that you first spoke of, it appears very clearly that you are dealing with candida. These are classic symptoms- heavy mucous, foul breath, extreme body odor, indigestion, heartburn, burping, constipation and you probably have even more. I would venture to say that you probably have not had a good diet, I. E. Processed foods, junk, crave sweets and breads and maybe had bouts of antibiotics to help the situation. Your internal flora is completely off hence, the reason for the strong body odors. My Chinese medicine Dr. Would always say that bad breath is due to stomach but I would go even further- our intestinal tract is extremely important. It is like a garbage dump- if that is not cleaned up then bad bacterias form, it attracts parasites, it smells to high heaven... Now you could attempt to cover it all up with deodorizers, use poisons to kill the parasites, etc. Or you could just clean up the trash that has accumulated and all the problems would disappear. I have helped friends overcome these problems but there must be a concerted effort made to change through your diet. Not an easy task but one that you will be well-rewarded if you do.

Start by getting lots of fresh veggies into your diet and decrease animal proteins if you consume them a lot. Eliminate sugar and simple carbs such as bread and pasta. Also dairy can be a big problem. This step will help you become more regular in bowel movements. You want to clean that colon! You can help it by enemas or even going to get colonics. There is probably a lot of old waste in there which only worsens the problem. If you can, start taking in fresh green juices which will also help to hasten the internal changes to restore your body's ecosystem.

Additionally read what Bill did and follow his protocols which are very sound. He too, would agree that there is no quick, easy fix for this but steps must be taken. You will go through ups and downs so be prepared because the body will have to go through elimination periods of the "bad bacteria" as it dies off. If you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them if I can. I wish you the very best, Lisa

Posted by Crzybeau
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
9 Posts
Hi lisa, I am also experience the same thing with candida symptoms. I have underarm odor and I am attempting to change my diet but I always end up breaking it and eating the bad foods. I want to make a commitment though and not look back. Thank you for your post and encouragment. I hope I pull through to notice the difference. Thanks

Posted by Cheska (Quezon, Philippines) on 05/21/2009

Hello everyone! Can you please help me? i've been suffering from BO since i was a freshmen in High School. The smell that my pits produce really gives me disappointment and shame. I don't know what caused this embarrassing problem but i've been struggling with it ever since. I've tried using deodorants with great smell but it worsened my BO.. I thought it was just the deodorant that didn't worked for me but i noticed that even if i changed to a new deo, the smell is still stinky. So i tried using odorless deodorants but it didn't seem to work for me. i'm already in college and I'm experiencing my worst nightmare.. people doesn't want to sit with me in class because of my odor.. and they judge me because of this.. i don't know what is the problem of my body.. when i just stay at home i don't smell that bad but when i'm outside mingling with my surroundings, i sweat then have BO. I don't know why!! :( Another problem is since my uniform is made from synthetic cloth, it causes my armpits to sweat more and smell worst. I live in a hot climate and this causes me to sweat a lot then have BO in a couple of hours. Even if i often stayed in air-conditioned rooms i still sweat and after a while produce this humiliating smell.. help me please!!! baking soda doesn't work for me and it left white stains in my uniform's pits!! what am i going to do?? please help me.. :(( i think my BO is associated with my excessive sweating.. i've been controlling my diet but it doesn't change anything.. help me please.. :( i would really be grateful for your immediate responses.

EC: There are many more remedies on the body odor page than just baking soda. Shredded purple cabbage, milk of magnesia, or zinc oxide ointment all sound promising!

Posted by Selena
Chula, GA
34 Posts
I had excessive sweating for several years, mostly under arms, it caused me to not be able to wear certain fabrics due to the odor it produced. I took a powdered ionic form of Magnesium Citrate and it stopped the abnormal sweating. It has been many weeks ago. My original post is under excessive sweating.


Posted by Anonymous
Anonymous, USA
16 Posts
Virgin coconut oil has lauric acid in it which kills bacteria.

or Chlorophyll

Posted by Anonymous
Wow, I'm suprised baking soda didn't work for you. I'm even more surprised it left you white stains. Are you sure you are using baking soda and not baking powder?

Baking soda works PERFECTLY for me, where deodorants never did. I don't even use much: pinch on a wet amrmpit and voila! It lasts a day or two, even if I skip a daily shower (not recommended). I live in hot humid weather too, and I no longer smell bad like I did all my life.

Have you tried Milk of Magnesia? For me it works just as good, except I get this sticky feeling in my underarms, and it costs more. But it does work too for me.

Keep trying, don't be discouraged. Everybody is different, there is no single cure for all. You just need to have a positive attitude and keep looking for answers. You will find it!

Posted by Sheryl
Atlanta, GA
Have you tried increasing your magnesium intake. Two 400mg magnesium oxide tablets taken one in the morning and one at night could help. Also applying a small amount of magnesium oil to your armpits will greatly reduce the odor. Make sure you google "health benefits of magnesium" and research thoroughly. Please let us know your results. It may take up to a week for full effects to show.
Posted by Cheska
Quezon, Philippines
Thank you so much for you advices.. i'll try increasing my magnesium intake from 100mg to 400mg.. :) i'll report to everyone the results as soon as possible.. thank you so much! i'm really touched with your concerns about my condition.. :D thank you!
Posted by Cheska
Quezon, Philippines
Thank you anonymous!! :) i might have been applying baking soda too much that when i start to sweat it leaves white stains in my pits.. but i'll try what you said.. :D i do have a question.. you did say you also live in a hot climate, i was wondering if you sweat excessively because that's one of my biggest problems and i think it causes me to have BO. and do you use soap when taking a bath or just hot water? I would really like to be sucessful in this.. and i know you can help me because you also live in a hot climate. :) thank you so much!
Posted by Bramble
Olympia, Washington, USA
A young teen girl I knew suffered from horrid body odor. She was happily able to be seen by a naturopathic doctor. She was cured with a combination of acidolphilus and digestive enzymes.
Posted by Becky
Aptos, CA
2 Posts
Hi :) I raised four boys - and let me tell you - they had some STINKY BO and esp bad foot odor!!

Another mom of "stinky boys" told me to add magnesium and zinc tabs to their daily morning meal - and it worked like a charm... I think it may be related to growing up -- seems like it was really bad in the 8 to 10 years and then again in late teens - so maybe it's also partly hormone changes as you grow through various stages of young life. :) Good Luck!~

Posted by Ironrod
Green Bay, WI
Hi, BO sufferer... Please look at your diet for the cause and cure. The job of the skin (other that holding us together) is to assist the body in throwing off toxins. The toxins (stink) come mainly from "MAN MADE" food. If you will eat food "As Grown By God" "Wholesome - Not Partsome - (man made)food, your problem should clear up. Read food labels - better yet if it has a label don't eat it... It's really that simple... If you can control your tongue you can control your destiny (in more ways than one) Good luck, Carl
Posted by Frank
Winston, NC
I've been going through the same thing but not just the pits. I've been taking 50 mg of zinc for 2 1/2 months now & I started taking Chlorella on Friday. i still need to add magnesium & Potassium as a supplement. I drink either Green tea or Black tea w/lemon every day 7 I take sage the night before a big appointment.

thanks to this site I take Honey & ACV & cinnamon daily but they havent really helped with the BO.

Im still learning things to do or add to my diet plus I wash with anti-bacterial soap.

I am on a Job search with the labor dept so I really need to find ways to deal with this now so I can get a Job.


Posted by Kaylin
Hampton, Il
6 Posts
You definitely need to deal with the problem from the inside. Strong BO is a sign of a much deeper problem. It's not merely skin-deep. I've never had horrible body odor, but I definitely needed deodorant, and if I didn't shower after one day, I could smell myself. Yuck. About a year ago I completely stopped eating sugar and grains. I've lost a bunch of weight and I feel a whole lot better, but also my body odor is gone. I still sweat, but it doesn't smell at all. You need to get the inside of your body cleaned out to remove toxins in order to eliminate the odor your body is producing.
Posted by Z
Ga, South Atl
I tried sea salt & it hasnt helped
Posted by Coregon
Medford, Or, Usa
28 Posts
[YEA]   I FOUND A BODY ODOR SOLUTION! I agree with Kaylin regarding body odor: "deal with the odor from the INSIDE". I have never in my life had an issue with body odor until a couple weeks ago. I rarely needed to wear deodorant, unless it was really hot out. But a couple weeks ago I started perspiring (even 5 minutes after a shower, in a cool house! ) and NOTHING was working. Very unpleasant odor. I tried all the remedies on here: No soap, natural deodorants, baking soda, vinegar, Milk of magnesia, lemon juice, limes, tea tree oil.. NOTHING worked. So I went back over the past couple weeks to see what I may have changed in my diet and nutrition. What I remembered was that I had run out of chromium picolinate about the same time this odor began. (which I take after every meal for blood sugar problems) I immediately ordered some and within 2 days of chromium picolinate.. All odor disappeared! I think many are right that this odor originating from a yeast problem, but I think if you control your blood sugars (with chromium picolinate) the yeast diminishes and cannot grow. Just had to write this in. After this experience, I truly feel empathy for those having this problem, it controls your life, you don't want to go anywhere or be near anyone and feel really isolated. This may not be the remedy for everyone, but if you are feeling like I did, you will want to try anything! It is a cheap supplement, I have taken it for 4 years and I have never experienced any side effects, only good benefits. I take 200 mg after every meal. (I used double this amount for a couple days until body odor issue was resolved). I realize that this is a higher dose of chromium than recommended by the medical community, so take what you feel comfortable with, but this amount has worked for me, with no detrimental effects. Hope this helps someone experiencing this problem. ** By the way, I really do believe that soap contributes to odor and now use baking soda or borax in the shower under arms instead of soap. I feel it keeps the lymph glands open and functioning better. Soap clogs them up, in my opinion. I like 4 drops of tea tree oil mixed with 4 ounces of aloe vera gel for deodorant. Soothing to under arm skin and very effective for me. Lavender would probably work as well if you like the scent better. Note: I take chromium picolinate CAPSULES, they dissolve faster, get into your system faster, and the tablets seem to have a slower assimilation.
Posted by Crzybeau
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
9 Posts
To Coregon, hi, where do you buy your chromium picolinate capsules?
Posted by Lili
Montgomery, Alabama
If everything fails I heard some botox shots will help with exsessive sweat. I know is not natural but is a final solution and end the sweat for good. Might do a better research for side affects and also the shots might be expensive.

Rubbing Alcohol   1  0   

Posted by Dorett (Lima, Ohio) on 06/01/2009

[YEA]  I read in a book that regular rubbing alchohol is good for boby odor. I was fasting and was having problem with odor from all the toxin that was coming out. i tried bathing two to three times a day to help eliminate the odor which only help for a short time. So I decided to try this remedy. This really help, I have been using it ever since. That is the 70% volume. I splash it under my arms after showering.

Posted by Tim the researcher
Louisville, KY USA
[WARNING!]   Rubbing alcohol is an abnormal solvent and one of the worst things you could put on your skin. Read the research by Dr. Hulda Clark. Avoid contact with solvents at all costs.

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