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Natural Cures for Cardiac Arrhythmia

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Epsom Salt  

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Posted by Mary (Yutan, Ne) on 06/24/2014
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Better But With Side Effects
Hello, I did the 2 TBSP of Epsom salt mixed with 8 oz's of water because I was having what felt like a skipped heart beat. I sprayed it all over my body & did notice that the skipped heart beats stopped within 20 minutes. Also I slept much better than I have in a long time. However the next morning I did have diarrhea. So my question is can a person get diarrhea from spraying the Epsom salt water combination onto their body this way? Not sure if it was from the spray or not. If from the spray then any suggestions on how much to spray in order to get the benefits of the magnesium. Thank you

Replied by Mary
Yes it can. Any overdose of magnesium will have that effect, which is what is in Epsom salts. Similar to Vit C it's best to start low and then work your way up till you find your tolerance level(it helps but has no lose bowels).
Replied by Elena
Don't think the above answer is correct. Magnesium was applied externally and should not have caused a diarrhea.

Food Allergy  

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Posted by Shane (Palm Beach, Queensland/australia) on 12/05/2011

Hi there. I have heart arrythmia (well HAD it) for about a year. I would have an episode where my heart was beating all over the place or skipping beats about once a week to once every 2 weeks. The episodes could last for most of a day and sometimes longer. They left me worn out and feeling crappy.

Now I am a big fan of oats and would eat them regularly but it seems that oats are not my friend. There came a time when I stopped eating oats for 3 months and for the entire time my heart arrythmia stopped (as did my frequent heartburn). I then ate oats for one week and low and behold both my arrythmia and heartburn returned. That was when I noticed the correlation and so I again stopped eating oats for a few months. The heartburn and arrythmia ceased immediately. Recently I ate oats again and the symptoms returned.

I therefore now do not eat oats. I can eat bread and I eat cornflakes every morning but no oats.

I've asked doctors about this but they seem to discard it and tell me I shouldn't have stopped taking the medication (which I took for only about 1 week as it seemed to make the arrythmia worse), even though I seem to have cured my problems without drugs.

I have found no scientific evidence for my case and have searched the internet for reasons for why it works but there seems nothing. In fact I have found a number of sites recommending oats for heart problems, so I can't explain it, but hey... cutting out oats from your diet to see what happens can't harm anyone so I hope this helps someone with the same problem.


Replied by Rebeca
Des Moines Ia, Usa
Could it be that you are allergic to oats? You might want to read a free book.... The Pulse Test by Dr Arthur F. Coca Somebody posted it here and it has been a help to my son who was told by his doctor that he is allergic to something.

I hope this is a help to you and you find health.

Replied by Carl
Floridale, Florida
Thanks for your comments. I have also had trouble after eating oatmeal. Many other foods seem to cause V tach, skipping and extra beats too, but usually when trying to sleep. I think sweets and flour products, fried food, beef, gas causing foods, beans, red sauces, tomatos, milk, cake, etc, all contribute. Coffee drives it crazy (Chickory is my substitute- limited amounts). No colas anymore for me. Episodes begin just as I am fading into sleep and last off and on all night. Can't hardly sleep. Gets much worse in early A. M. When heart slows, skips, bangs, wakes me. I was prescribed Toprol, maybe helped some, but won't continue on it for long. Have felt terrible for a year or more, no energy and have battled GERD for years, progressively worse. I think the GERD causes the V tach, maybe the V tach caused the GERD, though. Doctors don't care, just want to treat one, not the other and prescribe only chemicals. I was ordered to stop all supplements by the cardio Dr. I think diet and magnesium and other things on here will help. Right now I will try to eat a lot from about 8am to 2pm, then maybe almost complete fast till bedtime so I can sleep. On of my best nights was after I fasted all day, but I have to eat. I think we need more info / research on the connection between digestive system -GERD- and arrythmia. BTW, ACV helps with GERD.
Replied by Colin
Melbourne, Victoria Australia
Carl, from Floridale, Try eating a red Delicious apple after dinner and also as required during the day for your GERD. I was placed on Nexium (for life) at age 70 because of Gerd and a Hiatus Hernia.

Persevered for a month or so as I had been on Nexium for about a year and was back and forward between apples and pills in that time. Gerd is now resolved and I swear by this method.

Replied by Amy
5 out of 5 stars
Hello fellow arrhythmia sufferers!

So happy to have found this website. I have read all the posts of natural remedies and cannot wait to try. I have pac's or ectopic beats everyday and night now. Have been to EP doctor and have had 2 ablations. 1st one did cure the tacchycardia but irregular beats persist. I will try acv with soda, mag, cayenne, molasses, and even giving up the yogurt and oats. I refuse heart meds and truly believe in the gi connection and a vitamin deficiency. God bless all of us to find the cure! Amy

Replied by Ellen
Nh Usa
Have you been checked for Lyme disease? That was the culprit for mine. Find a good LD doc and things will get better. Ellen
Replied by Amy
Illinois, US
Replied by Elaine
London, UK
Possible you are allergic to oats. Corn allergies can also cause arrythmias in some people.

General Feedback  

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Posted by Steve (Cleveland, Ohio, United States) on 05/30/2012

I developed an arrhythmia in 1996 two years after a car accident where my stationary car was struck by a drunk driving a 15 passenger van at high speed. In the accident I sufferred some damage to my neck, back, struck my head etc. I have since learned that damage to the vegus nerve can cause cardiac arrhythmia as well as numerous other problems. The doctor assigned by my insurance plan put me on a regimen of 600mg of ibuprofen every six hours for pain, not only in my back and neck, but also for an arthritic knee. Which had been operated on previously. I have learned since, that Ibuprofen and other "nsaids", in high dose (over 400mg/day), can damage the myelin sheath which is the equivalent of electrical insulation on our nerves. I have read that this can cause nerve impulses to leak and activate muscles along the path of the nerve which can result in twitches, spasms, or arrhythmia. Long term use even at lower dosages can also have the same affect.

If a person already has arrhythmia, then I imagine use of these types of drugs may make the problem worse. I also learned that most nsaids cause red blood cells to clump together unnaturally, Which leads to stroke. Especially if one already has an arrhythmia. The first course of action we need to take is to find a physician who wants to cure us instead of treat us with the pharmaceutical industry crap for the rest of our lives which in most cases causes a host of other problems requiring more wonder drugs.

Thanks to my naivete in trusting my doctors I have become disabled, suffered two strokes, developed constant diarrhea, dizziness, temporarily lost the ability to swallow, and temporarily went blind in my right eye. On top of this I developed M.R.S.A. while in the hospital. Western Medicine SUCKS! The criminals at the A.M.A. , F.D.A., the drug conglomerates, Insurance companies, Politicians with price tags around their necks, and the so called JUDICIAL SYSTEM that covers and protects their miserable asses all need to be completely destroyed and rebuilt, with the best interest of humanity as the goal instead of the bank accounts of the scumbags in power.

Replied by Biddy
Hi Steve, Thank you for your contribution. I totally agree that it would be such a treat to find a doctor who is actually interested in healing this Arrythmia instead of dosing you up with as many drugs as possible! I have just been told I may need to have an ablation and I really don't want to go down this road! Having researched Ablation it sounds very invasive indeed not to mention dangerous. It's Magnesium for me and Vit C and no more coffee or chocolate! :-(( Or Alcohol! ) Must try the Epsom salt baths and spray! What a great site! I wish you well and I will also steer clear of Ibuprofen also. I don't take it but now and then I might take a few for low back pain. I hope you are keeping well Ted and I'm sorry you've had to go through so much. Biddy
Replied by Mr. Ree
I had a cardiac ablation from a dr who put me on atenolol.. I had to be wheelchaired into the hospital and 3 days later walked out in perfect health... I had it done at New England Medical Center, Boston... The operation is nothing.. The anxiety before it is not good. But knowing what I do now, I'd have it done in a heartbeat (pun intended. ) Before I went in my resting pulse was 160, if I walked it would go up to close to 200 and I would just about pass out... The punchline is I never even had HBP once in my life.. But a dr talked me into going on it for "preventative reasons. " I was ignorant of the facts back then... 10 years ago and feeling fine.. They ablated 12 places where the extra heartbeats were coming from... The procedure is nothing.
Replied by Sasha
San Fran
I had irregular heart beats, one cardiologist said it was PVC. Sometimes, my heart would beat so hard my body would shake was making me so uncomfortable and scared. The cardiologist said I could ignore it or take medication. I don't function that way so I looked deeper for the cause. Read about possible dental issues causing heart issues,

We hired a dentist that does dental cavitation surgery to open up every extraction site in my mouth. A study showed that 80% percent of these sites have toxins, in them . I also had my root canal extracted, due to my fears that they could be causing this issue. This is personal choice because I wanted to be well The cavitation dentist located a huge infection wisdom tooth extraction site he found gauze left behind from years back, and jaw bone infection, this infection did not show up on the MRI or digital x-rays, low level sepsis! I went on heavy duty antibiotics, after the surgery. Pounding heart, PVC , irregular heart beat whatever you want to call it was gone NO more Heart Problems

Replied by Donna
Hartford, Ct
Sasha, I have been wondering about the 3 root canals I have and thinking they may be the cause of my atrial fibulation problems. Thanks for sharing your story. It makes me wonder if the same can be true for me

Posted by Elwyn (Mt.shasta, California, Usa) on 04/28/2011

How does one safely withdraw from a time-release calcium channel blocker? I want to take only herbal or other natural remedies for my arrthymia.

Replied by Anne
Chicago, Il
Elwyn, I was taking a beta blocker (Toprol) for my arrythmia, and wanted to stop taking it. I just gradually tapered it off myself, using a pill cutter (you can get one at pharmacy). My cardiologist wasn't pleased, but I am off of it and doing ok for over 6 months now. I did ask them afterwards to give me a Halter test, and all was ok. I think they would have kept me on it forever. You might want to figure out what lifestyle changes you should make to avoid the arrythmia; I learned a lot on this site about possible causes. Good luck, Anne
Replied by Elwyn
Mt.shasta, Ca, Usa
5 out of 5 stars
Thank you for your advice and for this wonderful site. I backed myself off of Cartia a calcium channel blocker in an extended capsule form~not an easy nor comfortable task. Also refused 2 thallium scans back to back~really don't need the large a dose of radiation! I started using the cayenne pepper and am feeling much better. I have refused coumiden, lasix and another beta blocker. I also take Calm (magnesium in a powder form)~CQ10~Iodine drops~and 300 mg. of resveratrol. My heart is much better and thanks to you wonderful and supportive people I am not scared and depressed like before~thank you and God bless you!

Heal Your Gut  

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Posted by Waleed (New York ) on 05/17/2016

Dear all,

There is an undeniable relation between the gut/digestion issues and Arrhythmia (irregular heart beats, PVCs)

It has taken me two years to identify, research and educate myself on this connection. Look into "Roemheld Syndrome" first discovered by a German scientist while studying caloric intake on the digestive system. RS explains the Gastric Cardiac effect of stomach gas, acid reflux, and dysbiosis in irritating the Vagus nerve and how that triggers our irregular heart beats among causing other life bothersome side effects, like chest pain, dizziness and vertigo. It usually begins with a case of post infection IBS, which I believe is related closely to SIBO/leaky gut syndrome. By the time you are experiencing RS, you must understand that your gut has been compromised and mostly your vagus nerve as well, which in turn leaves your Autonomic nervous system in jeopardy as well.

This is one of the most under diagnosed and controversial syndromes in the world today, doctors do not want to admit the relation of the gut on the heart even though all the science is there to prove it.

This is a serious condition to say the least. I have struggled with this for two years and eventually it lead to severe Dysautonomia (POTS) recently as well as diminished adrenal function, where I have been extremely dizzy when standing up, fast irregular heart beat and overall fatigue.

Every case is different of course, I am still trying to heal myself so I am not able to mention any remedies so far except

HEAL YOUR GUT, find out your food sensitivities and eliminate them, eat small meals, trying a low fodmap diet (creates no gas) starve SIBO, burp when you can, Zinc Carnosine and D-Limonene might help but I am still not fully recovered, will stay in touch with more news.

Note to EC: please do more research on this topic, it may help many people.

For more about RS here is more info:

http://www.dpmartinjunghö Training for Roemheld Syndrome.pdf

Hereditary Arrhythmia  

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Posted by Jessica (Nyc) on 08/23/2013

Great site, thank you all for sharing this information, your stories, interesting POVs and advice. I'm wondering how many people on here suffer from hereditary arrythmia? Several people in my family have had it and I'm wondering if any of these arrythmia remedies would be beneficial for someone like myself who has it "in the genes". I suppose being prone to certain deficiencies might also be hereditary. But I'm wondering in my case what to start with, as there are so many options and suggestions. I've noticed my arrhythmia since I was 18 and its gotten worse over the years. Now I'm 37 and its still going strong and getting worse. I've had all the tests and Drs say "it's not the bad kind" of arrhythmia that might cause a stroke but it keeps me awake every night and has forced me to confront it. Best in health to you all.

Replied by Mrs. Hill
Fayetteville, Ar
Jessica, my husband has a terrible family heart history and also has arrythmia. If he stays off caffeine, it rarely flares up. A tablespoon of Blackstrap Molasses daily is highly nutritious and helpful to many. It is good for muscles and the heart is a muscle. Also, cayenne pepper. You can get capsules with ginger in them, which is also good for the heart and makes it easier on the stomach. Mrs. Hill
Replied by Toourlady89
Ca, Usa
The deficiency that would be causing arrhytmia would be Magnesium. Search on Magnesium Glycinate, its an inexpensive but one of the best absorbable forms of Magnesium. Its a mineral supplement just like Calcium and Vit. D but we don't hear much about it. Doctors don't prescribe supplements, unfortunately, Nutritional supplementation is something we have to learn and search on our own like what you are doing now. I was in the medical field but It took me many years of search to have found Mg as help for many of my family's health issues. If you go on You Tube, search Magnesium Deficiency, you will learn so much more. Your family could use the info. Hopefully it would help each family member beat the heart irregularities .
Replied by Mt
Ottawa, On, Canada
Read about Hawthorn, Mistletoe, Parsley (wine for the heart), Cowslip and Budwig diet
Replied by Happy
Up The Creek In Wv, Usa
In response to Jessica, NYC... have you tried TAURINE?
Replied by Toourlady89
Ca, Usa
1) Magnesium Taurate supplementation helps irregular heart beats. Mg takes 6 to 12 months to build up in the system, so, patience. It also needs daily replacement as we use Mg in all our daily life activites.

2) use of Transdermal Mg ( Mg Oil Spray ) on top of taking the pills will speed up the build up process.

3) Epsom salt bath or foot soaks (Magnesium Sulfate) is cheaper and would also help. Eat Magnesium rich foods in addition, but know that Mg in food will not be enough. Pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and greens are rich in Mg.

These forms of Magnesium will have favorable reviews on Amazon by people who have used it. Use of Magnesium supplements promotes sound sleep, relief of nervous tension, anxiety and "hundreds" of health issues. Do Search on Magnesium Deficiency.

Hydrogen Peroxide  

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Posted by Gina (Miami, Fl, Usa) on 01/25/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Cardiac arrhythmia

I started with the Hydrogen Peroxide theraphy for another problem (Chron's disease), also I was experiencing arrhythmia, very bad. To my surprise my arrhythmia start to get less and less frequent. I did some research on google and on this site and found that this therapy is for almost everything. you can google Dr. David G Williams for details and also in this site Bill Munro has a very good posting and also a video showing the inhalation method that you can also try on YouTube. I did the drinking the water with the drops of hydrogen peroxide, but I'm going to try the inhalation. I pray God will protect this site, please do the same!!


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Posted by June (Cincinnati, Oh Usa) on 12/28/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I have a cardiac arrithymia since childhood. I am 54 now. I have researched and researched and researched after going to alot of cardiologists and trying mainstream remedies. I have tried magnesium, B vitamins, salt, potassium,etc. They all helped but did not cure my palpitations. My heart used to skip, and beat incredibly fast. I stopped going to the emergency room because they immediately wanted to do surgery, etc. The whole thing was terrifying. I cured this condition with one drop of REAL elemental iodine in my orange juice in the morning. Sea kelp and drugstore iodine did not work. Dr. Brownstein has written a book about it. You can tell if you are deficient by putting any iodine on the inside of your arm and watching to see if it lasts 24 hours. All my thyroid tests were normal. Every person I have told (who has arrithymia) has had a similiar experience!!!! One itsy bitsy drop of elemental iodine changed my life COMPLETELY. (I also paint my arm with it sometimes.)

Replied by June
Cincinnati, Ohio
cardiac arrythymia: I wrote previously about the miracle of iodine. I forgot to mention that I take it with selenium for absorption.
Replied by Cazore
London, England
I just ordered some iodine hoping to mimic your results but it says only to use a maximum of 3 days running-could I ask do you use this everyday? I'd love to start using asap I just wanted to check...
Replied by Lou
Venice, Fl
Having just read the posts on arrythmias, could someone (Perhaps June from Ohio who suggested it) tell me where I could purchase elemental iodine? Thank you. I have had a long standing problem with PAT and PAF and would like to try something different.

EC: Medical Abbreviations:

PAT = Paroxysmal Atrial Tachycardia
PAT = Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation

Replied by Lani
Fairburn, Georgia
June, can you be more specific about what kind of iodine you used. I ordered Dr. Brownstein's book this morning, but I need to start something immediately. Please help. Lani email:
Replied by Melissa
Clarksville, Tn
5 out of 5 stars
I also have learned that along with avoiding soy (not sure if it is an allergy or what). . . If I have an arrhythmia flare up, I can paint a bit of iodine on my wrist and it will be better in just 5 minutes! I am not quite sure of the reasoning for this unless it is thyroid related (although all my tests came back "normal"). Whatever the reason, it works for me!
Replied by Alexandros Halaris
Heraklion Crete Greece, Greece
I would like to know the dose in Micromiligrams someone can take and how many times a week, I suffer from AF Idiopathic.
Replied by Daveschiman
Philadelphia, Pa
5 out of 5 stars
I got some Nascent iodine and started using it last week. Within a few days my heart stopped skipping beats. I tried many other things on this page, but the iodine seemed to do the trick. I put 7 drops in a 26 oz bottle of water and drank it all day. I also painted a drop on the inside of my left wrist once a day for a week.
Replied by Mike
Princeton, New Jersey
I just read that too much elemental iodine can be fatal. Just want to let people know. June, where did you get your elemental iodine? vibra64(at)
Replied by Kc
Boston, Ma
I go to dr brownstein... He is fabulous. Taking iodine for my afib right this second for my afib. Wish me luck!
Replied by Doug
Costa Rica
Funny you mention iodine. If you do a little search on amiodarone and it's relationship to iodine levels you'll be quite surprised.

My problem was a corn allergy. I ate grits every day and had 220 bps tachycardia at least monthly and had to go in for conversion. I had to leave the US (permanently) to find a real doctor who cured it with a tropical diet.

Replied by James
I used Eidon brand Iodine 3 drops daily, and it seemed to worked right off. Still early, but so far PVCs have seized and sleep isnt interrupted with Tachycardia.
Replied by Solomon
Brooklyn Ny
Can you please tell me the brand/kind of iodine you use, is it what they call nascent iodine? Because I looked and didn't see elemental iodine
Replied by Arturo
Naugatuck, Ct, Usa
Where do I get elemental Iodine?
Replied by Mama To Many Donate

Dear Arturo,

I use either Lugol's iodine (liquid) or Iodoral (tablet). I get either from amazon or iherb.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Wendy
Little Rock, Ar
Where did you purchase this iodine?


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Posted by Nancy (Missouri) on 08/18/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I occasionally have bouts of arrythmia: weak, rapid, irregular heartbeats. I've found that a dose of magnesium taurate will get the heart rate back on track in an amazingly short time.

Posted by Galaxy (Boston, Ma, Usa) on 05/20/2013
5 out of 5 stars

A magnesium complex containing magnesium oxide, magnesium citrate and magnesium aspartate cured my heart palpitations and arrythmias. I take one 400 mg capsule every day at bedtime. I am so thankful for this website.

Replied by Key
Ny, US
How long were you taking the magnesium before you started to see the results?
Replied by Enteng
Cavite, Philippines
3 out of 5 stars
I think Cayenne is better. Also, the magnesium Epsom Salt.

Posted by Patty (Newport Beach, Ca) on 02/14/2011

I thought it was the best to use magnesium taurate to cure cardiac arrhythmia? Can anyone verify the best magnesium to take for this problem?

Replied by Nevada Smith
Smithfield Township, Pa
According to the book, The Magnesium Miracle, one of the most absorbable forms of magnesium [after an IV of magnesium] is magnesium oil [magnesium chloride] which is absorbed through the skin. Next would be magnesium glycinate, magnesium taurate & magnesium orotate. Magnesium citrate is fourth which is most popular due to it's cost. Magnesium oxide is a distant fifth and is poorly absorbed.
Replied by Gemstatemom
Grangeville, Id
5 out of 5 stars
I have had mild arrhythmia for many years, but it had gotten very bad a couple of months ago, enough to scare me and send me to the doctor. They basically said not much they could do, and that there is medicine but sometimes the side effects are not worth it. I started taking the Super Magnesium (2 tablets daily) from _____ and have not had a single episode since then.
Replied by Geneva
Paragould, Ar
When my heart gets out of ryhthm I take cayenne pepper tea and in a few minutes it is back to normal and I feel better.

Magnesium with Potassium Aspartate  

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Posted by Ruth (Pahrump, Nv) on 02/06/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I just started with irregular heart beats (last 3 weeks), pounding, then skipping. I am 69 yrs old. It starts and I feel faint, short of breath, weak, overall just bad. At my worst, I was on my way to the emergency room, but couldn't find the hospital, so went on to the health food store and bought magnesium with potassium aspartate, took 3 and felt better in about 10 minutes. I am now taking 3 (300mg) 3x/day with meals and I feel like my old self! Until I found this website I didn't know about the other things I could try, but will give it a go to improve my heart health. I too cut down on my evening wine (now 1x/wk) and have decaf 1 cup in the morning. It has made such a difference I can't tell you!

Magnesium, Blackstrap Molasses  

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Posted by Selena (Rocky Gap, Va) on 04/21/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I was diagnosed with; irregular heartbeat, SVT, (250 beats per min.and I would black out), and mitro valve prolapse. I refused the meds prescribed and read Dr. Mark Sircus' book; "Magnesium; the ultimate Heart Medicine", I then started using the magnesium oil transdermally and got immediate relief with the irregular/palpatations etc. I have not had an attack of the SVT since 2006. Because there was still the occasional times when my heart was out of sync; I continued to read for something more. I read "Crude Blackstrap Molasses" by Cyril Scott, starting taking two Tbs. daily and for me that was the magic. The minerals in molasses did the job. I take it daily and would not be without it. Both books are filled with much needed knowledge. I highly recommend both. You will see and feel the difference.

Replied by Om
Hope, Bc, Canada
Hello Selena (Rocky Gap) --- I read your post with pleasure because you made such excellent choices. For many years I have kept a booklet by Cyril Scott as well as a booklet on ACV by Paul Bragg. Off and on I read these booklets again, marvelling at the simple and excellent remedies they are.

For example, as arthritis is a mineral deficiency disease, it is ideal to take BSM and it indeed relieved me of pain and arthritis for many years. I still take BSM and as long as I do, no more joint pain. I think it was suggested in the booklet on BSM to include ACV as well especially for cysts and cancer. It had great success since BSM dries tumours so an invasive treatment is not needed in the end. But there were more benefits, for the brain etc.

Just to mention that it was delightful also to see you include Dr. Sircus' transdermal magnesium treatment.

Well, I treasure these two booklets and wish you all the best.

Namaste, Om

Magnesium, Co Q10  

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Posted by Alan (Toooomba, Qld Australia) on 12/01/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Hi every one just a quick word to let everyone it's been 2 months to the day since I posted I was taking Magnesium and COQ10 so therefore I have been taking these supplements for 3 months now and guess what? Still no Arrythmia. I don't think about when the next time it may happen now, this a great site to gain knowledge for your health and wellbeing. I hope this helps someone.

Posted by Alan (Toowoomba, Australia) on 10/01/2011
4 out of 5 stars

I have been suffering from Cardio Arrythmia for about thirteen years about once or twice a month, sometimes more I have been to a few doctors and they have said that no one has died fom it yet BUT it is very scary, the longest time period it has lasted is five hours so I went straight to the Doctor while it was still happening so he could properly diagnose the condition I HAVE BEEN ON PRESCRIPTION ASPIRIN SINCE TO REDUCE THE RISK OF STROKE also a prescription drug for the control of the rhythym but it still happened.

Five weeks ago I went to a Naturopath and he put me on Magnesium and Co-enzyme Q10. Since starting on these natural medications I have had one short burst of Cardio Arythmia for about fifteen seconds and that's all in five weeks, I will keep posting of this improvement if there is anymore improvement.