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Posted by Mary (Arcadia) on 04/12/2014

I really need help. I suffer from Panic Attacks and severe Depression and Agoraphobia. This started when I delivered my son 30 years ago. I had the worst nervous breakdown in the world. I saw strange colors in the sky, had panic attack after panic attack with severe depression and then agoraphobia.

Then I suffered a brain aneurysm and made it through that. When I die and go to heaven hopefully I should have a huge castle for all my suffering. Now it started again after having a stomach flu. Now I don't drive!

Is there any help for this? I am tired of living in fear and panic and am now 63. Overweight and tired of it! Can anyone please help me?

Posted by Bee
New York

Please go to utube if possible and listen to some binaural beats (healing waves) for this.. You can also try out other modalities such as EFT tapping.. emotional freedom technique...also check utube.. Meditation, yoga and exercise will also help...

Good luck.

Posted by Sam
Miami, FL
Look into blood course syndrome and shen disorders (TCM). I recently found a wonderful TCM site that is so informative. I am attaching a link to chapter6

Also, jingherbs has free health analysis. They also provide free 15 min consultations with an experienced herbalist.

Posted by Gloria (Poughkeepsie, Ny, Usa) on 11/27/2012

I am a 20 year old women who is in recovery for anorexia nervosa. I think from anorexia I hurt my heart in some way because I now have intolerable anxiety sometimes, that hits me like a bus. Adivan/Xanax are helpful but are not good long term solutions, I know. I want something natural.

I recently tried Rhodiola and had some positive results with that, although it made me sleepy. What was really helpful was Ashwagandha--but then I read that this can cause weight gain, and that they give it to emaciated people to gain weight. I am barely comfortable weighing as much as I do now (5'9" and 126 pounds) and I worry that if I start gaining weight through this herb without changing my food intake, that I will fall back into "old" restricting patterns.

Has anyone taken Ashwagandha for long periods of time and noticed any effect on their weight? Thanks!

Posted by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa
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Hi Gloria, I'm sorry you had to suffer through this insidious issue. It is not an easy one to deal with, I know. I spent a lot of my youth dealing with this as well. It wasn't until I got pregnant when I was 28 that I could finally put this behind me. And yes, anorexia can cause the body to have all sorts of other issues due to malnourishment. The ashwagandha is very nourishing to the body but it also is re-balancing in its nature, or as they say in Chinese medicine, adaptogenic, meaning it does what is necessary to restore the homeostasis to the body. Therefore, doesn't it make sense that it would cause an emaciated person to gain weight?! Remember, you are also seeing things through distorted eyes which is one of the underlying causes of anorexia. And I have used ashwagandha for extended periods of time and have not noticed any significant weight gain. On the other hand, given your height and weight, you are still extremely thin and could use a bit more weight.

I'm glad you are aware that the meds you are using are not good for you. In the long run they will do a disservice to you. Try meditation, yoga, tai chi- some other form to calm you. Recovering from anorexia is a tricky business. Be kind to yourself. Eat healthy, nourishing foods and read books by such authors as Louise Hay, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer. There is emotional healing to be done and learning to love yourself.

My suggestion to you also, would be to find a good Traditional Chinese medicine Dr. who can help restore your health which has been compromised through anorexia. This has caused your anxiety, heart issues and even your reaction to rhodiola. TCM sees the body as a whole and what, in western medicine, would appear unrelated, is actually completely related. They can help restore your health through acupuncture and Chinese herbs. It is a very powerful system.

I wish you the best in your quest for health. Lisa

Posted by Gloria
Poughkeepsie, Ny, Usa
Thank you Lisa. You seem like an angel to me. :) Why do you think Rhodiola caused that reaction? Have you heard of that happening before? I started taking it in part because I still do not have a period and I'd like to regain it.

I contacted a homeopathic doctor in my area today. I am worried that I will not be able to afford it, but will try my best because I don't think an alternative approach would be better for me at this point.

Posted by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa
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Hi Gloria, Your reaction to rhodiola could be any number of reasons. An interesting aspect of Chinese medicine is 10 people could all have the same thing but the central cause could be 10 different reasons! Each person is individual. In western medicine, if everyone has a sore throat they are treated the same for that symptom. Western medicine treats the symptoms which is why you see people getting sick over and over again once they're done with their medication.

Now, I'm a bit confused by your last sentence because you say "you don't think an alternative approach would be better" for you at this point. Did you make an appt. with the homeopathic Dr.? Perhaps, find a Traditional Chinese medicine Dr. as well and compare costs. TCM is usually very reasonable. Homeopathy can vary widely. I am certain TCM can help you.

Also, remember that since you are so thin, your body most likely will not get a period. Anorexia often brings on amenorrhea because the body fat goes too low for a female to sustain a period. It is not unusual for very thin women to have this occur. I come from the ballet world where this is not uncommon. Most likely if you brought your body weight up, it would return.

I will be interested in hearing how you proceed. I know you can get past it. It will take some work but one day you will look back on it and see the prison you created for yourself through this distorted view of yourself. Through my own understanding of my journey I have been able to help young women make better choices. One day you will be able to do that, too. Wishing you the very best, Lisa

Posted by Timh
Louisville, Ky, Usa
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Gloria: Supplement Raw Heart Glandular to rebuild the heart muscle. CoQ10 and Carnitine will strengthen the heart. There are many Chi or tonic herbs you can use, so it's simply good reason to use as many as possible in combination or in rotation. Find a good herbal handbook so you can learn what's best for you.
Posted by Gloria
Poughkeepsie, Ny, Usa
Lisa, You give great advice. I am going to see a TCM doctor on Monday. I am going to talk about herbal treatments, which I'll post. Wish me luck! :)

I stuck with the Rhodiola Rosea and it's been helping, althought it makes me so gosh darn sleepy. But, I'll take sleepy over anxious ball of nerves obsessing about food any day. All the best.

Posted by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa
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Hi Gloria, Congratulations on taking the steps to taking back your health! I'm proud of you for that. I know you will see results with Chinese medicine. I'm glad the rhodiola was able to help quell your anxiety and stop the obsessing about food but being really sleepy isn't easy to deal with either! It's interesting because when I finally started to recover and eat in a "normal fashion", I would get so sleepy after my lunch, it was as if I had been drugged! I actually knew that if I'd just eaten, I wouldn't be able to drive for awhile, it was that bad. So obviously, we completely throw our bodies out of whack with this behaviour.

Now that you're going to work with a TCM doctor, they'll help get your body back in balance and clear the blocks, etc. One of my suggestions to my friends who go to the TCM Dr. is to always ask what they're doing, what are the herbs for, what is that acupuncture point for, etc. Of course, I'm the curious type so if that doesn't interest you, you don't have to and it will still work!

I'll be thinking of you and look forward to hear what you experience. Best to you, Lisa

Posted by Gloria
Poughkeepsie, Ny, USA
Lisa, You've been so helpful so far! The doctor I went to was ok, but I kind of felt like she was just trying to get my money. She gave me some Acorus tablets to improve my concentration (as I have pretty bad ADD!) and told me to continue the Rhodiola, although it's making me unbelievable tired and dizzy (the crazy things we do to our bodies... ). The acupuncture treatment was really neat though, I felt very relaxed and clear.

On a side note, I was wondering: did you ever seek treatment for your anorexia? I was in the hospital last year and am considering going back during my break from school but am not sure if I need to at this point (and, let's face it, that's terrifying! ). I wanted to know if you had any experiences and/or recommendations--you seem so wise with all this stuff!

Thanks for all your help and hope you have a happy weekend. :)


(P.S. Louise Hays has some great books! I love her style and approach to health).

Posted by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa
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Hi Gloria, I'm glad you felt good about your acupuncture treatment. The Acorus tablets are for ADD (and other things) so that makes sense that she gave those to you. Why don't you google Tao In A Bottle. My husband is very ADD and he said this helped him a lot. In addition, he it helped with anxiety. He said it relaxes him and uplifts him at the same time. Personally, I've never tried it as I take other Chinese herbs which serve me well but then I am not an anxious person at all nor do I deal with ADD.

Do you think you will continue with the TCM Dr. you found or research others? You have to feel good about who you choose and confident in their ability. I have been to several TCM drs over the years and honestly, have never felt like they were just trying to take my money. They were all quite sincere in their desire to help.

As for my dealings with anorexia, no I never went for formal help. Of course, back then there wasn't much understanding of it nor any real "treatment". As I said before, what turned me around was in my first pregnancy. Suddenly my focus was not on what I looked like and obsessing over that but rather that my first concern was the health of my baby and making sure that took precedence. It was as if a switch had been flipped and it was no longer about me.

Today, as a mentor and teacher to young, blossoming girls-to-women, I talk to them about their body's health rather than about weight. In the world of dance, this can be a tricky situation. I get them to focus on healthy foods to fuel their body, accept the body given to them and making the very best of it, focusing on dancing rather than obsessing over their body and working to stay in balance. I tell them books to read to help with self-esteem and healing and talk to them about journaling. I'm glad to hear you have read Louise Hay- she is one of my favorites and a real inspiration as a person. The books/ authors she supports through her publishing company, Hay House are inspiring and have guided me through the years. These are the recommendations I have for those under my guidance, maybe they can help you too.

BTW, when I wrote about the oils vs. Lotion, I didn't realize that was you asking the question! Rest assured, oils are absolutely wonderful to use! Hope this info helps. Lisa

Posted by Vinni (Sydney, Nsw, Australia) on 08/06/2012

Dear EC Team & Ted, Thank you for such a great site & wealth of information. I am a 34 yr old woman, who is desperate & direly needs your help. My husband a 36 yr old obviously healthy individual has been suffering from hypertension, following panic attacks for past 2 years. He has been on severe psychotic medication for almost 1 and a half yr but after my continuos pleading slowly weaned off turning to natural supplements & remedies. But unfortunately to no effect. He has been using ACV Sodium bicarb for almost 3 months now 2 Tbspn daily morning or evening and has a bottle of ACV at office now to help his panic attacks on work which are increasing frequently now. He tried St. John's Wort for a few days but couldn't digest it. Has been taking Magnesium, Vitamin C, Vitamin B complex, Fish Oil too for last 3-5 months.

As for his panic & hyper-irritated mood swings, they aren't getting any better which are effecting our lives drastically along with our 3 yr old daughter's too. He tries to take his previous allopathic medicines too (which I dont want) and these put him into a lazy dazed state full of fatigue all day long. After reading some posts under Panic Attacks, I even brought Acetyl L-Carnitine & Alpha Lipoic Acid but his condition has been so bad for the last week tht he took it for 3 days & then went to take a lexotanil.

Plz plz do help us & suggest some holistic medicines for him, as I know these allopathic medicines will just detriorate his condition without any permanent results. He took Depricap, lexotanil, levoprid etc. & his physician wants him to continue taking Depricap twice daily. His digestive system isn't too well too & he mostly suffers from bloating/flatulence too.

I dont know what would help him/us.....

Posted by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa
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Hi Vinni, I'm so sorry you are all suffering! I have written this to a few people very recently as it is an issue that an overwhelming number of people are dealing with. The underlying issue causing all the symptoms is systemic candida. I know Bill from Luzon, Philippines has covered this topic as well. Doctors don't give it any credibility but I have worked with several people to help them rid this debilitating problem. That includes my husband. Today it is rampant because generationally it has occurred due to mostly antibiotic use, medications and processed food. The tell tale signs that I recognize are major digestive issues, bloating, flatulence, irritability and mood swings. From there, any number of issues can go awry. Today children are being born with it and it manifesting as ADD/ADHD and autism. There are people out there committed to help those families with the GAPS diet and Body Ecology Diet or BED.

You must first clean up his diet but it really only works when your family works as a team. You can find lots of articles and videos to help you at this link. You will probably recognize much about what you're dealing with in your husband after looking at the vast list of topics she covers in articles.

You will also want to start adding in some fermented foods, preferably non- dairy presently until you all begin to detox. If you can find access to a far infrared sauna, that will also help facilitate the process. Also, taking all those supplements isn't going to do much while he is so toxic. The medications are only exacerbating the situation and keeping the body out of balance. First order of business- restore the body's eco system. Cut out all sugar immediately, all processed food and then begin to "eat close to the earth" as I call it. The site I gave you the link to also has a slew of wonderful recipes that will nourish the body correctly. I have used many of them and they're very tasty. She also has video on how to make your own fermented veggies.

I hope this doesn't sound overwhelming. If you have any more questions I would be happy to answer them. Hopefully, this will give you a starting point. Best to you and your family in this, Lisa

Posted by Mary (Springfield, Mo) on 07/06/2012

What makes a person nervous everyday and your ears ring? I have been this way for 5 months. Could someone help me with this?

Posted by Kate
Raleigh, Nc, United States
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You may have a magnesium deficiency. Dr. Carolyn Dean is a strong advocate for the proper type of magnesium supplementation. (Magnesium oxide is poorly absorbed.)
Posted by Pam
Davenport, Iowa
Please have your doctor check for anemia. I had ringing ears, anxiety, palpitations, resting heart rate of over 100 bpm. He put me on heart medication and sent me for a hearing test.

One year later, I went to my OB/GYN, and he did blood work. I was anemic. Anemia can cause fast heartbeat, ringing ears, I was craving and chewing ice like crazy, falling asleep at my computer.....

I am still anxious, but I am now suspecting an ulcer. I am very nauseous until I eat something. I will feel better for a while after eating.

Good luck to you! I would never wish panic/anxiety on my worst enemy.

Posted by Michele (Newport, Nc) on 05/21/2012

I have been taking a hefty dose of topamax as a mood stabilizer for about 11 yrs now. I would like to find a natural substitute if possible? As w/ most mood stabilizers it is actually an anti seizure med. Hoping u can help, just don't know what other info to give u right off the bat.

Posted by Gale (Toronto, On, Canada) on 12/31/2011

For about 1 years I have been suffering the following symptoms:

  • getting up in a panic
  • joint pains
  • burning itches on my back
A few nights ago, I had this anxiety attack that lasted most of the night. I went to a walk-in clinic, my doctor was unavailable, and was given Lorazepam to help when I feel the attack coming on. I seems like I need to use it every other day or so.
I did some research and found out that these problems maybe related to hormonal imbalance (I am 53 and just entering menopause), thyroid abnormalities and anemia. Untill I get the blood test done I wouldn't know which of these is the problem. I am sure it is not psychological, because I am one of the happiest people I know. I am at a good place in my life. Life is good. That is why I am wondering why is this happening to me now. Last night I did not have any anxiety attacks (I took my pill) but I kept waking up suddenly from sleep in a state of sudden fear for no apparent reason. This morning my brain is foggy, I don't have headaches, but my head is a little achie, and I am dreading night fall, which is not a good thing. Any suggestions of herbs I can use in the short term, that could help me to calm down until I get the blood tests done and find out what is wrong?

Posted by Mollie
Riverside, Calfornia
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I don't know if this can help you with panic attacks but this is what worked for me:

Panic attacks are horribly frigntening! Been there done that!

In my case it was caused by acid in my stomach! I was eating too much chili as well as too much strongly made coffee.

I found that if I get a panic attack I try about a tablespoon or more of Baking Soda in water, this usually gets me off a panic attack!

Or if I can't get to baking soda and water, TUMS the antacid works well. In other words ACID in the intestines or stomach causes me to get panic attacks.

Panic attacks will make you feel like you are going crazy. You aren't going crazy---- something is wrong with your system.

Posted by Linda
New Haven, Ct
So sorry to hear of your night time panic attacks. Although I have never suffered from them myself I was wondering if a bit of magnesium before bedtime would help.

I take it myself 3 times a day for my osteoporous and have discovered it also seems to be giving me a far more restful night's sleep and I'm far more relaxed.

Most Americans are deficent in magnesium and it may help with your symptoms, at least until you receive the results from your bloodwork.

Good luck

Posted by Jr
Coloma, Mi
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Mollie, I have had panic attacks for over 20 years and I agree that they are terribly frightening. Unless someone has gone through them, they can't understand. I have read so much on panic attacks and have been to the Dr. and no one has been able to help me until this year when I found a person very knowledgeable in homeopathy.

I have not had a panic attack since she recommended I take a remedy called Lycopodium in a 30C. I'm sure you can find it in a healthfood store or on-line. It's not expensive at all and completely safe. I don't know if it will work for you because homeopathy goes by the symptoms of each individual but I do know that it's good for digestive problems and anxiety. It would be worth giving it a try. I am so happy to be able to finally be rid of them. You can google homeopathic lycopodium to find out more. I have tried so many things and this is the only thing that worked for me other than prescription drugs. My prayers are with you that you will find something that will work for you.

Posted by Jr
Coloma, Mi
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Oops, sorry Molly, the response was supposed to be to Gale.
Posted by Gale
Toronto, On Canada
Thanks Mollie, I am willing to try anything. Thanks for the advice.
Posted by Steve
Las Vegas, Nv
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I've had excellent results using EFT to help myself and others. Easy to learn on youtube. As for supplements that would be helpful:

Magnesium (Natural Calm powder works fast)
Valerian Root capsules
Niacinamide caps

Posted by Dlamb1958
Bonita Springs, Fl Usa
I'm perimenopausal and your symptoms are very familiar to me. I have found that vitamin b complex tablets and calcium, magnisium and zinc (all combined in tablet) work pretty well for me. I call them my sanity supplements. I also drink water with a little splash of acv. I don't get the panic attacks much anymore, thank God, but I do have valerian root caps on hand, just in case. They are quite calming but I don't think that's something you should take regularly. Also, for that itchy burning sensation, try drinking a little more water. Good luck.
Posted by Mollie
Riverside, Ca.
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It is so frightening to get panic attacks that I used to dread them. Today if I eat too much chili I will get aches and pains in my muscles and I act moody. I now know that I have to get out the baking soda and water-one or 2 tablespoons and once I drink it I will belch it all out! Or about 5 TUMS!

That relieves my panic attacks.

Lydia Pinkham tablets help with nerves and anxiety.

You must keep taking them regularly for them to be effective. BUT THEY WORK!

Posted by Drury
Calabasas, Ca
It is not that unexpected after you hear that acquiring higher dosage amounts of supplements could cause particular uncomfortable side effects. Nicotinic acid can be one of those and aside from each of the health benefits it has, you will find numerous negative effects we could experience.

Likely the famous unintended effects f nicotinic acid is the so called niacin having flushes. This problem is induced when a person takes higher doasage amounts of vitamin b3 dietary supplements and after that this causes dilation of the arterial blood vessels. Luckily the nicotinic acid flushing lasts for about around 30 minutes. Nonetheless, the dosage amounts of niacin needed to trigger this unwanted effect is might be unique amongst individuals. Even though various men and women respond once they take no more than 50 mg of nicotinic acid, others respond only over 100 mg of niacin.

You can read this story for more info
about niacin

Combined with the having flushes the sufferer can experience intense scratching and allergy. These are typical response to high doses and so they commonly vanish entirely without having medical treatment so there's nothing to think about.

Posted by Lost (Henderson, Ky) on 11/14/2011

I really need advice for anxiety. I am suffering from panic attacks, chest pain, dizziness and agoraphobia. I am at the verge of losing my husband because of this. Please suggest what remedies to use. Thank you in advance.

Posted by K.d.
Siena, Tuscany, Italy
Hi, Lost. Try eliminating gluten and processed foods from your diet. I felt alot like you did and thought I was losing my mind until I stopped eating gluten (turns out I am a Celiac). Add lots of raw fruits and veggies to your meals and organic, lean meats if you are not a vegetarian. Avoid everything that contains Aspartame or MSG - these are neurologically toxic and can trigger panic attacks. Taking a good b-complex supplement and a liquid b-12 helps with mood and neurological symptoms like dizziness. Magnesium will help tremendously with chest pain and panic attacks and will give you an overall sense of contentment and ease. Hawthorn tea is also wonderful for soothing frazzled nerves and easing chest pains.

Explain to your husband that you are not feeling yourself and you think it might have to do with your eating and lifestyle and that you are going to give a major diet change a sincere try. Ask him to understand that you also don't like the way you are feeling/behaving these days and that you hope he can see through the symptoms to who you really are. My hub's stuck with me and enthusiastically helped me through my healing once he knew that I wasn't 'acting' and that I was actually quite ill.

Regarding the agoraphobia - for me, that went away naturally as I became healthier and stronger. I believe now that my body was telling me to "stay close to home" because I was ill and weak and couldn't handle the overstimulation of crowds. Maybe this is the case for you, too?

Hang in there and best of luck!

Posted by Debbie
Melbourne, Australia
Lost, your chest pain and panic attacks sound like a magnesium deficiency. If you can get some magnesium chloride online and put about 2-4 pounds in bath water and stay in for 30 minutes. This gets the magnesium into the body quicker than taking it by mouth. Also epson salts (magnesium sulphate) is good to put in the bath.. I just read the book "Magnesium Miracle" by Carolyn Dean which is excellent for further info. Also website magnesiumforlife. com has info about transdermal magnesium (taking it through the skin).
Posted by Carly
Seattle, Wa - Usa
Hi Lost.

My heart goes out to you. I had ALL of your symptoms about two decades ago. Going into a store made me feel like I couldn't breath, and that my heart was going to explode. EVERY TIME.

In the beginning I always turned and fled if I was by myself. I remember driving down the road and feeling like I would DIE. Total panic. I found I was better when I went out with a "safe" person. (Usually my husband, or a close friend I trusted a lot).

The thing was - I felt like such a loser I never told anyone for the longest time.... this was when panic attacks and agorophobia were just starting to become mainstream topics.

I just didn't want anyone to think I was a freak or something - as at the time most people didn't understand it. Come to think of it - most people still don't understand it unless they have it, have had it, or are close to someone who has it (my opinion).

Okay, so that was that.

My suggestions are these: Do not give in to the agorophobia. It is NOT a signal from your body telling you that you need to stay close to home because you are not well - as someone mentioned in a prior post.

I truly believe agorophobia and panic attacks to be some kind of an imbalance in your body that needs to be addressed. I found that Magnesium (as mentioned by Debbie earlier) was almost magical for me. I also take trace minerals. Google Magnesium and see...

Another thing: When you are in a panic situation - repeat this in your mind:

"I have felt this way before and I am still alive. I will not die".

Take three slow, deep controlled breaths to the count of three. Three in, three holding in lungs, and three out while repeating the above.

Every time the panic happens, whatever the situation is.... Try to hang in there and not flee just a bit longer than you did the last time it happened. Eventually you WILL reset your thought process. It is not easy, but it is worth it.

I know the feeling - it feels like everyone knows you are about to pass out on the floor from panic. Trust me, they don't. Repeat the mantra above. It will get better, I promise.

I still have moments once in a great while.... But not at ALL like they used to be. It gets better, you will see.

Hang in there.... And remember, you are NOT alone. If needed, try to find a support group. You would be amazed at how many people are just like you.

Best, ~ Carly :-)

Posted by Lost
Henderson, Kentucky

You have described me perfectedly! I am so happy to hear that I am not alone. My husband is also my"safe person" but he is fed up with me having to rely on him to go anywhere. I am looking into the magnesium now. Thank you so much!

Posted by Carly
Seattle, Wa- Usa
Hi Lost,

Glad I could maybe help a bit. Please know that you are not alone, not at all!

You will feel better. Just keep the faith.

The nice thing about taking magnesium is that it doesn't take very long for it to help if it is what your body is or was missing. You should start to feel better within a week to ten days of taking it at the highest level you can tolerate (before it makes you run to the bathroom!). I would start at at 400-600 mg a day.

If you take calcium, make SURE you are taking an equal or even higher amount of the magnesium. The old thought used to be to take half as much Magnesium as Calcium. This has changed in the new research - the medical literature now says to take equal amounts of each. D-3 is also important. I take 5,000 iu once a day now, and I was taking 2 a day for a month to try and get my levels up (Seattle is not a sunny place, and D levels here are notoriously low here).

Thankfully these are all pretty inexpensive supplements. I buy mine online for less than I can get them for in the health store.

Please write back after you have been taking whatever it is that you do decide to take - and let us know how you are doing - I love a good success story. :-)

Best wishes to YOU, and hugs too!


Posted by Lily
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
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Hi Carly and Lost, I too had/have this awful disorder, I also found that magnesium is the best thing I have ever taken for this problem. After discovering magnesium I was able to go off all the prescription medication I was taking. I still have residual problems but am functioning very well now.

I was given many different relaxation tapes and c.d.'s but could never relax enough to plug in the player, it was quite ridiculous really. Lost, you will see an improvement I hope with the magnesium and I wish you all the very best. Cheers Lily.

Posted by Lost
Henderson, Ky
Thank you all for your advice. I have ordered a powder magnesium online to start taking. In the meantime, I went to store and purchased Epsom Salts to soak in. Hopefully that will somewhat help? I will keep you updated, Thank you EC for having this site and to all the wonderful people who have replied, for the first time, I feel like there is hope for me to be "normal" again!
Posted by Lisa
S. California, Ca, Usa
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Try GABA and/or 5-htp.

GABA Really helps with anxiety. 500-1000 mg on an empty stomach.

5-htp raises serotonin.

St John's Wort may work.

L-Theanine works for some ( gives me headaches). Taken at night, I think Valerian root in a small dosage might work, maybe 20-50 mg. It helps with sleep, so be careful taking this early in the day. This stuff knocks me out.

They also sell Anxiety Formula supplements. You can find them online or at a health food store.

Posted by Timh
Louisville, Usa
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I have had very good results with Hyland's homepathic CalmsForte.
Posted by Gail
Branson, Missouri, Usa
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My husband suffered most of his life from anxiety, and after a lot of doctors and no remedy he went to a homeopath and he needed carsinson, or carsinoson sp? and she told him he was low on magnesium... now that was 10 years ago and he was better right away and it hasn't come back now that he is back in balance.

I would STRONGLY suggest a homeopath for this ... And up your magnesium by the way of Epsom Salt baths as they absorb through your skin well, where as a pill will not benefit you as much... Take a hot bath with 1 to 2 cups of the salts... Also I have been reading on the tissue salts or cell salts that are homeopathic and I would consider something like that also... I think there is some mention of them on this site

Some people are bothered by food they eat as well, so you may consider doing some reading on anxiety and diet and holistic healing and nutritional healing and see if any of that feels right for you.

Good luck! It is curable.

Posted by Lost
Henderson, Kentucky
I finally received my magnesium in the mail, I also purchased L-theanine 200mg, but not sure how much I should take of both? The magnesium is a powder type you mix in hot water. I also thought about massage therapy since I read it could help with anxiety. Wish me luck guys :)
Posted by Steve
Las Vegas, Nevada
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I would recommend checking out EFT therapy. Also if you google healers there are many good healers who can help you resolve the anxiety relatively fast.

Posted by Kristina (Camp Foster, Okinawa Japan) on 08/28/2011

Hi there, I had some questions for your contributor Ted.

I am a 32 year old mom of 2. About 6 years ago I started to take medication for depression and anxiety. I have had to continually take this medication for the last 6 years. I was also recently diagnosed with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) with heartburn. IBS made my anxiety worse. I was having so many attacks that it was hard to get out of the house. I don't want to have to take medication for the rest of my life. The medication they gave me for the IBS was prilosec and fiber.

I am new to the holistic/homeopathic care. I know that a good diet and exercise is always the place to start. So I started a workout program about 7 weeks ago. I notice that my mood is better and that I am sleeping better. I guess my questions are. What should I be taking daily to help with all of this? My stomach seems to be so sensitive to vitamins that I get from the store and I would love to avoid that. The medications that I currently take are Celexa for the anxiety and prilosec for the heartburn. I want to make sure I am getting the vitamins and nutrients that my body needs since I have started exercising. What would you recommend for a beginner to holistic care?

Thank you so much,

Kristina from Okinawa

Posted by Jen
Bozeman, Mt, Us
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I know your question was for Ted but I thought I might chime in since it has been a few days since you posted your question. I would definately start with taking a tblsp or two of organic apple cidar vinager twice a day for the heartburn and IBS. It should be taken in at least an 8 oz glass of water. The next thing I would try is to get the anxiety under control. If you want to go off the medication make sure to wean yourself slowly as cold turkey is a very bad idea for those type of meds. For my anxiety I use both magnesium and a product called theonine serene which I take twice per day. It would be best if you take the apple cidar at least two hours before you attempt to take the magnesium and theonine serene. This way your stomach may be settled enough to be able to tolorate the supplements better since they upset your stomach. The magnesium will probably help with the IBS as well since it relaxes the muscles and if you are an anxious person your bowels are as well. The bowels are surrounded by muscle. It would help to know what your symptoms of IBS are since there are so many different ones but in general lay off any white grains and sugars like rice, wheat, and bleached sugar. I would even attempt to stay away from breads and pasta's for a little while and see if that helps the IBS. Hope this helps a little.
Posted by Camjamgram
Washington, Il
In regards to the post: 08/28/2011: Kristina from Camp Foster, Okinawa Japan writes: "Hi there, I had some questions for your contributor Ted.

I am a 32 year old mom of 2. About 6 years ago I started to take medication for depression and anxiety. I have had to continually take this medication for the last 6 years. I was also recently diagnosed with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) with heartburn. IBS made my anxiety worse. I was having so many attacks that it was hard to get out of the house. I don't want to have to take medication for the rest of my life. The medication they gave me for the IBS was prilosec and fiber.

These all sound like a gluten intolerance. My friend has suffered with the diagnosis of IBS for 30 years, she was recently counseled by a mother of a child with Celiac and said she had all the symptons. From that day she has been gluten free and has not had an issue unless she "accidently" ingests gluten. She has a new life at the age of 42!

Posted by Sally
Chennai, India
Please try Bach Flower Remedies for your anxiety. Look up At the very least you could use Rescue Remedy initially to ease the anxiety. Other remedies are indicated but more details about yourself would be necessary.

These are gentle, natural and non-addictive. Believe me, they work and help ease physical symptoms.

Posted by Yvonne
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The link below is interesting. I had IBS badly! With IBS all of a sudden you have to get to a bathroom quick or you can have an accident!

I was prescribed Paxil for OCD. Amazingly the Paxil helped my IBS perfectly. I read that Paxil seems to help the stomach. Eventually I got off Paxil and I still had the good effects of IBS after I left Paxil. (ask your doctor for instructions to get off Paxil) I do not have this IBS problem anymore.

Paxil May Help Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Antidepressant Has Strong Effect in Those Not Feeling Fit After Fiber
WebMD Health News
May 10, 2004 -- The antidepressant drug Paxil may help some people with irritable bowel syndrome feel better.

A new clinical study shows that Paxil, a type of drug called an SSRI, improves some irritable bowel symptoms. Although Paxil is mainly used to treat depression and anxiety, none of the patients in this study suffered from depression. In fact, says study leader George Arnold, MD, of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, patients with no hint of depression responded well to the drug.

"Paxil worked extremely well, " Arnold tells WebMD. "These drugs are designed to treat anxiety and depression, but they work on irritable bowel in people without depression."

Posted by Leah (Madison, Wi) on 08/13/2011

I recently took on a job as a server at a very busy, trendy restaurant for the first time. Since then, I've woken up several times throughout the night, every night, because I feel like I'm still at work--i. e. I think I forget drink orders or I need to print a ticket. I actually walk around my house, change clothes, etc. because of it. I've been on sleeping pills before and wish not to ever go on them again, I'm taking 5 mg of quick dissolving melatonin every night as well, I listen to soothing music on the drive home and wind down once I get home, I also supplement with magnesium once a day. I'm not really sure what else I can do? A doctor has ruled out anxiety meds and actually recommended I go back on Zoloft (I said no I wish never to be on that again. I'd be grateful for any recommendations.

Posted by Ryanioc
Vancouver, Bc, Canada
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Two things I highly recommend is meditation and the Sota Bio Tuner which is based on cranial electrotherpy stimulation.

For meditation, go here:

follow in order, the actual instructions on the method are on the 4th page or page 13, you can also buy the book series by yogani, profits go to charity.

The benefits of daily meditation are pretty incredible and should be the first line of treatment for anxiety and stress related symptoms, as it calms and quiets the mind which is exactly what you are after.

The bio tuner helped me greatly with anxiety related symptoms from stemmed from prolonged stress. Voltahealth. com has them available with a 4 payments plan or you can buy from sota directly.

If you do decide to try it, it usually takes about 3-4 weeks before you start to really feel some change, things just seem to get easier. It took me 5 weeks before I felt that 80% improvement, and 3 weeks before I started to notice some positive benefit.

After about 5 weeks, I could read again. I could not concentrate on anything I was reading before this, it helped me focus greatly, calmed down my overactive thinking.

This is also the only thing that reduced a nasty side effect of an ssri I was on for 5 years. This ssri made me sweat excessively. I tried countless natural products before stumbling upon this, and finally, my sweating returned to normal, except in extremely anxious moments which still occur occasionally. Overall my symptoms have decreased about 80% after using this.

The bio tuner supposedly works by regulating the hypothalamus region of the brain, which is a control center for many functions, including body temp and other hormone production.

I would also suggest upping your magnesium intake to about 600 or 800 mg/day.

Do you drink alot of coffee? If you do, reduce your intake to about 1 or 2 cups max a day. This will definetly make your mind race at night, I had the same problem.

You should try valerian root extract for sleeping at night, and you can also try kava kava for daytime use.

Whatever you do, stick to the natural remedies! Good luck

Posted by Ti
Houston, Usa

Google 'pranic healing'. It is a godsend for Anxiety and Panic attacks. You can find someone who can do it for you in person or long distance.

Posted by Bess
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Hi Leah - Have you tried taking GABA for anxiety? I take it before flying, interviews or any situation that induces stress. My Dad takes it because he gets anxious if he's too far from home - even if he's only at a shopping mall a few miles away (he's 89 years old so there are other issues too, I'm sure). There are many brands out there but I get mine from the health food store and it's by Natural Factors - 100% Natural GABA. It says "fast-acting relief for nervousness and acute stress" - 100 mg. I usually take two capsules if I know I will be in a stressful situation. Since it helps promote relaxation and ease tension, it might help you calm down at night.

Your description reminded me of a time (many, many years ago) when I had a job that affected my sleeping. I would wake up around 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning, bolt upright and yell, "*$#^* (those are swear words) WHAT TIME IS IT?! " I am surprised that I didn't give myself or my husband a heart attack. Oddly enough, we are still married!

I think, in part, it was because I was a perfectionist at the time (not any more) and felt responsible for too many things. I also tried to please everyone all of the time. I certainly wish I had GABA back then but I didn't know anything about alternative medicine. I did quit the job eventually.

If you don't want to take anything, try writing in a journal before you go to bed. Even if it's something like - "I work to the best of my ability. " Maybe that will take the load off of your mind. Check out EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) - there are free manuals on the Internet and demonstrations on YouTube. Good luck!

Posted by Rob
Toronto, Ontario
Hi Leah sorry to hear about your anxiety... it is an over worked and stressed state indeed when one carries work into their sleep and dreams...

If not working the late shift then perhaps there is time to catch an evening yoga class which would help tremendously ... If no time then breathwork, simple breathing exercises you can find online are effective... Also a good brisk walk. As far as herbs, or supplements, passionflower, can help... Also the scent of Jasmine... Quote from Weil site "Researchers have found that the scent of jasmine is as effective as Valium and similar drugs for relieving anxiety, promoting more peaceful sleep, and reducing anxiety upon waking. Particular jasmine fragrances were even shown to have the same neurochemical mechanism of action as barbiturates. "

- I've tried many "stress" products Gaba, Theanine and found I prefer the whole food/herb formulas instead. One is from MegaFood called Tension Release... pricey but I found it helped more than the others..

- also stay away from coffee

Posted by Debbie
Melbourne, Australia
Leah try Niacin as per the attached article. Also if I were you I would up your magnesium uptake. It will help you sleep without the need for melatonin.

Posted by Angela, Nj (Bloomfield, Nj) on 07/21/2011

My son suffers from severe anxiety. No one seems to know what the cause of the anxiety is. The docters have treated him with heavy drugs for mental illness which has caused him to gain more than twice his original weight. He no longer takes the drugs. He now takes melatonin at night as we found out that he has not been sleeping. He also takes GABA during the day to relax. I was wondering if oil pulling would be helpful. Does anyone have any light to shed on this?

Posted by K. H.
Naples, Fl
I never knew what an Anxiety/Panic Attack was until I experienced it a few years ago. I was in shock & disbelief as to why I was experiencing them. I started to get them 2-3 times a week & like your son, couldn't sleep unless taking 5-HTP. My stress level & diet (which was pretty healthy) wasn't any different from years past so I was adamant on figuring out the "root cause" & for me it was chewing gum! I had been chewing 2-3 pieces a day for close to a year & figured out that my body had reached it's boiling point & was telling me the poison had finally surfaced! That poison being Aspartame! I immediately stopped the gum & the attacks started to lessen & finally stop within weeks of quitting (haven't had 1 since)! I think Aspartame affects people differently, some it affects immediately others over time (in my case). Make sure your son isn't ingesting that poison in certain foods he might be eating I. E. Sugar free candy, diet sodas, gum etc. I think the "cause" is there, you just have to really observe certain outside influenecs that might be triggering his condition as was mine!

Good luck!

Posted by Debbie
Melbourne, Australia
Angela, there is a lot of information to help with anxiety on the website. Also research all you can on anxiety and Dr. Hoffer.

From the website:

NIACIN - vitamin B-3 is so effective against actual psychoses that half of all mental ward inmates in the South were able to be released once a depression-era deficiency of this vitamin was corrected. Niacin in appropriate doses acts as a natural tranquilizer and induces relaxation or sleep. It is non-addictive, cheap, and safer than any pharmaceutical product. Dosage varies with condition. The best author on the subject is Abram Hoffer, M. D. , whose experience dates back to the early 1950's. He routinely gave at least as much vitamin C as he did niacin.

LECITHIN - a food supplement that is high in phosphatidyl choline. The body is able to make acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter, out of this. This has a sedating effect. It is interesting to note that one third of your brain, by dry weight, is lecithin. Feeding the organ what it is largely made of might help it to function better. (Don't worry: lecithin supplements are made from soybeans. ) Dosage runs in the tablespoons.

SUGAR - avoid it, to reduce anxiety symptoms. The swings from high to low blood sugar result in corresponding mood swings. Sugar is not your friend. Eat complex carbohydrates instead.

CHROMIUM may help even out the sugar mood-swings and perhaps even sugar craving. Chromium deficiency (daily intake under 50 micrograms) affects 9 out of 10 adults. Somewhere between 50 and 400 mcg of chromium substantially improves your cells ability to use insulin. Don't gnaw on the bumper of a '54 Cadillac because that kind of chrome is toxic. Chromium polynicotinate or chromium picolinate are safer and better absorbed.

B-COMPLEX VITAMINS also help even out your blood sugar. In addition, the metabolism of just about everything you digest hinges on one or more of this group of B-vitamins. Taken together, they are especially safe and effective. The body needs proportionally more niacin than the other B's, so extra niacin as mentioned above is still valid.

EXERCISE reduces anxiety. Is it because you are too pooped to worry? Who cares; it helps. Exercise has many other health benefits, too, so there is no way you can lose by trying it. Start easily and work up.

HOMEOPATHIC REMEDIES such as Aconite, Coffea Cruda and Kali Phos. have been used to treat symptoms of anxiety for nearly 200 years. These very dilute natural remedies are safe and can help significantly. I recommend that you get a copy of The Prescriber, by J. H. Clarke, M. D. This very practical book concisely explains this healing approach and helps you easily select the most appropriate remedy. Homeopathic remedies are non-prescription. Many health food stores carry them. I know people who carry a bottle of KaliPhos 6X tablets in their pocket or purse, just in case.

HERBS such as chamomile and catnip make a soothing tea. There are certainly other useful herbs to consider as well. A good herb store or health food store will have books that will help you learn more.

Posted by Lmp
Long Island, New York
Angela, I'm so sorry your son if suffering for this. I have been for the last 6 years and I would not wish it on my worst enemy. It is so debilitating. I will pray for him. I can only offer you what works for me - but everyone is different. First I started therapy - helps you identify your triggers and how to have better skills at handling it. Second, I became very aware of what I was ingesting and using that were not serving me well. I try to eat all organic, very little processed food. I try to use natural products, drink a lot of water, stay away from drugs (recreational and pharmaceutical), minimal alcohol, no tobacco or caffeine. I do yoga regularly. And I meditate daily. The meditation combined with therapy has changed my life. I would love to tell you more about the meditation (too much to write here)... Let me know if you are interested. Sending so much love and good thoughts your and your sons way....
Posted by Jr
Coloma, Mi
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I would love to know more about your meditation for anxiety
Posted by Lmp
Long Island, Ny
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To : Jr from Coloma-- check out my piece under "meditation" -- u can email me from there and I can give u more info
Posted by Zander
Ohio, Usa
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Debbie--thank you so much very much for this list and the website. Yours is the only post I have found here which mentioned Lecithin which I'm attributing to a drastic improvment in my anxiety level this evening. I took phosphatidylcholine [a type of Lecitihin, if I'm not mistaken, or akin to it] which is for Liver & Brain benefits. I did not anticipate the calm and return to my senses and enjoyment of things that settled over me quite quickly. The only change to the environment which I had made after a day of absolutely anxious, weepy dread was that I had taken these which arrived just this afternoon. This prompted me to research the supplement and to learn that it has calmative properties for the nervous system. Again, thank you for your post!

Posted by Renee (Philadelphia, Pa) on 05/31/2011

. I was wondering if you have any suggestions how to get through or detox off of lexApro. Was put on for anxiety and now been trying to get off for over a month. Tapered down, a little, then went back on for a week and now cold turkey for a week. Feeling dizzy, shocks, spacey, and didn't sleep well. Would love to go natural and I am on a very tight budget. My insurance changed and can't justify spending 115.00 for a 10 mg pill I don't even want to take anymore. Any suggestions would be so helpful.

Posted by Steve
Las Vegas, Nv
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As for supplements for anxiety there are many: Kava, magnesium (natural calm is a favorite), valerian root, GABA. All can take the edge off the anxiety. To truly heal it you need to get to the root emotional cause. There are healers who specialize in this, google healers.
Posted by Lily
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
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Hi Renee, all of your symptoms are normal for withdrawing from anti-depressants. If you tapered the dose down slowly enough, you should stick with it. Going back will cause you to have to withdraw again. I know it is hard. I used to be out shopping and the floor would feel like it moved a couple of inches downwards. It was horrible. I wish you all the best. Lily.
Posted by Jenny
Lexington, Ky
Hi, I'm actually surprised that you are going through this after getting off a 10mg dose but then again, each of us are different. I'm just wondering if exercise is a big part of your life - a hard cardio workout usually helps me detox from just about anything from a medication to a virus. If you drink a lot of water and add exercise, I would think your body would excrete the drug faster. I've also read that adding cayenne pepper to your daily diet and taking cold showers do wonders to speed up this process.

Posted by Sim (Culver, Ca) on 05/09/2011

I have been fighting anxiety and depression for last 15 years. Every time I have faced a stressful situation I get severe anxiety. In the past Zoloft has helped me, which I have had to take for only a couple of months. Last year I was diagnosed with breast cancer and the anxiety was very bad. I was unable to take Zoloft as it interferes with BC medication, Tamoxfien. The doctor put me on Effexor and that is when I started having these strange thoughts in my head. I feel that the earth is going to crash. I cannot look at high rise buildings and full parking lots as I feel that the earth cannot bear the weight and will crumble.

After I read on EC about Niacinamide I stopped Effexor and began taking 2000mg a day. I still have anxiety especially around my periods and these thoughts are driving me insane.

Currently I'm on

  • Niacinamide 2000
  • D3 5000iu
  • Vitamin C 1000mg
  • Fish oil 1000
  • Magnesium Gylcinate 400mg
  • Iron
  • Tamoxfein

I have also tried

  • Iodine Lugol 2%
  • Selenium
  • L Lysine

They did not help.

I have now been on Niacinamide for 7 weeks. I see a slight improvement but not a whole lot. I have read Dr. Hoffer's work with Niacinamide.. I have also noticed a strange feeling in my ears, like they are blocked. Does anyone know if it is being caused by the niacinamide. Maybe it is causing toxicity. I am too scared to leave it. I also suffer from intestinal issues. Lot of gas and bloating. I would appreciate any feedback as I'm very desperate.

Posted by Debbie
Melbourne, Australia
Google "Tamoxifen and ear problems" and you will see you are not alone. Many people do not take Tamoxifen because of side effects. It could be interfering with the Niacin.
Posted by Julia
Toronto, On
You will be amazed to hear that depression is treatable by nutritional means, once you understand the underlying biochemical mechanism that causes you to be depressed. Please read:

Depression is a Nutritional Disorder at:

Depression: a Disease of Energy Production at:

Silent Diseases and Mood Disorders at:

Conquering Anxiety, Depression and Fatigue Without Drugs - the Role of Hypoglycemia
by Professor Joel H. Levitt

Posted by Randy
Jersey City, Nj, Usa
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I believe Julia is correct, you will want to look at nutritional issues. I suffer from both depression and candida overgrowth, which it sounds like you have because of gas and bloating. I found that the candida was causing nutritional deficiencies, particularly in vitamins B12 and D. get that under control, and you will likely see some improvement in depression symptoms. I've managed to get myself off the lexapro I was taking, due in large part by management of candida. I take 5htp now, which I find has no side effects I'm aware of.

I've also found that long-term depression can dig roots into your way of thinking. I've had to be vigilant in monitoring my self talk. I've found that use of 'self-help' materials, particularly audio tapes, on a regular basis has helped a ton. recognize where your thoughts are hurting you, and change it there.

Posted by Carlos
I think you are taking the right approach. It might take some time but I trust you will find a solution to your problem. Be patient with yourself.

However don't be quick in turning down prescribed medication. It has its place too.

The amount of vitamin B3 you are taking is not toxic. Everybody is different but I personally take way more than 2 grams of it everyday with no ill effects.

Also, why niacinamine and not nicotinic acid? I would only take niacinamine if you can't handle the flush. Start slow (50mg) and go up. I personally can take 2 grams of it with a meal and do not flush now. Plus you get the added bonus of having low bad cholesterol, among other things. It will also make your skin glow. Good luck.

Posted by Jr
Coloma, Mi
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Julia, Thanks for those web-sites you shared regarding hypoglycemia. I found some very valuable information there.

Posted by Surulere (Bloomfield, Nj, Usa) on 02/03/2011

Ted, folks, I need your help with the current blood work I did recently on the 31th of january 2011. My previous blood work was in 9/16/2010. I had experienced and still experiecing alot of symptoms that all the doctors keep pointing at that it anxiety and anxiety symptoms related. I need a second opinion to put my worries at rest. I've not been sleeping properly and my stress level his higher than normal. Symtoms include shooting pains, aches and pains all over, muscle tigthtness, fatigue, ringing in ears... etc

9/16/2010 01/31/3010 WBC 4. 77 3. 8low decreased

RBC 5. 59 5. 66 low decreased

MCV 76. 6 78 low decreased

MCH 26. 1 26. 1low decreased

RDW 13. 9 15. 4H increased

Platelets 212 220 higher

Lymphs 36. 1 49high increased

Neutrophils 56. 1 42 decreased

The difference between both blood work is that the one in september was done without fasting while I took the last one without any food except water. Please, do I have anything to worry about or just some ups and down as life is. All the test inlude HIV, lymes which are both negative. Do I need to test for something else. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance

Posted by Janice (Coloma, Mi) on 09/27/2010

Panic/Anxiety attacks

Does anyone have any advice they can give for panic attacks. I have had them for over 30 years (on and off) and have tried almost everything but just had an awful couple of days with them. Thanks.

Posted by James C.
Westport, Ct, Usa
Hi Janice,

Can you detail what you are eating and what supplements and/ore home remedies you are taking? Also, think back to the day the panic attack kicked in, did you start anything new?

What supplements have you tried for anxiety or panic in the past. How effective on a scale of 1-10?

Posted by Z-block (GA, USA) on 12/16/2009

I had bad nerves for years, I'm very jumpy fidget & I sweat alot. I need too know what I can take for bad nerves because it gets worse over time and I'm only 22

Posted by Kerry
Port Alberni, British Columbia, Canada
My suggestion would be to add lecithin and magnesium to your diet. Lecithin will make your nerves rock steady and magnesium should help with the sweating and will help you sleep better if you take it before you go to bed. Cucumber is also supposed to be good for sweating and helping you to stay cool on hot days.

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