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MRSA Cures

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Posted by Sara (Calgary, Canada) on 07/31/2008

[YEA]  Tumeric cured my boils

Last summer I got what I knew was a boil but I had no idea about MRSA or the severity of what they can become. It was on the back of my upper thigh and became so painful I couldn't sit and could hardly drive. Finally went to the Dr who froze the area with needles (the WORST pain ever) and she scraped it all out, bandaged it and gave me antibiotics. A few weeks later I was contacted and informed I had MRSA, which was a little scary. I immediately went to the web to research and found this site. I started getting another one a bit after that, went and got the tumeric capsuls at Walgreens. Took them 2X before bed and next day was almost gone and no pain. The day after, it was gone. Since then I always take it at the first sign and I've never had a reoccurance. This is truly the cure for this, and I am not one for a lot of herbal remedies. It really does work.

Posted by Ashley (Port Saint Lucie, FL) on 07/22/2008

[YEA]  A combination of Turmeric, MANUKA HONEY, and a change of diet helped with my MRSA. I follow the Body Ecology Diet, which I didnt see mentioned anywhere on this site. It really changed my life as well as how often I get MRSA. I used to get at least 3-5 new boils a DAY, heavily concentrated on my bottom. They would all swell up to the size of golf balls and I would be unable to drive, walk, or wear any form of shorts of pants. After doing lots of research, I found that my diet was wrong. I cut ALL SUGARS (including fruit) for 3 weeks. I properly combine my foods (no proteins and starches in the same meal). Now that my body isn't spending HOURS digesting, it is actually working to heal and fight the MRSA. I now get a new boil about three times a month, which I will stop IMMEDIATELY with MANUKA honey. I put the honey on a bandaid and cover it overnight. I cant tell you how much pain manuka honey has saved me. You can FEEL it working (it tingles and gets itchy or tingly sometimes) it literally feels like it's going inside the boil and killing it. By the next morning, the boil is flat and defeated. The key is to apply the honey AS SOON AS YOU CATCH THE BOIL, in it's infant stages of looking like a pimple. Manuka honey still works even after it gets big, but it will be painful as all boils are when they get bigger. The honey will draw out the pus and keep the boil open until it is drained all the way. Keep applying honey until the boil closes on its own (heals shut after it is fully drained). My problem with getting so many boils was I was not keeping them covered THE WHOLE WAY THROUGH. I take turmeric twice a day, every day. I hope this helps someone changed my life and my boyfriends life. It made MRSA more manageable and way easier to deal with. I can live a normal life and not be confined to bed for days at a time now. The boils will never stop coming, that is a fact of MRSA, but what we can do is FIGHT at the first signs of a boil and end it RIGHT THEN AND THERE.

Posted by Tres (Sarasota, US) on 07/16/2008

[YEA]  I had been diagnosed with mrsa in 3/08 after many ,many trips to the dr office/er for boils no one ever told me I had mrsa I even went to a infectious disease dr for one on my hairline that would not go away she never told me -( 2 1/2 years ago )that it was mrsa-so I had no idea
that i could spread or reinfect myself!I was on heavy duty antibiotics cipro and others for ear surgery and infertlity over the last 3-4 years I have no idea how I picked this up but have a feeling the antibiotics didnt help matters always finished each prescription fully!

This march had a spot on belly started out as a small itchy bump and quicly ballooned into a huge deep sore- cultured came back heavily infected with mrsa resistant to cipro and most other antibiotics Was put on cubicin 2 weeks i.v-very expensive with good insurance 1200.00
cleared it up but here i am 3 months later with another one starting 3 inches from the last- I found this site and started taking turmeric by mouth 450 mg 2x a day and also turmeric powder mixed w/tea tree oil right directly onto the spot of skin within 4-5 days the spot is filled in and healing quite nicely -I am thrilled that I dont have to go through having an i.v stuck in my arm for another 2 weeks! Fantastic Stuff its a miracle! Thankyou to everyone who contributed their comments-hope everyone can heal!

Posted by Aster (Vancouver Island, Canada ) on 07/07/2008

[YEA]  Staph infection-- tumeric, poultice (sea salt, baking soda, and oatmeal), crush raw garlic

About a year ago, I contracted community acquired MRSA while working in the health-care field. My doctor said I was colonized and there wasn't much to do to treat it-- except to manage the symptoms with antibiotics. I went the antibiotic route at first, but over all, they are not effective, and I also feel that they should be reserved only for emergencies.

I have had half a dozen outbreaks since then. A number healed on their own, but some did not, and required lancing and antibiotics.

This recent outbreak, I am determined to not resort to conventional medicine unless the infection persists and causes systemic infection.

I decided to try the turmeric capsules suggested on this site after two days of unsuccessfully treating the growing infection with antibiotic ointment (fusidic acid). I took two 300 mg capsules and within two hours, the infection hurt much less, and the burning was gone. Turmeric definitely has anti-inflammatory properties.

I have been taking the capsules for two days now. The infection is not spreading anymore, and it has not formed a head. It is smaller.

I also made a poultice of equal parts sea salt/baking soda/ oatmeal and let it dry on the infection. I have been doing this three a day. Using this treatment has a dramatic effect: the lesion becomes smaller after every application.

Tonight, I thought I'd see if crushed garlic helped. I applied a clove (after crushing and waiting ten minutes) directly to the infection for five minutes. Warning: this burns quite a bit. However, it only burns where the infection is. Test the garlic on the inside of your arm first to make sure you are not sensitive to it, and be aware, crush raw garlic will burn you if left on your skin too long.

Resist the urge to lance or apply pressure to your own boils. This will only make them worse, as I have learned from experience. I also find heat compresses to be a terrible treatment, and they have only ever led to the infection spreading.

I am having excellent results from the turmeric and poultice treatments. Antibiotics never get rid of the boils, anyway. I will update but as for now, the infection is receding.

Replied by Aster
Vancouver Island, Canada
The infection is nearly gone!

I wanted to share, as well, that I have very bad seasonal allergies requiring daily anti-histamine treatment, plus eye drops and nasal spray. As a side effect of taking the turmeric capsules (I must assume as nothing else has changed), I do not have allergies today. It is very hot and dry and I was in the garden for hours today... it is the height of allergy season. I realized I had not taken anti-histamines for two days but have no allergies. I really didn't expect that!!!!

Posted by Elveta (Gloucester, VA) on 07/06/2008

[WORKED TEMPORARILY]  I wanted you to know that I have been officially treated for 2 MRSA boils since May 10. I *think* I've had 3 boils but caught the 2nd one under my arm quckly, lanced it myself, put turmeric on it AND took turmeric internally. This 3rd time it looked like a spider bite in the center of my chest, just like you said. I took 2 turmeric pills every hour but it must have been too late...sigh....had it lanced yesterday. Is there anywhere on here that tells us how to KILL the MRSA? How to not get these boils anymore or (worse) transfer them to our families? What about grapefruit seed extract in the nose? I have read that that's worse....I just need some help here. Drs keep telling me "Not to worry" but this is no small matter in our household!! Thank you so much.

EC: Please read Ted's answers in the Q&A section here:

Posted by Shanmugam (Chennai, Tamilnadu) on 06/02/2008

[YEA]  turmeric cured my MRSA -- 10 mg.

Posted by Susan (Columbus, Ohio) on 05/26/2008

[YEA]  My son suffered with MRSA. His upper lip swelled out about 6 inches and the doctors couldn't do anything to help him. The boils kept comming back in different places.

I found this info on Turmeric. I told my son to give it a try because he was suffering so bad and the doctors were not helping him.

All I can say is since he tried Turmeric. The boils have gone away. It worked for him it was cheap and easy to use, and it worked better than anything the doctors did for my son. A few bucks compaired to all the hospital bills... Nothing compares. It's all natural and it WORKS!!!!

Posted by Sasha (Austin, Texas) on 05/25/2008

[YEA]  I am 26 years old and started getting staph infections when I was 23. I don't have health insurance, and since I was sick of giving the doctor $80+ a month each time I had to go to him for meds, I started researching herbal remedies. I tied doing pastes of goldenseal, I tried warm compresses with lavander oil., I tired so many different things that didn't work. I then tried this tumeric thing. I didn't think it was working for a couple of days, but I stuck with it and on the fourth day the boil came to a head and drained. I couldn't believe it! I was so excited because it actually worked. I highly recommend this.

Posted by Teresa McNeill (Asheboro, NC) on 05/06/2008

[YEA]  I recently developed an abscess on my right cheek. At first I thought it was a small acne cyst which I have been plagued with since going through menopause. On the third day, which was a Saturday-these things always happen when the doctors office is closed-I couldn't open my mouth because of the pressure on my TMJ joint. I immediately went to an urgent care center. The very nice doctor there lanced the cotton picking thing and packed the wound. He put me on two ABT and wanted to prescribe Darvocet for the pain, but I refused and opted for prescription strengh Motrin which I though I would be tough and not have to take. Needless to say I was popping Motrin the first two days. The lab reported was positive for Community Acquired MRSA. People need to know that there are three different strains of the bacteria out there now. There is hospital acquired MRSA which is only sensitive to Vancomycin. There VRSA, which is Vancomycin Resistant MRSA, and I don't know what is available to treat it, since the last know antibiotic found to treat HA-MRSA, is not effective for VRSA. The community acquired version is treatable now with several ABTs, but for how long. These little boogers are smart and mutate. What I am currently doing is this:

1. Taking turmeric powder

2. Washing 2x daily with a soap I mixed with 1/2 hibiclens and 1/2 tea tree oil soap After washing my face, I made a "toner" of 1/2 c water, 1/2 tsp Epsom Salt, and 1/2 tsp Baking Soda and soaked a cotton ball in it and applied it all over my face. The water will evaporate, leaving the minerals and salt on your skin.

3. Applying Muciprocin ointment to the lesion until completely healed.

4.. To aid in rupture and drainage, I bought some old fasion drawing salve and filled the area with it, and covered it with a large bandaid. This seemed to do the trick. The very next morning the lesion ruptured and a big, hardened plug of debris was stuck to the bandaid when I removed it.

5. I am now applying triple AB ointment in my nostrils 2x daily to get the bacteria count down there.

Finally, be aware that Staph bacteria can grow in your makeup. Once you develop a boil or severe acne cyst, chunk out all your facial makeup. You will just reinfect yourself if you continue to use it.

Posted by Morgan (Somewhere in, FL) on 04/09/2008

[YEA]  Turmeric is really amazing. I had a boil on my leg last year, but knew nothing about MRSA. I covered it up with anti biotic ointment and put a bandaid on it until it healed. Well it healed with the infection still inside, so i knew it was still somewhere in my body. Well, now, almost exactly a year later here i am with one on my stomach. I knew what it was this time when it first started growing, so i looked for natural remedies, as i've heard so many negative things about anti biotics (and i have no health insurance). Well, i happened to find this site, and within 5 days my boil came to a head, drained, and is starting to heal!! Whereas last year my boil took 2 or more months to heal, and didn't even heal properly. The core seemed to just slide out this time and now it is closing up FAST. This stuff is AMAZING.

I took 1 tbsp in water (with juice, i couldnt handle the taste by itself) about 3 times a day and 3 pills in between. It has also helped with my acne, as it is an anti inflamatory!

Posted by Laura (Beloit, Wisconsin) on 04/03/2008

[YEA]  I am so happy I found this site. My husband was suffering from a horrible MRSA infection on his jaw and ending up being hospitalized. A few months later, I got a staph infection under my armpit. I knew what the medical facilities course of treament was and I wasn't happy that my husband kept having recurrent staph the moved up his face. We figured out why after reading your articles. (Staph in the nose)

So I began treatment of tumeric(1 tsp) in water 3x daily, tea tree oil applied topically 2-3x daily, and tea tree oil on personal lubricant for the nose. Within 6 hours maybe less I could feel the pain going away, I was actually able to sleep better that night too. I did 4 days treament and the dime sized MRSA staph was gone. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Posted by Kathy (Pensacola, FL) on 03/23/2008

[YEA]  Thank you for this website providing information of alternate treatments. I moved to Florida in October of 2007 from Alabama. I started getting knots under my arms the end of November, very painful knots. I was treated in December of 2007 for MRSA. I was given a shoot and a 10 day prescription of Levaquin(I not sure I spelled correctly). I had boils in my arm pits (both) and groin area, approx. 20 boils all together, very painful. The shoot nor the medicine worked. I have had continious boils since December and had tried everything to get rid of them but they just would not heal or go away. I started researching MRSA and found this website..It has been a blessing..The articles I read about staph and using turmeric was my cure. Please if you wish you may edit this but please let readers know this does WORK..I was at my wits end and was not getting any better just worse. I have now been taking turmeric for 2 complete weeks. My boils have busted and healed with NO NEW OUT BREAKS. I take 1 tablet 450mg a day and it is working. I purchased them for $6.56 and I can not tell you what I have spent at the doctors office (that did not do any good) hundreds. Thank you so very much for the information. It worked for ME..Thank you again.

Posted by Jason (Boston, Massachusetts) on 03/14/2008

[YEA]  I have been suffering from visual STAPH infection on my face since July 07, was diagnosed with MRSA Jan. 08. My dermatologist had been treating it with antibiotics since late Sept.07. Latest perscriptions are for Minocycline 2X day for 3 months. Thank God I saw this website before I chopped my head off, because I didn't want to take antibiotics for several months, that isn't natural or normal I believe. I tried the tspn of Turmeric 3X day, baking soda in warm water 3X day, 2500mg garlic, about 2000mg vit C, and 2 tablets standard echinacea... my MRSA has cleared up 95% in 3-4 days time!! I've had this for 9 months solid on and off, got really bad last week so I decided to try natural cures. The combonation of these things seems to have done the trick, at least for now, I can't believe it was that easy. All the $ I wasted on pharmacuticals was ridiculous, also time lost at my job calling out when it got really bad certain weeks. I am so happy and feel like I can finally go out in public again without cover-up on my face! I highly recommend people try this with MRSA. THANK YOU everyone for your advice and input! =)

Replied by Derris
Los Angeles, Ca
I have had staph outbreaks for years, they have put me in the emergency room twice now. Once last year 2009 I had one so bad that I had to have surgery and be in the hospital for 4 days being pumped full of the heaviest antibiotics on earth. Needless to say, it ruined me I was sick for months afterwards, got more staph infections. Been on Olive leaf extract and colliodal silver for months now, no help really, I still get them on my butt, same where the surgery and huge scar is. I got another one a couple days ago, it got really big and started to drain. Just bought Turmeric powder tonight and will take some. I hope this works I firmly believe the antibiotics have something to do with the recurring infections and will try anything not to go back to the doctors again only to be told you need more antibiotics.

Posted by Doug (San Francisco) on 03/13/2008

[YEA]  I am another success story using the Turmeric treatment! I have suffered from boils and a so called MRSA diagnosis for the past 2 months. I have had 6 boils on the back of my legs to my face. I was placed on 2 antibiotics from Cipro to cylindamicyin, neither worked and were incorrectly prescribed by my doctor ( both are MRSA resistant). I have been on turmeric for 10 days now and all my boils are gone! I am taking two 500 mg capsules a day and will continue to do so! I used to get a boil then about 7 days after the boil another one would start. Now I am boil free! Along with the turmeric I am washing with physohex and using bactroban 2% cream on any further outbreaks. I have told my doctor and they too can't understand it. They do say turmeric can't hurt you and is a natural antioxidant. Thanks for the helpful information Earthclinic. I don't know if I am cured, but I guess if I stop taking turmeric I will see!

Posted by Laurie (Sunnydale, Florida) on 03/09/2008

[YEA]  My family has had MRSA 21 times. I have gotten rid of MRSA myself on my own body 3 times without taking antibiotics but found turmeric alone did not work the 3rd time. I also used a magnesium supplement- natural Calm.

The ph info I have read on MRSA makes a lot of sense to me.following this principal i have also used borax in the laundry' and epsom salts(magneisium) and baking soda in the bath. We use Mr. Clean multi surface to clean with as it states on the back of the cleaner it kills MRSA most cleaners don't - i know this is not a natural remedy but i have a daugter with Cystic Fibrosis and must kill other germs in my home also- I have read that clorox wipes do not kill mrsa we were using these in the begining of our outbreaks. My child with CF I have not been able to cure with natural remedies. I think turmeric tastes horrid -- kudos to you who drink it in tea. I have purchased the capsules for those of us who can swallow pills. For my younger children i have found a liquid version at the health food store just yesterday - they can not taste it in chocolate milk. I also cook with the spice. it is great in chicken salad and on a roast. The natural remedies we are now practicing in our home have definitely helped reduce the break outs but it is still not gone. I have just purchased colliodal silver supplement. As I just read about that having good results. I have posted my families story on MRSA notes. I beieve in natural cures but also know this is a bad bug and would not recommend waiting too long to seek a doctors help if you do not get immediate results with the natural cure. Good luck to all that are fighting MRSA!

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