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Posted by MRSA MAN (White Plains, NY) on 05/01/2009

[YEA]  I suggest mixing a couple sprinkles of black pepper in with your 1 or 2 teaspoons of turmeric in warm water. Since the bioavailability of turmeric orally is naturally low, the black pepper increases absorption by a TREMENDOUS amount. ______ This was just my 2 cents. This website has helped me tremendously.

Posted by Avinash (Rockville, Maryland) on 03/30/2009

[YEA]  I found to be MRSA positive in Sep 2008. I was getting boils mainly in my butt area.Tt spread to my eyes and then nose. Not to mention the pain of these boils. Mine was resitant to many antibiotics. First boil was in Sep, 2008 then in Oct,then Nov. My doctor was changing antiobiotics all the time and was saying that it shouldn't reoccur like this. Antibiotics used to work but then they reoccur when I stop antibiotics My blood tests showed that I was anemic. I tried changing soaps,cleaning clothes more frequently, use hibiclens etc. Nothing helped.

Then I came to know about turmeric which my wife read in earth clinic and I started taking daily in the night quarter spoon. I also started taking probiotic supplement along with as I read turmeric might upset stomach. I started taking it since Dec 25th and I never had any reoccurence since then. I stopped taking turmeric in Feb 2009 but in March again I got some signs of it (feverish but no boils) Then I started taking turmeric again. Since then no more boils.

I read more on turmeric and it seems it is anti inflammatory, anti bacterial and it helps body in many ways in addition to killing this MRSA. Please get good turmeric (Can be easily found in indian stores) and take daily along with probiotic supplement. I also read that it attacks when your immunity is low. So also start eating well including lots of fruits and vegetables.

Posted by Wanda (Brownsville, Texas USA) on 03/21/2009

I have suffered from boils for 10 years I have also had 3 pilonydal cysts/extractions. Two years ago I got the MRSA bug and it took 2 weeks of IV treatments to finally kill it. I was terrified. I have chronic boils on my behind and I am willing to try anything. This site is a God send I am going out and buying turmeric tomorrow. If you have any other advise for me please don't hesitate. I am all ears.

Posted by Cody (Annapolis, Maryland, USA) on 03/02/2009

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  First, I'd like to say 'Thank goodness for this website!' I wish I could reach through the internet and hug the people who created it, as well as all the visitors who shared their stories. I am embarrassed to admit that I used to think 'folk remedies' were useless. Desperation drove me to this site, and the information provided saved me so much worry, pain, and money that I wanted to share my story, too.

My husband and I were diagnosed with MRSA simultaneously. I don't know where we picked it up. Neither of us had been near a hospital, or an infected person (that we know of); we are both healthy, eat well, exercise. The infection caused a large boil on my husband's thigh. I developed three boils - one on the top of my right thigh, another on my lower left buttock, and one in my genital area. They were extremely painful. Our family doctor took cultures from the boils and sent them to a lab. In the meantime, he suspected a staph infection so he prescribed the antibiotic Bactrim. He advised us to soak the boils in warm water and keep them covered. I followed his instructions, but the boils grew larger and more painful, particularly the one in my genital area. I made an appointment to see my ob/gyn. My ob/gyn was shocked by the size and color of the boils. She said the genital one was very large and worrisome. She injected me with a numbing agent (and my God, that hurt so much - I am not scared of needles and am pretty tolerant of pain - but that shot was excruciating) and she sliced open the genital boil. She worked at it for several minutes, but could not get it to drain very much. Finally, she stopped and said she had done everything she could for now. She told me to go home and soak in warm water and try to get the boil to drain more. And she looked at the other two boils. She wanted to drain the one on my thigh as well but I was already bleeding and in pain so she told me to come back in a week. She also mentioned MRSA as a possible cause and said it was a 'nasty bug'. I have a 3 year old toddler at home and asked about possible transference of the virus. She said it was unlikely, but I mentioned that both my husband and I had it so obviously it had spread from one of us to the other. Just one more thing to worry about....

I went home, bleeding all the while from the cut, and set about doing what the doctors had told me. I soaked the boils constantly in a sitz bath, and I pressed warm washcloths gently on them. I am a neat freak so my house was already pretty spotless but I cleaned it top to bottom again, and washed all of our sheets and towels with hot water and bleach. I also washed our clothes in hot water. I was extremely careful in handling my child's food / drink and toys. (Luckily, it doesn't look like he's caught it!)

Despite soaking, and taking Bactrim twice a day as prescribed, the boils did not shrink. The genital boil that had been sliced open also did not drain. All the boils felt as though rocks were beneath the skin. They were that solid. And they were very inflamed / bruised in appearance.

Our family doctor called and confirmed that we did have MRSA. He said that, luckily, our strain was most susceptible to Bactrim so we should continue our prescription for another week. When I mentioned the boils were still present, he said I should go to the ER and have them lanced and drained. I said the ob/gyn had already lanced the one boil, but it hadn't drained. He said 'go to the ER'.

Well, at this point, the last thing I wanted to do was be sliced open again, and to what end? It hadn't worked before. The soaking hadn't worked either. I'd been doing that for over a week. Meanwhile, I had been searching the internet and found this website. I read most of the turmeric posts. I couldn't believe any of it, not really. I thought - If it's so simple, if this turmeric can really cure boils, why don't doctors tell people? Why not tell patients about turmeric before cutting them open?

So I didn't really believe the site, but I was desperate and in terrible pain. The boils were not getting better in the least. I really want to emphasize that part. They were not getting better at all. So my husband went and bought turmeric. I took some before I went to bed that night.

The next morning, I woke up and removed my bandages in the shower (I kept the buttock and thigh boils covered with gauze.) Each piece of gauze had drainage on it. I'm not kidding. This had never happened before. The genital boil was still there, of course, but for the first time, it felt less solid / immovable. I immediately took some more turmeric.

The next morning, again, more drainage. And now the boils were just a smidge smaller. They were shrinking! They weren't gone by any means, but they were on their way. And now it is eight days since I took Turmeric. All of the boils are essentially gone. There is still an almost imperceptible 'something' in two of the boils, but the one on my buttock is completely gone. The skin is still discolored, however. It looks like a fading bruise.

Turmeric saved me. If I ever have the misfortune to get one of those horrid boils again, I will start taking Turmeric the moment it appears. I think my boils took a long time (relatively) to go away once I took Turmeric because they were so inflamed to begin with, - if I had started sooner, they never would have grown so large.

No, Turmeric does not cure MRSA. For that, I took my antibiotic. But Turmeric does cure the symptoms of MRSA. The only side effect I experienced was a very slight flushed feeling when I took the first dose. It never happened again. If you are a skeptic, trust me - Turmeric works. I was once like you. I almost ended up in the ER. Thanks to this website, I avoided the pain and expense of the emergency room. I am so grateful for this site. And I will be returning to learn more about natural remedies.

Good luck to everyone.

Posted by Francisco (Dallas, Texas) on 02/05/2009

Hello, I'm very hopeful that turmeric will cure my MRSA, I've had it for about a year now and it has changed my life. I'm to the point of tears because I can't get rid of this thing and after being treated at the hospital with Zyvox (antibiotic), have been to my regular doctor-nothing seems to work. I have a lump in my armpit now and I think its growing, I started taking the Turmeric powder yesterday afternoon, then at night and also this morning. I don't see a "head" on my lump, so I'm worried that it wont burst open. Please help, do you guys think that there is a chance of bursting open inside of my body?

Thanks... Thanks for this site and for all of the good people that have taking the time to post their experiences with this ugly virus.

Posted by Franciso
Dallas, Texas
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[YEA]   WOW!!! I posted yesterday my question about a boil bursting open inside my body... Well here is an update regarding the boil under my armpit. After reading all of the responses and posts, I also learn in this wonderful site about the Apple Cider Vinegar and its effects to stabilize the PH in the body. Yesterday, I was having such pain in my armpit to the point that I couldn't put my arm down cause of the pain, I took 2 table spoons of Wholefood's Organic Apple Cider Vinegar stright up, and an 8oz-glass of water with 2 table spoons of vinegar. I sipped the water-vinegar solution slowly and almost finished in about 1 hr. This morning (2/6/2009), I was pain free, and the redness is going away, I'm at work now writing this message (2:47 pm) and still sipping on my water-vinegar solution and my turmeric. All I have to say is that my pain is gone and that I'm very hopeful that this thing goes away.

Please change my previous post to a YEA! I have been spreading the word about this great site to all of the people I know...


Posted by Dianna
Austin, Tx
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i have also had luck putting tea tree oil on the outside of boils and abcesses. it seems to just dry them up. the turmeric however does the same thing; so you may not need the TTO. good luck!

Posted by Ursula (Lithonia, Ga) on 01/16/2009

[YEA]  Tumeric for MRSA infection:

I have a 16 year old daughter who gets these abscess on the back of her thighs and privates. Its terrible because its painful and she misses days of school. I didn't want to take her to the doctor for yet another round of antibiotics which I believe is the cause of this problem. I did some research on abscess and came accross the MRSA infection. This sounded like what was going on. I come to earth clinic for various things but when I saw the number of YEAs for the tumeric I was so relieved. I ran out (it was almost midnight and bought tumeric. I gave her some right away and have been giving more every 4 to six hours. We first noticed there was no more pain and she could sleep then the one abscess quickly rose to the top and drained and the one that was slowly swelling up quickly went down and is now draining quietly and painlessly. She did miss the entire week of school over this but we know what to do for next time. I also read here that many women say outbreaks came when their cycles began...she did start her cycle. So now we know the trigger. I've tried many remedies here with much success but I had to write about this one. Thank you earth clinic and all of you who share their stories.

Posted by Susan
Carmichael, California
Instead of taking tumeric capsules, buy tumeric in bulk at a health food store and take 1/2 teaspoon twice a day in a small glass of water. This will give you better results.

Posted by Anita (Jacksonville, Florida) on 01/10/2009

[YEA]  Two people in my family got MRSA. The rest of us took turmeric daily and never had a first occurrence of MRSA. We continue to take it daily.

Recently, A niece of mine had a very large and infected boil misdiagnosed as a spider bite. The doctor sliced off the top of the boil and the turmeric I had her take just before going to the doctor came gushing out of the boil. The doctor was amazed for some of the turmeric (orange-yellow) came out with the fluid. The wound healed quickly even though it had been sliced open. Turmeric is amazing!!

Posted by Gail (Sacramento, CA, USA) on 01/07/2009

Staph with Sporotrichosis:


My 11-yr old twin girls have had nodular and atopic eczema since they were two. Six months ago, they each received scratches from a blackberry bush on their legs. Soon thereafter, small red blisters began popping up near the scratch. Within a week, their legs were covered in pinkk-red bumps. Their Pediatrician put them on Prednizone for a week. But the suppression of their immune systems just made matters worse! Their usual numular eczema grew larger and spread as did the new red bump rash. We spent thousands of dollars on Naturopathics and "Eating for Your Type" doctors to absolutely NO avail! They gave up and sent us back to a Dermatologist who said the girls now have "staph." We've done a round of Bacterim, which helped somewhat, then Erythrocin which did nothing, now we're back to Bacterim again. I saw your site and read about Tumeric for staph. So I've been giving them Tumeric (250 mgs), Jarro-dophilus (3.5 mil),Omega 3-6-9 combo, Calcium/Magnesium (500/250 mgs) Colloidal Silver and fish Oil. Two Chinese doctors instructed me to remove ALL red meat, shellfish, dairy, peanuts & tropical fruit from their diet, which we've done. After showers, they also soak in a tub with various "remedies." But their thighs, buns & backs are still REALLY broken out. At night when one's cortisol/pain tolerance levels are lower, the intense itching and pain is SO bad it's pitiful! My normally very positive happy girls are sobbing! They only get sleepy after taking kids acetomenaphen and antihistamines. I've researched medical sites and found an infection called Sporotrichosis Schnecki that one gets from a scratch from a rose or berry bush. It also causes staph. No one at ANY nearby Lab seems to have a test for it. Is there ANYONE who has had something similar to this? If so, please tell me what you did to cure it? Also, anything for intense itching? We've already tried ACV, baking soda, Vit E, Virgin Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Honey, Oatmeal, popular creams, zinc Oxide, hydrocortizone & triamcinalone steriod creams (yuk!) and various baths. PLEASE HELP!!!

Posted by Dave
Brandon, MB Canada
I might be able to help Gail from Sacramento.I have a product called Udder Calyptus it is all natural with oils vitamins. I have a friend who was diagnosed with Pityiasis rosea and nothing the doctors recamended would stop the itching but the calyptus worked. I feel sorry for the two girls and i will send some at no cost. I do not want publicity if Gail could email me i will try to help. sincerely Dave.

EC: No email address was included!

Posted by CC
SLC, Utah
Aloe Vera skin gel & Tea Tree Oil antiseptic cream and Tea Tree Oil you can get these at Whole Foods also read my reply under children's remedies about TetraSilver-TetraOxide.

Posted by Margaret (South, USA) on 12/11/2008

[YEA]  Turmeric worked for me!! Thanks to all the feedback I am able to get on with my holidays! I would not have so readily tried it as I was a big skeptic. I have been suffering from reoccurring staph infections since the beginning of the year. They are incredibly painful and I tend to get flu like symptoms along with them. I have had one the top of my va jay jay (the size of a cocktail winnie), my rectum (thought it was hemorrhoid at first), behind my ear (the size of a silly puddy container), a sty in my eye and my latest which began on Monday on my vaginal opening swelling both on the outside and the inside this one is by far the worse. I woke up this morning and was barely able to move much less walk. It hurt just to roll over. I was in dire need of relief being so close to Christmas then I found this website. I knew the drill , based on the one behind my ear it was going to take a full week before it popped and then about 2 days to fully drain. How can I wait until Monday for it to pop I need to go shopping. I was desperate but did not allow myself to believe that the testaments would really work for me. But I went to whole foods immediately and bought the turmeric powder, garlic pills, lysine and probotics ( I'm prone to yeast infections and constipation which I read is a side effect of turmeric). I took the half glass of warm water with 2 tsps of turmeric powder and also applied a cotton pad with antibiotic pain relieving ointment mixed with turmeric powder. To be honest the boil was in such a tender spot that it was painful just to get the paste rubbed in good. I left it for two and half hours and then had to look because it was hurting every time I moved , even a cough hurt. I could not believe my eyes when I removed it, I saw the spot were it would open and it looked much further along than I expected. I took a sterile needle a barely scraped the spot which immediately began to drain. It so surprised me I was not prepared to collect the pus and I pray that I have not spread it somewhere else. In my past boils it was very painful to burst and then it took a few hours to actually really produce the puss. This was almost pain free. The majority of the puss came out right away. I am still in shock. I was able to put a band-aid with the neosporin and actually go shopping for about two hours. About 6 and half hours after my one and only dose of the internal and external treatment it was raring to drain some more. It is now mostly drained which I would have expected to have taken at least 24 more hours once it popped. I can go to bed and rest knowing that I will be able to function tomorrow, this has truly saved my Christmas. Thank You! to everyone who shared their story before me, it's the best present I could have ever gotten. Now I am on a hunt to stop the boils from ever starting -- Happy Holidays hope this will be beneficial for someone else.

Posted by Anniem
Hampton, Va
Tip for anyone take powder turmeric. I put some water in my mouth, tip my head back and drop in 1/2 tsp. of turmeric and chase it down with a little more water. Hardly taste it at all.

Posted by Rachel (Reinholds, PA) on 11/13/2008

[YEA]  Tumeric - for MRSA

Herbs to the Rescue! Tumeric does it again. Just like you said, in three days the PAINFUL eruptions were gone. That's right. It began to work immediately and in 3 days the whole thing was gone! Needless to say we were impressed Here is a tip for others. We put our tumeric into capsules since we did not like the taste of it in water. Took 3 capsules - 3x's daily. Cheap and effective!

Posted by Candace (Charlotte, North Carolina) on 08/31/2008

[YEA]  I came across this site about 3 months ago when I was desparately looking for a cure for the recurring MRSA boils I was encountering. I was first diagnoised with MRSA in November 2007. I had two boils on my each side of my bum. I had to them lanced and packed... I was not able to remove the core,soooo painful!! Then two weeks later I got another boil on the back of my thigh. I used Ithmacal to bring it to a head but never got the core out. I had two more bouts with this stuff. I used the Turmeric powder remedy mixed with honey as a drink 1st. I then purchased the 450mg capsules from Wal-mart. I also started drinking this natural tonic named Ya-Mon Woodroot tonic. It's made from all natural roots and herbs, You have to drink 1/4 cup daily and it doesn't taste the best but, I have not had any other boils come up since the 1st of May. So, I hope that this remedy will be helpful to someone! I know that the Earthclinic remedy has sure helped me. I am still drinking the tonic daily and taking the turmeric capsules...good luck!!

Posted by Robyn (Costa Mesa, CA) on 08/19/2008

[YEA]  I acquired mrsa staph just two months ago. I am allergic to most antibiotics and pain relievers. I had to go on two atibiotics and they caused me to get terribly sick in the stomach for days. I've always known the healing benefits of tumeric and use it on inflammations. But the doctors and the mrsa had me so scared I didn't do anything. After about two or so weeks I found this site which reminded me of the possibility for relief with tumeric. For my boils it was a tad too late but it certainly reduced the swelling. I had three boils on my face and much pain. I drank a whole glass of water with tumeric and agave nectar which REALLY helped speed my healing. I also began washing my face with tea tree oil soap, applying tea tree oil to my face afterwards and did my best to consume a glass of water with wild oregano oil. This help me tremendously after weeks of suffering!! I stayed on the anitbiotics the whole way. My son's girlfriend also has it and it helped her too. I continue to wash with tea tree oil soap and keep oregeno oil handy just in case. I also put tea tree oil in my nose. I always use tumeric in my cooking but I amped it up and have ever since used tumeric in nearly everything I eat.

Posted by Diane
New York, NY
I think the Tumeric is excellent as is the tea tree oil. HOWEVER, I suggest NOT putting Tea tree oil in your nose. The nose is too sensitive and tea tree oil is very strong and can burn the nasal passage.

I put tea tree oil right onto the postules (for lack of another word) and bought the soap. Tumeric doesn't burn, but it stains so you've got to be careful with the open powder. Capsules are probably better.

Posted by Matt (Rochester, NY) on 08/18/2008

[YEA]  I have been dealing with MRSA since last fall and have been on four different antibiotics since then. While I take the meds, the boils go away, but as soon as the meds are gone, the boils return. I began taking tumeric this past Saturday and what a wonder! The three boils I have are nearly gone, and no new ones have shown their ugly faces. Tumeric may not be a cure for MRSA, but apparently, neither are antibiotics. If Tumeric will keep the boils away, at 2.99 per 14/oz. bag, it's well worth it!

Posted by Sara (Calgary, Canada) on 07/31/2008

[YEA]  Tumeric cured my boils

Last summer I got what I knew was a boil but I had no idea about MRSA or the severity of what they can become. It was on the back of my upper thigh and became so painful I couldn't sit and could hardly drive. Finally went to the Dr who froze the area with needles (the WORST pain ever) and she scraped it all out, bandaged it and gave me antibiotics. A few weeks later I was contacted and informed I had MRSA, which was a little scary. I immediately went to the web to research and found this site. I started getting another one a bit after that, went and got the tumeric capsuls at Walgreens. Took them 2X before bed and next day was almost gone and no pain. The day after, it was gone. Since then I always take it at the first sign and I've never had a reoccurance. This is truly the cure for this, and I am not one for a lot of herbal remedies. It really does work.

Posted by Ashley (Port Saint Lucie, FL) on 07/22/2008

[YEA]  A combination of Turmeric, MANUKA HONEY, and a change of diet helped with my MRSA. I follow the Body Ecology Diet, which I didnt see mentioned anywhere on this site. It really changed my life as well as how often I get MRSA. I used to get at least 3-5 new boils a DAY, heavily concentrated on my bottom. They would all swell up to the size of golf balls and I would be unable to drive, walk, or wear any form of shorts of pants. After doing lots of research, I found that my diet was wrong. I cut ALL SUGARS (including fruit) for 3 weeks. I properly combine my foods (no proteins and starches in the same meal). Now that my body isn't spending HOURS digesting, it is actually working to heal and fight the MRSA. I now get a new boil about three times a month, which I will stop IMMEDIATELY with MANUKA honey. I put the honey on a bandaid and cover it overnight. I cant tell you how much pain manuka honey has saved me. You can FEEL it working (it tingles and gets itchy or tingly sometimes) it literally feels like it's going inside the boil and killing it. By the next morning, the boil is flat and defeated. The key is to apply the honey AS SOON AS YOU CATCH THE BOIL, in it's infant stages of looking like a pimple. Manuka honey still works even after it gets big, but it will be painful as all boils are when they get bigger. The honey will draw out the pus and keep the boil open until it is drained all the way. Keep applying honey until the boil closes on its own (heals shut after it is fully drained). My problem with getting so many boils was I was not keeping them covered THE WHOLE WAY THROUGH. I take turmeric twice a day, every day. I hope this helps someone changed my life and my boyfriends life. It made MRSA more manageable and way easier to deal with. I can live a normal life and not be confined to bed for days at a time now. The boils will never stop coming, that is a fact of MRSA, but what we can do is FIGHT at the first signs of a boil and end it RIGHT THEN AND THERE.

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