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Liposomal Vitamin C

02/07/2014: Mama To Many from Tennessee, Usa: "Does anyone know how long homemade liposomal vitamin C is good in the refrigerator? The recipe I followed said it would be good sitting out for a few days and "much longer" if kept in the refrigerator. I have used it for 10 days after making it (when keeping in the fridge) but not sure when to toss if after that.


~Mama to Many~"

02/07/2014: Mike62 from Denver replies: "Mama: A woman stores hers at room temp. She squeezes all the air out after each use. This lasts 1 month. The c turns yellow when oxidized. Sunlight also affects the c."
02/08/2014: Timh from Ky replies: "Mama: Not 100% certain but I think I read that w/ refrigeration 6 months would be a minimal."
02/08/2014: Mama To Many from Tennessee, Usa replies: "Dear Mike and Timh,

Thanks so much for your responses! They are most helpful!

~Mama to Many~"

09/10/2013: Ayesha from Mumbai, India: "Hello

I read a lot about liposomal vitamin c and its benefits. So I prepared it with soy lecithin and had it for 15 days. But my allergies increased and then I realised it may be due to soy lecithin. I am also estrogen dominant. So I stopped using soy lecithin. So anyone can please suggest me another kind of lecithin which does not increase estrogen. I heard about sunflower lecithin too. But I don't know whether it is estrogenic like soy. It is of great help to me if some one can enlighten me regarding this preparation of liposomal vitamin C.


09/10/2013: David from Central, Sc replies: "I make my own liposomal Vit C and use sunflower lecithin in the powder form... I get mine from swanson vitamins; it's about the same price as the soy.... and from what I've been told, it does not potentially produce the estrogenic problems that accompany soy products."
09/11/2013: Timh from Ky, Usa replies: "After many yrs of somewhat extreme environmental illness, I finally got the goods for Lipo C and had my first dose yesterday. I could actually feel the C doing it's magic. Although Dr Levine spells a good case for all manner of illnesses treated successfully w/ Lipo C, it appears that I will also need to experiment w/ Liposomal Encapsulated Glutathione as well as Liposomal ALA. At present I am very limited in function and desperate for some improvement and am much hopeful that this Liposome Technology is the antidote. Will update the progress."
09/11/2013: Rsw from Uniontown, Oh replies: "Best wishes, Timh! I hope this does the trick for you and you start feeling well and healing soon. Am going to try your Glutimine suggestion and have posted it on another site for others to see. I hope some of the good karma you send out with your interest in helping others and thoughtful suggestions comes back to you and heals your body and soul. Thanks!"
09/13/2013: Timh from Ky, Usa replies: "Thanks back at you Rsw, you are a big supporter here by way of info and encouragement. One good aspect on the path of hardship is finding out who is and who isn't a friend.

*correction* on above post. Dr. Levy NOT Levine."

Low Acidity

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[YEA]  10/06/2011: Jan from High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England, Uk: "Try Ester C, available in health shops, good luck!"

Lung Cancer

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[YEA]  09/07/2007: Erdie Delacruz from Cebu City, philippines: "if you like my testemonies about Daily C (sodium Ascorbate) just contact me in my nO.09203294096... i will share to you the whole thing was happened in my life... one thing ive share to you again... i have a friend named jane..she was imprison of lungs cancer...a lot of drugs she was taken... al the names of drugs in the store... she bought just to heal her sicknesss...many doctors gave a receit and comments about her sickness..lungs cancer... unfortunately, she is hopeless alrealy of all drugs given by her doctors.. yet. we we met..mayebe Gods grace...ive share to her the power of daily C that wvwn cancer patient will heal of it...becuase primarily it is anti- cancer and cardiovascular deases (CVD)... so let me to continue.. after few days. her husband...told me that there was something happened after she take daily C....first he told me that his wife...unti2x bumalik ang kanyang yong pag uubo at nya nawla..then she's able to walk even how long it is..then when i said to him...maintain to her the mega dosing of Daily C...take 5000 - 1000mg of daily C everyday... so few months...his wife is so energitic and thankful to me becuase the doctor told her that her sickness is alrealy going to heal... so im thankful to God that becuase of daily C...ive a lot of people enjoy..and isured of their lives...Becuase of DAILY C..(NON ACIDIC VIT. C)"

Lypospheric Vitamin C

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07/03/2014: Robert Henry from Ten Mile, Tn : "HI U GOOD FOLKS DOIN, , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Going into an area (Lypospheric Vitamin C) that I have no clue except what I've read. I have done many Vit C IV's but this is supposed to be more better and you can do it at home. I got all the stuff to getter done. All I need to do is to do it.

Can any of you birds shed any light on this subject? Will give you a few days and then I take the plunge. Hey, I'm on the shady side of the mountain so what have I got to lose?

What make me so sad about this site is that most just want others to tell them what to do. Few take charge and research and tell others. It's like Limbaugh says, the 51% want the 49 % to take care of them.

I'll keep playing this game and if I learn something I'll tell all. That means I don't have to help pay your medical bill.

======OLE ROBERT HENRY ====="

07/04/2014: Hamilton from Maryland replies: "Here are the directions I used to make Liposomal C.

At the end of the page he compares amounts of liposomal C to IV C."

07/05/2014: Timh from KY replies: "RH: I started the Lipo-C last Sept w/ very good results, but I didn't stop there. 1 part Vit-C plus 1/2 part Rutin + 1/2 Quercetin is the ultimate -Vit-C benefit. The Quercetin in particular is a powerful cellular energizer.

Also topping the list for LET of nutrients is the combo of Reduced Glutathione 1 part and CoQ10 or Ubiquinol 1/2 parts. This combo is best when taking Vit-E (mixed Tocotreinols & Tocopherols) plus adequate Selenium (Brazil Nuts is very good source).

I like to rotate these two combinations on a daily basis as one is water soluble and the other fat soluble antioxidants, so this is most beneficial. Also the Quercetin and CoQ10 will major raise your energy levels, so you can go back to climbing your side of the mountain."

07/05/2014: Robert Henry from Ten Mile , Tn. replies: "HI U TIMH, , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Thank your for responding. Few realize how important this process is. I am starting with Vit C, but know I must go to Gluthathione and others.

As you know, I's not PC . I cannot tolerate ignorance, and this site has a bunch takers. I appreciate the bosses allowing me to express my mind.

I have already made my stuff and will venture further. I have spent a fortune doing IV's and now we have a Liposperic and it is far more effective and for pennies.

Give me a break. =====OLE R H==="

07/06/2014: Timh from KY replies: "I am certain you will not be disappointed as you grow in the LET of nutrition. Don't forget Linus Pauling recommends Lysine w/ Vit-C for antiviral and the cleaning of arteries. (although you may be in good shape w/ all the IV chelation therapy).

I ran out of a batch of GTH/CoQ10 and let it go for a couple weeks and started a new batch yesterday and the results is obvious and amazing energy. I simply cannot recommend oral capsules or softgels of CoQ10/Ubiquinol as I have been using for many yrs w/ very little a difference in energy as compared to the LET GTH/CoQ10.

As you are looking to restore youthful energy it is certainly worth researching and trying the safe, healthy & beneficial DMG. DMG is readily absorbed in digestion so is not needed to LET.

Waiting for reports of your "second wind"!!!"

07/06/2014: Robert Henry from Ten Mile , Tn. replies: "HI U TIMH, , , , , , , , ,

I am a novice at this and have only made one batch of Vit C. I have read of glutathione and Alpha Liopic Acid and some say they can all be combined. Do you know if that is so and how is that done? The internet sites are not specific. Everyone is scared of Big Brother so you have to read between the lines. Is this a sick way to live or what?

As a freshman at Ga Tech in '54 we had to read the book 1984 and it is all coming to past. Nobody trusts nobody. The novel has arrived. I am just glad that I am on the shady side of the mountain and regret that the youngsters will reap the rewards of what our lack of courage has done to them.

End of rant.==OLE ROBERT HENRY==="

07/07/2014: Timh from KY replies: "I will agree on the social conditions. In my little world of being disabled, I have to be constantly on the defensive as I am an easy target and face constant opposition in both low & high places. And the liberalism that's pervading society is very spiritually unhealthy. I have been keeping my head to the stone to understand exactly the problems inherent in liberal socialism. First, L is essentially amoral or outside the law that runs by the pretext of free will (which is self-perceived as freedom). The further left you go and then radicalism, lawlessness & crime on grand scale. It's all a dark horse running wild into the void. The farther liberal isn't even a real person living in a real world.

It is so very good to have been reading your courageous and objective statements here on E.C. I have had the good fortune to have lived in the renaissance of 60's & 70's and inherited much knowledge & wisdom of that period. Speaking directly to the inherent weaknesses and pathologies of psychological & spiritual conditions' as a companion to 1984 (there is a very well made movie of the same title, have you also seen it?), which is quite accurate in literal terms; from the rock music tradition these songs stand out particularly thru allegory, symbolism, figurative or sometimes literal, : "Karnevil #9" by Emerson Lake, and Palmer, "Celebration of the Lizard" by The Doors, "Hotel California" by The Eagles, and later "The Future" by Leonard Cohen, and "No Man's Land" by Billy Joel, to mention a few. Dark times play their role but there is always light and good times to follow. For many people it takes major social upheavals to learn the most basic principles, so we conservatives are bound to ride the wave w/ them.

Anyway, the big downside to ALA is its extremely harsh going down; really rips the throat. I added just a little to the GTH/CoQ10 batch which isn't too bad. I also added Glycine & Glutamine to stretch the expensive GTH further. I have now mixed Glycine + Glutamine + ALA in small bottle for encapsulation. Ratio is lesser for the ALA so as to level the corrosive nature. There is an LET Yahoo Group you might find helpful."

07/07/2014: Robert Henry from Ten Mile, Tn replies: "HI U TIMH, , , , , , , , , as you know I've been into alternative stuff for 10 years or so, but new to Lyposperic . This is truly fascinating to me because these are products are difficult to get into your system orally . For instance, magnesium. If I do that orally then I camp in the John for a day or so. I take the MIT brand and do transdermal spraying before my FIR saunas. Oh, after my crushed vertebrae last Feb, my lymph system is in the dog house so my feet and ankles are always swollen, so I also skin brush before my morning ritual. Learned that skin brushing is a science in itself. It is all gentle and toward your heart. I had it all wrong for many years.

Here is my question. Vit C is a great anti-oxidant as all know. Glutathione can cross the blood brain barrier so that is what my integrative doctor recommends for his Alzheimers and dementia patients. He has done wonders with it, but it is expensive. I presume you do the reduced product. Prior to learning of Lypospheric we did the IV and the suppository. Taking Glutathione orally is a waste of time and money.

You say you mix both Vit C and Glutathione together in your lypo mixture. For my Vit C , I mix two tbsp with one cup of distilled warm water ; next I take 6 tbsp of Soy Lecithin with two cups of distilled warm water. Put them in a blender and mix for a minute and then put them in the jewelry cleaner for 8 minutes and constantly stir. Refrigerate and take 2 tbsps 2 or 3 times a day.

How would you modify this procedure and add Glutathione ? Will dance at your next wedding if you can help me. I was the medicine man in the Boy Scouts Order of the Arrow and did the Fire Dance to begin the ceremony . Also did a mean beach Shag as a Frat boy back in the 50's, so we can boogie with the best at Myrtle Beach.

Thanks for your help.

===OLE ROBERT HENRY=========="

07/07/2014: Rsw from Uniontown, Oh replies: "Hi Robert Henry,

Just a quick comment.... When I made liposomal Vit C, I used powdered sunflower lecithin to avoid any problems with soy. Seemed to work well."

07/07/2014: Hope from Sacramento, CA replies: "Hi - For magnesium, I recommend Dr Carolyn Dean's Remag, as it is picometer size and does not cause digestive problems. I have tried many magnesium supplements and this is the only one that made a big difference and that my body resonated works"
07/08/2014: Timh from KY replies: "No, I keep the GTH and Vit-C as a separate mix. The C mix I do just like you except I like to add some citrus bioflavonoids like Rutin & Quercetin. For the GTH I am using small amounts w/ added NAC + Glycine + Glutamine to combine w/ either a measure of ALA or CoQ10. One might not even need the NAC for combining w/ ALA because Thioctic Acid has a main sulfur molecule. Presumably the Glycine & Glutamine combined w/ ALA LET's will make for a very good Glutathione precursor.

Until I run out of the Reduced Glutathione I really can't tell how well these other amino's are doing in the job of boosting GTH. It is also very important to have adequate Selenium for the body to manufacture Glutathione. 1 grm NAC orally plus 3mg Melatonin before retiring is also a major GTH booster.

It is also important to mention that Vit-C and Selenium are antagonistic to one another as water soluble antioxidants, so after you do your initial Vit-C saturation period, it may prove worthwhile to rotate w/ your other LET nutrients on an every-other-day basis.

I haven't the wherewithal to match your good humor, as I have been to long in the lonely dog house singing the blues. If I ever do get on my feet again I suppose I would move earth & sky for a good woman."

07/21/2014: Robert Henry from Ten Mile, Tn. replies: "HI U TIMH, , , , , , Just a note to let you know that I have completed my first batch and am excited to be able to do this at home instead of doing the 2+ hour expensive IV's in a doctor's office.

Have located a supplier of R Alpha Liopic Acid, so I'm in high cotton. Soon the natural folks will have a simple cancer cure. There are cancer cures now, but they are not so simple. Mine took 7 months, but I am not fussing.

While making this batch, the ultrasonic cleaner gave off so many EMFs that I had difficulty listening to Limbaugh on the radio. Guess that means that at 78, I am now sterile. That is good news for my 73 year old wife. She's been nervous lately. Bull.

====OLE ROBERT HENRY========"

07/22/2014: Timh from KY replies: "R.H. Good to see you're on your way w/ the Lipo; it's been nearly a yr for me and has been very instrumental in keeping me above ground, what w/ an environmental illness from hell and all.

Dr Sinatra (leading cardiologist here in the usa) has recently helped his son overcome a debilitating EMF related illness and maybe wrote a book on it (not sure) but some articles and videos for sure. Optimizing antioxidant nutrition seems the best method of protection for sensitivities.

Anyway, I tried my first batch of LET Pure Trans Resveratrol 50% and Grapeseed Extract 50%. WOW! The most powerful antioxidant I've ever taken, w/ the exception of Melatonin and Lutein. I had much pathogen die off and kidney stress that I have needed to treat plus digestive irritation. I have only taken 3 doses and the last dose indicated the worst may be over and then some real healing can occur. My body is so toxic that I must go slow; have taken 2 days off and will dose again tomorrow."

06/28/2014: Robert Henry from Ten Mile, Tn. : "HI U DAVE, BILL AND TED, , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Just got my latest toy in the mail. It is a digital ultrasonic cleaner designed to clean jewelry, but also encapsulates Vit C with Lecithin and does not mess up your bowels and is far more effective than the Vit C I. V.'s . We do these often, especially in the flu season.

The term is Lypospheric and what I can read..... this allows the encapsulated product to enter the cells directly. Can you birds shed any light on this subject?

I dare not ask any of our wemmin folks because I am not one of their favorites after questioning Mama. I'll let Limbaugh explain that phenomenon.

Whipped and rode hard all my life so this put down is just a walk in the park.

======OLE ROBERT HENRY======"

[YEA]  06/20/2014: Icandoit from Bc Canada: "I'm a lurker on these sites and this is the first time I've posted a comment...anywhere!

I've followed the online recipe and been successful with every batch of lypospheric vitamin C for 2.5 months now. I found the recipe clear and concise and living rurally, I order my supplies online and do use an ultrasonic machine. I take 14 oz. over 24 hours.

When I first started with C I was experiencing general malaise, low energy, pain throughout my body, brain fog and a general depression. For years I was "Wonder Woman" but slowly losing my steam, and have no doubt I was experiencing adrenal fatigue, as well, my thyroid levels were low (I'm on synthroid) and as my body burden (heavy metal toxicity) grew my energy levels dropped.

I did see the ND 6 weeks ago and was told to keep doing what I was doing with the vit C.

After the first week on C I added lypo glutathione, 4 Tbsp. daily, for seven weeks, at which time my bowel tolerance for the LG told me enough. I reduced to 1 Tsp. LG and now have stopped LG.

Being a brave soul and enjoying the benefits of increased energy, a pain free body and clearer, more positive thinking (after 10 years of pain, being Wonder Woman I've had my share of wrecks) I am now ready to address the life time of allergies that I came with. And so I have added MSM to my cocktail and after 3 weeks of LypoC and MSM water I am noticing that my allergies are still present but I am experiencing significantly less of a reaction.

I can also report that my skin is soft, my eyes are clear and sparkling and I have thicker, fuller hair and my nail beds are a nice, healthy pink, my massage therapist sees me monthly and she commented that my muscles are more flexible.

I see the ND next week and am excited about my results, life can only get better! I am continuing my 14 oz. of vit C and MSM. I'll have a 6 month blood work check done next.

I appreciate the Lypo C information provided for those of us wanting to take our health into our own hands, I'm 62 and feel empowered and healthier than I have in years!"

06/20/2014: Timh from KY replies: "Icandoit: Thanks for your informative post, and welcome to E.C.!!!

When you say you've added MSM to the mix does this mean you are liposoming it w/ the C? I have been Liposoming sence Sept 2013 and have made the logical conclusion that it is simply a waste of time & resources to liposome a nutrient that is easily absorbed thru oral intake ie the gut. MSM is a very absorbable and biologically active form of Sulfur which will probably not need to be Liposome encapsulated.

As for adding power to the Lipo-C (which is what I assume you are attempting) I have been adding about 1 grm Rutin and 1grm Quercetin to augment the overall antioxidant qualities of C.

As for Lipo GTH, I have found no other form of CoQ10 or Ubiquinol near as effective as combined w/ GTH for lipo encapsulation. Your energy levels will greatly increase. This method is more proof of the very poor absorption of both GTH & Ubiquinol. In my estimate, the lipospheric GTH/CoQ10 combo is off-the-charts better absorbed & utilized. Suffering a broad spectrum toxicity issues, I had to significantly decrease this lipospheric GTH/CoQ10 as these nutrients are not effective against pathologic infection. I am slowly increasing this combo w/ good results. Mixing ratios may differ, but I am finding 50/50 OK."

04/10/2013: Rob from Manhattan, New York: "thanks Rick & Lisa for your info. I recently purchased the Mercola lypo C. Excited by the fact that its half the price of the Livon. I was a little disappointed however in that breaking a capsule into my mouth it had the strong sour taste and sandy texture of ascorbic acid. Livon, although not pleasant had a smoother less acid taste texture. As I don't have blood tests to see if it is as effective, just from my physical response it doesn't seem to be the case.. (a sense of strength and inflammation reduction) & I also don't seem as able to tolerate taking many of these as I did with the Livon. So thus far, I prefer the Livon, however they've priced me out of their market at $30 a box. :( Will experiment with both again & report back."

04/10/2013: Rsw from Uniontown, Oh replies: "I just make my own lyposomal Vit C with an inexpensive ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. Mix together in a blender 1 cup distilled or RO water, and 3 Tbls. sunflower lecithin (I avoid soy but it can also be used). Blend until dissolved. Mix together 1/2 Cup water with 1 Tbls. powdered pure vitamin C and add to blender. Blend again. Pour into the sonic cleaner for 6 to 10, 3 minute rounds, (total of 18-30 minutes until no more or just a little foam remains on top) stirring with a straw or plastic spoon slowly to move the mixture around. The longer it is in the sonic cleaner, the more encapsulation will occur. Store in the refrigerator. (Some instructions include baking soda for a more alkaline solution. ) Examples can be found on YouTube."

12/19/2012: Rob from Manhattan, Ny: "Lisa, thanks for the suggestion on Lypo Spheric vitamin C. I've been trying it out, and so far like it... Though too early to give it a good evaluation. I am on my 2nd box and find it expensive. I've notice a couple videos on Youtube, showing how to make it. Much cheaper... But wonder if it is as good as the purchased product. Are you making your own? If so any recommendations? thanks"

12/19/2012: Lisa from Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa replies: "Hi Rob, I'm glad you tried out the lypospheric vitamin c. I continue to use it and have good results from it. I know you say it's too early to give it a good evaluation but just curious as to what you have noticed?

I take 2 packets a day. I notice it helps with inflammation and energy. It also seems to make me clear-headed. I still just order it and yes, it's pricey but when it comes to my health I find it's worth using good products. After all, the point is to stay out of the doctor's office! I always consider that other alternative- what I pay for the herbs, vitamins, foods to keep healthy as opposed to becoming ill and the price that costs under a dr's "care"! The cost of meds I hear people pay dwarf the costs of my remedies!

Also, do you order it off amazon? It's cheaper there than on the company's site and also you get free shipping on amazon. I would say the cost is about a dollar a packet. I did notice though that very recently there are other companies now offering it in a bottle and it is far less expensive. I've never seen them before and may try them out on my next order which I was planning to do tomorrow so I don't run out. If I do I'll let you know if I see the same results. And, if you make some, let me know how that works out! Good to hear from you! We've been on this site a long time now... Lisa"

12/20/2012: Lisa from Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa replies: "Hi Rob, That was a most remarkable story on so many levels! Kudos to that family for standing their ground. It also made me angry because this is so often what one sees in the medical field. They can be so pompous and obnoxiously "right". That they were so stubborn on their stand that this man was beyond help, is astounding! The sons are great in what they say and how wonderful that they didn't allow the bullying- after all, it is their dad and his life! Thanks for sharing that story.

As for the power of the lypospheric vitamin c, it was my dr who told me to get it after my stem cell treatment. He said it was as powerful as vitamin c IV therapy. That was the first I'd heard of it and have been using it ever since. There are days when I will take 4 packets. So, two in the morning and two later in the afternoon when I have to return to teach. It gives me a boost of energy. When I would take regular vitamin c at high doses I would have to deal with diarrhea and taking it in this form has no effect on my stomach at all which is such a relief! Today, I am going to order a different lypospheric c I found on amazon and will let you know how that works out. It seems to be less expensive and sounds equally as good! Thanks for your input. Best to you, Lisa"

12/20/2012: Timh from Louisville, Ky, Usa replies: "Rob: I can't say from experience, but it seems as if one might get a bigger bang for the buck by pre-dosing w/ other (less expensive and readily available) forms of Vit-C. Theoretically this should work."
12/20/2012: Rob from Manhattan, Ny replies: "thanks Lisa! , thus far I've noticed an inflammation response and general well being.. I say I need time as I like to rule out placebo response, if possible. I will most likely buy the ultra sonic cleaner and attempt making my own and report back. I also came across this video and if you watch to the end, he started taking this form of C, instead of intravenous. To your health!"

12/20/2012: Rob from Manhattan, Ny replies: "I forgot to add that I got it from iHerb but will try Amazon cause its cheaper... Thanks for the tip!"
12/21/2012: Rob from Manhattan, Ny replies: "Thanks Lisa, yes, let me know your thoughts on the other Lypo Spheric C... I think this one is a keeper for me and will add it to my favorite herbs.

re: the video.. A reminder to us all, if ever faced with an arrogant Dr. get a new one.. And always trust your gut feeling. Incredible that in many cases its a fight for someones life. I recall my mother literally saving my brothers life back in the 70s.. Fighting with a Dr. who wouldn't admit he was failing... And would hang the phone up on her.. She finally prevailed & had him transferred to a new hospital.. It was only from that point on that he began to recover... he would surely not be here today if it wasn't for her fight."

12/21/2012: Lisa from Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa replies: "Hi Rob, I know, after watching that video you posted, it's a strong endorsement for the lypospheric c we're using! Still, I think I'll order both tonight and see if I notice any difference. I also want to hear your results when you make your own. Does it sound hard to do? I will do a search and read about making it.

As for your story about your mom and brother- amazing! When I was very young, my mom was really bad and in the hospital for her kidney, they said they wanted to remove it. She came home and began doing all sorts of alternatives she'd learn from reading Adelle Davis and a friend who was already into alternatives which was back in the 60's. She would also start doing yoga which was pretty unheard of here in the US, unlike today. Well, she turned herself around and never lost a kidney! For myself, I made the decision to raise my kids without drs and managed to do it. The only time they went to the dr was for their well-newborn check and their well-baby check and that was it. The three oldest are now in their mid 20's and my youngest is 13 so we managed fine with homeopathy, home remedies, Chinese herbs and acupuncture. No meds.

This is why I love EC. Because it offers people ideas out of the box and ways to self- empower in health. It shows another path to take and gives people hope. You've been on here a long time too so I know you understand this. Again, thanks for sharing that inspiring video. Happy Holidays, Lisa"

12/28/2012: Lisa from Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa replies: "Hi Rob, I just wanted to let you know that I ended up ordering "the other" lypospheric vitamin c and tried it. Honestly, I didn't feel the same effects I do as when I use the one which comes in the packets in a box which I'm assuming is the one you use. The other thing is I thought it had a nasty taste even though it says "delicious creamy orange" taste. I thought it was a bit nauseating. Even thought the packets aren't exactly enticing, I find them more palatable. So, at this point, I'd say stick with the boxed one- I think it's superior. My boxed order came later that afternoon, so I immediately took those! Noticed a difference within a few minutes. I can feel my joints get easier. Now, I have the "other brand" and will keep it as a back up. Funny thing is, everytime I look at it I remember the taste... And can't do it. Anyway, that's my feedback.

I'm not sure if you're taking this for inflammation but, I've also been experimenting with about a 1/2 tsp. Of baking soda in water every morning for a couple of weeks now and can feel a difference a few minutes later as well. A side effect I've noticed from this is how clear and bright my facial skin has gotten. I do drink green juices every morning but, there was a change about a week into the bs and water. Just thought I'd pass this on! Best to you as always, Lisa"

01/03/2013: Roslyn from Oklahoma, Ok replies: "Hello Lisa, Can you tell me the brand of lypospheric vitamim c you are taking. I notice that you said you were taking a certain brand and tried changing and had to go back to the first brand. I would like to get the name of the first brand.... Please email me at rozrobinson(at) I really appreicate you helping me. Roslyn"
03/07/2013: Rick from Woburn, Ma replies: "I was reluctant to try the liposomal (Lypo-Spheric) C because of the price point of the LivOn Labs one gram foil packets (about $1 per packet). This was one of the primary manufacturers of this stuff and the one that's carried by Amazon.

I thought I'd try to make my own and looked into a few utube videos on the process. I found three videos that demonstrated the process with some curious differences in results. The first two that I viewed came out with the consistency of something similar to light cream or egg nog. ( and ( The results from the third video that I viewed turned out much differently. ( This final product came out looking something like a loose yogurt (very thick and kind of slimy). I tried to make my own at home a couple of times (after spending $70 on an ultrasonic cleaner) and couldn't recreate the thick, yogurt like consistency.

Check out the video links and draw your own conclusions about whether or not to try it at home, what it's supposed to look like when it's done and whether it's worth the effort.

The happy ending to this story is that I found out recently that Mercola is selling a much more reasonably priced lypo-C product that ran me about $0.40 per gram (actually, it came out to $0.30 per gram with my $10 repeat customer discount coupon from a previous order). Plus it comes in capsules which are a lot easier to take.

Just started taking the liposomal C, so no results to report as yet. Hope this helps."

10/17/2012: Wayseeker from Modesto, Ca/ Usa: "I finally jumped in with both feet into doing high dose spherically encoated lyposomal "Vit. C". Doing my due dilligence to be an informed consumer, I stumbled across some amazing facts.

Linus Pauling, of Vit. C fame, wrote a forward to a 1982 book, The Healing Factor, by Irwin Stone. Older books often hold outstanding information. I found this book free, online, in its entirety.

What we call Vit. C is actually more of a neccesary nutrient / elemental co-factor / enzyme process. It has its own precursor to the formation of Vit. C, which actually then takes place within the body.

This originating substance is what they are calling the healing factor. This vital enzyme is called L-gulonolactone oxidase, and it converts glucose into Vit. C within the body.

We lack the gene, or it has mutated, that allows us to simply produce Vit. C all by itself, as most animals do. So, we need the outside food sources to set this process in motion. And it is not merely something with a minumum daily requirement... Enough to keep us from the edge of death by scurvy... But a great deal more is required in order to actually restore us to health. Virtually the whole world is on the bare edge of scurvy!

I was shocked to read the symptoms of scurvy, and compare them with my own presenting probems. By my reading I have determined, based on all my symptoms, that I have been suffering wih a chronic, medium-grade, scurvy.

The deep bone ache and numbness in my legs, the bloodshot dry eyes, blood in stools, broken blood vessels causing red hands and neck, poor circulation, and the list went on and on.

I had been to top level neurologists at Kaiser, only to find that their initial diagnosis of peripheral neuropathy was proven wrong. That was all they could say.

I simply could not believe how much better I feel already, just 24 hours into a four-day high-dose run, to redress my longstanding, and deep, Vit. C deficiency. Smashing success! Healing miracles!

A word to the wise is sufficient. Blessings. --T."

10/20/2012: Carly from Seattle, Wa - Usa replies: "Thanks for the heads up Wayseeker. I have read Linus Paulings books in the past, and found them very informative. I "googled" The Healing Factor and read the book you suggested by Irwin Stone.

The timing for me to read about Vitamin C again couldn't have been any better. The day before your post I had had a fever of 102 and was feeling like total DEATH. I NEVER get fevers, not ever, so this was total trauma for me... Body aches, shivers, joint pain... even my skin hurt! It was awful.

I started drinking "Emergen-C" in bottled water at the rate of one an hour (maybe a bit more) and over that day I had 10 packets. Each packet has 1, 000mg of vitamin C. I was going to take it until I got diarrhea, but that never happened. What DID happen was that I GOT OUT OF BED THE NEXT DAY! It was truly amazing. I thought I was going to die, and the next day I am out of bed? I credit it all to the high dose of vitamin C that I ingested over those critical 10 hours. Apparently I never even reached my saturation point, as I never had diarrhea.... Theory says I could have taken even more of it!

I have always believed in Vitamin C.... But had "only" been taking about one pack of the Emergen-c a day lately. What I took away from reading the book you suggested by Irwin Stone is that if humans were still able to produce their own vitamin C as almost every other mammal does (with exception of the apes and guinea pigs of course) that we would be producing between 3-5 grams a day! I now intend to take at least three grams of C (in divided doses) a day to keep my body saturated!

So much information on all of the benefits of C in his book.... Just a fascinating read. It was very nice of his family to allow it to be put online for free.

Much gratitude to them, and to you for suggesting it!"

10/21/2012: Wayseeker from Modesto, Ca/ Usa replies: "Hi Carly--So glad you are such a quick-healing miracle! --T."

09/26/2012: Lana from Boston, Ma: "Bill, Ted or anyone who knows. Is Liposomal/______ Vitamin C as good as they say on you tube? Before I buy a machine that puts the lipid coating on the vitamin C, I would like to know.

If it does work, it will save me a lot of money in the long run by not having vitamin C IV as they cost about $150.00 per session. Thank you."

09/27/2012: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines replies: "Hi Lana... If you want some clear evidence that liposomal vitamin c works and is absorbed in larger amounts than oral or even IV dosages then see these links:"
09/27/2012: Wayseeker from Modesto, Ca/ Usa replies: "I am presently using Lypospheric Vit C, and am considering using the BHT. Is there any experience out there with this particular form of Vit C interfering with the BHT? --T."
09/28/2012: Lisa from Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa replies: "I use ______ vitamin c which I order from Amazon. I was introduced to it by the Dr. who gave me stem cell therapy. I asked if I should get vitamin c IV therapy and he told me about this product and said it was as effective as vitamin c IV. What makes it so effective is its delivery system. Hope this helps, Lisa"
09/28/2012: Timh from Louisville, Ky, Usa replies: "Question: how does Liposomal Vit-C compare to other lipid C products like Pureway® and Ascorbyl Palmitate???"
09/28/2012: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear Wayseeker, I do NOT know what the difference is between ______ vitamin C and normal vitamin C is. I looked into it and could find no difference in molecular structure at the websites discussing this. Anyway, Vitamin C does NOT seem to negatively effect the BHT treatment if taken in moderate dosages [ 250mg to 500mg of vitamin C per day ]. And moderate doses of vitamin C may help. Some people feel it does help if taken in moderate dosages....Oscar"
09/28/2012: Wayseeker from Modesto, Ca/ Usa replies: "From what I understand, ______ Vit. C has been broken down into nano-particles, that are readily absorbed into the bloodstream, almost like an injection of Vit. C (@$150.00 a pop! ). One can make this at home (see you-tube videos) but I just buy it, as it costs less than 10% of a getting a shot, or $1.00 per serving. Vit C traditionally reads 1,000 mg. = 1 gram per serving; but in translation, with ______ Vit C, one may equal the same given in a small shot. That's as close as I can get to understanding the doctor's research.

Researchers seem to be saying, it is better to use more than less. I found a few docs that clearly say it is sometimes good to "front-load" for a couple of days /weeks', which means a 'double serving' --just like in a bar-- (standard being 1-2 servings) plus a splash more for good measure. This would seem to mean to do 3, to 4-5 servings for a brief, hard run at it. If you hit diarrhea, back off slightly, --or so they say.

I only take two servings a day, following instructions. --T."

09/28/2012: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines replies: "Hi Timh... I've had a good look at Pureways C on their website and they seem to make all sorts of claims as to how well their form of Vitamin C is better absorbed -- including the fact that they have a patent pending on their product. But, after spending much time searching their site, I can find little actual research proof for their claims and could find no references to their patent. From what I've read, they use bioflavenoids and other co-factors to increase absorption of Vitamin into the blood. But their product still uses the ascorbic acid or vitamin c pathway for absorption into the blood -- which is much more inefficient than using the lipid or phospholipid pathway as happens when you take liposomal vutamin c.

For similar reasons, Ascorbyl Palmitate will also likely be poorly absorbed into the blood because it will first be broken down into palmitic acid and ascorbic acid during digestion and the ascorbic acid will just take the usual vit c pathway into the blood -- so no apparent gains there either. And even if the ascorbyl palmitate takes the amino acid pathway -- this is also an innefficient pathway into the blood, which really does not compare with the absorption rates of vit c using the liposomal pathway."

09/28/2012: Robyn from Melbourne, Australia replies: "Dear Bill, they also make glutathione. Do you think this might be absorbed well? Tested for gluathione and am very low. I found where I have used fulvic acid before (very expensive $45 a bottle), with everything I try to notice for the smallest difference but there was none."
09/29/2012: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines replies: "Hi Robyn... Ordinary glutathione, taken orally, is not absorbed that well into the body from the intestines and would perhaps be better absorbed in lyposomal form. See this link:

If you can't afford the store-bought liposomal glutathione -- you can also make it from glutathione powder in the same way as home-made liposomal vit c:

Supplementing glutathione precursors -- such as selenium, acetyl l-cysteine and glutamine -- is also more useful and cheaper than directly supplementing glutathione."

09/29/2012: Timh from Louisville, Ky, Usa replies: "Bill. Thanx again for your professional advise, which does confirm my personal opinion as I have noted the same side effects as the regular C w/ Rose Hips. I suppose the best way to take non-lipospheric C is, like, every 2 hrs or else loose it down the pipe."


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[YEA]  07/12/2013: Gigigirl from Baltimore, Maryland: "My daughter at 17 tested positive for mono. She was living with her father at the time, a choice made entirely by her at an age when she thought living with him would be a lot more fun than living with her more strict and responsible mother. :) Hence, she ended up with mono and a grim prognosis that there is no treatment other than at least three weeks bed rest. It would have to "run it's course". I was living in a high-rise building at the time with huge windows and tons of sunlight. For three days she rested on a sofa in front of the windows and consumed mega doses of vitamin c, via tablets and orange juice. She also ate almost nothing but a favorite (thankfully) homemade ham and bean soup loaded with cabbage and tomatoes. The third day of her recovery, I came home from work and she excitedly exclaimed, "Mom! Guess what happened! All of the sudden today when I took a swallow of my juice, all that crud in my throat went away. It's gone! And I feel great! ". I had her cultured two days later and she tested negative for mono. Her doctor was stunned. I wasn't!"

[YEA]  07/09/2008: Richard Morgan from Edgewater, Florida: "Oral vitamin C therapy as recommended by Dr. Robert Cathcart was employed to resolve within 14 days a case of mononucleosis contracted by my 17-year-old grand-daughter.

1st 24 hours, 7000mg ascorbic acid powder in orange juice every hour.
Subsequent days: 1000mg every hour until bowel tolerance syndrom; thereafter, an amount of the vitamin every three hours just short of bowel tolerance syndrome."

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[YEA]  05/14/2008: Regina from Cacoor, Cavite, Philippines: "According to over 70 years of scientific, medical and clinical research, natural vitamin c is necessary to over 300 metabolic funtions in our body and its is also regarded as the "Mother of all vitamins" because it can worked out in our body without any other vitamins but other vitamin from a-zinc need vitamin c in order to be absorbed and function in our body. And according to Dr. Erwin stone, a biochemist, there is no one single factor in our body that is not affected by vitamin c. meaning human body is very much dependent on this particular vitamin that whenever it is depleted from our body, we surely will suffer a disease called scurvy. Human body does not manufacture vitamin c that is why we take it from foods that we eat everyday, and from supplements. According to study with Dr Linus Pauling, our body needs at least 1000 to 2000 mgs/day for it to function normally and protect the body from free radicals that usually destroys our cells. But in case of disease, we need to take more to fastly recover from illness. Also, vitamin c gives us energy which we need everyday not only for our mobility but more importantly for our body's cellular activities. Vitamin c also aids in the production of collagen which is the 2nd most important function of vitamin. Colagen helps strengthen and repairs the body tissues especially the heart and all other organs. it also promotes the immediate healing of wounds. Also because vitamin c is anti-oxidant, it aids our liver to facilitate the elimination of toxins and free radicals from the body. It also boost the immune system keeping the body cope and heal itself from any ailments. There are varied vitamin c in the market today. There synthetic or chemically induced vitamin c and the natural vitamin c. Most common vitamin c that is available in the market is the synthetic brands which is the acidic based. In my opinion and experience, the most effective one is ________ because aside fom being natural it is also an alkaline vitamin c with a pH of 72-78, which is found to be the most potent anti-oxidant. It gives us all we need from a vitamin c, we get the goodness of vitamin c and alkalinity.

Me and my family started using ___after my five (5) year old son had a surgery for a Mesynteric augmental cyst that developed outside of his intestine as big as my son's fist. after the operation his pedia sugeon gave him this natural vitamin c. His wound which was about 4 inches long healed in just a matter of days. And also the best thing that happened to us with this vitamin c is that the recurrent asthmatic syndrome which my three kids usually experienced and made us visit the hospital almost every month was gone. Now they are more healthy than ever before. My sinusitis, arthritis, backpain, migrain as well as vertigo were gone. I am taking 2,000-6,000 mgs/day.When I share the product with my friends and relatives they claimed relief especialy when they under stress. I also share the product with my friend who was suffering from "psoriasis" i was truly amazed because she was relieved from the disease in just one week of taking 10,000 mgs/day of course with our company physician's advice.She suffered from this i should say depressing disease for over 10 years. I also share this particular vitamin c to many. My friend who is a hypertensive, it regulated her blood pressure by taking 3,000- 5,000 mgs/day. There are also a lot of people with heart disease who are saved from by-pass surgery because of this vitamin c. By the way, our company physician have been prescribing this vitamin c for more than five (5) years already and it helped a lot of hopeless people in our place especially those suffering from the dreaded cancer. For me vitamin c is very essential to every human forms. In fact, i consider this as the twin of our body becaue without this essential nutrient we will surely suffer from scurvy when our body doesn't get enough vitamin c. But we should be careful in choosing the kind of vitamin c. Better choose only the natural, non-acidic, alkaline vitamin c or eat a lot of alkaline forming fruits and vegetables. Sad to say, we don't get enough vitamin c from eating fruits and vegetables because of so many factors. That is why we need to take supplements."

[YEA]  12/23/2008: JoJoe from Dipolog City, Zamboanga del Norte,Philippines replies: "Regina you're right .i've been witnessing my brother suffering from the result of too much drinking liquor (wine). As his brain tissue was very much affected by acidic tension and crush its normal function down to earth level (became FOOL) ,as being poor in status living, things go hopeless and devastating. Having so many empathetic and sympathetic experiences, i give him ____ C 10,000 mg or 20 capsules of it. After taking it, a remarkable result had shown automatically in a couple of minutes.Thanks to ____, my brother now is in good condition(good health) and strong through it. He's now including it in his daily meal.

in my's important to learn and study vitamin c in very simple way by using an alkaline tester (acid tester used by doctors) in order to know the veracity (truth) on your vitamin c supplements and also put your supplements in in a clear glass of water and observe it thouroughly, anything made it muddy or foggy or dirty looks are SYNTHETICS or acidic. In many ways, make sure your supplements are Alkaline based not acidic base by knowing the PH factor that our body requires.

hope it ads something on you and please do not criticise my English workmanship or my weakness in words, for such experience cannot be question by someone like you. thanks"

03/11/2010: Cheemiss from Toronto, Ontario replies: "Hello JoJoe,

I am curious, you & Regina, the post above talk about a Natural Alkaline Vitamin C being the best, but you don't mention the name.

I live in Canada. Would this product be available here? Would you pls PM me with the name.

Regina's post does not have any contact buttons.

Thank you for sharing.

p.s. As for your English, it's great! I wish I could be as fluent in my parents heritage language as you are in English."

[YEA]  04/29/2008: ann from potosi, mo.: "I have used vitamin c for years for bleeding gums, bad nosebleeds and any other bleeding problems. I either take a stress vitamin with 500vit c or just a vit. c by itself -preferably a chewable one. Especially during menopause -taking 500 vit c every 3-4 hours will stop hemoraging and blot clots and normalize the flow. You must take it every 3-4 hrs. or it will start up again. It is better if at least one of the doses is a stress b vit with 500 added vit.c in it. I fell and hit my head on a concrete wall and opened a 4 inch gapin my scalp with excessive bleeding. I chewed 2 500 vit. c and immediately the bleeding completely stopped, helping me on the inside and outside of my head. I didn't have to have any drainage from fluid buildup inside my head and the wound healed very fast. Vit c normalizes the blood-helps with blood clots that are already there to help dissolve them and is so important is excessive bleeding that no one should ever go to the dentist or go into surgery without taking it if you bleed easily. It could save your life. I used to literally take a sheet to bed with me after haveing a tooth pulled to wipe the blood on. After I learned about vit c and took it before i went to the dentist, the bleeding stopped before I got off the parking lot. I really think I could have even done better without the cotton! Hope this helps someone keep from having an hysterectomy or other complications. I have used vit c for these things for over 30 years. I don't take it on a regular basis, mostly if I get sick with a cold or stomach flu which about 10 grams -I take it in peanut butter and syrup- the powdered vit c. Take 2 doses about a hour apart sometimes will kill stomach flu completely out if you catch it in time. Thanks."

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