Colloidal Silver Cures

Homemade Colloidal Silver  

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Posted by Mark (Newton Abbot, Devon) on 07/17/2013
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I'm not sure where Earth Clinic may want to put this post this but I have replied to the first post on silver and will let Earth clinic decide what to do with it!

How to make Nano particle colloidal silver at home for pennies, when using this method the final mix will produce the smallest silver particles currently known to be possible. I believe this mix will be far better and far more effective than what 99.9% of ''Experts'' sell online.

When it comes to colloidal silver by far the most important thing to consider is the size of the particles created, PPM is meaning less if all the particles are too large, for silver to be effective it needs to be small enough to enter into cells and make contact with hidden pathogens, from personal experience I can say that my earlier years of making and using colloidal silver have been hit and miss due to a lack of understanding with regards to particle size and home manufacturing, I was always led to believe that the end brew should take on a yellow or Champaign colour to it, I now know that this type of mix contains particles that are too large to be of any real benefit (compared to properly made Nano particles) the reason a finished mix takes on a colour of any description is due to the silver particles globing together to make larger particles this in turn is why you can see the colour (because the larger particles are large enough to reflect the light) proper Nano particles are so small that no light is reflected and therefore no colour is produced, just a clear potent brew, I believe that those who have previously tried silver and failed to achieve the desired effect are simply using poor quality silver (Particles too large)

So follow the simple instructions here and you will be able to make the best possible colloidal silver available and be more knowledgeable than 99.9% of the so called experts that sell coloured silver products, the use of the air blower is essential as it constantly agitates the water , it keeps it moving constantly throughout the whole process and this is what stops the silver particles from globing together thereby producing the smallest and most desired Nano particles!

  • Step 1 Obtain a small fish tank air blower or similar blower along with 500-600 mm rubber pipe
  • Step 2 Obtain a glass jar with a screw on lid (metal or plastic is ok) that holds around 500 -700 ml of water
  • Step 3 Obtain a small mains transformer that puts out between 12 -24 v at 500ma
  • Step 4 Obtain 2. 9999 pure silver rods (not. 999) about 2mm diameter x 100 -125mm long
  • Step 5 Obtain a small laser light
  • Step 6 Obtain 5 litres of Distilled water. (should last some time)
  • Step 7 Obtain 2 small crocodile clips.
  • Step 8 obtain 4 rubber grommets with 5 -6 mm centre holes

1, Solder or crimp the crocodile connectors to the 2 transformer output wires (cut of the jack socket if needed)
2, Drill 4 holes near the outer edge of jar lid and fit the grommets into the holes (drill the holes fairly evenly spaced)
3, Take the air pump hose and cut off around 100 – 150 mm Push the longer piece of air pump rubber pipe into one of the grommets so that it almost reaches the bottom of the glass jar when the lid is screwed in place, connect the other end of this pipe to the air blower/fish tank pump.
4, Take the smaller piece of the air pump rubber pipe (100 -150mm) and fit into the opposite grommet so that it is just inside the lid, this will act as a breather vent and stop water splashing out of the jar
5, Fill the glass jar to almost full with the distilled water.
6, Take the 2 silver rods and connect them to the crocodile clips that were fitted to the transformer wires (1 rod per clip! )
7, Gently push each rod into the remaining unused grommets, both rods should be held in place snuggly buy the grommets, the rods should extend to near the bottom of the jar.
8, Plug both the air blower and the transformer into the mains power supply and switch them both on, bubbles in the water should be seen and heard.
9, leave running for 3 -4 hours, check the rods every now and then, clean them if they turn dirty/black (oxidation)
10, After 3 -4 hours remove all the apparatus and check the end product for silver content, first leave the finished product standing for an hour or so to settle then in a slightly darkened room /area, shine the laser light down through the mix (no lid on the jar! ) although the mix will be clear and look like ordinary tap water you will notice a strong reflective beam from the laser, if you compare this to unused distilled water you will not see a beam or any light reflecting, this is the only way to indicate that Nano silver particles have been produced and the mix is rich with them.
11, if you need more information or clarification on any points drop an email here or search on line, try searching for ''agitating water to make silver'' as there are now a few very helpful sites that actually sell very, very effective homemade kits at almost cost price.

Good luck and happy brewing!

Posted by Sunflower (Madisonville, La, Usa) on 02/25/2013

is it okay to use coins which are 99.93% to make colloidal silver?

Replied by Xan
Erie, Colorado, Usa

Coins should not be used for making colloidal silver as other metals have been added.

I have made and use my own colloidal silver generator as I find the solution effective for many healing issues, internally as well as on my skin. As long as the dosage is reasonable (1/2-1 teaspoon in a little water 2-3 times a day) there is no risk of side effects, unless one is allergic to silver.

This website has clear instructions for making silver generator properly and inexpensively:

Infected Tooth  

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Posted by Lisa (Jacksonville, Fl) on 02/18/2012
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I had an abcessed tooth - confirmed by my dentist. I couldn't take any antibiotics though so used colloidal silver. It took 2 weeks, but it worked.


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Posted by Lloyd (Charlotte, Nc) on 09/22/2013

I'm an advocate of the use of colloidal silver to kill infections so I'm now writing, Sunday night to report, real time, about blood in my urine.

Blood in the urine usually signals a fast trip to the urologist... with anticipation of anitbodics, and if that doesn't work then biopsy.

The blood first showed up early Sunday morning (today) and rather than panicking, I decided to practice what I preach. Headed straight to my supply of colloidal silver. I have used silver for years and in this case a real test: blood, bright red, almost pink. Something is going wrong either in the urinary track or kidney. But no pain or discomfort in either.

At 7 am I drank three tablespoons of colloidal silver after seeing blood in urine only minutes earlier.

At 12 pm only a little blood in the urine but not nearly as much as only hours earlier.

At 5 pm more blood in the urine but not as bright as at 7:30 am, but more blood and brighter than at noon.

Immediately drank another dose at about 7:50 pm, three tablespoons of CS.

I expect this: No visible blood before bedtime tonight (Sunday).

Very little blood Monday morning, but I will take three tablespoons of CS to finish killing the infection.

I expect no blood during the day and will take the silver solution again around noon on Monday and later in the afternoon and evening.

Tuesday there will be no blood in the urine... And for the rest of the week... hence, clear of infection.

So I'm putting it (CS) to the test: In basically real time. In front of anyone who's interested. I'll let you know what happens. If the blood continues then I'll call it quits on the CS helping and schedule an appointment with the Doctor.

Stay tuned and let's see if CS really works.

Replied by Lloyd
Charlotte, Nc

Concerning my earlier post in which I reported my use of colloidal silver to treat the blood in my urine; It is now Monday 6:00 pm and as I expected, after using the CS last night and this morning and this afternoon... no blood ALL day.

I'll retake the CS tonight and before bed time and with that, fully expect the blood will not return as I believe I've killed the viral/ fungal or bacterial infection.

CS does work in my opinion. (Of course, it is possible the blood in the urine for the better part of a full day might have been caused by something else than an infection. Excess exercise can cause blood I've heard. So my CS experiment doesn't PROVE the effectiveness of CS but the blood in urine test is not the first time I've used CS to knock out what I think is an infection producing blood in the urine. This is about the fifth time this has happened in the past eight years. CS worked every time.)

Replied by Bo'
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5 out of 5 stars

it is so helpful when folks post follow-ups like this!

I was scared for years to take CS because, well lets face it, the stuff sounds just Too Good To Be True. and I've tried lots of things that caused new problems instead of fixing the old ones. from conventional Rx & OTCs & Antibiotics eventually to Herbals & Supplements & Folk Remedies galore. and only ever found a few that safely worked for me. I am a Canary, with a lot of health issues and a wonky immune system… any weird side effect or new way for my system to get unbalanced, I'm sure to experience it.

I finally took the leap in Sept after coming down with something awful that none of my usual trusted remedies could fix… I was getting really sick really fast, and more scared of that than the silver. in less than 12 hours i'd gone from "a little sore throat" to Barely Functional- and I can't do Rx Antibiotics! So I dragged off to the store and tried a sovereign silver nasal spray, squirting just a few sprays into the back of my throat, terrified some new awful would happen. instead, half an hour later… I realized my terribly sore throat- had simply stopped being sore. my foggy thinking began to clear. my chills disappeared. and I became intensely sleepy, I had to go straight to bed and I slept 10 hours unwaking which is phenomenal since for years i'd habitually awakened every 2-3 hours to use the bathroom. I slept all night!

Next day, I felt groggy and my joints ached, muscles twitched all over. I took a little more silver, reasoning I was still alive after the last micro-dose. immediately my tongue became sore & red and my nose began draining and I had a coughing fit that lasted 10 minutes. BUT- my head cleared again and my body pain went away. Sore throat stayed gone. Weird "strawberry tongue" & other side effects eventually went away too.

so, after a few hours when I felt the chills and "sliding back downhill" prodrome coming on again, I tried a bit more… similar Good/Bad effects as before…some diarrhea, another sore tongue, more sneezing & drainage… this sort of thing went on for the next several days following each dose. Since overall I kept improving more than not, I reasoned, I was experiencing odd Herxheimer effects. Eventually, the strange effects faded and some very good and lasting things have replaced them.

i continue to take sovereign silver every day, I am up to about half the manufacturers recommended dosing (again, I am a Canary & very sensitive) and the only Herx I continue to experience is a nose that runs like a faucet.

The Good: much clearer head- no more "brain fog" 80% of the time! I sleep most of the night, waking once to use bathroom or sometimes not at all. my digestion and elimination are much improved, IBS down by more than half. After 10+ years of bad Chronic Fatigue- I HAVE A LIFE AGAIN! Sure I still get Way Too Tired- but it is no longer unrelenting- I have more energy than in years, which for me means at least several good hours every day- and some days all good! A chronic low grade sinus infection and stubborn nasal sores- GONE. Itchy watery eyes- Mostly GONE. Bleeding from between two molars- GONE most of the time. When food gets stuck in the gap, it will start again- more Silver- and its gone again for days! Itching, Flaking Skin- not gone, but ever so much improved.

One more awesomely unexpected blessing: for years I had Persistent Stomach Bloating which several drs ignored ("its nothing"- "just IBS" - "you are getting older")… I often looked 5 months pregnant and my guts would ache… I lost no weight, but it dawned on me during the holidays that I was Enjoying Food, my guts didn't hurt so often, and omg- my stomach is flat again! Most of the time! I had this unidentified problem for years- and it is just GONE, almost all the time now!

So I figure… well, if eventually I turn silver- you know what, I will wear it proudly because I am that thankful for all the Good that CS has done for me personally.

Also, I've realized that most of the posters claiming horror stories about silver have any more back up than the rest of us who praise it do… it's just mostly Anecdotal. Actual cases of Argyria seem few and most of the documentation does seem to indicate substantial overuse. including that one lady who became so bitter and has spent the rest of her life vilifying the mineral. I did once work with a fellah who had it, tho I didn't know why he looked so odd until later- he was the healthiest one of us- never took a sick day! Always smiling too, and a ball of energy. maybe he was wearing his silver with pride as well :)

I wrote a book, sorry. but I hope my story helps someone else in their own decision-making process, one way or the other.

Replied by Kt

Would you please advise what the manufacturers recommended dose of CS is? How should it be taken in relation to meals, before or after and/or any supplements?

Thanks in advance...


Posted by Bobrt1 (Winter Haven, Fl, USA) on 04/12/2013

Hi could someone give me the exact amoiunts of each and how to use in nebulizer, I just purchased a [nebulizer] and need to know how much of everything to put in nebulizer - thanks Bob rgoodman19(AT)

Replied by Jennywren

Bob, sorry this is super-late, but I pour 1 teaspoon of colloidal silver (I use Allan Sutton's Original) into the nebuliser cup, turn the machine on and breathe deeply for 5 minutes. I repeat 2-3 times per day (morn, noon, eve) for 3-4 days. When starting, I only breathe it for 2 minutes as I find I can get a headache. Great for lung infections and bronchitis.

Replied by Yekara

Hi I have a very, very bad cough with green mucus. On sat I felt exhausted and headachey and nauseous, on sat night began to have bronchitis which continued thru sun. I wonder if I have pneumonia. I get bronchitis frequently, but not this bad.

mostly just drank a lot, took cs and mustard pack on chest. Mon felt way way more tired. Today, 5 am not as tired but cough worse. I have taken acv, mustard and flour pack and mustard slippery elm bark on chest, lots of hot baths, fluids and cs, plus garlic and lemon, tried onion in honey, no luck.

I inhaled the cs from a tablespoon, on the right side it hurt my neck a lot and on left got temp pain in temples etc plus nostrils felt like they were burning, plus am taking it internally, plus breathing in steam with thyme and menthol.

Am I doing the cs right for nostrils? I don't have a nebulizer or vapor thing, don't have much money any ideas would be helpful.

In general, even with out this acute infection, I feel exhausted, lots of pain in my neck/shoulder area- feels like granules and slivers of glass in there, insomnia, bad digestion and neuropathy in legs not from diabetis. my blood tests from conven doctor all normal.

I have lyme and parasites.

I am a poet writer artist story teller aspiring musician and love life, however it is hard to be so sick and I have tried many things, but as yet no results.

Please respond promptly and thank you. Yekara

Replied by Timh Donate


Y: Place a few drops of pure Eucalyptus oil on a tissue and breath into lungs, and take the Colloidal Silver orally.

You must begin a parasite cleanse. Read here for more info

You must surely find herbs like Oregano and Olive Leaf in your local market that will help.

Do your best to purchase an inexpensive Zapper that will compliment the herbs and silver for a more powerful treatment.

Ionic Silver  

Posted by Ken (Denver) on 08/30/2013

Can Ionic Silver be safely mixed with Benzoyl Peroxide to treat acne? I am a Derm PA and am interested in combining ionic silver with BPO or possibly with ozonated oil but want to know if unwanted compounds would result.

Replied by Robert Nichols

Re Colloidal vs Ionic

The name colloidal means tiny particles suspended in water. The original colloidal silver was made by putting tiny particles, which I assume were make by abrasion of a pure silver bar or wire.

Ionic means not particles but Ions. So I believe the colloidal silver would be more likely to cause the skin color change than the ionic.

Re Generators

I made my own. A container, non-conductive; a 9volt battery (as in smoke alarms); distilled water and two pure silver pieces. I clipped the silver pieces to the side of the container with alligator clips and the other end of the wires to the battery. I use a TDS meter, calibrated on a known ppm silver hydrosol solution. The meters read lower on the silver since they are made to test for larger particles.

Low Immunity  

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Posted by Kate (Hervey Bay, QLD) on 03/21/2009
5 out of 5 stars

colloidal silver has been wonderful, i take about a tablespoon neat, i hold it under my tongue as long as possible, gargle then swallow it. i have'nt been near a doctor in almost 6 months and it was only two years ago i almost died from respirtory problems. i even give it to my cat, i took her to the vet thinking she had cat flu, the vet told me she was ok but she continued sneezing, coughing and vomiting. now nearly 3 months of giving her colloidal silver she is much improved.

Replied by Donna
5 out of 5 stars

I would like to just add here my personal experience with colloidal silver. A couple of years ago I started looking for a method to improve my immune system. In the past, I used to get sick with every cold or flu that was around. It always started with a sore throat (my weakest point) and developed into a serious illness without exception. Headaches, stuffy nose, ear and throat infections were the norm.However, the worst symptom was losing my voice for a couple of days.

I tried different things found on the internet but many of them proved to be just snake oil.

Until one day, when I found information about colloidal silver and most importantly about how to make my own. At the time, after trying so many other things, I decided that I have nothing to lose if I tried this as well, so I did.

Since then, the moment I feel a sore throat coming on I immediately take a mouthful of it, keep in the mouth as long as I can and then swallow it. I haven't been sick with the cold or the flu at all. I also feel much better in general. My theory is that if my immune system doesn't have to constantly fight the cold or flu viruses, it can actually do its job and work on other health problems that I probably have.

Lung Issues  

Posted by Teejay (Redditch) on 01/28/2015


I 100% believe in naturpathic and herbal medicine but my lungs hurt me. I am trying nebulizing colloidal silver after taking cayenne pepper in water. I believe it could be working but I've got pain in my chest. My doctor refuses to do an xray so the matter is my hands. Please anybody advise me. I've just taken the bicarb and maple syrup remedy to see if it help. ANYBODY ON HERE, PLEASE ADVISE AND PLEASE TED CAN YOU ADVISE ME, THANKS

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

Teejay, read up on Bill Munroe's h2o2 inhalation. Or, for a start, squirt a bit into the water of a humidifier near you.

Replied by Bon
Portland, Maine

Oak keg and 100% apple brandy - warm keg and inhale fumes a few times each day. It's an edgar cayce remedy. Good luck!

Measuring PPM in Colloidal Silver  

Posted by Earth Clinic on 06/14/2015

EC's colloidal silver expert, Dave from Fountain Inn, SC talks about how to measure PPM in Colloidal Silver in this video just posted on EC's YouTube Channel!

If you haven't seen Dave's first video, How to Make Colloidal Silver at Home, please click here.


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Posted by Paula (Joshua Tree, Calif) on 10/16/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Hi, I have a friend who had a bad case of Morgellons, her arms & legs were covered in bloody looking sores & she told me that weird threads came out of these sores, she had been to her doctor who didn't have a clue as to what to do for her. I got interested in colloidal silver after I became allergic to antibiotics and wondered what on Earth I was going to do the next time I got seriously ill. I got sick and it was going into my chest , I was coughing all the time & had a very sore throat, I was frightend, but I went to the health food store & bought a little bottle of silver and took it and vitamin c about every hour, just a dropper of silver and 1000mg of vitamin c, in just two days it was gone, before I would be sick for weeks. Later I learned about how to make it myself with an inexpensive machine , now I can stop everything before it gets me very ill. I brought some to my friend and she began to put it on the sores & drink it internally in a few weeks they were healing up and now it is all gone, she just has white scars wherethe sores were. This stuff will kill over 650 different pathogens including virus's whereas antibiotics kill only bacteria and only about 30 strains. I have been taking it for over five years with no ill effects and my friend with the morgellons has been taking it for 3 years with no side affects except to get rid of the disease.

Replied by Monty
Portland, Oregon


Myself and some others I know are dealing with a similar situation to your friend with Morgellons. Could you please give any specific info on the practical application aspects of using the colloidal silver externally: Did your friend mix it with some lotion or aloe vera and what ratio, how often she use it, what things worked or didn't work,etc? All details welcome no matter how trivial they may seem. Also have you compared the quality of the brands (do you know anything about that)? I don't yet have enough money to buy the machine. There are different types of machines too and I wasn't sure about the quality of colloidal silver they produce, though I know some are definitely better than others. Appreciate your input especially with your friend's experience. Thanks very much.

Replied by Heidi
Ogden, Utah

To Monty in Portland, OR, your question about what to look for in colloidal silver. The best, most effective CS will have on the label 99.99% Pure Silver (not 99.9% but 99.99%)Sovereign Silver is the brand name we used initially, but my husband actually put together a machine that makes colloidal silver and we've kept the flu at bay very well this year. We take about a teaspoon under the tongue, once a day generally, and more often if we are around sick people, or beginning to feel unwell ourselves.

Topically, just put it on wherever needed. You can mix it with something, but not necessary. Pour it into a cotton ball and dab on the place where you need it. Or take it by mouth, which will get into your system and help whatever is affecting your skin.

Replied by Stefen Gusman
4 out of 5 stars

Hi, first of all i'd like to say that I found for myself plenty of very good informations on this website which help me a lot many thanks for this great community :) I think the best brand of colloidal silver (TRUE ONE not IONIC ONE) is MesoSilver of Purest Colloids (check the review on Amazon). Ive been using the Sovereign Silver Hydrosol but actually it is ionic particles (Ag+) not real silver particles so it means that as soon they enter your body they will change of state to become a silver salt as they will bound with the chloridric acid in your stomach. The ionic particles are also much more bigger (10nnm to >100nnm) than the meso processed one (under the nnm : 0.65), the charge is also different since the ionic one is positive and the real silver is negative so the healing effects are similar ...actually I don't know which one is better to enter the virus cells or destroy the fongus cells but I guess it should be the real silver particles' negative charge which is more indicated to remove any crap in your body. I have ordered the MesoSilver recently and im going to find out which one is the best coz Ive been using the Sovereign one and I didn't found it was so effective (had to take big amount to feel any healing effects). I will update this post asap - Hope it will help since CS is a real jungle !!go there to find some very useful infos about the various type of CS : []

Replied by Art
144 posts

Stefen Gusman,

In the link you posted for information on CS is this quote,

'Metallic silver particles are unaffected by hydrochloric stomach acid and chloride ions and will circulate in the bloodstream where they are believed to kill pathogens.'

If you've ever put colloidal silver that is uncapped, as most are uncapped, into hydrochloric acid at different levels of dilution, you will see that this statement is incorrect.


Multiple Cures  

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Posted by Jemmren (Cobbora) on 02/26/2016
5 out of 5 stars

A few years ago I developed Cellulitis leg ulcers right up to my knee, and I had a terrible time with side effects from antibiotics then I found Earth Clinic...a literal lifesaver!! From many posts from long time users of Colloidal Silver, I purchased my own colloidal silver maker and all but the original ulcer, were cured over a 10 day period by taking 1/4 cup ( 5 tablespoons) Colloidal Silver every 2 hours, and spraying the entire area the same.. In the medical profession there is an almost ridiculed disbelief of Silver C and one site that reinforces that belief system is Webmed, which most GP's use..

In November last year we had a massive heatwave here and in the space of a week, 3 people got bitten by Wolf Spiders, including myself.. In a normal person , 5-10 days is the normal healing period... with my compromised health problem, I'm still battling the infection in my other leg..but the most wonderful relief is obtained by spraying the biofilm with Silver C..

Biofilm apparently, is a film of nasty germs over a wound like a canopy, and also the part exposed to the air.. Without Silver C, I would be leg-less literally because of the sheer negativity of doctors against the wound care that is available.. When I was working, it was costing me $48 per 1100 kms of Silver C and I was using 2 bottles per week..

Now I'm unemployed and make my own to 16 ppm and still spray it on , only now I drink it as well as spraying it, sometimes using up to 3 litres per week.. After leaving it to stir, using the purest drinking water available, for about 12 hours, I strain it with 2 coffee filters in a funnel and straight into my old brown glass bottles ( from SC bought at health food shop).

Had I relied on doctors and antibiotics, as I did previously for over 3 yrs, I would be a really bad statistic in the health system. I've had to refuse doctors and nurses touching my leg due to non washing of hands or poking at it with those wooden tongue depressors because they have told me I will lose my leg... The stats prove it apparently! Silver C stops that..

Years ago I lived in a mining town where electricity was non existent and hygiene a definite risk factor yet many of the older residents were sprightly and very rarely got sick .. Their secret ? Silver Colloidal made with a couple of batteries and wires.. Very, very basic units and also a lot of the European migrants thrived on the stuff, giving it to their animals for everything from spider/ant bites to chronic chest infections.. None died and today are still walking around, many in their 80's and 90's which testifies itself to the health benefits of Silver C...

We in the western world have been a bit slow to catch onto this marvellous stuff but please be assured that if Silver C is strained it is perfectly safe to consume, at the very least.. And to confound it further, I believe a lot of the older migrants just made it and drank it... No straining it yet none are blue! So a terrific amount would have to be consumed to get Aggria..( is this how it is spelt ?) Thank you from me And know this.... Never take your health for granted! Start early and enjoy life...❤️

Posted by Teresa Mcguire (Big Spring, Texas) on 12/05/2015
5 out of 5 stars

In response to Veronika from Perth, Australia's post on the Tooth Abscess page...

No side effect? I read a lot about colloidal silver and it is quite scary. I want do give a go as I have infection under my huge filling (thank you mr. only one from village dentist from my childhood) and they want me to do root canal treatment and get rid of the tooth completely and as it doesn't hurt or anything I want try alternative way first.

Colloidal silver is the most amazing thing in the world! Please don't be scared of it. We have been taking it for over 15 years. I first found it when my husband found out he had hep C.. We did 2 years of medications and injections with our Dr's. After 2 years the virus was much worse and he was in very bad shape. Our oncologist told him to go home and enjoy his time left and that he would try to get him on a liver transplant list in Omaha Nebraska . I came home and found Colloidal Silver. Long story short we purchased a 5 gallon carboy. Jerry took 4 TBS a day for 9 months . The virus is gone!! It has never returned. That was in the year 2000..He is as healthy as a horse now. We have since purchased approx 5 more carboys since then. We have used it for bladder infections, tooth infections, arthritis, colds & lung infections.

We have saved the lives of MANY animals who had parvo virus and cats with FIV virus. My father in law used it for arthritis and got off all his medications as well as selling his hot tub. In the process it lowered his blood pressure and was able to get off high blood pressure pills as well. He is now 80 and just drove 9 hours from Kansas to Texas to spend the holidays with us. The read alone is worth your time. Nothing to be afraid of I promise you. We are real people. Never turned blue lol.. Healthy and happy. We LOVE silver. It saved my husband's life. I can't say enough good things about it. My entire family take it now. We buy the carboys and split it up tween the family members.

Replied by Art
144 posts

Hi Teresa,

Could you say what brand of colloidal silver your husband used for his hep C and what was the PPM number on the container?

I ask because there are many brands out there and some are ionic silver while others are true colloidal silver while others are a combination and then there are some who are so vague in their description that you don't know what it really is.


Replied by Sheila

Try Colloidal Silver from Serendipity Laboratories in Perth Australia, and check out their website. Excellent quality.

Posted by Anita (Valley Park, Missouri) on 12/31/2010

Two weeks ago I had bronchitis setting in. Then two days after I started getting the bronchitis, I woke up with a raging, burning sore throat and felt so ill, that I was thinking about calling in sick for work. Desperate, I grabbed the my Colloidal Silver that comes with an eyedropper, tilted my head back and squirted it across the back of the roof of my mouth, letting it run down into my throat. (Only used about 1/4 dropper). Within literally seconds, the pain was easing! The left side more so than the right and realized that I used more on that side than the other.. So I reapplied more to the right. Sure enough, both sides were now feeling nearly perfect! It was so fast, it was astonishing! And, I am not talking about a little better... I mean the pain completely gone! I waited a few more minutes and to be on the safe side, applied it one more time. About three hours later, a little discomfort started back up, so I reapplied it again, and once more, had the same results. Discomfort gone in no time at all. Kept up with the silver every six hours after that for next three days, making certain it was completely gone. Now, what was crazy, was that I hadn't even noticed nor thought about the fact that my bronchitis had also cleared up! This stuff is an absolute Godsend! It will heal a canker sore lightening fast and I also recently used it on what I thought was a brown recluse spider bite. Both issues disappeared in no time! (Used food-grade hydrogen peroxide also on bite). Please note: Most colloidal silvers sold today are in the 20-40 ppm range and I would think, probably would not work. The 500 is very concentrated yet safe, even for children. This is a must have in every medicine cabinet!

Posted by Kittymom (Northern, Nm ) on 03/20/2010
5 out of 5 stars

To Whom It May Wellfully Concern, all kinds of animals and humans, too. To all you kitty lovers out there whose kitties/doggies are quite impossible to brush their teeth, try putting some drops of colloidal silver in their daily drinking water. as it is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral, it keeps the mouth germs down to a minimum. A kitty who had 3 teeth out 2yrs ago, had an exam recently and her mouth was in good shape due to this little tip! also, cured in a couple of day, an oozing cold in her eye. you can use it safely in eyes, ears, nose or directly in mouth as a holistic viral/bacterial natural medicine. it is great! and almost tasteless.

As a human being i use it myself often to keep germs from making havoc by squirting a few drops down my throat and in my nose every time i'm out and about in crowds/hospitals, etc.-where germs are rampant, also whenever i get a hint of soar throat. i squirt a few drops and voila they're dead and i'm all well!

Replied by Javier
Atlanta, Georgia
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Colloidal Silver (la plata coloidal) is an amazing natural antibiotic. About 5 years ago my wife suffered from a sever kidney infection. During the middle of the night she woke up with an agonizing pain on both sides of her pack. I rushed her to the hospital and there was a 2 hour wait in the ER room. I was freaked out!!

I remembered in my car I kept an first aid emergency kit containing a number of things and Colloidal Silver being one of them. I never used Colloidal Silver before, I read about it years before online, however I didn't know if Colloidal Silver would help her in this situation. None the less, I administered several drops under her tongue every 20 minutes. In about an hour and half her kidney pain reduced by about 80%. After, we were called into the ER room, the doctor ran a lab test on her and confirmed she had a kidney infection and the doctor stated that only antibiotics can cure this.

The doctor recommend series of antibiotic shots over the course of several days. Because he was good in scaring us into taking the shot, we accepted the first shot and declined all others as we wished to continue with only the colloidal silver. We continued the colloidal silver treatment for the whole week reducing the frequency of the drops as the days went by.

About 2 years later I then developed a kidney infection. What a painful experience it was. Rather then going to the ER I self administered colloidal silver under my tongue every 20 minutes. The pain completely disappeared in about 4-5 hours - gradually and noticeably subsiding as every hour went by. What an amazing product. I highly recommend that everyone keep a bottle of colloidal silver at home and in their vehicle.

Translated to Spanish for my Spanish friends:

La plata coloidal es un antibiótico natural impresionante. Alrededor de 5 años, mi esposa sufr­a de una infección renal severa. Durante la mitad de la noche se despertó con un dolor agonizante en ambos lados de la espalda. La lleve al hospital y tuvimos que esperar por 2 horas en la sala de urgencias. Me asusté!

Me acordé que en mi coche me quedé un kit de primeros auxilios de emergencia que contiene una serie de cosas y la plata coloidal es uno de ellos. Nunca hab­a usado la plata coloidal antes, he le­do acerca de él años antes en la internet, sin embargo yo no sabia si la plata coloidal le ayudar­a en esta situación. Sin embargo, le administre unas gotas bajo la lengua cada 20 minutos. En aproximadamente una hora y media su dolor en los riñones redujo en un 80%. Después, fuimos llamados a la sala de urgencias, el doctor hizo una prueba de laboratorio en ella y confirmó que ten­a una infección en el riñón y el médico dijo que los antibióticos sólo se puede curar esto.

El médico recomendo una serie de inyecciones de antibióticos por el transcurso de varios d­as. Debido a que nos asusto diciendonos que debia mi esposa aceptar la inyeccion del antibiotico para combatir la infeccion, ella aceptó la primere infeccion y se negó a todas los demás, ella decidio continuar sólo con la plata coloidal. Continuo con el tratamiento de plata coloidal toda la semana y fuimos reduciendo la frecuencia de las gotas conforme pasaban los d­as.

Unos 2 años más tarde luego desarrolle una infección en el riñón. Que fue una experiencia dolorosa. En lugar de ir a la sala de emergencia me auto-administre la plata coloidal debajo de la lengua cada 20 minutos. El dolor desapareció por completo en alrededor de 4-5 horas - de manera gradual y notablemente remitiendo a todas las horas pasaban. Que producto tan asombroso. Altamente recomiendo que todo el mundo tenga una botella de plata coloidal en casa y en su veh­culo.

Replied by Trish
Lasvegas, Nevada
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Hello out there. I just want you all to know how real colloidal silver is. I have had herpes since I was a kid using the silver on any outbreak immediately stopped the infection. Also I have suffered from UTI's my whole life, when I feel one coming on I dose myself three times and it goes away. No trips to the doctor, no antibiotics. This is for real. And if the idea of the blue guy scares you do your research. How many people have been really been effected by this side affect, the answer will surprise you...

Replied by Carole
Takoma Park, Maryland
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Colloidial Silver---I have been using colloidial silver spray for close to five years with excellent results. Sitting at a help center, one gets coughed on, unless I had my spray nearby, I would be getting all those cough induced problems too. A stuffy nose for whatever reason---a nasal spray to each nostril brings instant relief. I use it primarily as a topical solution for cuts and abrasions. Used on a sore throat, the result is instantaneous--spray to the back of the throat, hold a minute before swallowing if you can, when you swallow a second time, the pain is gone. I have used a few drops in water and used it for a vaginal rinse for a yeast infection---end of yeast infection. If I were to use it by ingesting, I wouldn't take it from a spoon. I would suspend it in water and drink it a few times a day to kill off a bacterial infection, but I haven't need of doing so. There's plenty of information on the web--most interesting is---before there were antibiotics, people used silver. I think it's important to have something on hand to use as preventative. One thinks of the tragic cases in the news resulting in death, from a simple scrape in the school gym or the tetanus that a woman got from a cut while doing garden work. A spray of colloidial silver would act as an immediate anti-bacterial, anti-fungal. I would caution anyone to use only the prepared product, this is not something to be made at home, without question. The silver particles must be minute, the water it is suspended in must be pure. There are things to be done homemade, this is not one of them. No amount of money saved is worth the risk of using a faulty product---please don't give colloidial silver a bad rep by making something at home which will be counter to the miracles of the stuff. You've wasted more than fifteen dollars a bottle before.... Buy a pure product.

Replied by Mare
Clemmons, North Carolina, Usa

I discovered the beneficial effects of colloidal silver years ago and will never be without it in my medicine cabinet. I've used it for infections, 'flu, colds, and as a preventative when I think I've been exposed to some contaminant.

Replied by Christian

I have to say, that the colloidal silver you buy, is mostly ionic silver and not collodial silver. It is not true that you shouldn't make it yourself. I make it myself, and I know thousands of people doing it. Its very easy to make, and not dangerous. So go ahead and make it yourself, or pay a lot of money, to companys that are again making profits from people's need for healing. There are several sites on fb on how to make it.

EC: You can find Dave Thomas' video on making colloidal silver here.

Replied by Katzie

Carole - as a longtime Colloidal Silver worshipper and homemade colloidal silver maker, I have to take issue with what you just said. Any Science textbook will tell you that when a current is applied to silver in a solution, metallic silver always breaks off at the same size: 1.26 angstroms or .00001 microns. It does not matter where it was made. Colloidal Silver is very expensive to use every day! Making it myself has given us a quality product that has proven itself effective. Also, the last bottle of bottled stuff I bought at a store, which had a label of 10 ppm, only tested at my home at 2 ppm! Who knows how long it was sitting on a shelf, tho. Making it at home allows me to use it as a cleaning agent, veggie wash and as a mouthwash. So if you're considering making it from home, only do so if you want to save tons of money and make a great product.

Posted by Sergio (Kenosha, Wisconsin) on 02/19/2010
5 out of 5 stars


First of all I love your website, thank you for making it available to all!

I never knew what colloidal silver was until I found out about it and thoroughly researched its negative and positive sides. ALL negative sides of using Silver comes from people who are making money from pharmaceutic drugs and Silver just stand on their way of ripping people of their hard earned cash. ALL positive sides of Silver come from regular people like me (student) and the rest who have nothing to GAIN BUT HEALTH benefits!

What Colloidal Silver does for me is it heals 'cold sores' in no time, 2-4 days instead of usual 2 weeks from the time I feel tingling, the amazing thing is that NO VESICLES appear and the whole sore spot starts to dry up and heal! Cold sores are Herpex Simplex Virus (HSV-1) -that appears on on the lips. (there is also HSV-2 -genital type, but I do not have it). I would take a mouth full of silver in my mouth 6-10 times a day and hold it in my mouth for as long as possible and swallow it.

Colloidal Silver also helped me with a sore throat I was developing as I am one of those people that I would get a sore throat 1-2 times a year from Dec to March, like a law, when the sore throat was coming and I was feeling it in the morning, I drank about 500mL (500CC) of Silver within 2 days, and I never developed the sore throat and cough than comes with it!! Amazing. The Silver also helps me from getting a sore throat when I come from a shower in the winter and go outside in cold weather, if I didn't drink silver, I would have developed a sore throat and a cough for at least 2 weeks time with bronchi inflammation -100% every time. With Silver I feel like I have an extra immunity shield against germs, bacteria, virii, and other pathogens.

Another thing is that Silver sprayed on bite marks from mosquitoes reduces all itching to virtually 0 in 1-2 hrs, leaving almost no red marks next day. You have to spray 3-4 times within those 2 hrs on the bite mark.

I also put Colloidal silver in my eye one day when it became red for no reason. I felt nothing bad, and the redness went away the next day. I sprayed it in my nose, in my throat, put it in my eye, drank it, and I am fine, full of energy and feel great! I recommend it to almost anyone who I see is sick or is interested in gaining my knowledge.

I make my own Colloidal Silver with a small electronic gadget your can purchase anywhere if you do enough research online. I make about between 5-10 ppm -measure it with PWT (pure water tester) or you can buy a TDS meter (TOtal Disolved Solids) -but it's less precise than a TDS but cheaper of course, use ONLY distilled water, put no salt in the water or anything else!, and I do not heat my water, just use room temperature distilled water and use ONLY .9999% pure silver or 99.99%. NEVER use Sterling Silver as it contains other metals that make it toxic to drink. When buying silver-ask for a certificate of purity.

Keep your batch of Silver in DARK PLACE, never put it in the fridge. Never drink it if it turns dark (gold color is OK).
I recommend everyone invest time in your health, and your knowledge will extend your life! Read, do research, and be open minded. Watch less TV and be responsible for your actions. :)

Replied by Patrizia
Pocatello, Idaho
5 out of 5 stars

I had HPylori (bacteria). Not only was I burping up acid in my esophagus, but it burned behind my nose and all the way down into my stomach. I suffered from it for 13 years. A physician wanted me to take prilosec, but a big caution, it can cause stomach cancer and a host of other things. I purchased a ________ ionic colloidal silver generator.

Anyway, the acid relux was horrid and I drank 16 ounces of the 7 ppm ionic colloidal silver daily and within 2 weeks, the HPylori was gone. It is the bacteria that causes peptic ulcers and even stomach cancer. My girlfriend's sister just recently passed away at 49. She had taken prilosec for 6 years and it ate away her sphincter in her stomach. She asperated her stomach contents and died. I can't believe how Big Pharma can get away with poisons and killing people.

one must be careful if you buy ionic colloidal silver, because a lot of it is JUNK!

Make your own and know what you are making. I thank my friend for telling me about the silver water. I would be afraid to drink anything that is produced with wires, batteries, silver wire and this costs me 1.00 dollar per gallon and uses a solid troy ounce of PURE silver.

Take care,

Patricia Ellis

Replied by Tgm
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Can you please let us know HOW TO MAKE colloidal silver? If you can't mention brands here then please email me directly. I'm in desperate need of coll. Silver theegapman(at)yahoo(dot)com Thanks so much :)