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Multiple Cures

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[YEA]  05/19/2010: Karin from Mesa, Arizona: "Hi there! I am researching a link between ovarian cysts and iodine deficencies. I want to tell you what taking iodine has done for me. I had a sinus infection and started putting liquid iodine in the water for my neti pot. When I was over my infection( which healed quickly ) I noticed I had a lack of concentration, working for a holistic Chiropractor we figured out through AK I had a iodine deficency. So I started taking Iodine and right away I was able to concentrate better and then i noticed that my breast were less sensitive and the tiny cysts I had in my breasts started to go away... YAY, no more pain!!!

I have experienced so many benifits that I will always take my iodine"

05/20/2010: Aurora from Masoncity, Ia replies: "What is AK? that you find out you were deficient?"

[YEA]  03/01/2010: Anna from London, England: "Iodine painting

For the last three weeks I've been putting liquid iodine on 2 knuckles where I have very thick skin (no idea why). I read a lot of feedback from people using iodine on skin problems, so I thought I'd give it a try it, since I had liquid iodine in the house.

Almost immediately I saw a change. The skin, which was very rough, is now softer, almost like my other knuckles, and the skin isn't nearly as thick. One is almost normal.

I also started applying iodine about a week ago to a mini-mole on my face, and it is reduced in size.

One of the most interesting things is the change in my breasts. When I had mammograms done in the past, I was told that my breasts were dense. Now, although I didn't apply any iodine directly to the breast, they no longer feel lumpy.

Yet another thing I noticed was that I felt much less eye strain from the day I started using iodine on my hands, but it seems to be helping my eyes less than it did at the beginning.

The one thing I haven't had success with is in applying iodine on liver spots. I've been applying a few times a day to the biggest spot and so far no change, but I'll keep trying for a while.

This is a cheap and easy, harmless therapy. It's really worth trying to see if it does you any good."

04/25/2010: Anna from London, England replies: "Update: I gave up on using iodine on liver spots because I couldn't see any change, but continued using it (although not quite as often) on my 2 areas of thick skin on my knuckles and 3 very small moles.

In my experience, when I started using providone iodine on any of these areas, there was a dramatic change in the first few days, which would lead me to believe that in another couple of days, the problem would be gone altogether. Well, that didn't happen, but now I see that the area on one of my knuckles is finally completely normal. I.e., it took 3 days for it to get 80% better, then 3 months to get 100% better. The other little moles are now small enough that you only notice them if you touch them (they were really small to start with). I'm going to keep on applying the iodine in the hopes they too will disappear completely. Oh, and my breasts are still not lumpy like they were before the iodine."

[YEA]  01/19/2010: Beth from Chicago, Il, Usa: "For years I have suspected that I was hypothyroid. Since my TSH was normal, my doctor saw no reason to do the T3/T4 test despite my having classic hypothyroid symptoms. It seemed like my symptoms were getting worse, so I decided take things into my own hands and started researching natural therapies for hypothyroidism. All my research led me to iodine and I started taking one 12.5 mg of iodine/iodide pill a day. I also started on a 200 mcg of selenium, as well. What I had read was that the two need each other to properly function.

The change in my life has been incredible. The first change was my energy. I felt completely recharged! I also felt motivated! Like I actually WANTED to get things done. Mentally I felt so much clearer. I have struggled on and off with depression since I was 13 years old and for the first time in my life I felt consistently stable. I researched this further because it was completely astounding to me. There is a known link between low thyroid function and bipolar disorder! In fact, if anti-depressants stop working or aren't as effective in some people, doctors prescribe them a medication that enhances their T3 and- viola! -their medication starts working again!

The next thing I noticed was that my knees were no longer hurting. They had been fairly sore for at least a month and the just stopped hurting completely.

The list goes on and on. The hypothyroid night sweats are gone (I would wake up at least 4-5 times each week with my pajamas, hair and sheets drenched), I am sleeping decently, my acne cleared up, the puffiness in my eyelids is gone, and on and on....

One thing that still just blows me away is that my feet are smooth. For as long as I can remember, my feet have been dry and cracked and the skin was so thick. To get my feet in shape for sandals in warm weather took a ton of effort. I just figured that's how my feet were. Within just a couple of days, I started noticing my feet were not as rough. After a week, they were like I had received an incredibly expensive pedicure minus the nail polish. To get results like this, normally I would have to soak, scrub, moisturize repeatedly and maybe after a week they would look half this good.

The whole thing is shocking and amazing to me. It has helped me beyond anything I could have imagined. I figured so many of my issues were things I had to live with and never dreamed they could even be treated. I wonder how many people are walking around with low functioning thyroids and don't even know it?

Don't take my word for it. Do the research for yourself, there are tons of well-documented studies online. Do a patch test. If you are deficient, try it for yourself and get your life back!"

01/22/2010: Janine from Gardnerville, Nevada replies: "Beth: I was so encouraged after reading your post listing "multiple cures." I have been so sick for so long that I am beside myself. I have severe asthma and have been intibated several times and on life support. I take multiple preventive medications. In Nov 2009 I was taken by ambulance for respiratory failure again ~ my poor 11 year old had to call. Anyway, after I came out of all of that, I met with a nutritionist, because the doctors thought I had had an allergic reaction to a food. I had not. The nutritionist asked if I had ever had my thyroid checked. I have not. I have no insurance right now. Ugh. But, my sister had a huge goiter appear on her neck a few years ago ~ so it does run in the family. Yesterday I went to the store and bought kelp. Last night was the first time in almost 2 years that I have felt half way good.

I have also been wrestling with low abdominal pain on my left side that radiates all the way to my back. This started in Aug 2007. I think it involves my kidneys. The severe back and abdominal pain has been so bad, to the point it has been difficult to work. At times the pain is so horrible, I feel like I am being stabbed and it is worse than having a baby. I thought it might be kidney stones and have just started taking the lemon and baking soda. Oh my gosh. I am shocked, shocked, shocked at how much it has helped. I still have pretty bad pain every day and it scares me, as I don't know what the heck it is.

I am going to continue with the kelp, lemon juice, baking soda and I take other supplements. It is so awful to not be really old, but to feel like crud all the time. I just want to have energy, feel good and enjoy life. I actually got stuff done yesterday and today and felt so good for a change! Thanks for sharing and keep us posted on your progress. I will do the same. Janine"

04/26/2010: Tess from Vancouver, Bc replies: "@Janine- re: the abdominal pain you're describing-

i'm wondering if perhaps you may also have a gluten intolerance, or even be Celiac.. does it feel like your insides are being 'sandpapered raw'/destroyed by any chance? extreme bloating? etc..

i suffered agonizing abdominal pain for awhile, and would be in the fetal position for days at a time.
the pain finally subsided once i cut gluten completely out.

anyways, maybe part of the problem?
just a thought.."

[YEA]  12/28/2009: Bruce from Greenville, SC: "I have been taking iodine for over 5 years. Before I started taking iodine, I had very large saliva glands, I had very bad pimples on my face, back, arms, ect. I had bad problems with my reflux, pain in the stomach after meals. I would be out fishing on the river and all at once I would have a gush of saliva out of my mouth, like a huge release of water at once. I would run a high fever over 102 at least once or twice a every year for no reason. My gums would hurt and bleed all the time. But after 3 years of high doses of iodine every day, ALL of the things ive just told you have gone completly. I feel better every day. My saliva glands ARE NOT swollen anymore. My throat does not sting with pain. No more high fever at all. My gums nolonger bleed or hurt. All of this due to iodine only. I will now extract iodine from black walnut trees here at the house, as our wonderful government has taken most all iodine out of salt, bread, and when you buy iodine liqude at the store it too has been reduced to povidone. (worthless). But black walnut trees are the place for the best unaltered iodine naturaly .(dryed powder),(iodine liqude)ect. After seeing all of the good effects of iodine, I will stay on it forever. You must watch food that rob your body of iodine too. Also watch your MSG intake. MSG will also cause very bad problems also. A back door to bad health---->>>>MSG. Iodine will not see MSG and that MSG will kill the good iodine effects."

02/28/2010: Ljubica from Beograd, Serbia replies: "Hi Bruce, would you be so kind as to provide me with the exact procedure/recipe how to extract iodine from black walnut. I live in countryside with lots of black walnut trees available. It is still possible to buy genuine Lugol solution here in Belgrade, but as we are heading towards European Community I'm afraid that this precious remedy will be hard to obtain in pharmacies. Just in case this happens I'll be glad to be equipped with knowledge how to home made iodine preparation. Btw, do you happen to know what is the chemical form in such an extraction because it is well established that Lugol's is so potent due to its iodine AND iodide composition."

[YEA]  04/02/2009: Gayle C. from Brisbane, Australia: "I use Iodine to treat all external fungal infections, with great results. I'm about to try drops to treat mild depression. My son also had severe acne for about five years. It turned out to be candida, which we cured in about 6 weeks using natural treatments and diet. I've recently read that some natural therapists are using Iodine to treat candida, which I will follow up as the candida has a habit of re-occurrence.
Good Luck."

[YEA]  01/09/2008: Ian H. from Marton, New Zealand: "Three members of our family have been seriously affected by three different sensitivity disorders. Myself with fibromyalgia for 11 years, my daughter with MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity) for at least two years and my wife with chronic fatigue syndrome for about two years.

I recently read the articles on iodine use for mammary fibrocystic disease and decided to treat us all with 12.5 mg iodine/iodate (50:50). The results after two weeks have been very promising. All three report increased energy and better sleep.

The MCS patient lowered reaction on exposure to voc, mold and carpet, absence of morning nausea.

The CFS patient: less depression, better hearing and better appetite, no headaches.

The FMS patient: less pain in major sites (cervical, thoracic and lumber spine), arm-wrist, better cognition, better tolerance to aerobic exercise, fewer migraine headaches. I will follow this up for six months and report again."

[YEA]  05/22/2007: RJ from Marrakech, Morocco: "i have candidiosis and mycoplasms that have caused a number of skin problems among other things. So far I have tested iodine on vaginal warts and they are shrinking! also helped alleviate chronic rashes, itching and sores. also, used it on my cat who had a lung infection that did not respond to antibiotics, and rubbing it on her chest seemed to do the trick. i am very impressed and am looking into recipes and other ways to use it."

[YEA]  01/18/2006: Brenda from Bear, DE: "Iodine is excellent for toenail fungus, ringworm, fever blisters, moles and skin tags, hangnails, etc. Just a few drops on a q-tip is all it takes. Use daily until the "boo-boo" is gone."

[YEA]  11/25/2005: Robert Sarver : "There is mounting evidence that the major cause of breast, ovarian, uterine and prostrate fibroids (cysts) and cancers is dietary iodine deficiency.

Iodine deficiency is probably also a major cause of obesity, arthritis and mental illness. I think that the MD's who performed the research for these discoveries will receive the Nobel Prize.

Within the past week I have written an article "Iodine Deficiency" which is attached. I have retained the publication rights because the article has already published by the Vitamin C Foundation at Two health newsletters will publish the article and I have submitted it to the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine and the Townsend Letter for publication. I intend to submit the article to other health organizations.

The health and health care implications for this discovery are enormous. Virtually every older person I know has symptoms of iodine deficiency and those symptoms are fibroids/cysts of the reproductive organs, thyroid problems, obesity, arthritis, dry eyes, compromised immune system functioning, reduced sex drive and a long list of other symptoms. Some young people already show symptoms of iodine deficiency such as ADD. Iodine deficiency may play a role in autism.

I am a chemical engineer and 58 years old."

EC: Robert was kind enough to let us post his article. Click here to read it.

[YEA]  Anonymous from Tallahassee, FL: "Iodine is my drug of choice. I use it for EVERYTHING. I raise my kids and now my grandkids on iodine. My son was due to have his tonsils removed and I decided to paint his tonsils and he has never been had any more problems with his throat. I took a spray bottle and poured some iodine into the bottle and sprayed his tonsils. As you may know iodine dries quickly, so he didn't really swallow any. It worked within 24 hours after spraying the throat. I have done it for my sore throat and it clears it right up."

Nail Fungus

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[YEA]  04/25/2007: Laurie from East Meadow, New York: "decolorized iodine has cured a fungus I Had under my nails. It works wonders, but it is very hard to find"

Nascent Iodine

12/19/2011: Karenina from Southampton, Uk: "Has anyone used Detoxadine Iodine? It is supposed to be more gentle on the stomach and it contains no alcohol which can trigger off allergies? I cannot find this Iodine anywhere on your site. Thanks Ted or anyone who is using it. Karenina"

Ovarian Cysts

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[YEA]  03/01/2007: Robin from Houston, TX: "I took iodine for an ovarian cyst. It made it go away. I had been taking Depoprovara shots every three months to stop the formation of the cyst. I also gained twelve pounds. I stopped taking the shots and went on a diet and lost the weight but the cyst problem returned. This time I used iodine and it worked better with no weight gain."

[YEA]  03/15/2010: Alyssainfinity from Austin, Texas replies: "I have had two relatively large ovarian cysts for years, and would freqently find myself curled up in the fetal position, having taken a couple over-the-counter or prescription pain killers, but nothing worked. The pain would radiate through my entire body as a dull ache, while extemely intense cramps would concentrate between my legs.

After doing a little research between Earth Clinic and the rest of the web, I decided to try Iodine Painting. Simply use a cotton swab to 'paint' a two inch square on the soft skin of your wrist, upper arms, stomach or inner legs. Your body absorbs the iodine through the skin. The first thing I noticed was a slight jittery sensation, and very soon my cramps subsided. I have been painting the iodine on for over a week now... I have not had any pain, I have not taken any pain-relievers, I have more energy, I have clearer skin, and I have a greater sex-drive.

I felt as though half of my life was being devoted to my cysts, and now I simply paint on a two inch square of iodine in the morning, and I'm free to live my life. I feel that iodine has already improved my quality of life significantly, where traditional doctors constantly told me that what I was experiencing was 'normal'.

It was quick and easy to try, and a fairly large bottle was only $6 at my local grocery store. I've been telling everyone I know in an effort to help anyone that may be sufferng. I wish I would have run across this information years ago. Thanks to EarthClinic for improving my life significantly."


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[YEA]  03/17/2007: Sherry from NA, Pennsylvania: "Iodine and Pregnancy: Hey all, I listen to a show on called the Power Hour 8am to 11am EST, they have extremely good health shows.. And I have heard two in the past year and a half on Iodine.. This past friday was one, and the doctor on there said that iodine is extremely good for pregnant woman and babies.. He said it will increase their intelligence up to two years old.. My son is 11 and I give him 12.5 mg of Iadorol and I take 50mg a day..He said your body will get rid of what it doesn't use. Also painting it on the skin will only absorb 7% he said.. He said the japanese are the healthiest people in the world and one reason is they get 13.something .5 or .8 a day.. also potassium is very important and magnesium. But he said that the iodine has been proven to make a baby be born more intelligent. And we are extremely deficient in iodine in the States.. You can get the potassium from Black Strap Molasses.. I tried the ACV for weight loss and started gaining so I changed to 1/2 c. ACV 1 TBSP. Black Strap Molasses and 1 TBSP. Cayenne (store bought) Pepper and I weighed 149 when I woke up which is normal then when I ate gained my usual 2lbs.. but then as soon as I started drinking the ACV concoction (it was my second day) I went back to 149. Was really exciting.. Plus it gives me energy.. So I mix it in a one quart jar of water and throughout the day keep pouring it in a 4 oz. glass with a straw and sip it whenever I feel low on energy or just want some.. and I just keep mixing it up when I run out.. I am excited to see if I lose weight tomorrow morning.. Just thought I would pass these along.. Wish I would've known about iodine when I was pregnant with my son.. He has comprehension problems and that may be one cause. (you can get Iosol or Lugol's and it's in liquid form iodine the Iadorol is pill form and easier to take..) I hope this helps !!! Sherry :) P.S. Disclaimer I don't give medical advice this is just for your informational purposes.. As the power hour also disclaims..:)"

Removing Iodine Stains

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01/28/2014: Jolole from Tasmania, Australia: "Today I accidently spilled a fair bit of lugol's iodine, staining a section of my laminated benchtop. Had just bought some borax which was still at hand and immediately spread heaps of borax onto the stain and with some slightly wetted paper towels rubbed the borax into the stain. It took a bit of scrubbing but the stain was successfully removed."

01/28/2014: Alexandra from Cheshire, Uk replies: "I have successfully removed iodine stains from clothing and skin with a solution of ascorbic acid (vitamin C powder) in water. I didn't measure the quantities but it was something like quarter or half a teaspoon ascorbic acid in 10ml water, dab it on and let it dry."



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