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Removing Iodine Stains

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[YEA]  02/24/2009: Kay from Calgary, BC, Canada: "I'm sorry for the person who tried painting iodine on her wrists; it didn't work and she had yellow stains and a presentation to do the next day! Next time, she could rub some Vitamin C (a tablet dipped in a bit of water works but Vitamin C crystals, if you have some around, are stronger) on the stain and it will vanish immediately. Otherwise, the stain may linger for hours or even a day but it will eventually disappear. Of course, if the remedy works you should let the stain sit on your skin for as long as you can before removing it with Vitamin C.

Vitamin C in water also makes a good sore throat gargle."

06/11/2012: Citygirl27 from Richardson, Tx, Usa replies: "I got some iodine on my carpet, and t shirt. Does anyone have any tricks for getting iodine stains out of fabric? Even if it takes a few attempts. Thx citygirl in Richardson, TX"
06/12/2012: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines replies: "To remove the iodine stain -- create a solution of ascorbic acid and use this to get rid of the iodine on the carpet. Doing this changes the dark brown color caused by molecular iodine to colourless because it converts the dark brown molecular iodine in lugols to colorless iodide.

You could also try rubbing the stain with real lemon juice -- which also contains ascorbic acid and so should also remove the carpet stain in the same way."

[YEA]  01/31/2009: Crystal from Hot Springs, AR: "To remove iodine stain make a paste of vitamin c (ascorbate acid) power and water and it will remove the stain on anything."

[YEA]  01/15/2011: Karenvt from Perth, Australia replies: "Thanks for that tip... VitC on removes iodine stains... Very useful!"


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[YEA]  01/07/2006: Catherine from Laval, Quebec, Canada: "When I was 21, I came back from the lake with what we call 'ringworm'. It is not a worm but a fungus. An older man I showed it to told me to put iodine on it. The red skin cleared within a few days. Ever since, I have been using it on abandoned cats that come in from the cold with various states of the fungus. It clears within days. Vets panic at the sight of ringworm because of the possibility of contagion to humans. Some will even suggest to put the animal to sleep. They have a tendancy to give chemical pills, I have no idea if they work. Apply the iodine on the rim of the spot as it is where the fungus lies and multiplies.

Catherine, researcher
Lost and Found Pet Network"


03/10/2013: Mohd Shani from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: "Hi, TQVM [Thank You Very Much] for the posts on EC. I was informed of some benefits of seaweeds but there are many types of seaweeds. Seaching 'seaweeds' on EC gave interesting readings but there no specific topic on seaweeds.

Are all seaweeds have the same benefits ? Especially those found in South East Asia and those in Europe ?

Thank you for sharing your opinions and experience on seaweed.


09/12/2011: Sara from Sacramento, Ca, Usa: "I am just wondering if you open a new page for seaweed. I live in a Korean pack city and there are stores in here that they sell different types of seaweeds. I want to use, but do not know how and what is the advantage and disadvange of seaweed. Thanks"

Side Effects From Radiation and Chemo

01/02/2010: Roger from Branson, Mo.: "Use of iodine

I basically have pretty much finally somewhat recovered from stage 4 cancer of the mouth, & tongue. The last few months have noticed at times I get like feeling cold or guess chilly. Weather here has turns cold, and now seems like that has make it worse. Now I am planning to set up an appointment with the gland doctor. However, thinking in meantime trying iodine to see if that may help a little. I see I am not alone with this problem for two other people with same problem reporting it on the internet. I never had this problem before severe radiation & chemo so now thinking this appears to be a side effect from treatment to a few people. They may be able to kill the bad cells with radiation & treatment but it does seem to result in a few other problems. However, I am lucky to have made it this far so guess considering not to bad. Roger"

Skin Ailments

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02/15/2012: Jan from Homer, Alaska: "We need help. My husband read your remedies for iodine. He has some "skin tags" one under each of his arm pits. He also has what looks like a precancerous growth on his scrotum and another skin tag there. He read that Lugol's Solution of 5% Iodine put on 2-3 times a day would allow the skin tags to eventually fall off and the little growth on his scrotum about the size of a pea would heal from the inside out.

We have followed all the instructions for over 2 weeks. The only change is that the skin tags under his arms look like they are darker in color and are getting hard. They all are in a bad place as they all get rubbed whenever he moves. When applying the iodine, it now "stings" and I'm getting concerned!! We are not doctor people and he did show the little growth to his MD in Homer and the doctor said it was "no big deal". Al is 70 yrs. of age and we are wintering in the Phoenix area during the winter. I don't know what else to do. Did we buy the wrong iodine? I put neosporin and vitamin 3 oil on each thing after each application. Can you help us? I'm getting desperate!! Jan"

02/16/2012: Timh from Louisville, Ky, Usa replies: "Jan, here is an edited paste from previous post that worked for me: "A few yrs ago I had a mole on my back that became red, swollen, and irritated. I never had any test run, but one doc said there was involvement and to keep an eye on it. I neglected to do anything about it until it became larger and more irritating. I topically used and rotated several natural and synthetic products perhaps once a week or so: Vit-E oil w/ lemon, cod liver oil, alcohol, triple antibiotic ointment, metronadizole creame. A yr or more passes with only little results. Next I use tea tree oil, and one of the oldest over-the-counter salves on the market ---Porters SalveOnly weeks later the cancer itched one again, I took of my shirt, go to the mirror in the bathroom and scratched the ugly thing off. It simply fell to the floor and left not even a scar. Done.

I think the variety of medicines was the key to this cure as there are likely numerous types of pathogens involved in these things. Like any cancer treatment that shows no sign of working after 6 or 8 wks, drop it and adopt a different protocol. Also, I think the Porters Salve is what dealt the death blow. There is another proly not-so-familiar topical cancer salve called "Tumorgone" w/ the main ingredient as bloodroot which I use as needed w/ good results.

Hope this helps and good luck. Please report changes."

02/16/2012: Deborah from Chino Valley, Az replies: "Hi Jan, Might be time to try another approach if what you've been doing is either not helping and/or starting to hurt. Have you tried castor oil? It works wonders for so many skin-related issues, and I know I've read about it's helpful history with both skin tags and cancerous or possibly cancerous skin issues. It does not burn, is extremely gentle and safe with a long, positive history of helpfulness.

I wonder if a twice per day application schedule, leaving it on for at least 10 minutes during the day, as well as overnight might help? I'm sure I've read of something that can be mixed with it to get rid of skin tags more quickly. If I remember it, I'll reply again.

Best of luck to you and your husband."

02/16/2012: Sophie from Dayton, Ohio, Usa replies: "I had a skin tag last spring that fell off from applying ACV. What you are describing, with the skin tags becoming hard and dark, is exactly what happened to mine right before it fell off. You are almost done! They will sting when you apply the treatment, and that means it's working. Stick with it. Have him take a nice hot shower and gently scrub the hardened skin tags to encourage them to come off. Mine came off in the shower. When they are ready they will just fall off. They will be really annoying the harder they get, and they will become a little uncomfortable, but they will fall off! Hang in there!"
02/16/2012: Sara from The Beach, Canada replies: "I know this may be more costly than lugols, but I know for a fact in my own experience that essiac tea will talk care of skin tags and growths. Research it and you can even buy the powder to make your own so it is more economical for you. Hope this helps."
02/16/2012: Deborah from Chino Valley, Az replies: "Hi again, I'm with Sara... Essiac tea taken internally can be wonderful for the skin, especially if any precancerous activity may be going on. Sara, can it be used externally as well?"
02/16/2012: Gavin from Manganui, Northland, New Zealand replies: "I read somewhere that skin tags were a sign of to much sugar, like a warning of a prediabetic condition it might pay to check for sugar in the urine. Otherwise keep doing the ACV thing and they will fall off."
02/16/2012: Sara from The Beach, Canada replies: "Everything that happens to the skin at this level, happens internally, therefore, the best way to treat it is internally."

[YEA]  04/05/2009: Steven from Shohola, PA: "Iodine Resolves Developing Boil

I have been taking 5 drops of Lugol's 2% strength solution for 3 months now. [I understand this to equal 12.5 mg of iodine whereas the 5% solution would require only 2 drops.]

About a month ago I began getting an infection in one nostril and could feel a boil developing. My nose was sensitive to the touch and I knew it was only a matter of time and it would be really bad. I waited a couple of days as it worsened. I then increased my dose of Lugol's 2% solution to 5 drops in a pint of water 6 times a day along with 500mg of vitamin C 6 times a day. After 2 days, the infection was 95& better and I dropped my dose to what I normally take. Another 2 days later I was back to normal."

[YEA]  09/04/2008: Winfield from Pringle, USA: "excellent website information by the bucketfulls stuff we all can use. I had a itchy spot on my chin 6 months. Finally scratched it raw and applied two dime size spots of iodine, 2 nights before bed. Spot is fading and no more itch. Gone. If it ever comes back it will get three treatments. Thanks for this knowledge."

[YEA]  05/21/2008: Bob from Stillwater, mnMN: "I have used Iodine ration to cure common warts and have helped friends to it too. It works I also had a gangliotic cyst on my palm for two years, that a doctor wanted to cut out so I tried Iodine ration for about six months and it went away. Now I can't find the pills yet."

[YEA]  02/29/2008: Debra from Edmonton, Alberta: "Dr Derry from Victoria on Vancouver Island has a book out about Breast Cancer and his research shows that taking 1 to 2 drops of iodine a day in a glass of water can help to prevent breast cancer. His book is very informative and gives a scientific reason why it works. I have been using Iodine this way for 6 years. I also use it on moles, tags and other skin conditions and it helps to make them small again. I have used it for sore throats too and it works wonderfully. Just use it sparingly as it can be toxic with too much use."

[YEA]  12/19/2007: Patricia from Laguna Niguel, CA: "I love this website! Lots of wonderful home remedies. I read about Iodine and went on ebay- I bought Povidone- Iodine first to try, and painted myself with it over every problem area of my skin- the colors were disappearing in 15 minutes or so. The bottle says for external use only and do not apply it over large areas of the skin. Well, I have not tried take it internally yet, but as I understand it, Povidone is used for prep surgeries, which means it is in contact with blood and internal organs. After my first application on small areas, I noticed that the morning after I could see significant improvement on my skin where there used to be acne-like pumps that I had for several years- some shrank and some went away. I then started using it on all scars and it seems to make them more smooth and heal better. Upon seeing that, I asked my husband to paint me all over my back- dry, flaky skin with red irritable spots- and over night, they became more smooth. So I started to use it more and more, sometimes it stains my clothes, but my skin seemed to be healing. Don't know if that is also indication of my iodine deficiency. I wonder if it works any differently from Lugol's. I do have signs of low thyroid function, like cold intolerance, poor circulation. Can you tell me if I can take the Povidone internally? How is it different from Lugol's?"

[YEA]  12/13/2007: Janice from Red Hook, NY: "Just a note after reading send in other cures re iodine. When I was a teenager I developed warts; I never consulted anyone but started putting just a drop of iodine on the warts every day. After about 3 months (maybe less - that was 40 years ago) they turned black and fell off. I've never had another wart. (I've never had a boil either, and hope I never do, but my partner has been bothered by them for several weeks. We're trying several of the remedies on your website. Thanks! It's a great site.)"

[YEA]  10/31/2007: Christiane from Los Angeles, CA: "I'have been experimenting with several remedies. I have been doing the HP inhalation for a few weeks now but only when fatigued. I use a throat spray bottle and spray a few times until I cough while inhaling, that seems to be the only way that I can determine that it's not just coating the back of my throat. I notice that it works almost immediately to get me out of that "desperately need more sleep" haze. It lifts that "heavy" feeling. I tried it again 2 days ago when I only got 4 hours of sleep with the intent that if I did the HP inhalation and it worked AGAIN then I would be convinced. I'm completely convinced for fatigue purposes at this time. I intend to increase my usage soon.

Also, I read where someone mentioned using iodine on cysts. I am using it on a cyst (may be caused by an ingrown hair or not!)on my shin, about the size of the circumferance of a sharpie marker. I started this a few weeks ago and was applying the iodine once a day for about 3 days straight. Then I forgot about it. I just happened to look this morning and it has shrunk by about half and the skin on top just peeled off. I will be starting up again today to see if I can get rid of it completely over the next week or so.

I have Candida but no insurance and I was trying a product that has been rated as the number 1 recommended product. Unfortunately, it felt like my kidneys were not happy about it so I had to get off of it. I am going to try some other methods to see if it helps. I'll post when I know more."

[YEA]  08/15/2007: Diane from Burbank, California: "I read here something about iodine curing skin tags, so I decided what the heck. I used the iodine twice a day on a skin tag on my underarm, and nothing much happened for a while, other than the skin around it getting red and irritated, but then this morning, the skin tag was black. Later on, when I went to check it, it was gone!! Wow - it really works. Thank you for this informative and fun website."



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