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08/22/2009: Earth Clinic : "An interesting article by author Mark Sircus, A.C., O.M.D. in his latest e-newsletter on baking soda for kidney disease:

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07/20/2009: Luis from Cali, Colombia: "Good news for our natural health EC community of practice:

Baking Soda: For Cooking, Cleaning, And Kidney Health?

ScienceDaily (July 17, 2009) "A daily dose of sodium bicarbonate -- baking soda, already used for baking, cleaning, acid indigestion, sunburn, and more-- slows the decline of kidney function in some patients with advanced chronic kidney disease (CKD), reports an upcoming study in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology (JASN). "This cheap and simple strategy also improves patients' nutritional status, and has the potential of translating into significant economic, quality of life, and clinical outcome benefits," comments Magdi Yaqoob, MD (Royal London Hospital).

The study included 134 patients with advanced CKD and low bicarbonate levels, also called metabolic acidosis. One group received a small daily dose of sodium bicarbonate in tablet form, in addition to their usual care. For this group, the rate of decline in kidney function was greatly reduced--about two-thirds slower than in patients. "In fact, in patients taking sodium bicarbonate, the rate of decline in kidney function was similar to the normal age-related decline," says Yaqoob.

Rapid progression of kidney disease occurred in just nine percent of patients taking sodium bicarbonate, compared to 45 percent of the other group. Patients taking sodium bicarbonate were also less likely to develop end-stage renal disease (ESRD) requiring dialysis.

Patients taking sodium bicarbonate also had improvement in several measures of nutrition. Although their sodium levels went up, this didn't lead to any problems with increased blood pressure.

Low bicarbonate levels are common in patients with CKD and can lead to a wide range of other problems. "This is the first randomized controlled study of its kind," says Yaqoob. "A simple remedy like sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), when used appropriately, can be very effective."

The researchers note some important limitations of their study%uFFFDthere was no placebo group and the researchers were aware of which patients were receiving sodium bicarbonate. "Our results will need validation in a multicenter study," says Yaqoob.

Other authors were Ione de Brito-Ashurst, RD, Mira Varaganum, PhD, and Martin J. Raftery, MD (William Harvey Research Institute and Barts and the London NHS Trust, London). The authors reported no financial disclosures.
Journal reference:
1.Ione de Brito-Ashurst , Mira Varagunam , Martin J. Raftery , and Muhammad M. Yaqoob. Bicarbonate Supplementation Slows Progression of CKD and Improves Nutritional Status. Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, 2009; DOI: 10.1681/ASN.2008111205"

Multiple Cures

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[YEA]  08/08/2013: Alakhi from Livingston, Montana: "Baking soda for pcos and acne: I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the baking soda remedy!! It has helped me better than anything with my skin issues, and there is no comparison in how I feel. It seems to help me with all of my food allregies too! I drink the baking soda and use it to wash my face. When I stop using this my issues come back."

[YEA]  08/12/2011: Paula J. Schutte, Ccht from Denver, Colorado: "Thank you for your information. I am a Colon Hydro Therapist who sees many clients with acid reflux, gout and rheumotoid arthritis. I have used your tip on baking soda, lime and lemon juice with a splash of water for a few years now and it has helped in 100% of the cases where folks stuck with it a bit. Thank you, thank you!"

[YEA]  07/10/2009: Kristinad from West Valley City, Utah: "I got a case of ring worm that seemed to appear out of no where. The area felt itchy for several days and then a patch a bit smaller than a dime appeared. It was a very classic circle with little mounded dots around the edge and red in the whole circle and it itched like crazy. I looked on your sight for a cure and tried several including the penny-in-vinegar etc. Some helped a little others made it worse.

When it first appeared I had tried plain Baking Soda which definitely calmed it down but it did not disappear. I decided to try it again with a little vaper rub like Vicks from the dollar store, to hold it in place. It worked immediately and in two days was totally gone. I was very happy!

Baking soda has worked miracles for me in many ways, including getting rid of mouth infections and a patch of eczema on my elbow that had been there for years.

It is the first thing I turn to for a sugar reaction. Just a tiny amount on the tip of my finger clears up all kinds of problems. For skin surface problems, mostly I have just made a paste of BS and water and allowed it to dry but now I have tried it with the Vicks like product and with Triple Antibiotic that works better as it holds it at the sight. I do not know what would work in the mouth, not that of course!

I believe we are all different and the differences in our natural body chemistry makes things react differently for all of us so we have to find what is right for us. I love this sight as it has so many wonderful ideas and I've had a lot of success with different cures. Thanks so much!

One more thought I have, is I feel it is important to not over do on natural remedies. When I see people saying they take something everyday after it first worked it makes me wonder. If you do it too often and too much when you do not really need it, then where are you going to get the lift you need when you have another problem. Moderation, I believe, is a wise course, but everyone is different and has to find what works for them."

[YEA]  06/14/2009: LorenP from Henderson, Nevada USA: "For constipation and relief of muscle and knee pain, I take half a teaspoon of baking soda when I get up in the night to void. It produces results soon after getting up for the day, muscle pains are much less and after doing this for several days my knee pain is gone. There is no happiness like an empty rectum. I'm 82."

11/27/2011: Andoy from Boise, Id replies: "Thanks for the tip. It worked for my constipation too."

[YEA]  07/11/2008: Robin from Walhalla, SC: "I recently had a bad burn from a lawn mower. I put burn medicine on it, but it didn't put out the fire at all. I read a post on here about baking soda, and decided to try it. I made a thick paste out of baking soda and water and put it all over the burn. It was amazing! The fire went out of the burn IMMEDIATELY. I few days later, my son was stung by a wasp. I made the same paste and put it on his sting and it took the pain away for him. It worked on a four year old who was screaming in pain."


[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]  04/27/2007: Linda from Denver, Colorado: "For me and my family and friends, baking soda has cured all kinds of microbial infections, probably due to the regulation of pH balance.

For at least 12 years now I've relied on drinking baking soda in water whenever I would come down with some sort of viral or bacterial infection, whether it is a cold, flu, stomach bug, or respiratory illness. I am convinced this method can kill any kind of infection.

When the West Nile virus was prevalent here in Colorado a few years ago, I became infected with it. I was skeptical that my baking soda cure would work, but gave it a try anyway since I was so utterly miserable. But, sure enough, later that evening the symptoms started to subside and I was nearly recovered by the next day.

Every time I have used the baking soda method it has worked. And everyone I have suggested it to and tried it has had it work for them, too.

The remedy is 1/2 teaspoon in a cup of water 2 to 3 times each day, sipping throughout the day. Take it for approximately 2 to 3 days. If symptoms do not resolve by the end of the third day then perhaps it will not be helped by baking soda; I have not found this to ever be the case though. It works no matter what stage a person is in their infection. For stomach bugs I will also add 10-15 drops of grapefruit seed extract.

Being female, however, I have noticed that I will get a vaginal yeast infection shortly after a course of baking soda. Because I believe it affects the pH, I treat myself with an apple cider vinegar/garlic rinse (1/4 cup of ACV and one clove of garlic, quartered, in 1 cup of water). I've wondered if the baking soda also kills the good bacteria in the body so afterward I supplement myself with probiotics (specifically Lactobacillus GG, the only known beneficial bacteria to survive stomach acid).

I know people who take Airborne to fight off colds. I looked at the label one day when my friend showed me the bottle, and sodium bicarbonate is one of the main ingredients. Perhaps this is the reason it works.

I believe that if there is ever a severe viral outbreak, such as SARS or H5N1, then this remedy would be worth a try. It seems I've always relied on home remedies to successfully treat myself and your site just adds to my collection of simple therapies!"

03/29/2009: DrJ from Bombay, India replies: "Dear Linda, the reason for the genital yeast infection is because your urine become too alkaline, above 7, try taking 1/4 teaspoon instead and mix in lemon juice also it will still do the job but wont give you the infection afterward. Bicarb will not harm your good bacteria, as this is anerobic, and bicarb increases oxygen due to its base action."
07/03/2009: Linda from Denver, CO replies: "Dear DrJ - I am grateful for your very specific and helpful feedback, and I'm sure it is very useful to others who wish to use the same remedy. Recently (before reading your reply) I tried cutting back on the amount of baking soda and you are right -- it does prevent getting a vaginal infection. I haven't tried it with the lemon juice, but I believe that would be a beneficial addition to my remedy and will give it a try. Thanks!"


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[YEA]  04/30/2009: Liz from Melbourne, Florida USA: "I have been dealing with SEVERE nausea since starting chemo treatments for leukemia in 2005. I stopped all chemo meds in 2006 but the nausea has stuck around since then. I have tried EVERYTHING that the doctors have given me. I finally got tired of putting chemicals into my body and started searching for natural remedies. I found this website through a cancer community and it has been a GODSENT! I tried the baking soda for nausea and within 5 minutes, my nausea is almost completely gone. It would have taken Phenegren over an hour to help. Thanks SO much for this website!"


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[SIDE EFFECTS]  04/18/2009: Misty from Fullerton, California, USA: "I have tried baking soda to alkalinize my system. This is because a recent colonoscopy resulted in minor surgery to remove a large polyp. I was told the polyp was a "pre-cancerous condition" and because of info I've gotten on the net, I decided to try 1/4 tsp baking soda in drinking water several times a day to neutralize an acidic blood condition. Apparently an acidic condition can produce cancer. To my surprise, a great deal of pain happened very quickly, in the joints and hip. I couldn't walk. It subsided when I stopped taking the baking soda and then started up again when I took it a second time. So there seems to be a link between pain and baking soda for my body (not necessarily yours). I am wondering if you know about this and can explain it, and also can recommend any alternative ways to bring the pH balance to a more alkaline state."

06/06/2009: ZeeZee from Tillamook, Oregon replies: "this is just a guess, but i wonder if the joint pain is from things happening too fast. perhaps a lower dose to start. Also, diet and water filters can change body ph. I have done diet and baking soda (2tsp per gal) and joint pain is gone."

Restless Leg Syndrome

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[YEA]  08/07/2007: Pat from Fredericksburg, VA, USA: "I have restless legs at night sometimes. Since reading about the many cures here I have tried 1/4 tsp of baking soda in a cup of water: within 20 minutes my legs are calm and I am able to sleep. I haven't found anything else that helps; won't try pharmaceutical drugs to help, don't want any side effects. The baking soda really helps me!"


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01/14/2010: Phoenix75 from Carmel, Ca, U.s.a.: "I used baking soda, as an exfoliant, on my hands and arms; it made them super soft and worked wonderfully!!"

[YEA]  09/25/2009: Angelclare from Valencia, California, USA: "Last night I used a zapper to zap some bacteria, viruses and hopefully parasites. I turned the zapper up to 16 v for one hour. After I removed the wrist bands my wrists were extremely itchy and burned. After 5 minutes I thought of using baking soda, so I made a paste with a little water, applied to my wrists, and the itching stopped immediately. Kudos to earthclinic!"

[YEA]  06/08/2008: Carrie from Nashville, TN: "Baking soda and skin conditions: I have some areas on the right side of my body both arm and leg. They start out with a small pimple and the start growing. raised areas with rough thick skin. I mixed magnesium oil and baking soda together. What is good about this is that it makes a crust that stays on the area without using a bandage. All of the areas are now back to a small pimple and I hope they totally disappear."



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