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Apple Cider Vinegar

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08/30/2008: Laurie from Fort Valley, GA: "To all of those that have moved into homes and got mad at previous occupant. Remember the cycle of the insect. If they steam cleaned the carpet they did a good job....BUT the eggs then hatched and the breeding began. I used the type that sends the spray in the air. We went to new home and set it up. Only to come back to a total infestation. So all well intentions should be followed up by spraying the home with Apple Cider Vineager. (Yes sometimes people are just pigs) (Previous cleaning company owner) Good luck to all. By the way vineager in a natural deoderizer, the smell will go away. If you like fish after cooking, set a small bowl of vineager on counter and it will asorb the oder. Then send down drain, kills bad oders there also. (straight in a bug sprayer) Also use in my yard."

09/11/2008: Nancy from Gloucester, MA replies: "The fleas are on my Flat Coated Retriever-seems like the same time last year. I tried putting ACV in his water, but he wouldn't drink it. Is there another way to get it in his system-droppers or mixing it with food so he can't detect the taste? For right now I've sprayed him down with it, but would like to get it inside him. Thank you."
[YEA]  10/01/2008: Leslie from Rosarito, Baja California, Mexico replies: "I have used apple cider vinegar for several purposes for my dogs. I give it to them the way I drink it, in warm water with honey. This way the ph is balanced also. You can also try to give it to your dog in yogurt."
07/14/2009: Angela from Rutland, VT replies: "For Laurie From Fort Calley. I understand how frustrating it can be to deal with fleas but your comment about some people are just pigs was uncalled for. Fleas go into any type of home with any type of people. And yes sometimes if a place has been unocupied for a while and windows are left open ( in your case probably cuz they cleaned the place out and cleaned the carpets as u said) Fleas will get inside and even chiggers. Which are just as bad if u ask me. SO my point is Fleas dont are not selective on where they infest. Piggy people and Clean people are equal in that aspect. Get over it. Believe me i keep clean and it offends me to think that u may as well be sayin cuz i have fleas i'm a Pig. Who are u??????"
01/02/2010: Anna from Ocala, Florida, United States replies: "I think you were taking something personally in Laurie's post that was a long way from applying to you. Her statement did not apply to Fleas it applied to the fact that she owned a cleaning company and that there are people who DO NOT do the things that were mentioned prior to moving out of a house. I recently leased a home that when I took possession of the keys, I had to do much more than wipe down and surface clean. It seems as if the previous occupants had never so much as swept the floor so yes "SOME" people are pigs. Get over it. She was not talking about you."

[YEA]  07/22/2008: Rachel from Johns Island, SC: "After reading all the feedback about Apple Cider Vinegar, I was eager to try it. I originally researched it because of the horrid flea infestation on my dogs. I have two Great Danes, one of whom recently experienced a bad reaction to the Frontline we had been using (weird!) for years.

So, I bathed them in baby shampoo and then sprayed some Apple Cider Vinegar on them both. Poof! Within two weeks of spraying every other day and adding a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar to each gallon of their water, they practically live outside (Johns Island is notorious for fleas) and not a single flea. I'm not sure about ticks, though, because they rarely get them in the first place.

So, meanwhile, my son is getting eaten alive in our house. The fleas didn't touch the cat (I used the same process on the cat), my husband or myself but apparently my son was delicious. We tried gentle bug-repellent, natural bug-repellents, nothing worked to keep them off. I bombed the house, but then the eggs hatched and we went 'round and 'round again. To top it off, he developed an allergy to flea bites so now instead of just itchy little bites, each bite turns into about a dollar-bill-sized rash.

So, I began to give him a light tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar per day mixed in with 8 oz. of water. Not three times like you'd do for weight-loss, but like you would do for the dogs or the cat and lo and behold, after another week of benedryl and calamine lotion, he stopped getting bitten. It took almost three weeks to really work for my son, though, so be patient if you want to try this. I also talked to my doctor and he says it's alright (for my son, not medical advice!) just as long as he kept drinking lots of water and kept up his vitamins because, apparently, a high dosage of vinegar can sometimes deplete you of necessary vitamins and minerals as well as speed dehydration, not much but enough to notice.

I kept this up until I didn't spot a single flea for about a month, then took my son off the vinegar (about two and a half months).

Now, I don't know if this was a side effect of the vinegar or just getting rid of the stress of the flea bites, but my son stopped wetting the bed about halfway through the vinegar "treatment". The only reason I mention it is because someone else posted on here that her grandfather? (sorry, not sure) gave her a spoonful of vinegar and honey in water to help her to stop wetting the bed. But, like I said, it could have been either and most likely taking away the rash-stress was the determining factor.

I just started reading the comments on how Apple Cider Vinegar can help you shed those few extra unwanted pounds, so I'm trying it. I'll try to keep you guys updated, I'm pretty excited about it!"

[YEA]  04/12/2008: Brandy from Dallas, TX: "I have a one and a half year old pekignese/pomeranian mix who in the last couple of months has shown symptoms of flea allergies, constant licking biting and scratching of her hind legs and rear end as well as her feet. We would find maybe 3-4 fleas on her a week. Which on a dog without allergy probably would not cause this kind of reaction. I wanted to only use natural treatments to try to cure this problem so I looked online and found alot of information. To treat my yard I used diacomateous earth, which is a fossil that kills bugs by injesting/breathing these sharp peices of fossil. Inside my house I did a salt and borax detergent on the floors and furniture. I did this every two weeks attempting to rid my house of any fleas. My dog still had hot spots, and was losing hair and getting scabs from her itching. I also tried lavender essential oil on her collar, and in the bath, and I used Dawn dishwashing detergent to try and drown any fleas that may be on her. This was all in addition to the advantix monthly treatment. These monthly treatments kill the flea when they bite the treated animal, the problem was keeping the fleas from even getting on her. One bite meant misery for my sweet pup. My vet told me to try benadryl and I did that to try to prevent her from itching, while I looked for another remedy. I came upon this site and started using it in her water just a small drop in her water once a day. Then last weekend I tried the half water half ACV rinse after her bath and let her air dry. I have seen MAJOR improvement this week, and have cancelled my appointment with a specialist to find a better way to treat my dog. I am a beleiver now, and will continue using this method as it really has proven itself to me. It is peak flea season here in Dallas and I am amazed at these results, and have even shared them with an online dog allergy group that I belong to. I am so thankful that I dont have to medicate my dog, or use unatural treatments. Thank you so much to this site and everyone who shared their success and failures, My little Nilly thanks you also!"

05/17/2009: Melissa from Arcola, Tx replies: "I am in Tx & have a Pomeranian who is also scratching & losing hair. It drives here CRAZY. We give them liquid drops for heartworm. It also does fleas & ticks. When I check her she only has 1 or 2 fleas but she is still scratching & losing hair. I'm going to try what you said."
09/10/2009: Roni from Marietta, Ohio replies: "If your dog doesnt really have a lot of fleas and is still so bad that there losing fur/getting hot spots it may not JUST be a flea allergy your dog can be allergic to pretty much all the things we can be allergic to my Lab mix is like that he has seasonal allergies his brother and his mother dont its rather difficult so u might wanna try changing food could be allergic to wheat or corn.

Be careful giving alot of baths the vinegar wash that could really dry out their skin and that could itch even more hope this helps"

03/06/2014: Kelly from Long Beach California replies: "Labs are indigenous to Norway and are best on a Fish based diet. Definitely get him off the grains. Will make a huge inprovement"

[YEA]  03/01/2008: kim from sebring, florida: "I got my german shepard from wretched people, they had taken him off his mother at 3 weeks old, the feeding and watering was horrific. I immediately began him on mothers milk for 4 weeks.

Later when he was 4 months old, i bathed him and treated him with flea treatment. IMMEDIATELY he broke out in a terrible rash with lesions and such. The odor made me physically sick. My dog is allergic to flea treatments, AND fleas. It was so bad, that i considered putting him down, it broke my heart to see him suffer so much. what kind of life is that? always constantly itching and bleeding. I found this site, i bathed him in acv and sprayed him down three times a day. all gone. now he is 9 months old. my son flea treated him for me while i was out of town. BAM, horrible, and i do mean horrible rash blood red, lesions, sores, constant itching and crying. I immediately sprayed him down with the acv solution and he fell asleep in about ten minutes, relief from the itching. I began just two days ago adding it to his water, and I can not believe the difference. A dog that is allergic to the chemicals in monthly flea treatments AND allergic to FLEA's has a miserable life. Thankfully due to the acv my dog has a chance at a good itch free life. I cannot thank you enough. It made me cry to see him in such torment. thank you to everyone who shares their stories, it saves lives and the quality of those lives."

06/02/2008: Laroka from Detroit, Michigan replies: "What is the ACV solution you use to spray your dog with? (What is the water/ACV ratio?) Also, how much ACV should we put in their water bowl? Thanks!"
06/03/2008: Joyce from Joelton, Tn replies: "Spray your dog with pure ACV - no diluting required. Works the same way for you - except instead of spraying it on, I wet a wash cloth in vinegar and make like I'm taking a bath. After letting it dry and getting dressed, I head for the fields or woods with no fear of ticks, chiggers, or sand flies."
06/11/2008: Cindy from Buckatunna, Mississippi replies: "Will the acv work in the house? I have tried everything possible. Fleas are taking over our house!!!!!"
06/18/2008: Lori from West Allis, WI replies: "To get rid of fleas in the house you can put a bowl of soapy water (ajax soap works well) under a night light or smaller lamp. The fleas are attracted to the light and will fall in the water and die. It worked for my family when I was young and our cat was infested with fleas. Set up more than one of these traps and I'm sure it will work. Good Luck, Lori."
[YEA]  08/23/2008: Aprilluvv from Los Angeles, CA replies: "Borax in the carpet for a few days before vaccuming works and the ACV does work in the house but it will make you house stink. I didn't care, I had GHETTO FLEAS FROM HELL for 2 months. ACV works well on your body too."

[NAY]  07/21/2007: Kathy from Danville, Indiana: "I was really hoping this natural inexpensive remedy would work for my dog but unfortunately, it didn't. The poor dog is still infested after several days of drinking nothing but acv mixed with the water. I have sprayed him as well with the solution and the poor dog is still miserable. I'm afraid I will have to resort to Advantage to give him some relief. It's breaking my heart to see him so miserable. The fleas are making him miserable. I wanted it to work so badly. Maybe it depends on the coat of the dog. One dog doesn't scratch at all and the other one is miserable. Thanks anyway, it was worth a try."

06/29/2008: LovesDachshunds from Bayonne, The United States replies: "Every month I give each Dachshund a Sentinel flavor tab, which you get from your Vet, and I also use as backup Frontline Plus for dogs. So far so good."


06/30/2010: Gayle from Bunnell, Fl replies: "this is a question!! will the ACV work on cats!?!? all my animals share in all the water bowls"
02/11/2011: Stefanie from Keystone Heights, Florida replies: "Hi, an odd question for Gayle in Bunnell... Do you have horses as well? Stefanie"

[YEA]  06/25/2007: Christy from Waxahachie, Tx: "I have a 12 year old dog named Shelby.She has suffered with hot spots and has lost quite a bit of her hair.I also have a 4 yr old named Madyson.The fleas at my house were taking over. Since trying the Apple Cider Vinegar, our lives have become better. No more fleas on my dogs or in my house. Shelby's hair has started to grow back. It has been fabulous!!! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful information. I have passed it on with hopes that many pets will live happy lives :)"

[YEA]  04/24/2006: Debbie from Oklahoma: "I am a Dog groomer. I ran across this remedy about 4 months ago and tried it on my dogs..I was unhappy with products like frontline (which I was a firm believer) because it seemed like I would still see a flea or "flea dirt"... Nothing is on my girls. NOTHING!!! So now I am letting all of my customers know. I tell them it can take 4-6 weeks to see the benefit. I put it my girls drinking water... 1 tsp.ACV to 1 quart water. When I started trying the acv, I thought what the heck.. If it doesn't work for the fleas it has alot of other benefits."

05/06/2009: chellyhurst from Ochlocknee, ga,USA replies: "you can take and put a handful off moth balls in your vacuum cleaner bag and this will kill the fleas and flea eggs that are vacumed up."
06/30/2012: Shay from Tustin, Ca replies: "I like the moth ball idea for my vacuum because it is a shop vac and it only has a filter but no bags are required. I will try this along with some of the other remedies for getting rid of fleas. Does baking soda actually kill fleas or discourage them???"

[YEA]  Vickie from Tampa Florida: "I have found great success with Apple cider vinegar ...My Boxer has no fleas or ticks & a shiny coat."

01/03/2013: Robin from Steuben, Me replies: "Almost all of the comments about apple cider vinegar combating fleas indicate that the ACV is put into drinking water. I have tried that at the doses indicated in the comments here but my pets will not drink vinegar- infused water, Neither will I for that matter! What can be done to get them to ingest the ACV?? R. L."

[YEA]  Karen from Florence, SC: "When I give my dog a bath and then sponge her with ACV should I dilute it? Also if I use it in a spray bottle should I use full strength or dilute, if I dilute how much. Thanks"

[YEA]   Sheerec from San Antonio, TX: "ACV for Fleas, itching and scratching works. My dog was itching and scratching everywhere very badly to the point,he had a small raw spot on his neck. I can say that it works. I put some apple cider vinegar in a spray bottle, sprayed him down and let him air dry. The severe scrathing stop and the raw place under his neck has healed."

[YEA]  Lana from Caro, Michigan: "I just tried the ACV on my Maltese, she's been miserable every Aug-Oct for years. Now she's resting quietly, within minutes. Thank-you so much! Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you! We've tried allergy shots, bathing, haircuts (she's practically bald now) benedryl, baby oil, seems like more things too, nonstop itching 24-7. Now she's happy again. Thanks so much!"

[YEA]  Jennifer from Doonan, QLD, Australia: "It truly works for eliminating fleas from dogs. Just a few drops in the drinking water each day BUT it does take about six weeks.I have also sprayed the dog's beds and cleaned rugs and floors every day so it is an ongoing chore to for the six weeks but I am now on top of the situation.I run a Poodle resort so I have quite a few dogs and to have solved the flea problem is an enormous relief."

[YEA]  MJ Fox from Ireland: "I use ACV in my rescue dogs' food twice a week and give them diluted ACV rub downs with a wet sponge or rag about every 10 days. There are no fleas on these dogs at all, which I think is a result of the ACV. I also use it full strength for ring worm and seem to be having some good luck with mange."

Apple Cider Vinegar, Brewer's Yeast and Salt

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[YEA]  12/22/2011: Max from St-pascal, Quebec, Canada: "Based on what I read here, I decided to mix up different solutions for maximum effectiveness.

I used ACV, Yeast and Sea salt (about 2 tbsp acv, 2tbsp yeast and 1tbsp sea salt) in 500 mL spray bottle, and used on my cat once a day. It was dramatically effective!! My cat stopped itching herself all the time and was flea free, but we didnt take care of the eggs so she became re infected... we will re-do the treatment with eggs in mind soon.

Interesting side effects is that her hair became completely nice and soft, and prior to that had been filled with hard hairballs all of her life! She also got a very improved mood, more energy, and became more sociable!

I believe the nutrients from the high quality Brewer Yeast (used Lewis Labs brand), and the ACV did wonders for her health! As soon as she would be all wet with the mix she would try to lick it all up, so she ended up eating quite a bit of it... (a reason why NOT to put too much salt in there..)"

03/22/2012: Kellz from Manukau, Auckland replies: "Just get your carpets steam cleaned to kill all the fleas and eggs."

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