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Remedies Needed

04/09/2014: Rhutka from Toledo, Ohio: "I have an eight year old female Yorkshire Terrier named Daisymae who just recently began to show swelling in her belly. We took her to the vet to find out what could be the cause and we were told to go get an ultrasound but that it was probably liver cancer. We did the ultrasound and it was determined that cancer was indeed the cause. We love our dog and and since I am out on the internet quite a bit, I thought I might as well try to find out if there was any chance at all for our dog. Her belly has become swollen within the last month or more and she has problems getting up and down our steps now when she goes outside. She drinks water just fine, but her appetite is not as good. She usually gets rewarded with a dog treat when she goes outside. Now, she usually will only eat her treat after she is in for a little bit and the water she drinks has time to settle. She will eat people food like she has had it all her life (she hasn't). Please, does my dog have any kind of a chance to any possible recovery? I and my wife are heart-broken and since we already have had the worst news from the vet, any hope at all would be a blessing. Thanks in advance, Rhutka."

04/10/2014: Theresa from Mpls., Mn replies: "Hey Rhutka!

I'm sorry to hear about your Yorkie's liver cancer :(

Surgical treatment is typically the ideal approach in this situation, however you need to consider a few things before you choose that route.

The ultrasound showed you that there was a problem, but unless you did biopsies and additional bloodwork, you still need to know if this is a malignant tumour - and if so, the extent of the disease.

The liver organ has the ability to regenerate itself - a good thing if large portions of the organ must be removed to excise the tumor. But if the tumor has spread, or is of a nodular form [as opposed to one big mass] or if the tumor is in an inoperable location -then the prognisis is very poor. This is something that cannot be determined by ultrasound, and can only be evaluated via surgical exploration.

So, if this were my dog [and it was], the first consideration is your pocketbook; do you have the 4K or so to get this surgery done? And this is major abdominal surgery; your dog will be cut stem to stern and will be on morphine for a 2 week recovery. And depending on what they find, the cancer could come back - and when they do its usually with a vengeance. And then lastly, do you have the time and mental capacity to nurse your dog through healing from the surgery to a possible hospice situation?

In my case we 'debulked' a pancratic tumor - we could not get the entire thing - so the cancer eventually won, but we did manage to buy 6 more months of time with our girl; 6 more months of deferring saying goodbye, 6 months filled with fried egg and bacon sandwiches on toast each morning and anything else our girl wanted to eat.

I don't think I would go this route again - never say never - but with this particular dog it was inconceivable to take any other action, and hey, that's what credit cards are for. This was years ago, the bills long paid, but the memories of those last 6 months are with us forever.

I do not envy your situation. While those last 6 months of stolen time with our girl were filled with whatever we could do to make our girl comfortable and happy, always in the backs of our minds was the looming specter of the end; 6 months of waiting for the other shoe to fall.

I wish you peace in whichever decision you make.


Please check this out for more info:"

04/11/2014: Rhutka from Toledo, Ohio replies: "Unfortunately, surgery doesn't seem to be the answer to my Yorkie's problem. Her blood work wasn't unnormal by very much at all, but the ultrasound showed holes in the liver. The description was that the liver looked like swiss cheese. Her belly is becoming swollen with fluid, so I was hoping to find way to help get rid of the fluid and since the doctors don't seem to offer much in the way of a future for her, I turned to the internet to give me some possible help for my baby. You always hear about surprise cures that come about because of the internet so I thought that I would give it a try since there is nothing to lose except for the life of a dog. Thanks to everyone that can offer some help and thank you so much to the person who replied to my original post. So sorry to hear about your friend, Rhutka"
04/13/2014: Richard from Ohio, US replies: "My Yorkie is 6 to 9 lbs. Daisymae has liver disease according to the vet and she has had an ultrasound that showed her liver looked like "swiss cheese". They told us that there wasn't much that they could do for Daisy and they prescribed her a diuretic to help with the fluid that is accumulating in her belly. I have read on the internet that milk thistle might be able to help with the liver. I have found the the milk thistle, but I need to know the dosage to give her. Thanks to any and all that want to help, rhutka."
04/13/2014: Theresa from Mpls., Mn replies: "Hey Rhutka! Milk thistle dosage is 50 to 250 mg twice a day. Source: The swiss cheese appearance of the liver on ultrasound appears to have a diabetic component; does your dog have a skin issue going on also? This thread may be useful to you: Http:// I've been trying to think of an internet wonder treatment for you, and what comes to mind is homeopathy. Homeopathic Ruta graveolens 200c is proven to be helpful - check this out: Http://"
04/17/2014: Rhutka from Toledo, Ohio replies: "Hi. Thank you for the information. My Yorkie is between 6 and 8 lbs. She has no other health issues than the big swollen belly. Otherwise you probably wouldn't even know that there was anything wrong with her. I have seen on several posts where milk thistle was advised, but no one ever said a thing about the dosage. We have a health food store here in Toledo that carries Milk Thistle Extract. Thank you for all of your help and I will be checking out the website that was sent to us hopefully Daisymae will have some luck. Thank you, rhutka"

03/29/2014: Juanita from Brooksville, Fl: "In debt over $1,000.00 and can't give up. First vet drained 170 cc from the sac, pressing her left lung and said she had hyperthyroidism and heart problems. Medicine prescribed almost killed her the first day. Second vet came to the home and drained 75 cc from the sac and said cancer. Fluid was sent off to the lab. I called the second vet to get the results and let her know El Gato was breathing open mouthed the next day after and had quit eating. I don't know what to do. Please is there help."

03/29/2014: Juanita from Brooksville, Fl replies: "Two Vets and in debt over 1000. First vet drained 170 cc from a fluid filled sac pressing on left lung and mentioned heart damage. Tests showed hyperthyroidism high and that is what that vet concentrated on prescribed medication that almost killed her the first day. Tried lowering the dosage and noticed the open mouth breathing again. Made the quickest appointment with a mobile vet since her heart is bad thinking less stress and quicker. This vet concentrated on the sac and drained 75cc sent it off to the lab. She suspects cancer. Open mouth breathing is back less than 1 day after the sac was drained. I mentioned putting her to sleep but the vet was in a hurry for her next appointment so now El Gato needs help. She wants to live and I want to help her. I have read about melatonin for cancer and the dosage. But I am desperate to save her."
03/29/2014: Theresa from Mpls., Mn replies: "Hey Juanita!

I am sorry to hear about El Gato's condition. Very clearly you care about her and love her very much.

Hyperthyroidism is usually a disease of older cats. When it goes undetected into the advanced stages - causing heart and other organ damage - the vet may need to treat the heart before addressing the hyperthyroidism. It may be that in order to save El Gato's life this fluid must be drained from the heart again and again until at such a time the medications have a chance to work and the fluid accumulation is reduced and her condition improves. Given the possible cancer diagnosis, it may also be that the fluid accumulation is the result of a tumor on the heart causing the sac around the heart to fill with fluid; there are surgical options for this however they are risky and success rate is iffy at best.

Please read up on hyperthyroidism in cats:

Please read up on the heart condition that El Gato likely has:

Please contact your first vet and have a frank discussion with them; are you seeing hyperthyroidism at its end stage? What is the vet's own success rate in treating this condition in the later stages?

The answer may help you determine the best way to spare El Gato needless suffering.

{{{{{{{Juanita & El Gato}}}}}}}}}}}"

04/22/2013: Mona from Beaverton, Oregon: "Hi, my dog is 90 pounds and 12 years old. he has a large mass growing on his hind rear leg. A biopsy has been done and he has cancer. I have the choice to have surgery done if the cancer has not spread yet. Lots of tests need to be done etc. I was wondering if you have any natural medication/herbs that would reduce the mass?

I am still not sure if I want to have him go through surgery because the vet told me that the cancer will return. Thank you."

04/22/2013: Om from Hope, B.c., Canada replies: "My old rescue shepherd has a tumor growing in his haunch. I have had rescue animals for almost twenty five years and know that operations are not addressing the issue. No panic, but keep giving essiac tea twice a day, no chemical meds but lots of vegs and not much meat since meat is full of hormones and chemicals. In addition I will give MMS treatment, lots of 'C' and other natural vits. Even if cancer cannot be overcome, the animal so treated will not have the pain and still an extended lifespan. Cancer can be cured but the world is brainwashed to apply cutting, burning and poisoning. I lost two frieds to cancer but they both told me that if they had gone with natural treatment, they would have lived longer and better. That way they were gone soon. God's pharmacy is awsome but we have to regain practical knowledge by faith and perseverance."
07/31/2013: Sheena from British Columbia replies: "cancer fighting recipe

In the crock pot/slow cooker - cook for 8 hours on LOW

- Start with 1/2 cup of filtered water
- Add about 3 tablespoons of any combo of these spices: rosemary, turmeric, dill, oregano, ginger, kelp, mint, parsley
- Fill up the pot with any combo of these ORGANIC veggies: carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, asparagus, eggplant, peas, beets, cabbage, kale, green beans, squash, and/or brussels sprouts.
- After they are cooked, blend them up in a blender to an almost pureed texture and they are ready to be served.

(these veggies and herbs are cancer fighters in people)"

12/06/2012: Louise from Cairns, Queensland, Australia: "Can anyone help with some good natural remedies for treating cancer I have two Siberian huskies age 11 and 12 both have cancer one has a tumour in the lung and the liver the other has a mass in the upper torso under the arm have been told by the vet that these are both inoperable. I was wondering if anyone has some good remedies for helping my babies I was going to start trying some juice remedies and maybe I need to change their diet they are feed at the moment Advance diet control dry food and cooked chicken also get one schamko a day ( dried liver or fish strap) and of an evening at bed time they get one baked biki. Sometimes I do mix cooked veges in their food also. I also have a Norfolk terrier chihuahua cross who has had two lots of cancer tumours removed this type of cancer she has is reoccurring and the vet tells me this time it is spreading towards the chest and next time will also be inoperable."

12/20/2012: Riley's Mom from Hemet, California replies: "Riley, my Springer Spaniel was diagnosed with bone cancer 4 years ago. I opt to treat him naturally and have had him 4 years longer then he should have lived, he is now 13 years old and still going strong. I highly recommmend natural treatment. I first did a parasite kill, detoxed, build his immune system and kept him on a natural diet. Anyone agonizing over their pets health should check out natural cures for dog cancer and educate yourself on cancer and its treatment. There is hope. Good Luck!"
12/20/2012: Darcy from Hemet, California replies: "Look online at several sites to educate yourself on cancer and their remedies. Just google natural cancer cures for dogs. You can email anytime if you like with questions darcytolle(at) I have had my dog for 13 years and he was diagnosed with bone cancer when he was 9. So there is hope. Darcy"

12/03/2012: Amy from Goole, East Yorkshire ,uk: "Hi My name is Amy and my little elderly cat cleo has been to hell and back through vets lack of interest, the first vet said she had a root that needed to come out of her mouth so we let the vet take it out but she still had trouble with her mouth and the wound didn't' seem to be healing, then they said it was stomatosis I hope I spelled that right, we asked if it could be cancer because we lost her brother to cancer some two years ago, they did blood tests and said no cancer in her bloods. Then they seemed to lose interest and made us feel like we were just a couple of nags keep comming back, all they gave her was pain relief and antibiotics, because of that we changed vets again and they started to treat stomatitus because thats what the other vet said it was.

Then we had a biopsy done and they found squamus cell cancer in her mouth, because of her age they wouldn't treat her so we have been using natural remedies our selves and have built up to several different treatments through out the day, Her eve is very gunged up and painfull I did get sone ointment from the vet but it did no good, then we tried black tea to bathe it and that made it worse now we put hypermelrose drops in her eyes twice maybe three times a day. It did clear up a little but has started weeping again.

Can anyone give advice as to what I can use to soothe her little eye, I think her sight is damaged in that eye but because it is so gunged up it is hard to tell, the gunge looks like bits of flesh with blood and a clear thick watery substance, can anyone help her Please, apart from that we have to syringe feed her most of the time, she will have the odd meal of a sardine or a little chicken, but she still comes for her combing and fluffs and shakes her little tail at me as thought she is happy, can any one help us please?"

10/04/2012: Js from Naples, Fl: "My dog has been operated on for cancer cyst. The cyst keeps coming back and getting bigger. Does anyone know a natural cure to make this disappear. He is old and not able to have anymore surgery."

10/02/2012: Chazneeka from Kalamazoo, Mi, Usa: "Hello everyone. This site is great. It has been so encouraging. I've spent the past few hours reading about cancer and tumor remedies, but I am utterly lost.

I guess I should start by giving the background and my situation. Late Sunday night I noticed a very large tumor that had suddenly "popped up" on my dog. I took him to the vet first thing yesterday morning and after the vet aspirated the tumor and administered a rectal exam, I received the devastating news that my beautiful, beloved Echo, more than likely has cancer. She could not say definitively because she couldn't get a great sample from the tumor but she said from the sheets of cells that she was able to get that the cells were splitting, and again while she couldn't say 100% positively she was pretty sure it is cancer. The tumor is located beneath Echo's tail, pressing up against the wall of his colon. As it stands right now it makes going to the bathroom a little more difficult but is not life threatening right now. She gave him a couple of weeks to a few months to live.

After having my day of processing this information and "grieving", I started getting my head back together and the thought of using a homeopathic or herbal remedy crossed my mind. Which is what has led me here. If I do nothing I will lose Echo, and far too soon.

Here is Echo's information: Age - 10.5, Weight - 96.6 pounds (could stand to lose 5-10 of those pounds), Food - Wellness Super6 Senior Mix (it is the only food he can have because he has dietary restrictions due to protein levels and his kidneys which has been well controlled for 2 years on this food). At this point he is acting completely normal, eating well (and enthusiastically), and drinking normally. He also was started on prednisone to keep him comfortable as long as possible. Current Supplements - a skin and coat vitamin, a glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM supplement, and a daily multi vitamin.

Here is my issue: I need something that will be relatively fast acting and will cause little to no growth of the tumor. Due to the location of the tumor if it grows much larger it will kill him.

My question: From what I've read it looks like the essiac tea and tumeric are my best bets maybe some blackstrap molasses? Am I missing one that I should try? Is there certain herbs/remedies that I shouldn't mix? Will bunching a bunch together (like the molasses, tumeric, and essiac tea) be effective, or will they cancel eachother out? How much do I give a dog Echo's size? How often?

As you can tell I am desperate. I'm open to pretty much anything that offers me a chance of saving my sweet boy. He is my heart. Please let me know as soon as possible.

Thank you!"

10/08/2012: Chazneeka from Kalamazoo, Michigan, Usa replies: "I hope this posts as a reply to the correct message. I clicked on reply under my message but is showing a header for a differnt message so just in case this is for the dog with a cancerous tumor post by chazneeka (myself). Although I've gotten no feedback from my post I thought I would give a quick update so that hopefully someone will tell me if there is something else that I can do.

I've started Echo on turmeric, essiac tea, blackstrap molasses, and added some lactose free yogurt, and cottage cheese with flaxseed oil.

He seems to be doing well on it. His tumor has grown a bit since starting him on all that but from everything I've been able to read that is completely normal. We're on day 4 of all this, so hopefullly that tumor will start shrinking soon. On the good side of things even though its grown it seems to have shifted a little bit. It could be my imagination (or wishful thinking) but it seems to have drawn away from his colon/rectum a little bit. I also noticed that one of his fatty tumors has shrunk significantly. I used to be able to find/feel it easily but I had to really search for it tonight.

Please if you have any feedback that you think might help me, I would love to hear it."

11/08/2012: Thomas G from La Quinta, Ca replies: "I have a similiar situation as Usa with my 14 year old doxie; Punky. When I found the tumor near her anal sac, I tool her to Animal Samaritans in our area. The vet described it as a likely cancerous tumor. He said it was cost approx 1000.00 to have the tumor removed.

I couldn't afford it so I began looking into the Apple Cider Vinegar and Organic Maple Syrup and Baking Soda as a treatment. I then found Dr. Budwig's information about cold pressed flaxseed oil and organic LF cottage cheese. I bean using it with an occasional sprinkle of ACV into her water dish. She began receiving the FSO/CC twice a day. I took her for walks in the AM. It seems that the tumor shrank somewhat, but then seemed to be moving downward. It has been about 2 weeks since I started this.

She now gets vegetables and fruit juiced up and every other day an apricot kernal in her FSO/CC mixture. She has shown more energy, but not every day. I noticed a small amount of blood on a BM she had a couple of days ago and she seems to be leaking a clear to diulted bloody liquid slightly from her rear end. I don't know if this is from straining or something else. She has also been getting stool softner per the vets instructions. He told me she had about 2-3 months without any treatment. Her SuperChem CBC test shows essentially normal and a low normal calcium level from the test. I've keep track of her pH for the last day or some using litmus strips I bought at Clark's Nutrition Market. At this point I'm not sure if things are improving or not. Her apetite is very good, she does a bit of water, but I attribute that to her pH being around 8.0 and the kidneys flushing out the alkalinity from her system. I'm stumped as to whether this takes a while to show real improvement or am I just chasing a wish. Anyone with more knowledge who replies would be appreciated."

09/29/2012: Js from Fl: "My dog has cancer cysts which were operated on but the cysts came back. The vet has been trying to freeze them but it does not seem to work. Does anyone have a natural remedy to remove them? They are getting bigger. Thanks"

09/09/2012: Sandra from Killeen, Tx, Usa: "My 13 Yr old developed Fibrosarcoma on sholders ( where vaccinated) 6 months ago and last month it came back on his left arm and back of neck.

If you have any advice for me please help me, help my Baby Cat.

Thanks, Sandra"

09/12/2012: Gemini Dreamweapon from Chicago, Il replies: "Hi Sandra, If you don't have a holistic vet nearby check into the Canadian company Pet W--------. They have a holistic vet feline tincture for cat cancer that is akin to the Essiac and Ojibwa Tea used in alternative cancer protocol.

I have used their mellitus and less stress on my kitty for a few years now. They know their herbs/botanicals and have formulations that are similar to human therapeutic formulations. They formulate without herbs that are dangerous to cats and dogs and with dropper instructions that go by weight.

The easiest way to deliver these is to mix the daily dose into the food rather than trying to shove the dosage down the hatch.

FYI I am not affiliated with the company. I am actually a post bacc in the Pre Health program at Loyola in Chicago working towards the MCAT and have several years of experience with therapeutic botanicals and herbs. I also work P/T at whole foods in the whole body/supplements department."

09/13/2012: Diamond from Salisbury, Ma. replies: "I hope you kitty with cancer is still doing ok? Just try to make her as comfortable as you can, keep searching for a remedy I am sure you will find what you need. Good luck & God bless..."

08/01/2012: Gramsearth from Durham, North Caroliina, U.S.: "My 16 yr old male cat diagnosed with lymphoma of kidney and popped up over night, mass gets big by the day. what can i give him? he has hyperthyroidsism and losing wt rapidly. the vet they refuse chemo or radiation. he is a large strong cat, and used to weigh 30 lbs. he walks around and only drinks rain water and i dont know why. he's constipated alot. i dont have anymore money for enemas, iv fluids etc. i am trying to find a job. does gogi juice, or rasberries work for cats. i heard rasberries fight cancer. he is half siamese, half short hair brown black cat. no other health problems, walks around the yard but sleeping more lately. i live in nc."

07/05/2012: Fayeraye from Goshen, Ny Usa: "Hello, would you be kind enough to tell me if anything has been beneficial for putting lung mets in remission?. My 5yr old Newfie DX last june with OS had amp, chemo, Metronomic and have combined holistic, home made diet and Artemisinin. Her lungs WERE clear until April. She now has numerous mets that are growing at a rate of 1.5 -1 cm every 3 weeks. Her back leg has recently become quite waek, having difficulty getting up. Once up she is OK. Had X-rays done on legs and spine. No sign of cancer. I would love advice. Thank you, Eileen"

05/15/2012: Eileen from Ny, Ny Usa: "I have been doing Voluntary all creature rescue for nearly 40 years. I have a dear 4 year old Newfoundland who is a therapy dog for a child with disabilities. Sadly she was DX with OS last May. And as of 8 weeks ago her chest x-rays went from clear to multiple lung mets, some quite large. I had been doing conventional therapy(Carboplatin chemo) and since had been combining holistic (Artemisin protocol alternated with Citoxan /Piroxicam. She has no idea she is a sick as she is. She eats well has high energy and her blood work is excellent with the exception oh a Now high Lipase, and Only Lipase being high at the moment. I'm trying to get this God awful prognosis >Lung Mets< in remission so this dear sweet twosome will share more wonderful memories together. I would love your opinions and suggestions. Since last weeks DX she is no longer on Citoxan. I have her on The Artemisinin every evening now, and started her 2 days ago on 4mg LDN. ANY other suggestions you have found to be safe and affective for this grim Diagnosis? She is 150 pounds.

Thank you, Eileen. Thank you. And Graciously appreciated."

04/26/2012: Diana from Toronto, Ontario, Canada: "Hi there. Our dog Masha (Airedale. 12 years old) has been diagnosed with oral melanoma. It doesn't look good and seems to be agressive. They don't know how long she'll live and conventional treatmnents are not looking good.

Does anyone have experience treating this type of cancer with success? please help."

02/27/2012: Jenn from Brantford, Ontario, Canada: "At first we thought it was an abcess cause he had some bad teeth that need to be pulled out, but now my vet did blood work, xrays, no cancer shows up, we tried 2 antibiotics, they aren't working... She's sure it's a tumor, but I can't afford biopsies & cancer treatments :(

He has a lump in the fleshy part, like lip area beside his left side of his nose and it spreads over that top side, below his eye, some days his eye looks swollen shut some... :(

Anyway, I read about Essiac tea, and ACV, is there anything else that works for cancer with cats? I read something about Castor oil, but I thought castor oil was toxic for cats?

Please anyone, with any results of their own please help me. My cat is deteriorating & I don't know what to try. The vet pretty much says the antibiotics should have cleared it up, and has pretty much just said to keep him comfortable till I 'think it's time' & we'll decide about euthenizing him... But I don't want it to come to that :(

Please msg me"

02/29/2012: Darcy from Hemet, California replies: "Try a parasite kill. Look up Hulda Clark and get the right dosage and how long to take. Also look up "Cancer Tutor" this has a ton of information on cancer cures. My dog was diagnosed with bone cancer 3 years ago and is still here, so there is hope. Good luck!"
03/05/2012: Celeste from Seattle, Washington Usa replies: "Jenn, Have you tried pure turmeric powder? Not the supplements, since the pure stuff works immediately and is not contaminated with odd chemicals. Google "health benefits of turmeric. " I can say with confidence as a natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, it is a wonderous natural root that has been used for centuries. I have used it for myself and for my dogs. I would highly recommend it, but you should research it so you have a better understanding of what its benefits may be and if this is an option for you. You can find it at any Asian/Indian grocery store for under $3. Good luck!"

01/18/2012: Katie from Fort Collins, Colorado : "My 8 yr old yellow lab riley had been having trouble opening her mouth and chewing so I tried to open her mouth to look inside and she was in a lot of pain and could not open her mouth without yelping. I watched her for a few days then noticed a large lump on her upper jaw. I took her to the vet and they did xrays and told me it is cancer. They said I can have her go into surgery but it is very tricky due to where it is or have her go through radiation. Both of these treatments are not guarateed to work and cost thousands of dollars that I do not have. The vet said that I can medicate her so she is not in pain but the tumor will continue to grow until she cannot open her mouth. I can't sit and wait for that to happen. She is a very healthy happy dog and I need to do something to make her better.

The bone on the one side of her jaw is also much thinner than the other side. I have been researching on the ACV and Budwig Protocol but I'm not sure if I should start anything else in conjunction with these. If anyone has any advice that would be great!"

01/19/2012: Timh from Louisville, Ky, Usa replies: "Katie, I'm a big proponent of Magnet Therapy as it has helped me and my pets very much for several yrs now. For something as serious as this, I would find an old or unused music speaker you might have discarded in the garage; or take one out of an old speaker cabinet that no longer works. Wrap the speaker in a thin cotton cloth and place it over the affected area for at least 1 hr daily or more and more frequently if you can manage. This will bring immediate relief of pain & swelling AND give whatever cancer treatment you choose a big boost. Magnetic Belts and straps are available online and work well (i use them every day). A velcro strap with a 4x4 embedded magnets might fit over the area if your dog could tolerate it for any length of time.

As for C treatment I would use H2O2 drops in the water bowl. Begin slowly with 4 drops 3% and work up to maybe as much as twenty. If possible use cotton w/ H2O2 locally on the affected area, but hopefully there will be direct contact while drinking.

Hope this helps and report results."

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