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02/03/2011: Diana from Melbourne, Florida, Usa: "Thanks for all the posts about pumpkin and my dog's anal glands. He was at the vet yesterday for his annual shots (like a robot, I take him every year because the vet says I have to, now I am discovering perhaps it's not necessary) and had his anal glands expressed while we were there. He has diabetes (7 units of insulin injected twice daily), the vet said that wouldn't interfere with his shots.

Within a few hours of his appt he was lethargic, by last night he was scary sick. Wouldn't eat (this dog is almost 11 years old and has NEVER missed a meal) and barely wanted to lift his head, eyes were dull, panting heavily. I called the emergency vet and he said it was probably an allergic reaction to his shots and give him 25 mg Benadryl and he would be fine. I ran to the store to buy the Benadryl and gave it to him.

This AM he slept an hour later than usual, only ate half his breakfast and was still totally wiped out. Today vet said give him a baby aspirin and if he's not better tomorrow, bring him back in. Tonight we noticed a huge angry looking red swollen area to the left and a little below his anus. After a little research it seems like it is an anal gland infection. Could that have caused his lethary yesterday and have nothing to do with his shots? After discovering this site and reading the posts, I immediately gave him 1 tablespoon of pumpkin (he is a 20 lb poodle) and applied aloe from my yard to the wound. Anybody have any other suggestions? I am reluctant to go to the vet tomorrow if I can figure this out and try to heal him naturally. Thanks"

02/11/2011: Kathy from Las Vegas, Nv replies: "My dog had his glands expressed and it caused major pain and a huge lump on his behind. He was very lethargic and licked his bottom constantly. I took advice from another post and put him in the tub with 2-3 inches of warm water and added 1/2 cup of hydrogen peroxide and 1 cup of epsom and just used a glass to pour it over his bottom. I did this 5 different times the first day and 3-4 times the next day then once a day for another few days. I also fed him 1/2 cup of pumpkin and he felt better in a day or two."

05/29/2010: Mary from Regina, Sskchewan: "Hi:
I have a question regarding my little min pin grinding her butt into carpet like she is scratching. I am not sure if it is worms or anal gland problem. and if it is worms what is the best approach. She is on raw meat and bones diet. She gets live yogurt every day and is 8 with tons of energy.


11/10/2010: Debbie from Brighton, Uk replies: "Hi, I would look into adding FOOD GRADE Diatomaceous Earth to her diet, everyday. It has many health benefits as well as a natural wormer and flea control. Regards, Debbie."
01/28/2011: Renae from Denver, Co replies: "Dogs should not be on a strict meat only diet. Fiber and veggies are just as important to animals as they are to us. You may hear arguements saying "dogs are carnivores and not omivores", but look at the average life span of Wild dogs. Wolves live up to about 6 years if they are lucky. A meat only diet can lead to digestive problems, swollen anal glands, infections and certain diseases. I would start giving your dog dog food with veggies and fiber already added or adding some to the meat you give him now. Also a dog multi vitamin with fiber will help."
03/20/2011: Lisette from Salem, Nh replies: "Where do you buy a can of pumpkin. I been looking to find some at the markert its only seasonal Thank-you."
03/26/2011: Sue from Woodinville, Wa replies: "My little 10 lb Pom mix continuously deals with her left anal gland swelling up and the last time, it was able to correct itself. I kept her in a homemade "diaper" sort of and it helped to prevent the gland from rupturing. This time however, she wiggled her way out of the diaper and by the time I noticed it, the gland had ruptured. She'd been licking it so I cleaned it and applied an antibotic spray to it, then made her a new "diaper" that allowed it to have air and dry, while maintaining it from bacteria and such. It's made a scab, but she's having loose stools right now so I was wondering if the pumpkin would firm up her stools again, or what could I use? Anyway to best help her rupture or just leave it be since it's scabbed over on it's own?"
04/13/2011: Jackie from Warren, Mi replies: "You can find pumpkin out of season, you just have too look at a few supermarkets, its usually by the baking products, not in the vegetable aisle."
05/05/2011: Terry from Glendale, Az replies: "Hi Lisette, I happened to read your post on 2 subjects. I have 6 Shih Tzus, used to have 8. My Laverne had iIntervertabal DIsc Disease. I research on everything. Please go to, you fill out a questionaire and Holly makes up chinese herbs for your dog or any animal.

If you go to the webpage and older blog you will see my reply and how within less then a month she was jumping off the sofa. She is now going to be 14 years old. some other picturees of a few Shih tzus are also on the same letter I e-mailed her. Laverne also takes herbs for her dry eye.

I now have herbs for my Sammy who will be 15 on Christmas day for his carteracts. I read on line about chinese herbs on this web page.

I lost Amos last year I research and he had swollen glads which I goggle if they can get cancer from this. He had lymphoma. His white blood cells were low and he stopped eating.. I found out from a retired vet he told me I was correct with finding this out. He Passed on peacefully.

I did get herbs and a cancer site some items. But he had this for awhile. I found out Holly from Pawhealer has items for cancer in pets..

Also you can get Organic pumpkin in the can in some supermarkets, I get it at Sprouts or Whole Foods her in Arizona.. When it it Pumpkin season I cook the pumpkin..

I give my dogs Shih Tzus 1/2 teapoon in food for digestive system also go for anal on female dogs. My one had a smeel and had to have the glads supr4esses it has been 11 months and she is fine.

I also give them Organic apple cider vinegar 1/2 teapoon in food for their immune system.. Been doing this for 6 years with pumpkin or more. Go to web page on dogs and humans... I tooke a tablespoon a day in a glass of water for immune system and when I had Valley Fever in my Joints. Excellent to lose weigh.. research the webpage.

Does anyone know what I can do for my one Shih Tzu Shirley Laverne's sister. When she pees as she is getting older will be 14 years young and this has been for a few years. When she pee's it dries tackey on her back end and legs. I have a natural spray THE STUFF which helps a little . Any answer would be greatly appreciated.

Also if your dog or cat has tarter as my dogs did on teeth and 2 with bad breath you can use this it is natural and excellent.

TROPICLEAN FOR FRESH BREATH. It is a gel which you put on the tarter and they lick it. Use for 30 days then 2 times a week.. It is 2 week and this is remarkable. Holistic and natural.. I also use PETRODEXULTRA advanced Veterinary Cleaning Paste. Use 14 days then 2 times a week if necessary.

I am using this for 14 days only. Then just continuing with gel. You can get this at Ryan's pet supplies on line or goggle as other vendors have it.

Hope this helps you and everyone.. Best of health to all the pets.


[YEA]  08/08/2011: Lesley from Neenah, Wi replies: "I have had full coats on Lhasas and shih but when older clipped.... Now, always clip. Esp cleaner for rear end and vaginal area.

When in hurry, I use vinegar in a spray bottle on any tinkle smell areas of feet or legs-- when older they sometimes step in tinkle. I then wash with water, but not necessary, I guess.... always thought vinegar might irritate delicate skin so careful near vaginal area.

Used sprayed vinegar in feet that had what seemed to be yeast/fungal on toe nails... Didnt stop licking totally, but also didnt hurt. Schriener's seemed to work much better

On fanny use Tucks pads to clean behind (fast, at door), then wash if needed. You could use for tinkle too.

I have ALWAYS wiped after going out--mine all wait for this. had one Lhasa who would lift leg to get wiped and now have shih who does this--so cute."

08/09/2011: Janine from North Bethesda, Md, Usa replies: "Hi everyone, My 1.5 year old 16 lb pom has a ruptured anal gland abscess. He's had it for 6 days now. I didn't notice the swollen gland until it was ruptured (I didn't know any better, now I do). It continues to release puss, not as much as before, but it's still there.

So the question is, other than Antiseptic 4 times a day, clipping his hair in the back and washing his behind area every day, what else can I do for now to heal the abscess, I've been following the procedure I listed above for 5 days now? Also, how long should it take for him to heal?

I have read a lot on this forum as to how to prevent this in the future, I have used pumpkin on him before when he had loose bloody stools once and it worked like a charm (took a few days though). I'll be restarting him on the pumpkin.

Anyone know if boiled casava/yuka (loaded with fiber) would be a good option too?"


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