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Pickle Juice Remedy for Muscle Cramps

Folk Medicine Ingredients:

  • Pickle Juice

Drinking a few ounces of pickle juice – you can take it straight from the jar – can stop a cramp fast and keep them from coming back anytime soon.

[YEA]  03/29/2008: Lani from Eugene, OR: "Pickle juice cured my leg cramps - immediately! I have been having severe leg cramps (mainly at night) for months.They wake me up many times each night.Tonight, as I was watching TV,the cramps came on hard. I decided to get on internet to look for a cure. I eventually came upon pickle juice and decided to try it because I had some in the refrigerator and I like the taste.I poured a small glass (4 ounces of sweet pickle juice) and drank it.I sat down to watch TV again and the cramps were gone. It is hard for me to believe that pickle juice would work so fast and so well, but it did.I just poured another glass and put it on my bedside table to use in case the' leg cramps return tonight. Shall let you know what happens!"

[YEA]  11/17/2006: Dorthy from Salt Lake: "Dill pickle juice cured my severe leg mucle spasms following knee replacement surgury. I found one site that said the pickle juice gives us acitic acid. Whatever it does, it worked almost instantaneously. I would like to find another way to stop the spasms, there is not a lot to do with bottles of pickle without the juice. Eating just the pickle does not give the same relief."

[YEA]  10/21/2006: Dee from West Palm Beach, FL: "Just drank 4 tblsp of Claussen pickle juice 3 mins. ago...SEVERE ANKLE PAIN (right side), pain is abating as I write this!!!! Thank you, thank you thank you. Happened to have Claussen (dill) pickles on hand as daughter likes them for sandwhiches. I have had this severe cramp for five hours and went on your site for relief."

[YEA]  Reenee from KY: "my sister in law had told me about pickle juice. i know it works! potassium helps but pickle juice dill stops it in its tracks."

05/23/2009: Pamm from Alabaster, Alabama replies: "The reason Pickle Juice Works is because of the Sodium content in it. One of the reasons we get muscle cramps in our legs and feet is because we are lacking sodium in our diet rather it be from sweating or diarrhea or addison's disease or urinating a lot or etc.. I have a problem with low sodium & I noticed I would have muscle spasms or cramps all over. As soon as I eat saltine crackers or peanuts they would go away within minutes. So its great that pickle juice works but its because of the sodium in it not the pickle juice itself. So for people out there that doesn't like pickle juice try anything with high content of sodium next time you have muscle spasms. And also try anything with potassium in it too. Good Luck!"
08/23/2010: Josie from Koyuk, Alaska replies: "Just out of curiosity, would a taste of Soy Sauce work twice as fast? My dad is 55 and strong, but I've noticed, over the years, he'd have severe cramps, he blames the water system also. Why am I asking? Because I'm also worried that, what if these are symptoms or signs that something may go wrong. Even so, he believes in drinking alot of water everyday. Sincerly,

Point Toes To Nose

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[YEA]  04/29/2013: Peter from Pontypridd, Rhondda Cynon Taff: "Instant leg cramp relief:

Point your toes to your nose as hard as you can, standing up or lying down all ways work.

Myself and my partner both sufferd with this for many years, total agony, I forget who told me this but it works every time instantly. I was swimming in the freazing cold sea once and got a leg cramp some way out, toes to nose and it went, if I had not known that then I don't think I'd be typing this now.

Oh, and no long lasting after pains :)"

04/30/2013: Merrin from Mundaring, Western Australia replies: "Interesting! I started getting leg cramps when pregnant. Local goat dairy owner and midwife gave me raw goats milk throughout two pregnancies. This cured my leg cramps. She told of her 90 year old aunt who experienced leg cramps when on holiday as only cows milk was available. On returning to the goat dairy and beautiful raw goats milk, her leg cramps ceased. Pointing toes to nose seems so much easier."
05/05/2013: Peter from Pontypridd, Rhondda Cynon Taff replies: "When we used to get these leg cramps we would instantly start streching the leg by pointing the toes away from the body, this would never work because you're not doing anything, try it now and point your toes hard to your nose, feel that, well I do that every now and then and I have not had leg cramps in over 10 years, taking meds for it is insane."


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[YEA]  04/22/2013: Wenjoy from Winter Springs, Florida: "Potassium for leg cramps or other cramps: Two potassium supplement tablets, with water, when muscle feels like it will cramp will eases my symptoms within 15 minutes. It is even faster if I chew them first. They taste a little like salt but not as strong. Each of the usually available tablets are only 3% of the RDA so I used to take eight a day when I worked out in the sun on my construction job, as I sweated a lot. If I started to feel my fingers start to cramp I would take another two to prevent leg cramps. I am now 62 and retired."

[YEA]  01/03/2013: Vera from Beulah, Co: "I suffered Charley horse something awful. It would wake me at night, screaming. Getting out of bed and putting weight on the foot/leg in question would help break the spasm. But I did not discover a cure until I was at a holistic clinic. I asked them if it's lack of calcium. They tested me, and said I had plenty.

They put me on liquid potassium, drink slowly with food. There is a prescription for it. Now, if I experience just a smidgen of it again, I take some potassium for a few days, and I am blessedly free of the agony. Never again. My neighbor tried it too, and she's not had a problem since. :-)"


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[YEA]  07/27/2013: Mama To Many from Tennessee, Usa: "My husband was on a long drive under stressful driving conditions (dark, windy roads, towing a trailer, etc. ) He got a cramp in his hamstring and couldn't drive anymore. (My son was able to take a turn at the wheel. ) He would normally take blackstrap molasses for a cramp, but we didn't have any in the vehicle. We did have prunes, which are high in potassium. He ate 5 of them and his cramp went away! He did take blackstrap when he got home, before bed and woke up feeling fine! Don't eat too many prunes at once or you will end up with stomach cramps, though.

~Mama to Many~"

Quinine Water

02/12/2013: Linda from Roscommon, Mi: "My Mom had bad leg cramping at night and her doctor told her to drink quinine water before bed."

Remedies Needed

01/15/2013: Saba from Mentor, Oh: "Does anyone know any natural remedy for toes and/or foot cramps? They are painful and sometimes they curl up and sometimes they curl down. Thanks."

01/15/2013: Tinydancer from Dayton, Ohio, Usa replies: "Apple Cider Vinegar works for me. I believe that it is the potassium in ACV that does it. I take about 1-2 Tablespoons in 8-10 ounces of water. I get results in minutes. Hope it works for you."
01/15/2013: Julie from Charleston, Sc replies: "Hi Saba, I believe this indicates either a potassium or magnesium deficiency. Try increasing both with foods high in potassium and magnesium and I imagine your foot cramping will disappear in a day or so!"
01/16/2013: Tls from Gainesville, Florida replies: "For immediate relief, pickle juice.. Sounds crazy, and I've only used the kind that you find in the refridgerated section of the store it has little bits of garlic and spices in it. Just a mouthful, this works within a minute. I have recently started taking b12 shots and suprisingly I have had cramps only a couple times, whereas I was getting them every night."

09/15/2012: Gmdin from Kuwait: "Since last two days I have leg cramps and unable to walk freely. The pain starts from left hip and move toward the lower leg and feel stiffness while walking, even can not stand and if try to stand the pain gets more sore. Also, while walking feel stiffness at the back of left thigh. Many thanks and kind regards."

09/15/2012: Lisa from Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa replies: "Hi Gmdin, Have you tried taking epsom salt baths? That should help ease the cramping. You can also use magnesium oil on them. Hope this helps, Lisa"


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[YEA]  04/23/2008: David from Paradise, CA: "I have had truly excellent results using a product found in some health food stores called Ionic-Fizz Calcium Plus by Pure Essence Labs. It is a little hard to find so I mentioned the product name. Thank goodness I always have some in my kitchen cabinet. After working in the garden all day yesterday I took a nice long shower, changed into my "comfy" clothes and sat down in front of the fire to relax. Within a very few minutes I was seized by a painful leg cramp. I attempted to get up and the cramp got worse...a lot worse. I immediately started to deeply massage it to get the blood flowing and the pain just escalated as the cramp continued to increase in intensity. I managed to hobble into the kitchen bent over nearly double with the pain and got down the container of Ionic-Fizz. The whole time I was scared to death that I would fall to the kitchen floor and would not be able to reach the container or the phone. I quickly mixed a little Ionic-Fizz with regular tap water, drank it and within 30 seconds the pain was completely gone...and did not come back. This has happened three times in the past few months and I just thought that I would pass the information along. No one wants to be in pain and this easy way of eradicating the pain, nearly instantly, is wonderful. You might try it."

10/29/2013: Prioris from Fl replies: "I'm just adding my personal experience with fibrolytic enzymes. Whenever I don't take my Nattokinase, I will experience cramping in toes while sleeping or swimming. Cramping may be related to blood flow issues to feet. If other things fail, this may be worth a shot."

[YEA]  Deirdre from LA: "My mother had been experiencing severe muscle cramps at night in her legs. Her toes too would sometimes go into excruciating spasms. She bought liquid calcium/magnesium and started taking it before going to bed. The cramps stopped right away. As long as she takes the supplement daily, she does not get the cramps."

[YEA]  Patty from Chatham, NJ: "I'd been taking calcium supplements for quite a long time, and began developing leg and foot cramps so severe that they'd awaken me. I found out that calcium, when taken without magnesium, depletes the system of the latter; so the two supplements must be taken simultaneously. No more muscle cramps."

The Cell Salt Magnesium Phos.

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[YEA]  11/01/2007: Marinette from Cleveland, USA: "This is in response to a post by Irene from Hermosa about muscle cramps. I also wake up with cramps in my legs or feet, and find that this usually happens if I have been taking a supplement that has some Calcium in it. Foods that have Calcium in them don't have this negative effect on me. When I get a muscle cramp I take the cell salt Mag. Phos. in the 6X potency, and within seconds the muscle that is cramping will relax. Because cell salts dissolve on your tongue and do not have to be digested, they go directly into the bloodstream and act immediately. This is a great remedy for muscle cramping and also helps with indigestion."

[YEA]  06/02/2012: Val from Pittsburg, Pa replies: "The mag phos helps me with the spasms I have. The muscles can cramp at anytime of the day. I learned about mag phos from a naturalist. I also use the Apple Cider Vinegar and honey for severe cramps using both has helped greatly."



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