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08/07/2011: Ana from Pasadena, Ca: "Melasma: I was glad to see that I am not alone although I do not know anyone that has the melasma problem. Mine is all over my face, but the one on my upper lip really depresses me. I guess tomorrow I will buy the apple cider vinegar and grapefruit seed extract. We'll see... I have also spent tons of $$$$ and I am very depressed about it."

06/23/2011: Stacy from Melbourne, Australia: "@Gita from Ghaziabad, Up, India how does kapalbhati pranayam yoga help cure melasma?"

03/09/2011: Janjan from Singapore: "Please let me know what is the name of the __24 cream use for melasma. Thanks"

04/12/2011: Phantomask from Los Angeles, Ca replies: "Hi everyone. I have had melasma for 10 plus years and past 4yrs have been horrendous! Patches are all over, from bilateral cheeks, side of cheeks, and I look like Charlie chaplin. It is so depressing!!!! I tried everything from laser, fraxel, peels, common standard creams, cosmelan, etc etc. My latest mistake is called "chromobright cream" from Raphe lab. PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT! The website said it was a silky white cream, but a liquid solution came.... I thought i'd try anyway. It burned my skin to a second degree burn!!!! Anyway This happened last week, 2 days after I started on gse, msm, vit c combo regimen. So I am not able to tell if the cocktail treatment is working yet until my burn has completely healed. The cheek areas ( this area was unaffected by the burn) overall seem to be the same... Will keep you posted. I am still hopeful. I have a question for those who have succeeded on gse: AFTER MELASMA DISAPPEARED, DID YOU STOP TAKING GSE? IF YOU DID STOP, DID ANY MELASMA COME BACK ?

Thank you! I'll keep you posted on any improvements! Phantomask ( what I look like I'm wearing on both sides except it is a brown-gray mask plus mustache )"

10/12/2010: Sandra from Detroit, Mi, Usa: "I just recently discovered I have Melasma, on my upper lip , depressing!! I came across this site and got alot of good ideas. I believe I got this from getting my upper lip waxed once last year, never again! I just started today with the grapefruit seed extract, and it is pretty nasty tasting but I will do anything at this point. If you have any other suggestion please let me know, I will keep you all posted, Wish me luck"

10/13/2010: Leslie from New Castle, Pa replies: "Sandra, I too had melasma on my upper lip. I believe mine is from a hormonal imbalance so I do take various supplements. I started putting Apple Cider Vinegar on my face at night with a cotton ball. The melasma is almost completely gone and my skin is so soft. I look younger too."
[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  10/17/2010: Sandra from Detroit, Mi, Usa replies: "It been about a week with the Grapefruit seed ext. and ACV in the am and pm. I think its working a little, it looks a little broken up. I also have started multi vit as well. It kinda hard to say at this point, will see my derm tomorrow and see what he says. Why did I ever get my lip waxed??? I want this gone!! Has anyone tried anything else that worked for them?"
10/18/2010: Leslie from New Castle, Pa replies: "Sandra,
Be patient... It won't go away over night. I started applying the ACV mid July and it took a few weeks for the melasma to fade."
10/19/2010: Lisa from Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa replies: "Hi Sandra, I've been reading your posts of frustration over melasma. I too, have had melasma all over my cheeks for quite a few years now- about 5. I have tried apple cider vinegar and hydrogen peroxide and creams that claimed they'd get rid of them. Not only were they expensive, they didn't work! Well, I saw changes when I went raw and drank green juices for about 9 months but still it was there- just reduced. I had hoped it would clear it all up because it was such a cleansing diet but no such luck.

A little over two months ago, I started making my own kefir from the living grains which I've written about here on EC. I started because of reading about all the benefits which sounded unreal because it lists a long array of them. Well, I have found so many of the benefits to be true. Among them, one of the most profound for myself was that almost all of my melasma is gone and my skin is amazing. If you google kefir and melasma a lot of info comes up about it! It might interest you to do that. At any rate, I just thought I'd share this info w/ you since I can feel your frustration. Just remember it won't work overnight although I have to say it was only about 2 weeks into it that I started to notice its disappearance! Best to you, Lisa"

10/20/2010: Sandra from Detroit, Mi, Usa replies: "Thanks for all your inputs, it helps knowing there are others out there just as embarrased by this as I am. I saw the derm the other day and it is epidermal kind (thank god) and he gave me samples of tazorac and said to use it with the hydrquinone cream. Has anyone used tazorac before, Im a little nervous about the HQ though. I'll keep you updated."
10/20/2010: Sandra from Detroit, Mi, Usa replies: "I forgot to mention that I did have some blood work done the other day as well to check my thyroid and hormone levels, and everything is back to normal so no obvious reason to why this is on my face:("
10/20/2010: Leslie from New Castle, Pa replies: "The hydroquinone cream made my melasma darker. Although my melasma has faded to it being pretty much gone, I am going to also start making my own kefir as Lisa from Thousand Oaks, Ca suggested in her post yesterday. I researched it and there are so many benefits from it I can't not try it!"
10/20/2010: Lisa from Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa replies: "Hi Leslie, So glad I inspired you to look into kefir and that you're now willing to try making it! You will be so pleased I am sure. Did you find the living grains? I gave links on my first post on kefir where to find them. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Did you find the site by Dom? He's an expert in this subject Good luck on your journey! Lisa"
10/21/2010: Leslie from New Castle, Pa replies: "Hi Lisa,
I did find someone who is sending me living grains. I can't wait to try it out. I did find Dom's website as well as a few others.... Very informative! I spent a long time researching and I am looking forward to making it! I'll keep you posted on my progress. Thanks again!"
10/21/2010: Sandra from Detroit, Mi, Usa replies: "Hi Lisa
I looked into the Kefir and it sounds interesting. I am just curious on how it tastes, is it sour? I am going to look up how its made and hopefully it wont be a long process. Do you know if they sell the grains in a whole foods store/ health store? I would like to give this a try!"
10/22/2010: Lisa from Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa replies: "Hi Sandra,

To answer your questions about kefir- well, the taste when you're making it yourself can be changed. When it is fresh- right after you've made a batch, it is very mild. It tastes like very mild plain yogurt. If you wish to ripen it, you leave it on the counter for the next 24 hours and what that does is eliminates ALL lactose from it and strengthens the B vitamins that are abundant in kefir. But, also what also happens is it becomes more tangy. If you leave the lid on tight, it also becomes fizzy. So you can decide what you like and apply accordingly.

From what I've learned in my research, the ripening process is traditionally how it was done because it strengthens and builds the B vitamins contained in it. I choose to ripen mine for this reason. I enjoy it in all its forms- fresh, cold, room temp, ripened, flat or fizzy. Also, just knowing all the benefits it has for the body makes it even more appealing to me!

They do sell some kefir starters in the health food stores but they are NOT the same! You must locate living grains which I've written about in a couple of my posts. They're easy to find online and cost anywhere from $10- $15 from what I've seen. Definitely, if you want to make it I would emphasize the importance of using the living grains. Once you buy them you have them for life and they are self-propagating. They can grow very fast if you add a sugar to your milk. I use blackstrap molasses- "they" love it and thrive! As a matter of fact, my son and daughter in law just got their own place and I gifted them some of my kefir grains as my daughter-in-law has really benefitted from taking kefir. She always had terrible stomach and digestive problems and now they're completely gone!

Anyway, hope this info helps! Lisa"

10/28/2010: Sandra from Detroit, Mi, Usa replies: "I just some Kefir grains and have my first batch, a little nervous to try. It was a lttle watery, maybe because its the first batch, we will see. Hopefully it helps with my melasma, if not, make other things right."
[YEA]  12/12/2010: Finally from Charleston, Wv replies: "IF YOU WANT IT TO GO AWAY... APPLE CIDAR VINEGAR WORKS! I read a earlier post a while back about using ACV with a cotton ball, then a few weeks later, I read an article about natural skin care products found in your kitchen. It said if you cannot afford to get glycolic peels try ACV. I apply it directly to the spots with a Q-Tip twice a day, first thing in the morning and when I get home or before I go to bed. You will see the fastest results if you put it on before bed. My skin is aging so I do not put it on before bed every night. But always twice a day. I do not dilute it. I keep the bottle in my bathroom. I also exfolitate every couple days with lemon(natural bleaching power) and sugar. These two things alone, I can tell you, YOU WILL SEE A DIFFERENCE in 2 WEEKS!!!! It is nearly 3 months, and you can "hardly" see it!! :)"
12/13/2010: Veejay25 from Seattle, Wa replies: "WOW!! Thanks so much for the info. I will try this immediately!"
07/20/2011: Ann from Wasaga Beach, On, Canada replies: "when you say "apply" ACV with a cotton ball, do you mean simply pat the skin or do you scrub it into your skin?"

06/24/2010: After8 from Middlesbrough, United Kingdom: "I stumbled across this website yesterday totally by accident and am keen to try non-invasive stuff as I have good skin (apart from the dark patches on my cheeks that make me look ill).

I had been trying a lemon/turmeric masque remedy but the improvement was only very minor.

I have gone out and bought the grapefruit seed extract and also the acidipillis and started this yesterday. Agree that the GSE is totally disgusting - but no pain no gain!!!. I am taking it in Ribena to disguise it alittle, but actually just drink the glass full in one go.

I am going to go and get some white vinegar today and will also combine the above with the white vinegar/raw potate/vit e remedy.

I feel so hopeful and I thank everyone for sharing their experiences.

I will report back if this works."

07/03/2010: After8 from Middlesbrough, Uk replies: "I am a week in trying the GSE and have started to eat more healthily (including fruit and vegetables) which I didn't use to eat much. Can't see any difference yet but realised half way through the week that the GSE when dropped into the glass goes right to the bottom so I am now tipping half the ribena out into another glass. Putting the drops in glass 1 and then tipping the ribena back from the second glass to catch any left. Can only manage 7 drops yet in a glass.

Still taking in all the interesting info provided but will see how this goes for another week.

The white vin/pot juice and vit E remedy went out the window as I couldn't stand the smell of the vinegar - can anyone advise how you can get rid of the smell after use - this might make it more bearable?

I thought it worth mentioning my sister had a much smaller amount of pigmentation developing on her cheek. She went to see a skin specialist in our doctors surgery and he said he could resolve this. He has treated her pigmentation with liquid nitrogen. When I saw her yesterday, the pigmentation had gone a lot darker and seemed a little raised, and she said that is what she was told would happen before it actually came off itself - and the skin underneath should be clear. She was advised if it still had a slight pigmentation to it then he could re-do this. Bascially he is freezing the pigmentation (and killing it). The freezing it prevents it spreading which was why she went while it was so small. I haven't seen her today but I hope to catch up with her in a couple of days and will update you soon.

If the GSE doesn't work I plan to go and get assessed to see if he can do anything for me - I think he can tell where he can help.

Hope this is useful.

01/06/2010: Christa from Joshua Tree, Ca: "I am so happy to have come across this website. The melasma on my face is so depressing. I have done a lot of internet research on this and have a question for anyone willing to answer. Is there anyone with melasma also experiencing health problems like: bladder or yeast infections, ear/throat problems, etc? I have been battling bladder pain/possible infections and now my ears feel plugged and are itchy and now this melasma has gotten 50% darker and has spread.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!"

06/19/2010: Mary from Melbourne, Victoria Australia replies: "hi, i to am new to the melasma team and am trying natural remedies and at the moment im just using 3 ingredients its been a week and seen results i take carrot juice or tomato juice a glass daily, dab lemon juice on melasma twice daily and i wash my face with white vinegar morning and night so far so good in saying this im a non smoker, ive given up drinking coffee and drink lots of water with daily exercise. i wear sun screen whenever i go anywhere. training the mind to be positive is the hardest part of all. god bless will keep you informed. mary"
09/01/2010: Katuska from Los Angeles, Ca replies: "This is to Christa from Joshua Tree. I too sufferred from yeast infections, hair falling out, muscle problems and melasma which kept getting progressively worse. I did all kinds of research and finally went to a Dr. who practices Chinese medicine. He was amazing! He did diagnose me with having a chronic fungus in my stomach, Candida. It caused havoc to my system and subsequently deposited all kinds of toxins in the bloodstream where my liver became overwhelmed and cause the liver spots which he called them. He put me on a protein and green vegetable diet. He gave me a bunch of Chinese meds and had me drink water only and no no no carbs of any kind. Everthing has cleared up and so has my malasma/liver spots. That was my experience and I've tried everything. Hope this was useful."
09/02/2010: Sandra from Norwalk, Connecticut, Usa replies: "Thank you so much for your post--you have actually confirmed what I have been thinking about candida underlying my problem w/melasma. Could you please share more information about the types of medicines this Chinese doctor gave you. I have been doing a candida diet and lots of liver and colon cleanses. I have also been taking a chinese herb called schizandra and I've been taking Grapefruit Seed Extract 5 times per day. Though it has gotten better and faded, I am still dealing w/it and would appreciate any more information you have from that doctor. Does this doctor do consults over the phone or by email?"

06/08/2009: Marquis from Scottsdale, Az: "I have melasma because of oral contraceptives and it also comes from the hot sun here in AZ. i have skin discoloring from the sun. how can i get rid of this problem? i am naturally light skin. i have the discoloring on my face, sides of both of my arms, legs, and neck."

05/29/2009: Babs from Los Angeles, CA: "Hi! I am new to this group but am so glad I happened to stumble on this group as I was browsing the internet. I have read through most of your posts regarding the treatments for melasma/hyperpigmentation. It has given me some hope and I am going to go out and buy the Grapefruit Seed Extract and MSM today. I had a question about the topical application of either horseradish or hydrogen peroxide. I did the hydrogen peroxide this morning and obviously it is still too early to tell. I have mild melasma (about quarter-sized brownish-grayish patches on my upper cheeks). I have only had this hyperpig for several months and am not quite sure what triggered it. I had developed the same hyperpig back in July 2008 but it seemed to somehow clear up. But I stopped by birth control (after 8 yrs) last August and started bio-identical hormones January 2009 and this developed a few months after. Maybe it is because I kept increasing the estrogen to help clear my skin (acne problems as well) and went from 2-4 drops a day to 18 drops. Now I am back down to 6 drops. So I think I may also be "estrogen dominant" since I was on bc for so long and even though the OBGYN said my estrogen was way low, my progesterone was prob even lower. So I am not sure what caused this melasma/hyperpig. I used a product that had whitening agents in it (kojic acid, Giga White and Arbutin) and no results. I also did two IPLs and it removed it about 90-95% but came back darker about a week later. I am currently on 2% hydroquinone, retinol and niacin (derm recommendation) but am not sure if it will help clear it forever. I am very very interested in the hydrogen peroxide or horseradish remedy. ANy comments on which is better??? How do they lighten the melasma??? Does anyone know if the melasma/hyperpig is actually caused by too much estrogen (like from bc or bio-identical hormones) or from adrenal fatigue (which I think I have for sure)??? Also, how does the GSE work to get rid of the melasma (isn't it if only the melasma/hyperpig is fungus-related or all melasma)? Thanks for the input!"

09/04/2010: Ellie from Washington, Dc replies: "Hi Babs, I have same story as you. Did you ever get responses about Hydrogen Peroxide and Horseradish remedy for Melasma treatment? Mine is also due to bio identical hormones and estrogen, which makes me feel great but causing Melasma which is reallly terrible. Please let me know."
01/03/2013: Stacy from Melbourne, Australia replies: "A few years ago I used a dermabrasion kit, which I left on for too long. A few weeks later I noticed dark spots on my forhead, cheeks and nose (where I had used the creams). I have tried so many things which seem to fade it then it comes back. Do you have any more suggestions?"

02/09/2009: Chandani from Kathmandu, Nepal: "Dear Preet, I read your posts and most of the posts in this site are a little old. I am Chandani from India but I live in Kathmandu, Nepal. the altitude here is very bad. Also Kathmandu is a valley with high pollution. Many many people here suffer from Melasma (walking on the roads u will lots of women with damaged skin). I too suffer from Melasma. I would like to know, do you have any idea if my Melasma will disappear if I move to a place with lesser pollution. Also, does Melasma totally disappear (i.e. gone for good). My Melasma could be due to stress that I have taken in the past or else over sun exposure. I have had a harmonal profile done and everything is totally normal, also thyroid test were normal. Are u still doing Pranayams? How frequently and which all exercises? Has your Melasma disappeared? Please do reply.....Waiting eagerly for a response..."

03/09/2009: Gagan from Ithaca, NY replies: "Hi Chandni, Sorry for being late in replying. I've been caught up with a lot of lab work. Well, I don't think pollution has much to do with it because there are many people I know (like my sister in law) who live in a pollution free area and yet have melasma. if possible, could you email me your test results? (Estradiol, Progesterone, FSH etc.). I think if you find the right remedy, it'll disappear completely. Don't be stressed. I did do Prayanama for about 4 months (it was too cold here afterwards so could not continue). I'll appreciate if you can email me at and we can talk further.
Thanks and Good luck

Glycolic Acid

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[YEA]  01/13/2013: Aufia from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: "hello everyone... I m dr aufia

thank God I saw these comments on treatment of melasma... and I really feel blessed to help u out of this stigma on face...

leave everything else aside n go to a medical shop n get 15% glycolic acid and a sunscreen with spf more than 40... N apply over the whole face daily for 2 weeks... n then come back n reply my comment...

ok bye c ya.. Ol d best"

12/19/2011: Roseyposey from Youngsville, Nc, United States: "I've tried all the cures and then some. My melasma is on both sides of my neck and was horrible looking! I found some glycolic acid online and ordered that and it worked beautifully on my face but not on my neck. So I found some TCA acid online and ordered that and IT WORKED! One side of my neck is completely clear and the other side may need 1-2 more applications. DO YOUR HOMEWORK! CHOOSE WHAT IS RIGHT FOR YOU! BE CAREFUL AND FOLLOW ALL THE DIRECTIONS! Also, amazon. com has some really good info on these peels as well..."

Grape Seed Extract, Vitamins

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[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  08/10/2009: Leah from Sardis, Bc: "Hello everyone! I am 29 yrs old going on 30 in December. I developed melasma about 2 years ago and have been trying to get rid of it ever since. I have it on both cheeks, nose, forehead, and upper lip. A year ago I tried bleaching creams to treat didnt work. I thought it was in control over last winter because it was very faint. I left for Mexico in March of this year with of course my 60 spf sunscreen, but 2 days after beeing there my melasma had come out 3 fold and much larger!! I didnt even want to come out of my room. I have been doing alot of reading and have just recently started drinking aloe vera juice and taking 1000mg of grapeseed extract per day along with a multi vitamin and vitamin b. It has been a week and it is working!!!! the melasma on my cheeks has started to break up and on my forhead the size of the patch is getting smaller!! yeah!! I am so excited I hope this works for you! I will try to post another update soon! Leah."

EC: Please note: Leah is using grapeseed extract, not grapefruit seed extract.

09/08/2009: Leah from Sardis, Bc replies: "Just a little update for you. I am still taking Grapeseed extract, aloe vera juice along with my vitamins. Yes it did make a BIG differnce. The melasma that I did have, broke up and slowly faded, the melasma that I do have is now so faint no one notices! I have even gotten complements on how my skin looks!!

10/13/2009: Izzy from Florida replies: "Leah,

Can you give us another update? You're taking 1,000 mg or 100 mg a day of grape seed extract. The pills I have are only 100 mg and I've been taking them 3 times a day for about four weeks. I've noticed nochange. After reading your post, I'm wondering if I should increase the dose and if I should try the juice. Where do you buy the juice. and what
brand of GSE did you buy? Are you still taking it?"
10/13/2009: Preet from Ithaca, Ny replies: "This message is For Leah from Sardis, Bc

Hey Leah,

Could you please tell us what brand of grapeseed extract are you using? I know that we are not supposed to report product names here but I'm bit confused as the Grapeseed extract products that are available come in 100mg caps and are quite expensive as well. Did you take 100mg per day or 1000mg/day. Please let me know!!


10/14/2009: Preet from Ithaca, Ny replies: "Hi Izzy,

I'm so surprised to see that you asked the exactly same question (see my earlier post) on the same day! Yeah, I could not find Grape seed extract in 1000mg either and I wonder if Leah was actually taking 100 or 1000? Anyway, have you tried Hydrogen peroxide? I'm thinking of trying it. I've also changed my diet and included several supplements. lets see what helps.

I really believe in what Marea from Dallas reported but seems like she hasn't been on the forum for a while. I want to use Grapefruit seed extract but it gives me very bad die off (I think my liver might be quite weak).

Anyway, Good luck with your treatment (may be we should increase the dosage to 1000mg for a week or so? )I dont think it can have any side effects?What do you think?


10/14/2009: Izzy replies: "Hi Preet, How funny that we asked the same question -- on the same day. I'm not sure if Leah checks this site anymore so we may not find out exactly what she took. I think 1,000 mg of grape seed extract sounds too high. I've read that too much of it can thin the blood and make it difficult to stop bleeding. I would like to know if taking that muchhelped her. Where is your melasma? Mine is on my upper lip. I have thought about theHydrogen peroxide, but I'm afraid to try it. I have very sensitive, light skin.While I hate the melasma, I may hatea big read upper lip more! How long have you been taking the grape seed extract and what other supplements are you taking? How much grape seed are you taking and for how long? In addition to the grape seed I'm taking 1,000 mg a day of Vit. C. I've been taking both for a month. So far, no results."
10/15/2009: Preet from Ithaca, Ny replies: "Hi Izzy,

Thanks for responding. My melasma is on cheeks and nose. I know, I'm scared of trying hydrogen peroxide too but It think I'll still give it a try may be for a small area. I'm taking 100mg of grape seed extract. I just started few days ago but have taken it before with no improvements. I'm also taking EFAs, Lecithin, Vit. A, E, Zn, Mg and Silicon. I just started taking these too (read in a skincarerx forum that these helped someone so thought should try them). I'll actually report to you in few days if my melasma stays lighter before my period that'll atleast tell that these supplements make some difference.

Have you changed your diet at all? I wish you good luck for your treatment. I do feel that you are right in saying that 1000mg 'll be too much. I think we should keep it at 100 or 200mg max. and if it helps, may be overtime we'll see some effect.

Take Care,

10/16/2009: Gigi from Brampton, Ontario replies: "Hi Preet,

I am a new member to this forum, but have been following the posts for about a month now. There are great suggestions on this site.

Like most of you, I have also tried every single treatment known to humankind, from IPL to melanage peel (three times to be exact). Initially the melasma would lighten for about a month, then return with a vengence! I spend about $10,000.00 in treatments to help get rid of this problem. Sometimes I would sit in my room and cry for hours as this problem was the central focus on my life, I was truly a mess! I then started searching the net for "natural" solutions, and came across the posts from Marea from Dallas...what an angel this woman is! To share her experience, and solution...I pass on many blessings to her everytime I look into the mirror!

Preet, I am also olive skinned, and have used all the lotions, and potions under the sun, and the only thing that worked for me is GRAPEFRUIT SEED EXTRACT, not GRAPESEED EXTRACT. I used (and am still using) the liquid, 20 drops from 3-5 times a day, in a glass of water, and don't eat anything for about an hour. At a separate time I take acidopilis, which is "good" bacteria. I also take MSM caps (1000mg) with VITAMIN C (1000mg), 3 times a day (I take these together with meals). Also before bed I take a herbal liver cleanse liquid (which I purchased at Health food store), one large tablespoon. Actually, all these products can be purchased at the local health food store. I am not sure if I can mention that Nutribiotic was the brand for the GRAPEFRUIT SEED EXTRACT. My melasma broke up initially after about 10 days of everyday use, and it has been about 3 plus weeks, and my melasma has almost disappeared. I do use sunsreen everyday, SPF 30, as over this amount is only a marketing ploy,and is not anymore effective, just costs more $$$$. I also use NIVEA cream as it has Magnesium sulfate in the mixture, during the day. At night I use Retin A 0.05% cream, as it turns over the cells at a faster rate. I know Marea did not apply any type of topical, and found that worked for her the best. Everyone's skin is different, but this is the regime which worked for me.

Also on another note, HQ over long term use makes the complexion ashy, and some users have found that the melasma returns worse after you discontinue use. Also, more hair growth on area where used was observed. I was a user of HQ for years, and it did not work wonders, only got darker after use discontinued. Has been banned in countries such as Japan, and Europe, found to be a carcinogenic. FDA wanted to ban it in U.S.A. but pressure from MD's and Derms who make a whole lot of business from seeing patients who demand HQ. To everyone reading this post, please do not use HQ!

I hope this helps you! Let me know.
Warm Regards,

10/16/2009: Preet from Ithaca, Ny replies: "Hi Gigi,

A heartfelt thanks for sharing this with me. I really do think that grapefruit seed extract can make a difference. When I read Marea's post about Grapefruit seed extract, I purchased it (Nutribiotic) and started using it but it gave me a very bad die off reaction. I know that I used 10 drops/3 times for few days and seeing that it it not doing anything, I think I did 20 drops/5 times a day which gave me a very bad die off (I did not know at that point that it was a die off, only realized later) but your post has definitely given me hope and I'll try that again. I think supporting liver at the same time'll make a huge difference.

I've some specific questions if you don't mind answering!

1)Did you start the liver detox formula at the same time? (I'm sure it has milk thistle in it but can you mention some ingredients?)

2) Did you start on GSE slowly? If you remember could you tell me the details?

3) Did you ever get a die off reaction like flu like symptoms or muscle ache while using GSE?

4) Did you have constipation problems? I'm asking this because I've read so many times that if you try to kill candida with antifungals like GSE and your bowels are not moving 2-3x a day, that may release more toxins in the blood.

5) Did you change your diet like no caffeine, sugar etc?
I'm also taking MSM and vitamic C and liver support formula (just started 3 days ago). I'll really appreciate your answers to these particular questions I've and hopefully I can start on GSE as I've it sitting in my kitchen.

Take Care,

10/16/2009: Laughriot from Los Angeles, Ca replies: "Gigi, how did you get your melasma? Was it after pregnancy?"
10/20/2009: Leah from Sardis, Bc replies: "Hello ladies!
I am glad to give you another update! yes my melasma has gotten better, in fact its so faded that even I have a hard time seeing where the out lines of the melasma are!! I was taking 1000mg of grapeseed extract. I buy it at my local health food store (you wont find that dose at the drug stores). It is in capsules and found in a white bottle with purple and black writing. Each capsule is 500mg and I take 2 pills at the same time once a day.
I have just recently stopped taking grapeseed extract only because my skin is so much better. I have been off of the grapeseed for about 3 weeks now. It has not gotten worse, although where I am the sun isnt out too much right now it is raining alot and if not raining then its cloudy. I will have to wait untill spring and summer to see if it comes back. I was also told, that if you start taking grapeseed extract a month before all the nice weather starts it could prevent the melasma from comming back. I will have to test that in a few months, but right now I feel great about the way my skin looks. One of the other benifits to taking the grapeseed extract as well as aloe vera juice I have noticed my acne hasnt been as bad. Although it did get a little worse before it got better (the acne) I think it may have something to do with all the cleansing of the body that both grapeseed and aloe do (so Ive heard)..

I will keep you posted

10/22/2009: Izzy replies: "Thanks for the update Leah! I went to several health food stores and can't find any brands with 500 mg. 100 mg is the largest I saw. Are you sure it was that much? The other question is about the aloe juice. How much did you drink a day? And how long did it take to see results? Please continue to give us updates. Is it completely gone. How did the upper lip respond to treatment, compared to the rest of your face?"
10/23/2009: Gigi from Brampton, Ontario replies: "Hi Preet,

I am more than happy to answer your questions:

1) I took the liver detox (which does have milk thistle),in liquid form, about an hour before sleep, but not with other meds

2) GSE -- I take 20 drops 3 to 5 times a day, don't eat anything for about an hour afterwards

3) Yes, I did get flu like symptoms sometimes, but I think that was from the MSM, not GSE (I am fine now) I think my body was getting rid of a lot of toxins when first started taking the MSM, but now I am fine

4) I did not have any constipation problems. I think this is due to the fact that I take acidopolis (powder form), 1/4 teaspoon, in a glass of water once a day, at separate times than the GSE. The acidopolis puts back the good bacteria, which the GSE may kill (although, it is only a small amount of good bacteria which GSE kills).

5) I am originally from the South Pacific of Indian background, so giving up tea or any sort of caffeine is not plausible (LOL).

I hope this helps you. I know how debilitating this condition can be but believe me, hon, there is hope, don't give up! You have to keep at it, it could take anywhere from three to six months to see visible results (although, some people have seen results before than). You can lessen the effects of the GSE die off, by taking the acidoplis at separate times. You may get some flu like symptoms, but once your body gets used to it, you will be fine. On another note, just make sure you are not allergic to any citrus because if you are DO NOT TAKE the GSE.

Take care,
and keep me posted as to your results.
Warmest Regards,
10/23/2009: Gigi from Brampton, Ontario, Canada replies: "Hi Laughriot,

I developed melasma after a blue light peel. I had a small amount about a dime size on my forehead and was told by plastic surgeon (huh?) to get the blue light peel to lessen the melasma on my forehead. Being young, and naive, I agreed. The procedure involved putting a blue die all over face, and standing in a tube like structure where they shine a light of rays (UV?) on your face for about 15 to 20 minutes.

Now when I think about it, doesn't heat make melasma worse? Why would he prescribe this treatment for me? Also, if the melasma was on my forehead why put blue die all over the face? I truly believe I was dupped.

Anyhow, the melasma was supposed to get darker, then disappear. But that didn't happen, the melasma spread all over my face. To my cheeks, nose, and more on my forehead. When I went to complain (in tears) about the results, they told me that they results were not guaranteed for everyone (huh?) But they had not told me this at the beginning. I think they were using me as a test case because of my skin tone.

I wanted to sue them, but in Canada the rules for taking someone to court, and suing them are quite strict. Anyhow, the damage was already done. I then went to see a derm (who put me on HQ and RA). This combo worked well, but once I finished the course of treatment, the melasma came back with a vengeance. I then tried a series of peels, Fractional laser treatments, etc, etc...

Nothing has helped me like the GRAPEFRUIT SEED EXTRACT...
Sorry for the novel, but I wanted to give you a complete picture as to my struggle.

Warmest Regards,

10/23/2009: Preet from Ithaca, Ny replies: "Hi Gigi,

Thanks for replying. You can see how desperate I'm for a cure. I keep checking this site every few hours to see if anyone has replied or not (I hope this'll be over soon). I've started GSE yesterday (liquid, nutribiotic)..I'm starting with 15 drops twice a day and 'll slowly build it up to 5 times a day (hopefully by next week).

I've taken MSM previously but never had a die off with it but with GSE it was wholw another story. I've also started a liver detox thing. I hope this helps. I'll take it for few months to see if this helps.

I'm from India and know how difficult it is leave chai tea :-) and again, I cannot express in words how grateful I'm to you for taking your time in order to help others like me.

One more question: DId you change your diet? (avoid sugar, flour, wheat etc.)

10/23/2009: Crazydogjack from New Castle, Pa, USA replies: "Gigi,

I have melasma also. I do have grapefruit seed extract. How much did you take, how long did it take to work and how did you take it? I've tried drinking it mixed in water or juice and had a difficult time getting past the taste."
10/23/2009: Gigi from Brampton, Ontario, Canada replies: "To Preet from Ithaca, NY: I am so happy that you are starting from the inside out, you will find a difference in your appearance soon. Your skin will become softer, brighter and the melasma will break up, keep at it!
I DID NOT change my diet. I do not eat a lot of sugar, probably only once a week. As for flour, I love chappati's, but I only eat chappati's made of stone ground flour, not refined or processed flour.
Also take MSM with Vitamin C as it is more effective.
Let me know after 10 days how you are coming along.

To Crazydogjack from New Castle, PA, U.S.A: With the GSE (Grapefruit seed extract) take 20 drops 3 to 5 times a day (in glass of water). If you find the taste too bitter, holding your nose and chugging the mixture is the best way to do it. This may sound funny, but it works. Also take Acidopilis (I take the pwdr for 1/4 teaspoon), once a day in water (separate time than GSE), which will replace any good bacteria which may be lost by GSE.

I hope this helps you!

Take care,
Warmest Regards to all,
10/23/2009: Gigi from Brampton, Ontario, Canada replies: "To Crazydogjack fron New Castle, NY: Sorry, I forgot to answer your question about how long it takes to notice results. I noticed results after 10 days, but it may take longer. Everyone is different, but if you follow my regime, I am sure you will find a difference in your skin. The key is to keep at it, don't give up! Let me know if you decide to follow this regime, and the results you have achieved.

10/23/2009: Preet from Ithaca, Ny replies: "Hi Gigi,

Thanks for replying so fast, I'll keep you posted through this site. I hope that you'll check this site occasionally. I'll give you weekly updates, so another update next weekend. Today is day 2 on GSE: 15drops/twice a day probiotics/once a day. I'll start MSM tomorrow although I've been taking it semiregularly since a month or so.
I was just wondering if I can get your email ID if I've any questions. I can leave mine here too if thats more convenient.


10/24/2009: Gigi from Brampton, Ontario, Canada replies: "To Preet from NY: You are on the right track! Just a quick question from me, how do I post my e-mail address so only those who I want to see, can see it?


EC: I can send it to Preet if I get her email address... Probably the best (safest) way for now!


11/08/2009: Izzy replies: "Preet, Could you please give us an update?"
11/08/2009: Preet from Ithaca, Ny replies: "Hey Izzy, I just started using GSE on Tuesday so no updates yet but would let you know as I keep at it. Right now, I'm taking 20 drops/5 times a day. Have you started on it yet?"
11/12/2009: Izzy replies: "Hi Preet,

Thanks for the update. I thought, based on your previous post, that you were a few weeks into it. Did you stop and then start again? Are you taking MSM or just grapefruit seed extract? For now, I'm sticking to the grape seed extract, vit C, prenatal vit. and vit c serum. I've noticed some lightening -- very little, but some. I plan to finish the bottle I have, which should last until mid Dec. or so. I may then start grapefruit seed. I just don't want to give up on this too fast. I've been off b.c. since late Aug., so that may be the only reason I've noticed the SLIGHT difference. (that and the fact that it's less sunny.) Please keep us updated. I'm rooting for you!"

12/09/2009: Sonu from San Jose, California replies: "To Leah from Sardis BC,

Hello, I just started seeing these dark patches a few weeks back. I was on the bc pill. I discontinued it based on doctor's recommendation. The patches are still growing in size. I don't know when my face transformation will stop. I have patches all over my face ! I am using sunblock everyday without fail.

I want to start using the vitamins and grapeseed extract. Please let me know how much of Aloe vera juice you had every day. Also what vitamins where you taking. ? I would really appreciate that.

Sonu (Shachi)"
12/11/2009: Sonu from San Jose, Ca replies: "For Preet, Ithaca NY,
Hi Preet,
Are you seeing any results so far by following the GSE ? Please let me know.

For Gigi from Brampton, Ontario, Canada
Are you still melasma free. Are you still taking any kinds of vitamins etc."
08/17/2010: Sarah from London, England replies: "Hello all - like everyone else here I'm suffering from Melasma. I first noticed it at the age of 24 (2 years ago) and although I was devasted I was told by my doctor there was nothing I could do and I should just cover it up with make-up. However, after reading all your wonderful posts I'm determined to not to give up. I'm English and very pale skinned (although I tan easily and go very dark in the sun). I have been on the pill for 9 years and also suffer from acne. The pill controls the acne and I'm therefore reluctant to come off it as in my experience the acne was more distressing. I was using Brevoxyl for a long time and I was also a sun worshipper (as it usually helped clear the acne) and rarely wore sunscreen - so there's no surprised why I'm now suffering from melasma. I'm now very keen not to do anything that will damage my skin further - that's my greatest concern. I wear a high sunscreen everyday (even if I don't leave the house). I plan to start on the Grapeseed Extract, Vit C, Zinc and Aloe Vera. I'm getting married in March and am really hoping these marks will fade before then - or at least enough that they can be fully covered. If anyone has any advice or recommendations I would really appreciate it. I'll keep you all updated. Thanks to everyone for all your posts - they've seen me through some hard times and given me hope x"
[YEA]  02/07/2011: America from Arlington, Va replies: "I just want to say thank you to all of you. You are really a true blessing. This website is absolutely my reference for everything I do to cure ailments. The GSE extract, MSM, Vit. C and liver detox have solve my hyperpigmentation problem. Unfortunately for me, I've been using damaging skin care with HQ and after awhile it completely damaged the skin and cause hyperpigmentation at least on dark skin. I have shared this info with two other people and both had success. Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Grapefruit Seed Extract

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07/26/2011: Connie from Slc, Ut: "Hi Tina; By the age of 7, I began to realize the importance of appearance to people. My family was especially "insistant" about this to me. It was decided that I was just plain ugly, and that I would not succeed with that quality. My thinking at that time was that, if I excelled at everything else, then it would compensate for my appearance, and then I would be loved. It didn't work. I also examined myself in the mirror, and assessed that although I had some proportions that weren't in norm; big teeth, big eyes, small head (dad said),
I also had many attributes.

In my teen years, I became what some people would describe as attractive. (braces and grooming) I then received even more negative criticisms of my appearance. I now realize that these poor people were describing their own reflections rather than mine. In my field, I have studied the definition of beauty, and it is a vast subject, but it does involve good health, if one is seeking harmony. An individual with good health has a strong will to survive and a strong will to create beauty.

It looks like you've begun with a good assortment of supplements for melasma. I suggest that adding B-12 to them could very well help. I would love to tell you that it will work right away, but that would be false. It performs so many functions in the body, and it may need to perform other functions first. So please continue your good practice and consider adding the form of B-12 that I believe is most effective; Methylcobalamin, (sublingual lozenge slowly disolved in the mouth). There is a large variance in the amounts people need, but the often recommended amount for skin conditions, thyroid, and endocrine, is approx. 1000 mcg. Daily. A good B-Complex is recommended for these conditions as well."

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  08/14/2010: Lisa B from Devonshire, Bermuda: "I want to THANK everyone who have posted their experiences relating to Melasma on this website. I have had melasma mainly on my upper lip for about 5 years and I truly believe that it is associated with taking birthcontrol pills (bcp) in my case. When I decided to look for a natural treatment for my melasma I found this website. I began taking 15 drops of GRAPEFRUIT SEED EXTRACT in water, 3 times a day (and sometimes only twice a day) exactly 1 month ago. AFTER TWO WEEKS I could tell that my MELASMA was starting to LIGHTEN. Now today, 4 weeks later, it has not completely disappeared but it has lightened quite substantially and I am going to keep taking the GSE until it has vanished completed - I can't wait! :)

I really hope that everyone who has melasma is able to find a treatment that works for them. Good Luck!

Lisa B from Bermuda

PS: I truly believe that melasma should be treated from the INSIDE OUT because external treatments tend to be a temporary fix and fade creams can cause melasma to return darker."

[NAY]  08/16/2009: Becky from Queen Creek, Az, Usa: "I tried taking GSE for melasma and it did not work. I took 15 drops in water, 3 times per day. I did that for 2 1/2 weeks and did not notice any difference in the melasma, so I tried increasing the dose to 20 drops, 3 times per day. I could only do that for a couple of days; it tasted so horrible! After that, I tried taking 15 drops, 3 times per day again, but did not notice any difference, and the taste was so horrible, I just could not take it anymore. I don't believe it is a fungal condition that is causing my Melasma. However, if I were to ever try the GSE again, I would take it in capsule form."

11/09/2011: Kristin from Reykjavik, Iceland replies: "Hi, I find the taste too bitter too, it is easily solved by adding the GSE to a little orangejuice!"
07/04/2012: Promise from New Zealand replies: "Hello... I used Grape Fruit Seed Extract in pill and liquid form to rid me of melasma. I am now melasma free and no longer need all my GFSE pills. I have bottles of them and will give them to any genuine melasma sufferers in NZ or Australia if they are happy to pay the postage (if it is NZ it should only be about $10 maximum for all the pills - anywhere in the country I have about 10 bottles of pills). They worked for me and I don't mind sharing. I know how horrible this condition in. If you want them please reply to this thread with your email address and I will contact you. I think the bottles are bout $40 NZ each to buy."
07/12/2012: Ausgirl from Adel, Australia replies: "Hi, just wondering if the person from NZ still has the grapefruit seed bottles available... I would love to try to see if it will cure my melasma."
07/29/2012: Emily from New York replies: "Hello, I was wondering what kind of doses you were using of the grapeseed extract and oil? Especially since this is something that worked for you. If you wouldn't mind listing exactly what it was you used along with doses I'd appreciate it. I've had melasma on my upper lip for 3 years now and nothing has worked. Have almost given up hope really. Thanks"

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