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Coconut Oil

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Coconut Oil Remedy for Hypothyroidism

Holistic Remedy Ingredients

  • Virgin Coconut Oil

Add up to a tablespoon of coconut oil to your daily diet to get the general health benefits of this remarkable dietary aid and to improve thyroid function.

[YEA]  04/08/2008: Dorie from Ft Lauderdale, Florida: "Coconut Oil for Hypothyroid patients: I heard that virgin coconut oil was a good supplement for people suffering with hypothyroidism. I went to a natural food market and bought a jar of it. That was 2 months ago and I have gone back to buy more several times. I am taking 3 tablespoons in the morning. It has not helped with my weight although I know a few people who used it and lost weight immediately. It has stopped my hair loss (it use to fall out by the handful) and in fact not only is my hair thicker but my eyebrows are growing back. I no longer have cold hands and feet either. It doesn't cure thyroid problems but it certainly is a great supplement to help with the effects of the disease."

[YEA]  08/26/2007: Rischa from seattle, WA: "I began taking coconut oil about June 1st this summer, primarily for my long term hypothyroidism. Now not yet 3 months later I am completely off my synthroid and cytomel. I was on more than 300 mcg for about 7 years. It has changed my life. I feel so much better than I did on the thyroid meds. I am not cold, I am sleeping better. It made a herpes outbreak completely dissappear in 4 hours when applied topically. my periods which have been abnormal all my life are normalizing,(I am 45) and I am finding that I am eating smaller meals and more satisfied and not hungry. I swear I can hear the click in my head that says I have had enough to eat! Ive lost 10 lbs. I attribute it all to 4tbsp VCO a day(2w bfst/1w lunch/1w dinner) and also trace minerals, and fish oil. none or very little bread and refined carbs. I did have a day of scary high blood pressure symptoms, after which I reduced my meds by 1/3rd, and the symptoms went away. A wwk or so later when I began feeling the same things again, I reduced my meds again and again until I quit all together. the last step is to get my blood levels tested by my doc, just to confirm I am doing as great as I feel, tho I am starting to think it is not necessary, except to gloat to my dr"

10/19/2010: Karen from Freeport, U.s. replies: "It sounds like this treatment was working well. Can you give us an update? Thanks."

[YEA]  07/14/2007: Andrea from las vegas, nevada: "I have been battling hypothyroidism for 8 yrs now, i gained 82 lbs over the yrs,diet after diet failed umtil i started on coconut oil and let me tell you that in 2 months of taking coconut oil combined with a low carb diet, i have lost 35 lbs feel great energetic again, on my way of losing all the weight i plan to lose an aditional 40 lbs by december since i"ve taking the coconut oil softgels i have not had any side effect coconut oil is the miracle oil but again combined with a low carb diet."

[YEA]  06/23/2007: Rischa from seattle, wa: "coconut oil. I started taking it because I read it could help regulate my thyroid. Even tho medicated for my hypothyroid, I continue to have symptoms. I began coconut oil and found I had to reduce my levothyroxine by 1/3 2 weeks after starting taking about 3 tbsp daily. I am hoping it will continue to get better!"

08/04/2008: Tasha from Saint Cloud, Florida replies: "If, after taking the coconut oil as well as your Hypothyroid meds, (e.g. Synthroid) you start experiencing heart palpitations, it probably means the coconut oil is working and you need to lower your medication. Not to give up the natural coconut oil, the palpitations obviously a sign of over medication as your tsh levels are lowering naturally!"

[WARNING!]  06/07/2007: Janea from Grand Prairie, TX: "I have hypothyroidism. I started taking EVCO. For a week, I was fine. No real improvements noticed. But the second week, I started having heart palpitations. I can only point this to the EVCO. I will go off of it and see it the palpitations stop."

05/31/2010: Brightblueeyes from Roseville, Mi replies: "I'm thinking that Janea from Grand Prairie TX may be having palpitations because the EVCO is working and that her synthroid dosage needs to be lowered as it is not needed as much. When trying natural cures/remedies for something like this levels should be medically monitored more frequently to make sure you aren't getting too much medication."

[YEA]  04/06/2007: Christine from San Diego, California: "I have been suffering with the symptoms describing hypothyroidism. Last week I started the EVCO and added the ACV, of course, decided to throw in the molasses. I will keep you all posted on my progress, trying to feel better and lose the 40 pounds I have picked up. Today I write because I have come up with a great drink. It kills two birds with one stone. Here goes:

ONE TBSP EVCO [Extra Virgin Coconut Oil]


I could not stand the taste of the molasses, however it is so yummy in this tea. Hope you like it. I have noticed since the evco and acv that like most everyone else, my ENERGY has soared, skin soft, body temp up, hair and nails gowing, dry seriously cracking heels softer and healing (using oil dirrectly) no more claritin, sleeping better, brighter outlook. This is only my seventh day. At first I seemed to gain a little weight, but just today I noticed the scale is down 1 pound. I am keeping at it and will keep you posted."

05/02/2009: Mystickalwitch from Sarasota, Fl replies: "Greetings....get info - but what is AVO?????? and please provide more info on how you are doing??????"

EC: ACV (not AVO) = Apple Cider Vinegar.

05/12/2009: Donna from Siesta Key, Florida replies: "Blessings Christine, Your drink concoction is absolutely wonderful!!!! I usually do my coconut oil straight and have tried various ways but it always seemed to overpower. This is great - but 1 tea bag is sufficient for me. Thanks again for taking the time to tell us all about it."

[YEA]  02/25/2007: Carolyn from Lorain, OH: "I have been taking virgin coconut oil for eight months now because I read it will help regulate my thyroid.I am hyper-thyroid and have been on medication for the past four years.Last month I stopped my meds.because I was told my thyroid is in remission now.I believe the oil is what helped me."

[YEA]  02/22/2007: Linda from Orlando, FL: "Hypothyroid / Coconut Oil: I suffer from hypothyroid and have taken levoxyl for about 7 years. I also have suffered with fatigue for most of my 47 years for a wide variety of reasons (anemia, depression, hypothyroid, sleep apnea, RLS). It seems I have every condition that can rob one of sleep and energy. Anyway, I was looking for a natural form of thyroid support and came upon information about coconut oil being helpful (about two weeks ago). I just found this wonderful site this week, which I intend to frequent OFTEN, and I thought I'd contribute my experience with coconut oil. So far (2 weeks) I have a bit more energy. I have gained about 8 pounds since January (I tend to be slim), which I want to lose. I hope the energy helps the weight loss. I'll keep you posted."

Coconut Oil, Apple Cider Vinegar

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[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  12/02/2013: Dee from Melbourne: "Hi am 38 years old on thyroxine for the last 8 years. Ihave been feeling very tired and irratable lately . After reading many post about coconut oil and apple cider vinegar I myself sees difference in my health after starting as in am feeling not as tired and less irratable.

Even though my thyroid report according to doc to its all good and wants me to continue take 150 ug everyday . But I don't feel good and want it addd some supplements to support my thyroid function . I will continue taking coconut oil and apple cider vinegar everyday but also want to add kelp too. But after reading many sites it found that it can be full of toxin but it says pottasium iodide is very safe to take it

So my question is how much pottasium Iodide to take it everyday and where to buy in Australia and which brand? And also does It actually help thyroid or kelp is better option

Please help me I want to feel good and energetic since I have kids to chase after. Will be very grateful if someone could help me. Thank you for reading. Waiting for HELP."

12/02/2013: Mama To Many from Tennessee, Usa replies: "Dear Dee,

Glad to hear that the ACV and coconut oil are helping. I find them helpful, too.

Regarding kelp versus potassium iodide....well, I have tried both in my family. The thing is that if you are truly deficient in iodine, which so many of us are, you would need a lot of kelp to get the amount needed. I don't personally notice much difference when I take kelp. But some do.

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism a few years ago. I took a very small dose of levothyroxine and it made me feel much worse. (But my doctor assured me that I was better since my labwork looked good.) Well, I ended up going off the medication and trying natural stuff. It took some time but I did find things that helped me. ACV and coconut oil being some of them. But potassium iodide made the biggest difference for me. I take Iodoral (the pill form of Lugol's.) I take 1 12.5 mg tablet a day (12.5 iodine/potassium iodide.) Iodine supplements should be taken with Selenium and B-complex. Some also include vitamin C.

If you take some time to read people's stories on Earth Clinic's Iodine page and Hypothyroid page, you can read a lot about what people do and what helps. The one thing is that different things help different people. Some feel a lot better taking iodine. Others do not.

You may find that you need less of your thyroid medicine if you supplement with iodine. It might be helpful to try Lugol's iodine (the liquid form) as it is easier to take less and build up to more.)

Keep us posted on your progress.

~Mama to Many~"

12/03/2013: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines replies: "Hi Dee...If you have a hypothyroid condition, then this is a condition that occurs when you have low iodine levels in the body and perhaps a lack of certain critical minerals in your body as well. Most people are low thyroid these days but if you lack certain mineral anti-oxidants in your body -- like magnesium, zinc or glutathione peroxidase -- this can even cause or aggravate hypothyroid and thyroiditis problems.

The protocol that you should be using is the full Lugol's Iodine Protocol with Companion Nutrients. Never take Lugol's Iodine just on it's own for reasons that are all explained here in this link. This link, which is a short excerpt from my book on Candida, describes, in detail, the reasons and causes for higher dose iodine problems.

If you are hypothyroid, it might also benefit you to supplement a natural bio-identical thyroid from bovine or porcine sources(such as Nature Thyroid for example) which contains real T1, T2, T3, T4 and calcitonin (hormone that controls bone formation). This form of thyroid is all natural, whereas allopathic equivalents like Synthroid only contains synthetic T4 to control the thyroid via the TSH from the Pituitary gland.

More reasons to use natural dessicated thyroid.

The Iodine Protocol with companion nutrients should definitely help to relieve your hypothyroid problems. A good series of books has been written by Dr Brownstein to help people to more understand and naturally resolve their own thyroid problems and these are:

Iodine: Why You Need It, Why You Can't live Without It

Overcoming Thyroid Disorders

The Miracle of Natural Hormones

If you prefer to use the potassium iodide then just buy some SSKI (Saturated Solution of Potassium Iodide) from the health shop or from ebay.com and take one drop of SSKI in water or juice twice a day. One drop of SSKI is equivalent to 25 mgs of iodide. Therefore 2 drops is 50 mgs which is the minimum dose you should be taking for hypothyroid. Always take the iodine/iodide companion nutrients if you take this as a supplement to avoid problems.

Personally, I would rather take either lugol's iodine or Iodoral (LI in a pill) for thyroid problems because it does much more than just iodide alone. Iodide is a very useful antioxidant that is needed for absorption by the thyroid gland. Lugol's Iodine contains iodide and elemental iodine that react together in solution to also produce Tri-iodide(same as nascent iodine) in this reaction:

I2 + I- « » I3-

And as you can see, lugol's iodine contains all three useful forms iodide/iodine/triiodide, which is much more beneficial for the whole body's absorption of iodine(not just for the thyroid).

If you have your thyroid checked by the doc then do not have the TSH test -- this test is very inaccurate because it only checks T4 levels(inactive form). Get the Free T3/Free T4 blood check for a more accurate check of your thyroid hormone levels. Insist on this from your doctor. If you doctor won't do the Free T3/Free T4 test then find another doctor or naturopath that will do it.

If you supplement iodine then you should also avoid all foods containing dairy and soy -- calcium and soy are goitrogens that tend to inhibit the absorption of iodine into the body and the cells.

What might also help you is to have a hair analysis(not expensive). This will tell you exactly what minerals you are lacking in diet and will also tell you what heavy metals and other poisons like chlorine, fluorine and bromine that you have in excess in your body(which are detrimental to the thyroid gland). This will allow you to more fine tune your protocols to address these mineral deficiencies and other problems concerning chelation and removal of excess heavy metals and halides in the body."

12/03/2013: Dee from Melbourne replies: "HI Mama to Many. First of all thank you so much for responding me I always read your posts on this site . They are all so useful and I cannot Belive that somebody I adore responded me.. I will definately try liquid pottasium iodide with selenium (can I eat 3 brazil nuts instead selenium pill) and b complex as you suggested.

Am lacking iron (stopped taking iron tablets now sick of taking them) and b12 (taking shots regularly) and vitamin d too. And I am vegetarian not vegan. Its feel so good that somebody lives so far understood my pain and took some time out to respond me back. Thank you so much!!! Am not feeling alone now. Take care."

12/03/2013: Dee from Melbourne replies: "Dear Bill, thank you million for all the information you shared. I will go for a tFfree t3 and t4 test and also hair analysis test too . And also thank u So much for all the info regarding iodine and how to take it.. Am on the path to heal my self naturally . Your time and support means a lot to me.. This site is amazing!!!! I put my husband on ACV for his allergies issue and heseems to start believing in natural products now.. Thank again. God bless you!!!"
12/04/2013: Mama To Many from Tennessee, Usa replies: "Dear Dee,

Hi again! Regarding using Brazil nuts instead of a Selenium supplement, I think that is a good idea. Whenever possible, I like to get the needed nutrients from food. Then they are perfectly balanced with other needed nutrients. I think the recommendation for Brazil nuts is 1 or 2 nuts a day (ideally, one and a half! )

Have you considered Blackstrap Molasses for your iron? It has helped me greatly with pregnancy related anemia. It is wonderfully nutritious. I once saw a naturopath who put almost all of her patients on Blackstrap. She must have seen great results from it. (1 Tablespoon per day.)

Keep us posted on your progress! God bless you!

~Mama to Many~"

09/27/2009: Jab from San Antonio, Tx, USA: "hypothyroidism...


Been trying ACV [apple cider vinegar] and VCO [virgin coconut oil] for my hypothyroidism of 18 years. Am feeling some changes, but am concerned about taking the VCO 3 times a day. A tablespoon has 120 calories and sometimes I take it warmed in rice milk-a cup would have 9 calories. That's 210 calories. At the minimum 3-4 tablespoons a day I'd be taking 360-480 in in calories of VCO. With the rice milk even more. I'm 59 and that would take up at least a third of my daily calories to maintain my weight. Gonna make my range of food intake extremely limited, I'm afraid.

After the ACV and VCO reduce the need for meds, do you need to maintain the same dosage of ACV and VCO to stay hypothyroidism free?"

09/29/2009: Bunny from Santa Ana, Ca replies: "Most weight loss experts these days don't recommend calorie counting because all calories are not created equal. A glass of vegetable juice might have more calories than a '0 calorie' diet drink, but the juice is full of vitamins, minerals and other great things, while the diet drink is junk in a bottle.

VCO is a good example of this. It's crammed with medium chain triglycerides (about 60%). MCTs aren't stored as fat. They are converted to ketones that your cells can burn instead of sugar. MCT's are being researched as a treatment for Alzheimer's for this reason.

For hypothyroidism iodine is the thing-along with removing things that inhibit thyroid function from your diet. Fluoride, chlorine and bromines are big culprits. Soy and raw cruciferous veges like broccoli and cauliflower can also cause problems. Check the iodine section here for instructions on how to do an iodine patch test and see if supplementing helps."

04/12/2011: Hope from Delhi, India replies: "Hey Guys,

I am a newbie to this site and happy to see so many people sharing their experiences. I am 27 yrs old and have been on thyroid medication for a year now. Although this disease has messed up my life - body and mind.. The doctors I have met seem quite unconcerned with the problems I am facing. From being an extremely active girl, I have become the laziest and tiredest of all. I have put on 20Kgs in last one year and look extremely puffy. Nothing interests me and at times I feel detached to my loved ones. I don't understand why! I have asked many doctors about it... but all they do is get my blood test done and then change my medication amount accordingly.

Looking for alternatives is how I found this site and hope that it may help me to cure or at least cpe with the situation. I have started with EVCO - cold pressed today. My stomach is not taking it well right now, but I am feeling much more energetic ( I might be just imagining it! ). Anyhow, I am feeling happy enough to enroll for swimming - used to be my passion in college.

Hoping for the best!"

10/14/2013: David from Aurora, Colorado, Usa replies: "Hi Hope from Delhi,

Just a thought - If you're swimming indoors, in a chlorinated pool, it's possible that could be counterproductive. Isn't chlorine one of those things that can negatively affect thyroid function? (I've also read that school-age children who swim regularly in chlorinated pools are more prone to get asthma. ) Best Wishes to you."

05/18/2009: Sangeetha from Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands: "I am considering re-starting ACV for my food allergies and would also like to start 1 tbsp EVCO for my hypothyroid. Is it ok to take both these side by side or could/would there be any side effects?

Thanks for responding."

05/19/2009: Tim from La, CA replies: "Hi, I am no expert, but cocnut oil is very healthy and can be used with any food etc. But if you are conserned don't take them at the same time. Coconut oil is just like any other oil like Olive oil etc, but healthier, so it can be used with evrything and also you may want to consider taking a few tabel spoons of it every day with salads, on bread or alone, also you can use it for cooking."
05/19/2009: Sangeetha from Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands replies: "Does ACV act like an antacid to reduce the stomach acid and make our bodies more alkaline? If so, could ACV reduce absorption of Vitamin B12 as mentioned below for antacids:

"The use of antacids will also lower your stomach acid secretion and decrease your ability to absorb vitamin B12.

Stomach acid (hydrochloric acid) is a crucial ingredient in your body's ability to absorb B12. If you're taking a medication specifically designed to reduce the amount of stomach acid you produce, your body's ability to use vitamin B12 from the food you eat or the supplements you take will be significantly compromised."

As Vitamin B12 is very important for our complete well-being, I would appreciate response to this query."
01/06/2010: Robert from Martinez, Ca replies: "Response to old post from Sangeetha, Grand Cayman of 5-19-09 regarding B-12 absorption: B-12 is best absorbed directly into the blood via injection or sublingual, not in the stomach. Best B-12 is methylcobalamin avail on the net as sublingual & dosage depends on need. Vegetarians need more. Most of the B vitamin complex tablets on the market are petroleum based & not good for DNA over long term use. Dr Bob Marshall has researched this. Also regarding oils, please read Dr Russell Blaylock nutrition book. He is a neurosurgeon of 35 yrs. & states most all oils are excitotoxic to the brain. Best to use olive, coconut,or peanut oils. He does not recommend any others. Dr David Brownstein has researched iodine for over 20 yrs & recommends Iodoral. His books are very cheap on the net & see also his book on salt. He also has videos free on the net. Please note that the thyroid & hormone tests that are prescribed by 'Docs'are what they are taught in med school & are inaccurate, & it is a waste of your time to argue these points with most Docs as they are very protective of their trade. Example: you cannot test hormones via blood samples, only via saliva. Check Drs. David Zava & John Lee, pioneers in this field.Regarding coconut, I use raw extra virgin organic 'butter' which is the entire meat & oil combined. Thank you & I extend blessings to all."
09/14/2012: Citygirl27 from Richardson, Tx, Usa replies: "Yikes! Thanks. I've been taking my B vitamins at bedtime with my ACV/baking soda drink. Will start using lemon/baking soda then instead! Thanks for the heads up.

BTW that molasses tea drink sounds great, going to try it with my Bigelow vanilla caramel tea."

04/08/2013: Citygirl27 from Richardson, Tx, Usa replies: "I use extra virgin coconut oil, and apple cider vinegar together in my homemade salad dressings. They should be fine together, unless you have a particular sensitivity. I'd also add that using them in a dressing makes the vinegar a lot more palatable. I just add a few spices and garlic flakes and sea salt and pepper.

Tip: Add some olive oil to the dressing to help stop it from going solid at room temp."

Congenital Hypothyroidism

10/03/2012: Nursing Student In Florida from Saint Augustine, Fl: "First of all, after reading the blurb at the top about cretinism being a form of hypothyroidism in infants... this is a CHOICE...I am a patient who has congenital hypothyroidism (in my particular case, my thyroid gland is so severely underdeveloped I basically do not have one) but thanks to my beloved mother listening to the physicians when she found out that I had this condition and CHOOSING to make sure I took my medication everyday, I do not suffer from cretinism and am actually a nursing student with Certification as a Medical Assistant.

I have read several books and articles about this condition and ways to maintain a healthy diet. Unfortunately, there is not a cure but there are ways to live a healthy life despite the condition. I have heard that choosing a "flexitarian" diet that is a diet where meat is eaten once a day and the rest of the day a vegetarian-style diet plan is followed (high protein, high complex-carb... Think fiber). It is supposed to aid in proper BM also because you want to be eating higher amounts of fiber you want to drink more water which will promote the effects of the fiber. Monounsaturated fats and Polyunsaturated fats are also a huge help with this condition. Limit Saturated and Trans fats as much as possible (they break down into simple sugars which will leave you feeling drained).

Hypothyroidism can make joints and muscles feel weak, a good way to combat this is to start the day with yoga or some soothing exercise (save the cardio and strength training for later, allow your muscles the opportunity to ease into the day's movements) also this is the time of day when you want to consume the most calories ie: if you are consuming a 1600 cal diet then 600 breakfast, 500 lunch, 500 dinner (with that said I have heard over and over it is best to just stick with 3 meals a day rather than 5 or 6 mini-meals, our metabolism is not like everyone else [drats :(]). Try not to eat anything between 2 to 3 hours before going to bed at night (acid can creep up causing problems in the future).

Hope this helps! Nursing Student in Florida"

04/04/2010: Rondamommie from Kansas City, Mo, Usa: "Has anyone heard of a natural way to remedy congenital hypothyroidism? Would it be relevant, the ways mentioned for those having hypothyroidism, the kind brought about by autoantibodies? Does it necessarily mean a person with congenital hypothyroidism has no thyroid gland at all or just a non-working one/system?

Thank you!"

Emu Oil

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[YEA]  04/23/2013: Toourlady89 from Hayward, Ca: "The soles of my feet hurt sometimes, I read that it could be one symptom of hypothyroid. I am hypothyroid. What I have found that helps my pain is Emu Oil. Rub to any painful areas really well. It goes deep into several layers of the skin, relieving pain. Also works for burns, sunburn, swollen joints etc. I carry it with me everywhere. Anyone with any itch, insect bites, painful gums, teeth or even for cleaning up, it works. Emu Oil is an Australian cure by the aborigines. It was introduced to me in US as a multi level marketing product. It now is in the mainstream so anyone has access. thru Amazon or Ebay."

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02/26/2013: Merryanne from Orange City, Florida, Usa: "Lab results of TSH: I had a lab done on 2-21-2013 and the one I don't understand is the TSH, 3rd generation is 4.62 (0.40-4.50 mIU/L) it ia marked as High does this mean that my thyroid is high or low? I am 66 yo and had 4 surgeries from last year April till Sep. 1, 2012, the doctor did not seem overly consinerd about it, but if someone understands these labs I would love to know what they mean. Merrryanne in Central FL"

02/26/2013: Belladonna from Toronto, On replies: "Hi, It looks lke your thyroid is a little bit on a HYPO ( low) side. What about your other thyroid tests? Free T3 and Free T4? The results of TSHm T3 and T4 will give more precise picture of your thyroid health.


02/27/2013: Linda from New Haven, Ct, United States replies: "I often check my lab work on this site: http://labtestsonline.org/

Use the section on the right hand side to pull up each of the tests conducted by the lab, then just read the various tabs that appear. You will then have a good understanding of your results.


02/28/2013: Merryanne from Orange City, Florida, Usa replies: "Thank you Belladonna for your response: The results I posted are from my regular blood work, I forgot to ask the doc did mean high or low, what I mentiond was the only result concerning TSH, thank you, Merryanne in Central FL"



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