Hepatitis C Treatment and Cure

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Extreme Liver Support, Hydrogen Peroxide

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EC: These posts are referring to either 3% hydrogen peroxide found in your local pharmacy, or 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide found in certain health food stores or online.

10/29/2008: Priscilla from Dana Point, CA. USA replies: "What do you mean by "EXTREME LIVER SUPPORT"? Do you remember the exact measurements that you used?"
12/02/2009: Mal from Bloomingdale, Nj replies: "What is extreme liver support? What is the dosage for 35% H2O2 Thank you"

EC: It is the name of a supplement: http://www.google.com/products?hl=en&resnum=0&q=Xtreme Liver Support&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wf

01/30/2011: Ney from S. C., S. C., Dominican Republic replies: "I am trying to help a friend of mine who has hepatitis C. We obtain these results after a therapy with Extreme Liver Support (2 capsules, 3 times a day), and 7 drops 3% food grade H2O2, in a glass of water, 4 times a day. There were 2 therapy sections, one for 35 days, and the other for 49 days. with a month for resting, in between:

At the therapy's beginning:

Virus count: 2,897,116 UI/ml

SGOT: 59.50

SGPT: 45.00

At the therapy's end:

Virus count: 5,960, 000 IU/ml

SGOT: 102.30

SGPT: 90.90

My friend Was using others supplements beside Extreme Liver Support and H2O2, so these results can not be, exclusively, tyed to the used of Extreme Liver Support and H2O2. Also, the first viral count was done in a different laboratory than the second one. I have some important questions in my mind, and doubs. Mean while I have desided to try a different approach to try the hepatitis, yet using natural, although not at all, natural medicine.

Any way, apparently bad, or good, jesus loves me and my friend. In Him there are ours strengths.

He bless you..."
05/05/2012: Confidential from Lisboa, Portugal! replies: "Clearly this is this company trying to sell their product. It is PATHETIC that they are not decent enough to state, "we are a company selling a product to help the liver. " Instead to sign in as bogus users in an attempt to sell their product. DESPICABLE!"
02/21/2013: Angela from Fort Lauderdale, Florida replies: "I have been reading all the different things people have been trying and figured I would turn you on to another one that has worked so well for me that my doctor asked what I was taking and is now prescribing it to his patients who can't handle the current regimen of Ribovarin and Peginterferon, as I myself can't.

I researched for months until I came across a product called Nu-Liver available from Samglo Industries. I called and actually spoke to the scientist who developed it. He told me to take 2 in the am and 2 in the pm along with 200 mcg of Selenium and 1000 mg of Milk Thistle daily. Within 3 mos. my viral load went from 30,000, 000 to 8,000,000 and my ALT/AST were almost normal. My doctor ordered more labwork to determine the fibrosity of my liver and found it was less than the previous test.

Alas, I became unemployed and could not afford to return to the doctor for 2 years but I still kept up the regimen. I will be returning in a few weeks and will let you know the results."

[YEA]  02/23/2008: Walker from Calumet MI: "i wish to say that thanks i finally found some info for h202treatment. Believe it' or i just found your site last night feb 21 2008 at about 5p/m michigan time. I read evry word of the testimonials and the treatments and went and tried the h202 in my nebulizer{as i have copd and hep-c} i tried two treatments in about a 4 hr span-WOW i slept good ALL night for the first time in along long time, I am usally up 3 or 4 times a nite going to the bathroom as i have diabetes also- nope not last nite i didnt, i slept late {late for me is 7.ooa/m i am usally up about 5a/m or even earlier. I can believe that it has to be the h202 treatments i took and also there is barely aduible wheeze in my chest this morning .sopeople can say what they wont to I KNOW THAT I FEEL BETTER THIS MORNING. i am anxious to try more trearments today. Thanks!"

12/08/2009: Tillicroak from Las Vegas, Nevada replies: "I was reading that Walker from Calumet MI put H202 in a nebulizer. I need to know if it was 3% or 35% and how much to use. My wife and I both have HCV but she also has copd. I'd like to try this, I'm already using 35% along with apple cider vinegar, and a few other things. I've been doing them for about a month now and instead of getting a little worse each day, I actually feel a little better. I'm going to beat this stuff whatever it takes. I had a bad reaction to interferon therapy, I will find a way."

EC: HCV is the acronym for hepatitis C virus...

12/10/2009: Alain from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada replies: "Answer about H2O2 in a nebulizer

The H2O2 you put in your nebulizer must be of concentration of 3% or below. I think that Ted from EC said that 3% maybe too strong. Personally I would dilute the 35% food grade H2O2 in distilled water to obtain a solution between 1% and 2%. You try with it, and if things go fine try 3% but I would not go beyond 3%."

General Feedback

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12/01/2012: Diane from Framingham, Ma: "Does Ted, Bill from the Phillipines or anyone know if drinking a drop or two of Clove oil in water might help or resolve hepatitis c? I have read very good things about this herb...Thx much"

11/30/2012: Karen from Tampa, Fl.: "I have been taking my enzymes every month to monitor them as I try various remedies for my hep-c... The last month I increased my niacinamide by 250 mgs.... My enzymes went from:ALT: 149 to 165....... AST:84 to 97...

My question is directed to Bill... Can B-3 increase my liver enzymes?

I was taking 50 mgs in a multiple.. I then started taking B-3 with that and added 250 mgs per day...

This might not seem like much but I am very sensitive certain vitamins and herbs... I am obviously very concerned about my enzymes... I don't drink, smoke or take drugs...

The previous month I started on Essiac tea for the pain in my thighs as I also have peripheral neuropathy... The Essiac has helped some... Thank God as I was having trouble climbing stairs...

Thank you"

12/01/2012: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines replies: "Hi Karen... Dr Abram Hoffer used high dosages of B3 -- niacin, niacinamide and inositol hexanicotinate forms -- for decades to help people with schizophrenia, heart disease, fibromyalgia, cancer and other problems. He favoured the use of the niacin and niacinamide forms. Here is an interview where he gives his own opinion on the use of higher dosage niacin and liver toxicity:

AWS: What are the alleged "dangers" of niacin therapy?

AH: Niacin is probably not quite as safe as water, but pretty close to it. Patients ask me, "How dangerous is niacin therapy?" I answer them, "You are going to live a lot longer. Is that a problem for you?"

AWS: Data compiled by the American Association of Poison Control Centers (AAPCC) indicates that, over the past 25 years, there have been a total of one or two deaths attributed to niacin. When I looked for evidence to substantiate even this very low number of alleged fatalities, it was absent or assumed.

AH: There have been no deaths ever from niacin. The LD 50 (the dosage that would kill half of those taking it) for dogs is 6000 milligrams per kilogram body weight. That is equivalent to half a pound of niacin per day for a human. No human takes 225 000 milligrams of niacin a day. They would be nauseous long before reaching a harmful dose. The top niacin dose ever was a 16-year-old schizophrenic girl who took 120 tablets (500 mg each) in one day. That is 60 000 mg of niacin. The "voices" she had been hearing were gone immediately. She then took 3000 mg a day to maintain wellness.

AWS: If I do not press this point, a reader will: Maintained high doses of niacin may raise liver function tests, and this is used as evidence of harm.

AH: Niacin is not liver toxic. Niacin therapy increases liver function tests. But this elevation means that the liver is active. It does not indicate an underlying liver pathology. Dr. Bill Parsons discussed this extremely well in his book on niacin and cholesterol (Cholesterol Control Without Diet; Lilac Press, 2000). I personally have been on 1500 to 6000 milligrams daily since 1955. The biggest danger of taking niacin is that you live longer. One of my patients is 112. She does cross-country skiing and has been on niacin for 42 years. The fear doctors have of niacin is not based on data or facts and, like any myth, is very had to eradicate. So many patients are on niacin that by chance some will also have liver damage from other conditions such as alcoholism, hepatitis and so on. Niacin does not make it any better nor worse.

Source: Townsend Letter Novenber 2009

What can also fairly be ascertained from the above is that taking higher dose niacin will quite naturallty increase the working load for the liver. So if you have a liver with insufficient or weak function already due to Hepatitis C problems then taking higher dose niacin may tend to raise liver enzymes because the liver cannot cope or do its job so well.

I would advise that you just take B3 as B Complex -- which should contain niacinamide at a dosage of only 100 mgs. Take this once a day."

12/02/2012: Karen from Tampa, Fl replies: "Bill from the Phillipines, Thank you for the feedback. I will certainly take JUST the B-complex at 100 mgs.."

10/10/2012: Effie from London, Eng: "Hello Bill from the Phillipines. I see where you are a fan of vitamin B-3. I have hepatitis c and would like to know if that would be OK for me to take given my problem. Niacinamide maybe. Also have peripheral neuropathy and have tried EVERYTHING witrh no results...

I have read that it can be no good with hepatitis c.. Thank you & Much blessings"

10/08/2012: Serenitysister from Somewhere, Va: "Hello! I was diagnosed with hep c about a year ago but havent really been doing much to take care of my liver, just eating healthier I dont drink ect. Ive been taking supplements all summer like 5htp GABA Vitamin B and Im wondering:

1. Can this cause high liver enzymes because just got a test back and my levels are way too high

2. Can high liver enzymes cause brain fog?

3. My vitamin d is also very low apparently... Could this cause brain fog?.... Im going to start drinking dandelion root tea and taking a vitamin d supplement but in the meantime is there anything else I can do to get rid of brain fog/help my liver? sorry if im rambling brain fog sucks!!"

10/09/2012: Timh from Louisville, Ky, Usa replies: "Serenitysister: good news on liver issues is the Liver is a regenerative organ, unlike other organs. Only if the cell damage is somewhat severe as well as sustained is there little hope. And even now there are new and very promising treatments for cirrhosis. Anyway, there is many post and lots of info on the subject, here:



Hope this helps and good luck."

09/02/2012: Elissa from Brookline, Ma: "I contracted hep-c in January 1969... I had 4 eye operations in the late 1980's and early 1990's... I also had a deviated septum and rotator cuff operation in the mid 1990's...

A dentist from Tufts Dental in Boston gave me a pain medication for a root canal in 2003 which turned out to be the WRONG medication and I had anaphyectic shock and had to be taken to the hospital in the middle of the night...

They talked me into having a physical at the hospital which I hadn't had since I was born... They found out that I had hep-c and my liver enzymes were AST-33... ALT... 49... One was normal and the nother elevated by points... WHICH IS NOTHING! My PCP (Dr. Marilyn Kovnat) told me when I walked into the office for the results, "You don't have to DIE... You can take interferon. " It was like getting hit with a sledgehammer...

She also said I "NEEDED a liver biopsy. " I was very uninformed with regard to any of this includinfg what was hepatitis c... I had the liver biopsy and walked bent over for 6 months and my enzymes went close to 400 for both of them... I still have both enzymes over 100..

The point being to this mini story that my immune system was keeping my hepatitis c at bay... For 34 years... I had the biopsy and it awoke the virus and it has been hell since... The bottom line for anyone is DO NOT HAVE A BIOPSY... You can have a fibrosure test or a fibroscan test which is the state of the art in Europe and is NON_INVASIVE... It isn't a big money and because of this and (of course) is not recommended or approved in this country... BUT you can get on as I did in Beth Isreal Hospital in Boston...

Good luck and don't let the Dr's run your life... They're LESS ethical than used car sales men...

Finally my PCP talked me into going on Atenolol because my father had a history of high blood pressure... After 20 minutes of discussion/disagreements I agreed to go on it... Bear in mind I never ONCE registered high blood pressure... 9 months later I had to be wheelchaired into a hospital for a 4 1/2 heart operation for ventricular tachycardia... I had a Radio Frequency Catheter Ablation operation... Beware of Dr's advice..."

09/03/2012: Timh from Louisville, Ky replies: "Elissa, so sorry to hear of your negative relations in the medical community. My history in that arena is mixed; I am sometimes treated awful and sometimes very nice, but overall I haven't really gained much of anything, but have received some lifesaving measures when necessary.

Keep yourself educated and use as much alternative and natural therapies as possible and when you do go to conventional doctors try and be courteous and positive.

I hope you benefit here at E.C. as I have and keep us up-to-date on your condition as it is always good to hear a positive testimonial."

08/20/2012: Alicia from Syracuse, Utah: "Hello, my friends is true, will have a new pill to cure Hepatitis c, next year, any one know?"

07/28/2012: Denise from Seattle, Wa: "Would it be a good idea to take dessicated liver for hepatitis c? I am concerned about the iron in it as iron is used by the virus to replicate... Does anyone know about this?

Very new to this site and am grateful to have found it..

Thank you, Denise"

07/28/2012: Bonnie from Riverside, Ca. United States replies: "If you decide to consume liver (beef) make sure it is from organic meat. There is no mad cow testing in the U. S. by law."
07/29/2012: Timh from Louisville, Ky, Usa replies: "Denise, I have been using desiccated liver or Liquid Liver Extract for over a decade (on and off) for Cirrhosis and general anabolic nutrition w/ marginal results. I would recommend D. L. starting w/ a small dose. If you are over 50 yrs or your hep-c is severe I would consider bumping up to Liquid Liver Extract 3-6 daily. As far as viral replication, you would need to use any number of anti-viral protocols recommended here on E.C., as well as some Milk Thistle Seed Extract."

04/10/2012: James from Haverhill, Massachusetts/usa: "Interesting I will read more posts. I was wondering if you have interest in working with me for testing and helping me. I discovered I have Hep C 1b about a year ago.

I had a Primary Care who noticed higher Liver Enzymes and was subsequesntly tested for Hepatises C. I have been keeping track of different lab results and Ultra sounds for the period over 18 months. I would be willing to share in exchange of some guidance. I am preparing to start a new meds approach but open to alternative methods.

If this is something that interests you please email me at thoreauhouse(at)yahoo.com

Thanks, James"

02/29/2012: Christine from Indpls, In: "Hep C here. I found out in Dec. my alt/ast were 171/120. My iron was 382. Test from yesterday came back normal.

I did Ted's 4 day aspirin and lysine while waiting on the bht. Also milk thistle.

I just read there is sometimes fluctuation to normal. What do think about that? I am still tired but I feel a great psychological lift. This is good news isn't it?"

07/30/2012: Denise from Seattle, Wa replies: "Hello, If you take IP-6 it will leach iron out of your system and reduce you iron load/ferritin...or you could go the fast route and get phlabotomies... Either will reduce your iron and this will also reduce your enzymes levels...

IP-6 reduces my iron by 30 pints per month.. Don't like needles.."

10/12/2011: Janice from Sherman Oaks, California, Usa: "Hi, Trying just about everything suggested by Ted for Hep C and high liver enzymes. Regarding the bloodroot tincture, when I received the bottle I saw it contains 55% alcohol. Since alcohol is a no-no, is this a problem or does the bloodroot override that concern?

Also had a weird reaction to BHT... Eyes burn, feel "wired". Gave it to someone else with Hep C to try. Lysine is fine, beta-glucan, fine. Had associated psoriasis which now seems to be on its way out. Think those things account for that?

Thanks for all the great suggestions, Ted."

08/11/2011: Tom from Kansas City, Kansas: "Has anyone ever heard about a product called "Immunocal?" The people there tell me they can cure hepatitis C in 3 months... Sounds too good to be true... They say it's made from organic cows milk with a process that elimanates all but the bioactive protein containing cysteine... It is supposed to dramatically raise the glutathione level in your body...

Also has anyon ever heard about a company called "Ideal Health?" They take a urine sample and then send you back various vitamins and mineral to take then re-check you 6 months later and adjust your intake of the suplements... I knew a guy who told me he "Cleared" himself of hep-C with this program... However he was a salesman for the company, so I have my doubts about the veracity... He did however give me his doctors name to ask about his treatment...

Another questionable claim.. maybe for profit motive?

Any feed back on either or both...

Thank you for reading"

11/03/2011: Jd from Okc, Oklahoma replies: "Need help! I have had HCV for longtime--maybe childhood but did not find out until 30. I have no history of drug use of alcohol but have had cirrhosis since being first diagnosed. I have done a lot of different remedies including interferon in the early 90s. I am currently in situation for which I have no answers. For the past two weeks I have become more bloated and bloated and have been told it is ascites. However my scores have been improving and improving. Two protocols that worked best for me are Dr. Zhang's herbs and MMS. I have had a ton of parasites though that I just discovered last summer after a liver cleanse.

I went to the emergency room today because I am have such bloating and trouble going to the bathroom--never did that before. My hepatologist (the nurse) told me not to wory about it because it was just ascites and to lay off the salt ( I have a very clean diet). I talked to Dr. Zhang and he said it could be something else other than ascites and then my herbalist said take amio acids and olive leaf. Because I was sure I had a blockage, I went to the emergency room. No blockage was found and they just said I had a urinary tract infection but my right side feels like something is there and I am still not getting regular bowel movements. Did something build up or is there a parasitic ball stuck there? My mouth also tastes funny in the last few days.

I may have done too much at once--MMS and Dr. Zhangs and black walnut tincture since March tetering off on both a both in the last 8 weeks. A kinesiologist muscle tested me for all of it and gave me the doses (less than intially prescribed) I needed. He also told me to give my body a break so I reduced doses and kept up the black walnut tincture.

ALP now 159 March 212; AST 131 now, March 189; AST now 61 no real change (had been 55 last week), GGT now 37, March 54. My red blood count and white blood count fell from normal in the past week. Last viral load this summer before protocals was 1.5 million --it has been as low as 600,000.

I just ordered BHT and took one this evening. I guess I will take the antibiotic prescribed. I am afraid to take supplements because I am not sure what is going on down there. I did the mineral oil enema and oral dose last night becuase of the fullness. It did not help. I also took malic acid to break things up.

Has anyone had these problems? Has anyone tried the new MMS protocol or Dr. Zhang's herbs? Do you think BHT is superior or easier than thises other protocols? Do I drink a little water or a lot?

I appreciate any knowledge on any of this!"

11/04/2011: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Hello JD from OKc, You asked about the BHT as a treatment for hepatitis C. I will do my best to address your questions and concerns. The BHT worked remarkably well for me. I am Oscar and have discussed all that and provided links to some others who had equally amazing results. Also, Dr. W, a member of this forum has written in this forum at length about his successful self treatment using the BHT. He achieved a NO VIRUS detected in about 2 months using the BHT and has some usefull advice for those wishing to give the BHT a try. You state you took some BHT. You did not mention any bad side effects. This is true for most people and therefore, at least for you side effects are not an issue. Now, I highly recommend that BHT be taken seperately from anything other than a gulp of water to wash the capsule down on an empty stomach. Wait one hour before eating or taking anything else. This allows for the BHT to be metabolized and absorbed. If mixed with other things BHT will chemically react in unpredictable ways with other substances in a person`s stomach and duodenum so do NOT mix it with anything else. Also, I know of NO reason why BHT cannot be used along with some other treatment. Having said that, I do NOT think it is helpful to be trying too many treatments at the same time. The BHT seems to work very well all by itself.

You can read what facha brute has to say about that here: http://www.hipforums.com/newforums/showthread.php?p=6967512Ã

fatcha brute achieved a no detectable virus in one month along with freeing himself of genital warts with the use of BHT only.

Pass this on, I am not one to babble on sites, if you wish to let people know of a cure for Hep C, herpes, venerial warts, google this: Warts BHT. BHT works, google it you will see why, it will clear all virus in a month, no rubbing on this or that, no vinegar, no padhyoflyn.

Try it or research it."
01/08/2014: Anne from Tucson, Az replies: "Tom from Kansas, did you ever try that protein thing from cows and how are you doing now..I have just heard of something in Germany and wanted to know if it was the same thing..."

10/15/2010: John C from Weare, Nh, Us: "Is there anyone who has any latest information on hep-c being treated by traditional medicine and can use holistic remedies as well to ease the treatment. We are on the road to a liver transplant and the drugs just keep coming and I'm afraid of the extra damage being done if all they want to do is throw pills at the situation. And I have a stubborn wife who wants to believe in everything that they say and go no further in research herself because of her fatigue. Any help would be appreciated."

10/15/2010: Tommy from North York, On, Canada replies: "Hi John,
The only remedy that seems sound to kill the virus causing hepatitis C is lomatium dissectum. It is able to get rid of mycobacterium spp also. A study done in BC showed a significant antiviral activity in lomatium dissectum. It's a cheap product because the plant grows in the USA wildly. The native people used to use it against flue and all other viral infections. High dose of Vitamin D3 is also very recommended against Hepatitis C. However, other studies say that high dosage of Vitamine D can damage the liver. You can start with small dosage or just get some sun. I hope that can help you. I'm not a doctor but I won't recommend liver transplant to anybody. Wish you a good health. Tommy."
10/15/2010: Linda from York County, Me replies: "Hi John - try googling herbal healer... She's a long-time naturopath in Arkansas..... Essiac tea, liver cleanse, etc. May be in order.... She offers a help desk email forum on Wednesdays."
[YEA]  04/02/2011: Caroline from Orlando, Florida replies: "I have been having Autohemotherapy to treat my Hep C and I am astonished as to how well I feel. I have not felt this well in many years. My energy went off the charts at first and has now become more normal. No more fatigue!! My Naturopathic Dr. prescribed 8 treatments, twice a week. I have one more treatment left and then he suggested an 'as and when needed'. Worked well for me."
05/07/2011: Catpleasant from Reno, Nv, Usa replies: "I applaud the efforts of everybody trying the numerous and various holistic remedies for "curing" hep C. I've had it since 1975.

My liver is shot. I have COPD (bronchitis type), low platelet count (low enough for internal bleeding to be a problem), small blister in my throat that are also at the back of my tongue (new symptom/problem over the last 6-8 weeks), cirrosis of the liver, I pick up infections that are resistant to anitbiotics easily and way to often. All this is from the Hep C virus. Oh, I forgot - a "deadly form of cancer" that has been treated once and may or may not come back or spread to some organ besides the liver.

I used to ask what the viral load level was. It turns out that the viral load level can go up and down (and does) all by itself. The only time you are cured of this killer disease is when the viral load level is not detectable for 6 months. Then you have been cured.

Anything you find that lowers the viral load level is good. As long as it is detectible, the disease is still doing it's damage. I have tried just about every herb known to man. The only reason the cancer was treatable was because the tumor was still small, and an experimental treatment was used. It just happen to have worked.

I won't say that the herbals won't work. They do. They help a lot. Hep C is nothing to play around with. It is a killer. Worse than any thing - in my opinion - worse than HIV since there appears to be a treatment for it that throws that disease into remission. Where the current medical treatments for Hep C are so hard on the body that they are actually worse than the disease itself, and if you have gnome type A, those treatments don't usually work. Gnome (gee-nome) A is the commonest type in the US (where I'm at.)

There is a new treatment for Hep C, that the US FDA (wonderful group of liers) may eventually approve. It consists of 4 treatments. First treatment being one dose, 2nd being a stronger dose, 3rd a stronger dose, 4th and final being a stronger dose. It is not the interferon (forgive the misspelling please). It is a totally different type of treatment. Is available I believe in Great Britain. Wipes out the virus. Side effects are few if any, and not as severe as the chemotherapy.

From what I read, the hydrogen peroxide treatment does what the interferon does. Where the interferon creates hydrogen peroxide once it's taken. Rather sounds like the hydrogen peroxide bypasses the middle man (pharmaecuetical companies), and works directly.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure if all the damage that has been done by the virus, prior to getting rid of the virus can be reversed. Any feedback on that would be great. I know that the liver rejuvenates some - by itself.

Keep doing what you're doing by all means. But research the disease as well. I wasn't told I even had it until the first treatment was created. I guess the doctors figured there was no point in telling me. (not the true reason since I was given the disease along with the immunizations received in basic training). The damage done by the time the initial interferon treatment was developed was so severe that I wasn't able to physically able to even try it. Due to the treatment destroying plateletts and the immune system.

It's only been in the last 7 months that all the really bad effects of the disease have really hit hard. So for the one who has the hep C virus, and his wife does also - the copd is secondary to the hep C.

Take care of yourselves, and keep working at getting the viral load levels down to zero.



and questions or comments (I have newsletters I'll share), and am in my email box more than anyplace else.


05/12/2011: Jim from Spfg, Il replies: "I read somewhere that taking coconut oil lowers the viral load (Hep. C & HIV viral loads). Please research it. Good Luck!"






EC: We've emailed Joyce and asked if she can figure out any of the conditions Totan is referring to...

02/17/2009: Joyce from Joelton, Tn. replies: "I think he is saying he has hepatitis C that he got from a blood transfusion in 1986, biceose (possibly means because and if it does then the next part of his letter probably means) I have chronic? (choric) acute? (acutizac) on blood (melena is the medical lingo here for dark blood in the stool or bowel movement).

If I am guessing correctly, he has a chronic duodenal (area of stomach) ulcer that bleeds causing his need for blood transfusions.

Following "after treatment on" seems to be two different things they treated him with and the amounts of each. Viremia RNA stoded (studies) is probably bloodwork done after the treatment and the levels of the virus found in the RNA in the bloodwork.

Not sure what is meant in the second paragraph except that treatment was discontinued after 3 months. I suspect that Romanian Statenau translates to something like Medicare or Medicaid here and the government decided it was a waste of money to continue. Sounds cold hearted, but that is what it looks like. The next l sentence paragraph obviously means that the major diagnosis when he checked into the hospital and was discharged was Hepatitis C.

The final paragraph is giving the secondary discharge diagnoses: chronic venous insufficiency, ayheroclerosa (atherosclerosis or hardening & clogging of the arteries?), asthepopathy??? of inferior memebers (Believe this translates to some problem in the legs & feet).

The next part I believe translates to he has had the left lobe of the thyroid removed (?reason?) leaving him hypothyroid, the next part is just repeating the chronic duodenal ulcer.

If I had those problems I would be thinking dandelion and milk thistle to help the liver. I think his best bet on the duodenal ulcer is to eliminate all bleached flour from his diet (go to whole grain products here), another thing I have found will also send my stomach into revolt is any acid food or juice from a metal can. I think he might need to read everything on EC about cayenne stopping bleeding, and if it stops bleeding elsewhere, it should also stop it in the stomach, and it sounds like he needs to stop it quickly.

He didn't mention his age, but whatever it is, he needs to eliminate all carbonated beverages, all junk foods (I consider anything made with bleached flour or white sugar junk food), because whether we like it or not, we are what we eat and drink!"

EC: Thank you so much, Joyce! We never would have figured that out... wow!

02/17/2009: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Most bleeding is well dealt with using vitamin K 100-200 mcg. If a vitamin K is not available which is commonly not sold separtely, a vitamin K maybe contained in many anti-hemorrhoidal medicines which larger dose of vitamin K, which works fine. Even if an anti hemorrhoidal medicine is not found, eating plenty of fermented soy, in particular from Natto (a Japanese delicacy rich in vitamin K2) might be able ti be found in local supermarkets in the soy section, usually in the refrigerator. It would be interesting what happens when Codex Alimentarius effects worldwide making supplements no longer available after December 31, 2009. Canada has just passed a bill on this, so I need to come up with another remedy using fermented soy Natto, taken in much larger quantitities or over the counter anti hemorrhoidal to by pass the use of vitamin K. U.S. is also a 172 member countries so likely to pass this act too. See some links:


As to the hepatitis C, there are two antivirals that I have tested that seems to work well. One is a 5% solution copper chloride, added to the acylclovir which increases its potency by 20 times. A copper chloride is prepared using most distilled water with 5% by weight of copper chloride. Then it is placed in a dropper bottle and is dropped on the acyclovir pill and allow it to react for a couple of minutes before taken.

A simpler method, that can be taken or combined with acylcovir is the bloodroot tincture 40% taken at 5 drops to 10 drops in a glass of water taken three or four times a day. For one reason or another the bloodroot tincture may somehow digested the hepatitis C.

I do have reports of a complete cure of hepatitis virus by flushing out the viruses completely from the body, although it caused a huge skin breakouts (but will stop completely the recurrence), using a Thai herbal medicine such as "Ya Keow" which is a camphor and borneol based herbs, along with some others. So camphor might be used usually a pinch which is 1/16 of a teaspoon as well as borneol may help somewhat in flushing them out, but very likely less effective then Ya Keow, but this is available only in Thailand so I have to make some modifications.

The remedy is also taken at the same time with copper-acylcovir (must prepare yourself since it's not available commercially), and drops of 25% sodium chlorite ( a commercial one is called MMS), is mixed using drops such as 5 drops plus 10 or 15 drops of vinegar dissolved in 1/2 glass of water taken three times a day for example.

Hepatitis C is relatively resistant to most medication with the exception of a few remedies one was a Chinese herbal medicne (Zhang Zhou Pien Tze Huang), but is prohibitively expensive but seems to work quite well for those who can afford it.

A zinc does have some antiviral effect on Hepatitis C, but not enough to completely kill them. It is quite true that inteferon does have anti viral effect on Hepatitis C, but it requires a lot of dose and then they don't go completely away in some cases. Perhaps that's why they discontinued, besides being somewhat expensive to administer.

The best remedy I can come up with that lead to a cure for at least a few case is the Acyclovir mixed with copper chloride solution in my opinion works better the Ribavirina (English is Ribavirin) and this kills them effectively.

Therefore a combination of copper acyclovir, in combination with another remedy, sodium chlorite 25% drops with citric acid or vinegar, as mentioned used in combination for a couple of weeks should noticed improvement within about a week. A large dose iodine, such as iodophor, has limited ability in killing of hepatitis C from my own experience in dealing with them. Taking the addition of magnesium chloride 500 mg a day, malic acid (with baking soda) at 1/2 teaspoon each three times a day, are the supporting remedies.

Unfortunately in Thailand, I don't have many people with Hepatitis C I would like to see and all of them are cured from either the Chinese herbal medicine or the Copper Acyclovir/Sodium chlorite, before I get to perfect the remedy. Therefore, this may not be a perfect remedy for many people since the numbers used at least here in Bangkok are too few. I guess doctors in most hospitals have more then enough, while on my side I don't have enough people to really see whether its consistent or not.

In any event, a viral Hepatitis C does get weakened with 5-10 drops of 3% H2O2, taken ever 2 hours and helps raise energy level. Methylene blue 0.1% concentration 3 drops x 4 is also possible to raise some energy level in weakness. Baking soda or alkalization is required to weaken them and is taken at 1/2 teaspoon x 3 times a day to further give some energy boost. A three tablespoonful of lecithin will help reduce liver of congestion, especially from the fats the liver has to deal with as lecithin is a fat emulsifier.

As to the duondenal inflammation, or possibly some sort of leaky gut, the lack of healing maybe most helped with some aloe vera, and magnesium supplements. Milk thistle may help liver a little, but that has never helped me that much, One clue to reduce intestinal pains and very well so is the milk of magnesia (magnesium hydroxide 8%) but without the aluminum hydroxide added. The milk of magnesia is an alkaline laxative that kills staphylooccus and other flesh eating bacteria that exists along the intestinal tract. The dose is often less then those on the bottle as per instructions - usually at 1/2 of the dose, at twice the frequency, but dissolved in a glass of water. I used fairly often milk of magnesia as a "contact antibiotic" both on the external skin area, for the use against the MRSA, or an internal staph or flesh eating bacteria, taken frequently, or in other case, the use against the toxic shock syndrome (TSS). The results of using of milk of magnesia (plus mabye some additional magnesium supplements, such as magensium chloride 500 mg) is fairly constistent against these bacteria that causes intestinal lining damage. Therefore most of the pain should be reduce within the day, at least for the intestines.

I have also found lysine to work fairly well if used in combination with hydrogen peroxide. for the hepatitis issue. However, in this case 20-30 drops of 3% H2O2 is added in a liter of drinking water that is drank regularly. The lysine is taken at 3000 mg x 3 or x 4 and has a very powerful antiviral for the hepatitis C in a few cases.


09/01/2013: Leea from Los Angeles, Ca replies: "I was wondering how milk of magnesium could be helpfull, when autopsies have seen a blanket of that stuff coating the entire colon and lower intestine. which prevents nutrients to enter the blood."

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