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Genital Herpes Remedies

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Hydrogen Peroxide

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Hydrogen Peroxide Remedy for Genital Herpes

Home Remedy Ingredients

  • Hydrogen Peroxide - 3%

Use a cotton swab to apply 3% hydrogen peroxide directly to genital herpes sores to soothe the itch and pain. Use this treatment 3-4 times a day (or more) and you should see significant reduction of herpes sores within a day or two.

[YEA]  09/13/2009: Ali from Jacksonville, Fl: "Adding diluted Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide to a pitcher of ice tea has been a God Send. I was devasted when I tested positive about 7 yrs. ago. I never had a severe case and outbreaks were pretty infrequent but it was more the embarrassment than the discomfort that lead me to find a solution. The lysine did not work at all for me. But to my utter amazement and relief the FGHP did! It has been about 3 years since I started adding it and I have not had an "occurrence" since...not one full blown outbreak!!! Although I have felt like it was going to happen due to fatigue or sore legs or a pain in my stomach but then I would make an effort to ingest more of the FDHP than normal which seemed to stop the potential onset in its tracks. Please try this and be the directions and dilute properly. All I can say is it REALLY worked. I think I might get tested during my next wellness visit to see if it's gone....fingers crossed!"

06/09/2011: Espero from La, Ca replies: "how did you make your tea/how many times a day, etc. I have some H202 but am hesitant to take it. please let me know. Thanks!"
09/17/2012: Mikayla from Austin, Tx replies: "Yes, I 'd also like to know how much FGHP you use? Also, did you never increase the dosage to the 25 drops they recommend? You just kept it at around 7?"
01/25/2014: Saxon from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia replies: "Please how can I get hydrogen peroxide for herpes treatment and cure, am really suffering with outbreaks, I am tired of buying medicine every week in order to reduce my herpes and its outbreak, please I need help."

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  05/03/2009: That Guy from Raleigh, NC: "I read that the virus has to have a warm and moist environment to REPLICATE, or go extremely active. I soak my fingers in HP initially to dry out the infected area and the COOL (not warm) sensation eases the itch. I then soak a cotton ball in HP and place it on the infected area and keep it in place with a fabric band aid b/c they don't loose adhesion when wet. I then resoak that whole finger (2 soaks and a cotton ball so far) while it's wrapped and remove the band aid about an hour later. This also removes any tiny blisters that tried to form during the first few hours of prodrone. (I believe the prodrone sensation is the actual SKIN seperating from it's lower layers trying to form a blister, which becomes itchy) MAKES SENSE TO ME. After any dead skin is peeled away from the bandage I keep it dry with HP as uaual until it's said and done. Within ONE day I am able to rid myself of any and most all discomfort AND by the next day I'm WELL on my way into the healing stage. NO BLISTERS, NO DISCOMFORT, INFECTED SKIN REMOVED, NO ITCH, JUST HEALING. IDK how or why it works other than it DRIES the area which is GREAT FOR YOU vs. BAD FOR VIRUS...AND it REMOVES the infected top layer of skin even if any blisters are barely visible, the skin is peeled away, and recleaned/redried with HP until it just naturally heals on it's own. For me it takes about half or less of a day to rid myself of discomfort and maybe two days to get it feeling back to normal and WELL into the healing stages. My first outbreak with the VIRUS lasted almost two weeks..and it wasn't pretty. With DRYING and REMOVAL and CLEANLINESS I am able to shorten two weeks into a mere day or two and the discomfort is gone is half a day. GOOD LUCK!! BTW I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT CAUSED MY OUTBREAK b/c IT DID IT TO ME BEFORE. NEVER... EVER... EVER... EVER.... EVER, TAKE ANY BARBITUATES BECAUSE IT PLACES THE NERVOUS SYSTEM INTO A SLEEP STATE AND YOU GUESSED IT. THAT'S WHERE THE VIRUS LIES DORMANT ;) IF SOMEONE PAYS ME I'll KEEP My outbreaks are so minmimal I would get paid to go through one again just to prove that my process works for me. It doesn't cure anything but it goes from onset to AGHHHHH in a mere day as I said before if not two. Give it a shot if you have the same problem and I WISH YOU THE BEST OF LUCK b/c this has to be one of the most UNFAIR VIRUS' ever to plaque humans. REMEMBER....KEEP IT DRY and COOL!! AGHHHHH is the KEY."

[YEA]  04/13/2009: D from Pines, NJ: "Seriously, try 20% cream Hydrogen Peroxide on a cotton ball and lightly press it on the area. Apply everyday until it's completely gone. I'm on Valtrex and Zovirax but hydrogen peroxide has done more for me and my symptoms are gone (for now I expect). This is my 1st outbreak so we'll see. I still need to convince my bf that he's got it. He has no symptoms and doesn't believe that he gave it to me, but he had tender lymph nodes on both sides. My doctor confirmed that this is a primary breakout for me.

My bf has been in Iraq for the past 6 mos. and he was here 3 weeks ago for leave. Two weeks after he left I developed symptoms. During a routine exam my doc saw a tiny pinhead sized bump (looked like a goosebump) and asked me if I had oral sex with anyone in the past few weeks. He did a swab of the area and five days later told me it wasn't the cold sore variety but genital herpes. This f---- sucks because I didn't get anything from my bf before. He probably got it in Iraq. lol WTF"

04/13/2009: ANONYMOUS from ANYWHERE, FL replies: "WHERE DO YOU GET CREAM?"

[YEA]  09/05/2008: Joe from Albuquerque, NM: "Soaking in a bath up to your wast with a cup of peroxide has helped in stopping genital herpes outbreaks for me, when you feel the onset of an outbreak."

[YEA]  07/19/2008: Joanne from Taos, New Mexico: "I suffered greatly from genital herpes on a regular basis until I tried hydrogen peroxide. I was in the painful blister stage when I first tried it, and applied H2O2 with a cotton ball to the area, almost "scubbing" the blisters down because they were so painful and the area was so itchy. Miracle of miracles--it relieved the pain and itch almost immediately, and the next day the problem was reduced by 95%.

Now if I have an outbreak I usually ignore it until it gets uncomfortable, then apply the H202. It seems to be most effective when blisters have formed or are at least beginning, but I have also found I could prevent it from reaching that point by applying earlier.

Knowing that it is easy to fix once it gets worse, I usally can't be bothered to get out the hydrogen peroxide until it gets annoying. I don't pass on the chocolate or other foods that cause breakouts either anymore. I hope you will try it and that it will be a miracle for you as it has been for me."

05/03/2009: Tim from LA, USA replies: "Warning: Hey guys hold your horses- you MUST tell people what strength of HP you are using for different treatments. As you know HP comes typically from 3% to 60% and these stronger ones can cause serious damage if used undiluted. So before you use HP Google about the dilution of it. Usually 3% is safe for most uses except you don't want to let it get into your eyes. 6% can be use for some treatments. Also you never want to digest any drug store brands, because they have other chemicals in them. If you for some reason try eating or drinking it; use food grade HP, which is 30 or 60 %, so you must dilute it a lot. So do be careful. And don't ask me where to get the food grade, because I don't know. Google it."
03/06/2013: Benni from San Diego, California replies: "Just a thought for everyone using hydrogen peroxide (3% liquid) on HSV2 outbreaks.

The acne cream, benzoyl peroxide, is sold at most pharmacies. It is a thick cream and is sold in 5% and 10% concentrations. Maybe it would be easier to use for this purpose.

It will bleach your clothes and probably hair though... So wear white undies and be prepared to go orange or blonde! Who cares if it penetrates better though, right?"

[YEA]  01/04/2008: Joe from Los Angeles, USA: "For genital herpies. You can get a thin needle and burn it with a match to sterilize it. You have to pucture the bubbles of herpies with one hand and have a tissue in the other hand to soke up the juice. You will also pore Hydrogen Peroxide over the open cuts so oxigen gets in there. You only use the needle method if your herpies has bubbled out. If you have open sores you just need to pore peroxide on it. This is not a cure but it help the healing fast."

[YEA]  12/04/2006: Angel9 from Los Angeles: "All I want to know is... has anyone ever gone back to a doctor and test negative for HSV2 after being tested positive for HSV2? This and only this means you have been cured. You are not cured just by preventing outbreaks. You are just really good at dodging an attack. My GOAL!!! I have just had a positive blood test for HSV2. My plan is not to stop outbreaks but to stop the virus itself. Meaning the next time I get tested it will be negative. I don't know how long this will take but based on the knowledge I have gained about what type of virus this is, where it hides dormant in your body, and the many different theories people have on "CURING" herpes 1 & especially 2, it seems that the best way to start is with 35% Food Grade Peroxide. And obviously proper diet and immune system boosting vitamin regimen while only drinking DISTILLED WATER. Like I stated earlier I want to get rid of the virus not just the outbreaks. So far I have been reading miles and miles of claims of cures and all these claims are just stopping outbreaks not the virus. That is not enough for me. I have read only 1 and I mean only 1 person saying they have been tested negative after being tested positive. And he was using Oxygen Therapy with 35% food grade peroxide in Spain. Testing negative means, You can't pass what you don't have. If you want more information on 35% food grade peroxide, feel free to get free information from a person that is not trying to get your money at my email"

10/31/2008: Dee from Detroit, MI replies: "I am curious if you were able to test negative, if so, would you mind sharing what you did? thanks"
12/17/2011: Manns57 from Phoenix, Az replies: "Please send me more info on this!!!

Thank you, Dee"

01/21/2012: Womanundefeated from Southern, Fla replies: "Angel9: This is exactly how I feel! I would like to hear about someone with a negative test result as well. I haven't tried the hydrogen peroxide, but I am now thinking about adding to my daily regimen. Need to do research first! I have been on my journey to "Being Cured" for about 1 year now.

Since then, I've worked with two holistic docs who recommended everything from Aloe Vera intake to garlic pills, parsley, and Coloidal Silver. I am now working with a wonderful holistic doc that says the key to complete and PERMANANT healing is to get your body as alkaline as posible by eating only alkaline foods and drinking mostly alkaline water, no sodas, no milk or dairy, and no sugar or sweeteners! Ie: Dairy and sugars feed the bacteria in your body. I have basicly become a raw foodist, eating mostly green vegetables and drinking only coconut and almond milk within the past 3 mnths. I have also been drinking water from the young coconut and eating the meat, which I hear is great for breaking down the virus! The goal is to make your body so alkaline that the bacteria or virus can NO LONGER live in your body! It evacuates! This is my goal, and I see that people seem to want a quick fix, but the best way takes time, knowlege, and self-discipline. So far, I've had a couple outbreaks, not lasting more than 3 days, but as my body purges the herpes out, the goal is to have a final eruption-like result from the herbal tea cleanses I drink every month combined with a colon cleanse each month. I have never felt better or looked better, so the next time I visit the doc, I hope to have a NEGATIVE test result! Hope everyone is cleaning their bodies out naturally, NOT covering up the problem. Happy Cleansing! :)"

02/02/2012: Determined from Atlanta, Ga replies: "Hey guys! If you are looking for a cure for GH, put colloidal silver in the search engine (earth clinic) and read the post(s)... There have been a few people that have actually tested negative after taking colloidal silver for a few months. I've purchased a bottle and I can really tell its working! I have faith that it will work. Oh, I also take bio-defender (monolaurin & olive leaf combo), which is a really good product. There are a few other things that I take as well (all herbal, of course)! I would suggest that you find what works for you, do your research and be consistent! There's no way that any Medical doctor can actually make me believe that this is incurable... It just doesn't make sense if you REALLY think about it!!! :)"
11/15/2013: Gloria from Connecticut replies: "I would like more information on the daily use and for how long should I drink this peroxide will it have any negative effect on my organs?"

Hydrogen Peroxide, ACV, Colloidal Silver

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[YEA]  09/19/2009: Louisa from Austin, Texas: "So, here I am, a 45 year old woman who has just had my first herpes outbreak (OB). I was humiliated and in denial for about an hour when I came across this website and found hope and inspiration here. Based on hundreds of letters of good advice, this is the protocol I used to alleviate all the symptoms of the OB within 5 days. (Day 1)The first night I packed organic ACV soaked cotton balls in the folds of my privates. This stung initially, but I just waited it out. I slept this way for over 8 hours. When I woke, the affected spots were bright white. (Days 2-3) I started dabbing 3% hydrogen peroxide (HP) cotton balls liberally to affected area multiple times during the day, as well as "packing" the area with HP cotton balls at night. The "tickling" sensation lasted only three days and each day was significantly less than the day before. (Days 4-5) I continued using HP at least twice daily for a total of 5 days. On the 5th day following the initial symptom OB I saw my Nurse Practitioner and she was unable to even find evidence of the outbreak and said that I had done "a good job at drying it out." (Oh, I also drank about 3 Tbsp. ACV daily, and large doses of homemade colloidal silver 5/ppm, maybe 2 cups over 5 days.)

Good Luck, you're not alone."

09/20/2009: Genna from Austin, Tx replies: "Here's how I make homemade Colloidal Silver:

2 Silver wires. (.999 PURE silver: call Thunderbird Supply @ 505-884-7770 You will need 12" of 14 AWG. Cut in half.) I bend the wires over a wooden spoon so there is a one inch gap from the bottom of wire to base of a clear drinking glass. I attach a jumper (alligator to alligator jumper available at Radio Shack) to one silver wire, attach a second jumper to the other silver wire. I pour 8 ounces (1 cup) of warm distilled water into glass. I snap four 9-volt batteries together, exposing one leftover negative terminal and one leftover positive terminal. I attach one alligator to each terminal (the other ends are already attached to the silver wires.) I insure that the silver wires are about an inch apart all the way to the bottom. I set timer for 25 minutes. I pour resulting colloid into an amber or cobalt blue bottle for storage.

**Do not microwave distilled water to warm it. Heat it on the stove. The warm water (anything less that boiling) will cause a higher PPM "parts per million" colloid. The ideal voltage is between 27-36 VDC. After 15 minutes you can visually see the reaction occurring in the water by shining a flashlight through the glass, it will look like a mist between the two silver wires. Skky Vodka is a perfect bottle (with a plastic twist lid) for storing colloidal silver. This solution normally makes a 5ppm colloid when made at room temperature. Clean silver wires gently with green nylon scratch pad, my silver wires have lasted over 10 years. You cannot shock yourself doing this."
09/20/2009: Kathy from Dubois, Pa replies: "Thanks for the great information, Genna!"
09/22/2009: Merryanne from Orange City, Florida, USA replies: "THANK YOU!!!!! This sounds like I can do it, I am not very mechanical, but I will be trying, thank you again Genna"
10/05/2009: Christine from Shoreline, Wa replies: "You say that I need 12" of 14 AWG. What is 14 AWG?"
10/09/2009: Genna from Austin, Tx replies: "Christine, 14 AWG just means 14 guage wire. (I should have just said that!) Good luck, it is really easy to make colloidal silver. I have not had a cold or flu in over 10 years and I credit that to the silver. I put it in my husbands coffee and in my dog's water bowl too."
12/04/2011: Careful from Madrid, Spain replies: "Hi, you want to be careful with homemade colloidal silver, and some commercial brand as well, as some people turned gray for using it. Google it and you will see."

Iodine, Glycerin

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[YEA]  06/20/2012: "I use a 8 to 1 mixture of Gylcerin and Iodine Tincture (colored) to treat my genital herpes. I find it works very very well. I dont really know how the combination work so effectively. I know that both ingredients have good anitbacterial, anitfungal, and germicidal properties. I cant find much about the mixture online. Maybe someone should do a study.."

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  02/04/2013: Benni from San Diego, California replies: "Yes for iodine.

I eat a diet high in lysine but was under a lot of stress recently and had a breakout that lasted for, and continued to get worse, for two months. After feeling like there'd be no end in sight, I decided to spread some of my Lugol's (5%) iodine on my lower back (where the virus lives) and also around my genitals, after cleaning the area first with hydrogen peroxide.

The situation was much improved the next morning, so I repeated the procedure.

May not be a cure all but Acyclovir (two rounds) hadn't helped at all and this did. I'd say if you have Lugol's, try it as part of your arsenol, but I wasn't cured overnight, just much relieved and starting to see signs of remission.

Also, I previously got some relief from the "acetone applied to lesions with a q-tip" idea (not cured or completely cleared up though) and am considering/ researching the BHT path for a more permanent cure. I haven't had a lot of luck with lysine supplementation in the past, but I am a meat and dairy eater who used to take additional lysine regulalry and didn't get long lasting breakouts like this recent one, so I will be ordering more of that too.

Also, I'd stopped my two-per-day multi-vitamin for a few months when this happened, and had planned to stop taking it altogether, opting for better, whole food based nutrition with additional vitamin C supplementation instead, but now I'm rethinking that. It's a very good quality multi that is expensive ($18 per month) and contains high quality, well researched vitamins and minerals. Wish I could mention the name but I never had breakouts that lasted more than a few days while taking it.

As for the glycerine, I'm not sure if that does anything. I've used it without any noticeable difference."

Iodine, Prunella Vulgaris, Grape Seed and Neem Extracts

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[YEA]  09/26/2007: Joe from singapore, singapore: "PRUNELLA VULGARIS is easyly availible in the chinese medical shop. its dry dark brown or black in color.those who don't know where to get it from."

07/02/2008: Robby from Singapore replies: "Joe, What is the Chinese name for Prunella Vulgaris?"

[YEA]  09/25/2007: joe from singapore: "yesterday my penis was so very swollen. i use a combination of iodine to stop the itch and Prunella Vulgaris is a herb which is availible anywhere in the world. its very cheap in singapore only $1/ for 100 grams. i boil it and drink it every 4 hours and also apply it on my penis. 1 day later the swell is gone the itch almost gone and the boils gone no break-up of painfull wounds. i also took 2 pills of grape seed extract and neem extract. i belieive that the iodine and Prunella Vulgaris is the most effective to fight the herpes viurs. ipdine will burn about 2 minutes so apply a little by little on small areas. this will work a wonder.wish you best. i am trying other herps and keep you posted."


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[YEA]  01/03/2007: Anonymous from Houston, TX: "Ivy-Dry (dual acting spray purchased from Walgreen Drug Store 6 FL OZ bottle for about $8.00) This product relieves itching, oozing, and weeping associated with minor skin irritations from poison ivy, oak, and sumac. It also cured Herpes outbreaks.

Herpes outbreaks have lesions or small blisters. I have found that if I use Ivy-Dry on these lesions they will dry up and start to heal within 24 hours. Remember that this product is an external skin protectant that relieves the itching, oozing and weeping associated with minor skin irritations and rashes. After the healing process begins I see some dry dead skin begin to peel from the affected area of treatment. I would not recommend to over use this product as it will dry out your skin.(Normally two applications will clear up my out break. I spray the affected area once at night and once again in the morning. I also used this product after intercourse to prevent outbreaks ) Before using any product read the label first !

I have also started taking one capsule of red marine algae daily and I am outbreak free!"


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[YEA]  12/05/2013: Max from New Jersey: "I used to have outbreaks faithful every month. Especially around my period & worse with higher amounts of STRESS, & CAFFEINE. Honest to goodness, this works...!

Whenever I feel an outbreak coming on, I buy Kale at the supermarket, rinse it, and eat a leaf (raw). Twice a day for 2 days makes it virtually non-existant. If I've already broken out, I eat a leaf or two and in about an hour, maybe two- I've forgotten they were there; No itching or pain from lesions. The next 2 days, lesions are shrinking and almost dried out- day 3 DONE and on with LIFE!

I now eat Kale at least once a month, especially around "breakout time" and I don't "break out". I do also watch how much caffeine I take in and have just about eliminated most nuts out of my diet. If I go overboard on Arganine's, I load up on more Kale.

Hope this helps."

King Coconut

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[YEA]  10/29/2008: C.P. Samaraweera from Colombo, Western, Sri Lanka: "I am suffering from Herpes for the past 8 years and have tried several medication such as pills like Herperex and also the Herperex cream etc. the Herprex Pills are very effective but time going by things change, the strength of the pill has to be increased, in my case when the strength of the pill was increased I started suffering with a pain in my chest. However, two years ago I had to be hospitalised for a stroke (not due to the madication or due to Herpes) and just after my stroke the symptoms begone to appear but not for very long in 2 to 3 days the symptoms disappeared and later I was wondering how and later I realised that I was given King Coconut to drink, later a many times when I got the symptoms I started drinking King Coconut and within a max 2 to 3 days it disappeared, sometimes if taken at the very early days of the symptoms then Herpes disappears within 1 to 2 days. Look for the King Coconut which is orange in colour this is mainly available in countries like India, Sri Lanka, Maldives etc. if not drink the one available in your country. Also for Cucumber the symptoms disappear, it cools your system, the main cause of Herpers once infected is the body heat, eat cooling things, do not eat heaty food like prawns, lobster, pork or anything heaty, prawns are very heaty anyone suffering from Herpes will notice the symptoms the next after eating prawns but if raw lime juice is sprinkled over prawns the possibilities are that you may see a delay in Herpes coming up."

EC: Photos of King Coconut:

"A distinct cultivar, popular in Sri Lanka where it is said to have originated and where it is called thambili. Most valuable at the immature stage, when the juice inside is sweet and the albumen tender. The colour is an attractive orange-yellow, and large bunches of these nuts are a common sight in every market and roadside stall."

01/30/2012: Shanaka from Colombo, Colombo replies: "Hi.. I saw your valuable input with regard to genital herpes I would like to talk to you as I think I am suffering with similar symptoms if possible please send me your e-mail address to shanaka_123(at)"


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L-Lysine Cure for Genital Herpes

Holistic Treatment Instructions

  • L-Lysine

You can take the essential amino acid L-Lysine in tablet form each day as directed to quickly heal a herpes outbreak and prevent further outbreaks from occurring with regular use. Try 1000mg daily for regular use and hourly during an outbreak, then adjust to your body’s needs.

09/24/2013: Elen from Italy: "Genital Herpes: Question about L-Lysine and products to avoid:

L-lysine:from what I have read it has a side effect: being an amino acid, taking it leads either to putting on extra weight or in case you work out a lot putting on muscles. In fact it is used in sports as an additive. I was wondering if people for whom L-lisine works could share there experience: do you feel like you put more weight on?

Products to avoid: it is often that I see that vitamin C and in general citruses and sour fruits are to be avoided as they tend to cause a recurrent outburst of Herpes. Some other sources just mention that vitamin C is important for immune system so it is advisable. Did anyone have any problems taking vitamin C or eating citruses?

Almost the same contradictive situation I see with dairy products: they are full of proteins and especially of L-lisine. However, I often see it amongst the products to avoid. I personally find it difficult to lead a healthy lifestyle if I avoid dairy products and vitamin C.

(I mean it is possible of course, I have some friends who are vegan and they are perfectly fine and happy people, but they do eat whole wheat products, beans, soy etc, which I have to avoid.)

Thank you for your replies."

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  02/17/2014: Novastar from Los Altos, Ca replies: "Lysine definitely works but it unfortunately is not a cure for me, but it helps me manage the symptoms. If I know I have a stressful time coming or I have my menstrual time coming, I'll take one 1000mg per day to prevent. If I am feeling some irritation or flu like symptoms ill take 3-4000mg. Nuts/ vegetarian diet is also contraindicated for this issue due to the argentine but only when my immune system is low. There have been times when I'm really living well that I can eat nuts or anything and don't even remember I have this but add in just a little stress and its recipe for disaster. Still searching for a more lasting cure..."
[YEA]  02/18/2014: Novastar from Los Altos, Ca replies: "Lysine definitely works but it unfortunately is not a cure for me, but it helps me manage the symptoms. If I know I have a stressful time coming or I have my menstrual time coming, I'll take one 1000mg per day to prevent. If I am feeling some irritation or flu like symptoms I'll take 3-4000mg. Nuts/ vegetarian diet is also contraindicated for this issue due to the arginine but only when my immune system is low. There have been times when I'm really living well that I can eat nuts or anything and don't even remember I have this but add in just a little stress and its recipe for disaster. Still searching for a more lasting cure..."



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