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Genital Herpes Remedies

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Tea Tree Oil

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[YEA]  02/17/2008: Claudia from Los Angeles, CA: "Tea tree oil really helps me to prevent herpes outbreaks. When i feel the infected area starting to become itchy, which is a symptom for me that i'll be having an outbreak, i apply tea tree oil 2 to 3 times during the day. This prevents any sores from appearing."

[YEA]  05/30/2008: Jennie from Cph, DK replies: "I can totally back this up. Tea tree oil is great for herpes, wherever it may be. Apply it as soon as you feel an outbreak coming."
[YEA]  06/03/2010: Nicole from Dallas, Texas, Usa replies: "Tea Tree Oil is the only thing that has worked for me. As soon as I feel any tingle or pain or itch I put some on a cotton pad and apply it to the area for about an hour.Then for the next 24 hours I apply it after using the restroom. If I catch it as soon as I feel anything I can abort the outbreak. If I dont get it till the blisters are already forming it usually cuts the outbreak down to 24 hours or less. I also have found taking lysin and ST. Johns wort 3x a day has really boosted my immunity and provided less breakouts."
[YEA]  01/14/2014: Joost from Madrid replies: "It definitely works but apply it as early as possible, then there is a chance the blisters will be avoided at all.. When you are late and the blisters are already there, try to rub the oil as deep as possible, even try some slight scratching, so oil enters deeper - I let it burn a bit down, then you get the best results.."

Ted's Remedies

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Ted's Remedies for Genital Herpes

11/13/2006: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand: "For this week, I am doing experiments on the efficacy of zinc acetate and magnesium chloride solutions against genital herpes virus and herpes simplex virus. It took me only two days to cure my aunt, but hope to reduce that to only one day would be nice. However, she was suffering months using the typical hospital meds (it is actually almost a year but who's counting?) I also found that zinc acetate and magnesium chloride solution (and some fulvic acid) effectively stopped food poisoning due to bacteria. So I guess it is great for stomach ailments.

With this treatment, Herpes is gone within a day, but the virus can remain dormant for a month. I haven't got the science of virus down to a tee how long they can remain dormant. This is true of any viruses, whether they are AIDs or even Herpes simplex. You still need to keep applying the solution of Zinc Chloride and Magnesium Chloride at least 4 times a day and do it for at least a month.

The exact measurement for the herpes simplex cure is a 5% concentration of Zinc Chloride and a 5% concentration of Magnesium Chloride. This is the simplest formula that is most easy to remember. Viruses take a long time to kill because they hide inside your body.

To quicken the kill so they can no longer hide dormant, you should take 25-50 mg. of zinc acetate for a week alternatively. This means take this one week on and take it one week off. Do this for about two months.

The other thing is you need to alkalize taking at least 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water twice a day. Once in the evening and once in the morning on an empty stomach. It is done to avoid possible interactions with salty foods which causes diarrhea or loose stools. What I can say is this formula works better than any meds in the market that I know of. It is not a perfect formula, but it is still the best. The formula do needs some improvement, but of course I often face the reality of constraints."


Ted from Bangkok, Thailand writes: "The easiest treatment and simplest treatment for herpes is to use fresh olive leaf or use olive leaf extract. However, in practice I used more than one just to make sure they don't come back again.

Since I am talking about olive leaf, this is also used against Epstein-Barr Virus and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as well, due to its antiviral properties. As a result, I have cut and paste portions describing in more details the oleuropeins found in olive leaf -- see below. I suspect that olive leaf extract when mixed with apple cider vinegar would increase its antiviral potency, especially when you have the common colds or pneumonia coming.

For those already against vaccination the olive leaf can be eaten regularly as a protection against other deadly viral diseases as well."


Ted from Bangkok, Thailand writes: "Try about 1-2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar three times a day. If it is too sour for you, mix it in water. I do have some reservations about using honey but if necessary you may add it. If you can get a good clear solution of colloidal silver it is really helpful for herpes conditions. While most help will be from olive leaf, it is best that you take whatever you have with you.

The secret to alleviating your herpes has a lot to do with your diet as it affects your immune system. Most important is to avoid sugar completely, especially avoid soda pop, shakes, candies, cookies, cakes, and ice cream. These are main sources of sugar which fuels viral growth and shuts down your immunity system for about 2-3 hours. [** Earth Clinic's additional note: completely AVOID any diet products containing aspartame as this ingredient can trigger a herpes outbreak within hours.**]

Secondly avoid all fried foods, and fast foods, these harm the liver with needed toxins, and most obvious is smoking and drinking. Alcoholic drinks destroys the liver by hardening it. Vegetable oils and margarine are the worse offenders as they are both hydrogenated and trans fatty acid, which is forbidden by farmers in feeding pigs. Pigs will die from hardening of arteries if you feed pigs with vegetable oil rich foods. Eating just fresh vegetables -uncooked and unsweetened salad dressing, such as olive oil and lemon. Partially boiled eggs is helpful as it contains lecithin and will help the liver recover. Take some zinc supplements, especially zinc acetate and/or zinc gluconate as these zinc compounds are strongly antiviral. One secret to curing herpes that my friend mentioned sometime ago, is to take aspirin twice a day along with a strong black coffee. For some reason, aspirin has been shown to be strongly antiviral. If it wasn't for aspirin with some caffeine, my sister would have died of pneumonia. For some reason, authorities do not like using aspirin, but they do work on herpes just as well.

You have to understand that there are many antiviral natural therapies, but they are not many in the drugs stores because they are harder to synthesize and patent them, such as apple seed or apricot seeds. These two are also helpful against the herpes virus also. Take between 1-3 apricots seeds a day. Most health stores carry them, but get them from your supermarket, as fresh apricot seeds are your best bet. Get some pliers to break open the shell, however.

If you do many of these recommendations, your condition should improve within a month or two (worse case scenario)."

Question: Is it safe to take colloidal silver and olive leaf extract together?

"Yes, it's o.k. to take them together. Also frequency of intake (taken every 3-6 hours for example) rather than the amount we take is what kills a virus from reproducing. Viruses reproduce back to their normal population within about 4-6 hours. So if the frequency during the first weeks' of intake might be every three hours, when the viruses weaken you can stretch it to say 5-6 hours, this is just an example.)

Once your conditions are gone you must continue taken them at least more 3 months to kill all the residual viruses hidden in your body before there is a real cure. That's really the secret. Take plenty of rest, stay away from fried foods, sugar, soft drinks, tea, get plenty of rest, stay away from stress, and avoid overcooked foods at all costs, and any vaccinations (flu, etc.) as the vaccination for some reason destroys your natural immunity (thimerosal) as your present conditions are already weakened, so additional vaccine is usually detrimental due to accumulation of additional heavy metal toxins.

Re: Fresh Olive Leaf

"Unfortunately most herb stores do not have fresh olive leaf. If your local store has one, its great. If you can't find one, go to a Plant Nursery -- they might have a olive tree you can grow one at your home. This is what I did. I grow my own olive leaf tree. And yes, it is best that you take it along with apple cider
vinegar as it also have antiviral properties.

When you buy an olive tree from a nursery, I would prefer you to buy a large olive tree already. This way you do not have to wait for it to grow. You can use it immediately.

Preparation: Get fresh young leaf from olive tree. 4-5 leaves will do. Wash them clean and you may put them in a blender, mixed with fruit juices, etc. Storein a refrigerator. For me, I keep things simple. I eat them directly after I wash the leaf clean. In Thailand, we eat lots of them as a delicacy or part of a meal, much like salads in the U.S., although the salad dressing are very different here."

Links:"Olive Leaf fights the Herpes Virus-

In 1969 the research of Dr. Renis working with the Upjohn company, proved that a compound of oleuropein from the olive leaf could kill all viruses, including the herpes virus, against which it was tested. The virucidal activity of oleuropein was due to its interaction with the protein coat of the virus and not with its genetic material. Ref. 1.

In 1992 French biologists working at the Laboratoire de Pharmacognosie, Faculte de Pharmacie in Rennes France, found that all of the herpes viruses were inhibited or killed by extracts from olive leaf. They supported their findings by citing 28 references to the virucidal qualities of oleuropein in their report. Ref. 2.

Olive Leaf reduces Chronic Fatigue Syndrome-

In the U.S.A. the use of olive leaf extract has become very popular with doctors, naturopaths and the general public where it is being prescribed for the symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS).

CFS is associated with immune dysfunction, which allows infections with a variety of opportunistic microbes from herpes-viruses, retro viruses, fungi and parasites.

Many sufferers will have an overgrowth of the yeast Candida albicans, along with a chronic active infection with the Epstein-Barr Virus ( EBV or glandular fever ).

By the end of early adulthood almost everyone has detectable levels of EBV anti-bodies in their blood, meaning that they have at some stage, been invaded by this virus. In those with a healthy immune system the virus is kept in a dormant or latent state and does not produce any symptoms.

If the host's immune system becomes weakened or overloaded the glandular fever virus (Epstein- Barr Virus-EBV) begins to reactivate and cause disease.

EBV belongs to the herpes family of viruses, and all herpes viruses tend to reactivate in those with compromised immune systems such as in cancer, acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS ) and treatment with chemotherapy.

Dr. W.J. Martin, head of molecular immunopathology at the University of Southern California Medical Centre has found strange retro viruses called "foamy viruses" in a high percentage of patients with CFS.

These patients complained of persistent debilitating, flu-like symptoms similar to CFS. Other viruses that are being studied as possible causes of CFS are HTLV-2, entero-viruses such as the polio virus, herpes-virus type VI and the cytomegalovirus.

These kinds of viruses reside in most people but are kept in a dormant state by our immune systems.

Until the virus fighting properties of olive leaf extract were recently rediscovered and proved, there has been very little specific treatment to overcome virally induced CFS. Now it is possible to fight these viruses by taking sufficient quantities of olive leaf extract capsules in repeated doses.

It is the hydrolyzed components of elenolic acid with its calcium elenolate salt that are bound by nature into the structure of the olive leaf that are able to fight these viruses so effectively."

06/25/2013: Chris from Winnipeg: "Ted's treatment for Genital Herpes: Does anyone know what stuff and where I can get it from Ted's message?"

11/22/2012: Postive Mind from Caribbean, Aa: "Hello I have been reading on all the sites about this herpes treatment till now this is the more convincing site I see out here the other are mostly fake responds, but I notice that most ppl have found a cure or they got something that did stop the outbreaks, but are waiting to get cured complete. Now for me just go get tested so see if your cured already or check what kinda results would come out, why wait so long. Everybody is waiting to drink more of the medications to be sure, maybe you dont have to wait so long. Go get tested and let us know what the results be. And also ppl post some information about some cure and you never see them or hear from them again so whats up with that?"

[SIDE EFFECTS]  11/20/2012: Ange from Denver, Co: "After two weeks of taking Oil of Oregano P73, ACV and Olive Leaf Extract, my Blood Pressure measured in today at 92/60. After doing some more research, all three of these things are known to lower BP, so please be careful."

08/11/2012: Nana from Toronto, Ontario: "I started using this oil of oregano, do you think its really true with this case and do you think its to much to use 5 dr 3x day? Did this guy posted any updates?

06/19/2012: Cured From Chicago from Chicago, Il"

07/26/2012: Elaina from Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada: "Hi Ted, I've been an big fan of you for a few years now. Never have replied to anything but am always reading your posts!

I believe I have some form of the herpes virus in my bladder. It began 2 years ago with what felt like a UTI that never showed bacteria. I went to a naturopathic doctor who treated me for 'a virus in your bladder'.. Never telling me what kind because he didn't know. A few months down the road I began taking high doses of l-lysine and Vit. C for cold sores and noticed, miraculously, my bladder symptoms became less. I have had insomnia and wake up every night at 4am unable to go back to sleep since this started but when I take lysine I am able to get an okay night sleep. I also try to stick to a 'herpes diet' and have noticed improvement from the exclusion of nuts.

I'm sorry this is so long. What I am wondering is, would the same remedy work for having this virus in my bladder (possibly kidneys I don't know)? I believe with all my heart that many people diagnosed with interstitial cystitis, as I was numerous times, have some un-detected virus in the bladder or urinary tract. I have read the Epstein Barr virus loves the lining of the bladder. Go figure."

[YEA]  06/19/2012: Cured From Chicago from Chicago, Il: "CURED!!! I've suffered from GH for years and tried several different natural remedies, to no prevail, UNTIL I heard about Oil of Oregano. It has to be the one that was ORIGINALLY made from wild meditteranean oregano. Not imitators. This brand is the strongest source on the earth. Put 5 drops under the tongue, 3 times a day and hold it there for at least 30 seconds. Also, I took 3 capsules of Oregamax twice daily. The symptoms were gone so quickly it made my head spin and they haven't returned!!! I am going to get tested again soon and I will post an update. I know my body is clear of this ugly virus. I can feel it!

There is a Doctor who wrote a book about the oregano cure and stated that Oil of Oregano (has to say P73 on the bottle) disintegrates the herpes virus from the body, seeking it out of it's hiding place. You must continue to take the drops for a couple of months at least to eradicate the virus completely. It is such a relief! I can get married and have a family without having to worry about burdening them, as I have been burdened, with this horrible virus. I must also add, that I have done alot of spiritual healing and that has helped with the emotional issues that came hand in hand with this virus. I know that there is a higher power and he put natural cures on this earth for us. I am so grateful for that. Thank you for reading. I know if you have faith in these wonderful cures and give them a try, using them consistently, that you, too, can be cured!! I wish you happy healing."

06/30/2012: Tony from Church Hill, Tn, Usa replies: "Hello Cured from Chicago. I just bought some of this Wild Oregano Oil online today. I will be receiving it early next week. I read to do a combination of internal & external treatment with this oil. I also read that genital HSV-2 hides at the lower portion of the spine along the nerve pathways. Is there a specific location along the spine to rub the oil externally? I know where the lower spine is located but a particular lumbar(s) area?

I guess I can just rub a general area at the base of the lower spine to make sure it's covered. I'll start out at 3 drops twice daily internally & increase gradually to the 5 drops 3x daily. I've suffered from HSV-2 for over 17 years. This looks like a promising cure! However, I'm also going through a candida cleanse/protocol provided by Bill here at EC as well. Heck, maybe by the time I get this candida overgrowth under control the HSV-2 might just disappear as well but why wait?

Plus, the oil is also antifungal as well so it can only help with my candida problems too. I probably even have other viral infections I don't know about. Can HSV-2 spread to other parts of the body especially if you have a candida overgrowth? I think with all of my health problems I might even have EBV(Epstein-Barr Virus) even though I've not been diagnosed with it.

I'm sure I have other viral related concerns though. This oil will take care of a lot of my health issues. I bought enough for at least 2 months of treatment. Hopefully, I can get rid of this awful candida problem & take care of the HSV-2 and/or other viral overloads with my complete protocol for candida & now the Wild Oil of Oregano multiple cures. Thanks & God Bless!"

07/09/2012: Nate2912 from Gso, North Carolina replies: "Cured From Chicago from Chicago: States that shw is cured gh. I wanted to know if u were tested to see if its completely gone from ur body. I just started in the wild meditteranean oregano oil and hopefully I will get good results like u.. I have had the gh for about 9yrs and nothing seemed to work for me."
08/11/2012: Cured From Chicago from Chicago, Usa replies: "I have not been tested yet but I have had literally no symptoms since I have been taking the Wild Mediteranean Oil of Oregano consistently. I now take 7 drops, under the tongue, twice daily. Oh, and I use super strength Oil of Oregano. It has 3 times the potency. I plan to continue taking it for several months before getting tested to make sure the virus is completely disintegrated."
10/06/2012: Tired Of H from Oakland, Ca replies: "Dear Cured, Can you please post the link where your oil of oregano was purchased?"

06/02/2012: Anon from New York: "Are there any updates on Ted's Zinc/Magnesium chloride solution for herpes treatment. (First posted in 2006). Can it be specified if this is an oral or topical treatment or both?"

01/31/2010: Vertical7 from Gold Coast, Qld, Aus: "Ted, so eating olive leaves will eventually kill the herpes virus? Or am I required to do all the therapies you listed above? If not which ones do u recommend the most?"

09/24/2009: Chaste from Miami, Florida: "In Ted's remedy he suggest "5% concentration of Zinc Chloride and a 5% concentration of Magnesium Chloride." solution 4 times a day? Is this topical or should it be taken internally? Can someone please provide specific instructions?""

08/19/2009: Chad from Tampa, Fl: "Hi I have questions regarding Ted's Remedies. Where do you get the Zinc Acetate and Magnesium and also how do you make sure its only 5 % concentration levels? Any help is very much appreciated!


Tepeschoite Powder

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[YEA]  06/14/2011: Crystal from San Diego, Ca: "I broke out for the first time with genital herpes about 3 months ago; diagnosed with hsv 1 and 2. I used a powder that I used before with burns. I popped the the blisters with a qtip and I used a qtip to apply the tepeschoite powder to the infected area; my blisters dried within 2 days. U can purchase this power at hispanic botanica or you can purchase it on-line. Do not buy the ointment cream, only the powder."

Topical Application of Vodka, Zinc

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[YEA]  01/11/2009: C Johnnie from New York City, NY: "genital herpes: as per info I accessed on your site, i tried Vodka as a topical application and yes it worked! It stung a bit but dried up the lesions in 24-48 hrs AND I took zinc tablets orally which also has helped and may have some curative value/relief for some..."

Urine Therapy

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[YEA]  11/01/2005: Abdoul from Libreville Gabon: "God created man with all its potentials to free it's self from all type of terrible disease. you might notice in my english i'm not so good in writing. but what i know in my brain is better than writing. just want to let those who've been suffering from genital herps know that the cure is in you and it's not up to MONEY LEVEL. it's just simple the UT. urine therapy. I've been suffering from this genital herps which i thought at one time to be untreatable for a good number of years. if i want to list out the different types of pharmaceutical intoxication drugs that i've spent my money in buying, then i need to open a website to contain all. right up to this great day when i read about Urine therapy and genital herps. i started it immediately and 4 days later the size became like a dot. every time i wanted to urinate, i simple urinate in a clean glass, then pour it on the herps that took me no franc but my determination to get rid of it. i've been doing this now for almost 2 yrs regarding the symptoms but the herps disappeared and never show any sign of returning again."

03/29/2011: A from Chicago, Illinois/usa replies: "Have you gotten a PCR test done to see if the virus is still in your body? Have you had any outbreaks so far?"

Vitamin C

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[YEA]  05/17/2009: Cesar from Panama: "I was diagnose with genital herpes around 1996, from that time I had to take medicine for that every 3 repetitions by year. In 2001 I started to take a daily dose of 500mg of Vit C, and after 9 years my genital herpes never returned. I continue taking Vit C without any side effects."

07/26/2012: Bamkablam from Los Angeles, Ca replies: "For men who have genital herpes outbreaks I have developed a system for applying a small apple cider vinegar compress to the affected area on the penis. I go the 99 cent store and buy small condoms that are too small to use when having sex. However, they are the perfect tension to keep the apple cider vinegar compress (either cotton pad or viva paper towel) on the penis herpes in order to work its magic."



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