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[YEA]  01/13/2010: Diana from St. Charles, Mo, USA: "I wanted to pass along some information for those that suffer from frequent canker sores. My granddaughter get's canker sores all of the time. It seems she gets a couple and just about gets those healed and there's another outbreak in her mouth. At times they are so bad that she can't talk and has trouble eating/chewing. I've researched this for years as well as talk to her dentist, her pediatrician and tried different rememdies. The first thing I did was take her off regular toothpaste and have her start using a natural toothpaste without SLS and that seemed to help only slightly. I've continued researching and having her try different rememdies. I think we've finally found the "magic bullet". I'd read that Goldenseal Root was great for healing canker sores. Buy the tincture (liquid) and apply it directly to the sore with a Q-tip. She noticed immediate relief with the pain and the sore healed very quickly. She also had a new one that hadn't fully developed, but she knew that in the next day or two it would be a full blown canker sore, so she started applying Goldenseal Root to that as well and by the very next day it was completely gone!

When I went to the local health food store to buy the Goldenseal Root, the clerk told me that alot of times mouth sores are caused because there's a problem in the intestines and she advised me to get a good probiotic and have my granddaughter take it daily. She started a daily regimine of a good probiotic first thing in the morning about 30 minutes before breakfast, then dabbing the sores a minimum of 3 times a day. Her outbreaks have really slowed down and when she feels one forming she starts this regimine right away and it either stops it in it's tracks or heals them very, very quickly. Just wanted to pass this along to everyone who suffers the same fate as my granddaughter. I know how much she suffered and how badly these things effected her life so I hope that this information will help others as well."

[YEA]  07/14/2009: Sarah from Vancouver, BC: "I read a LOT of the suggestions to get rid of canker sores as I get them every once in a while and they are awful. I agree that bacterial cultures and oil pulling can keep the mouth in a healthier state on a daily basis...but a remedy I didn't see anywhere is goldenseal. It can be found at any health food store and sometimes is combined with echinacea. Now this is a natural remedy that should be used sparingly as it could one day be unavailable because of overharvesting... It can be taken in pill form or tincture to boost the immune system in times when it is low but in the case of cankers, using the pill form and opening one of the capsules up and carefully putting the powder on the canker works amazingly to kill the infection. I tried using the tincture and rinsing with it and it just turned my mouth and teeth bright yellow....not cool! so get the pill form for sure... Hope this helps others in pain from those nasty canker sores!"

Green Tea

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[YEA]  07/25/2008: Kayla from Spokane, Washington: "A couple of days ago I had some dental work done. I recieved topical anesthesia, a couple pain killing shots, and laughing gas. The shots made my mouth very swollen, and the topical anethesia and the laughing gas made me unable to feel the entire left side of my mouth. While I was out of it, I chewed up that whole side, leaving large, raged canker sores.

After a couple days of pain which required me to take leftover Valiums from previous dental work, I tried drinking green tea, iced. It's cooling, soothing, and offers a great deal of relief."

[YEA]  04/01/2007: Steve from Milwaukee, Wisconsin: "For ALL of my adult life, I've been plagued by horrible outbreaks of canker sores, typically 2-3 very large sores at any given time. Six months ago I began drinking green tea daily as a substitute for soda. To my amazement, my canker sores disappeared and did not return. Green tea was the only dietary change I made (I still drink soda, just not as much). In addition, occasionally I will not have green tea for about a week, and soon enough the canker sores return.

I am not the type of person who really believes in folk or herbal remedies, but after discovering accidentally that green tea elminated my chronic canker sores, I am a believer in at least the health properties of green tea. I really cannot express what an improvement in quality of life this is for me and likely other chronic canker sore sufferers, so spread the word!"

[YEA]  07/16/2006: Mike from Gainesville, FL: "I noticed my relatively new habit of drinking green tea is drastically affecting the frequency at which canker sores appear in my mouth. They now seem to form only in the upper part of my mouth. Swishing tea on the sore greatly reduces the time it takes (24-36 hours) for it to heal. It's amazing to find this out after years of dealing with them."

Heartburn Remedies

10/06/2011: Ron from Mexico City, Mexico: "I have been taking heartburn pills to lower my acid level because my doctor said canker sores are from too much acid. It works like a charm!"

Herbal Toothpaste

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[YEA]  09/03/2009: Sanath from Calicut, Kerala India: "Mouth ulcer cure. Hi.. this worked for me.. Hope it helps others...

Have been suffering from mouth ulcers since child hood.. Am 35 now. Tried hundreds of experiements with various medicines, natural remedies. Some of them worked the first time but no more, while others didn't help at all.

Finally, It was by coincidence that I started using "Herbal Toothpastes" instead of the regular toothpastes. I noticed that instances of mouth ulcers reduced dramatically. It's been about two years since, i have had major bouts of this. Only recently when I had to use the regular toothpaste out of necessity ( iwas on vacation and I forgot my own)did i find a relapse of the ulcers. Shifting imemdiately to the herbal one relieved me (within a matter of 4 days) again this time. It was then I realized for sure that use of regular toothpaste was what was causing these ulcers. Really don't know what ingredient in the regular ones was causing the ulcers..

Anyways, Its worth a try for all you guys out there who are suffereing from recurring ulcers."

02/21/2012: Debra from Tulare, Ca replies: "Can you tell me the ingredients in the Herbal Toothpaste?"

Hydrogen Peroxide

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Hydrogen Peroxide for Canker Sores

Home Remedy Ingredients

  • Hydrogen Peroxide

Dab a bit of hydrogen peroxide on a canker sore, or use a small bit of hydrogen peroxide as a mouthwash, to kill off whatever infection is creating the sores.

[YEA]  12/29/2008: Will from Portland, OR: "I discovered to use on canker sores Hydrogen Peroxide on my own a few years back. I used it 30 sec per day, everyday, and now I have had one, maybe two canker sores since then. I think the Hydrogen Peroxide interrupts the life cycle of the virus by destroying the infected cells. That was back in 2001!"

12/30/2008: Gean from Salina, KS replies: "Good to know. Also, I wanted to add that 2 weeks ago my brother had canker sores in the back of his throat which hurt so bad that a sip of water felt like a knife. He sucked on licorice lozenges from the health food store, and within one to two days the sores were gone."
[YEA]  03/22/2014: Randomhelpguy from Colorado replies: "Take an ice cube with frost still on it over the canker sore and it will rip off the white part, and numb it at the same time. Then take hydrogen peroxide and hold it on the sore mixed with Apple Cider vinegar for up a minute or two. This will sting like a bitch. After all this take a Q tip and activated charcoal and scrape the crater from the former sore. Then take just the charcoal and make a paste and leave it for a few minutes. Problem solved overnight or at least smaller. Or alternatively you could use alum which also burns like hell."

[YEA]  03/17/2007: Lee from Salem, NH: "I have always used hydrogen peroxide for skin infections, insect bites, cankers, cold sores & deleting blood stains. Results are quick & inexpensive. I dab it on my finger, straight from the bottle, to apply to a cold sore or canker. I have never had a cold sore for more than a day. When I was a teenager, I also applied some to any pimples that might crop up."

[YEA]  07/19/2006: Jessie from Vernon Hills, IL: "I tried remedy #5 for canker sores. I'm so happy I was able to eat my lunch today without (too much) pain."

[YEA]  06/27/2006: Anonymous : "Take one capful of H202 and hold in your mouth for 10 minutes daily, then spit it out. No more canker sores and your teeth will be whiter without expensive pastes."

[YEA]  02/03/2006: Pranshu from Newark, DE: "Hydrogen Peroxide def works for canker doctor prescribed some mouthwash that just numbed it for a few hours..but peroxide reduces the pain and it also helps cure canker sores"

[YEA]  01/06/2006: Skip from Livingston, MT: "For canker sores, either dab hydrogen peroxide directly on the canker sore until it stops bubbling, or hold and swish 2-3 tbs hydrogen peroxide in your mouth for 30-60 seconds. Spit out and repeat 2-3 times. DO NOT SWALLOW. Rinse your mouth well with water after using the peroxide in either method. The canker sore/s will be noticeably improved and much less painful within 24 hours. They should disappear altogether within 48-72 hours."

[YEA]  11/18/2005: Amanda from McKinney, TC: "hydrogen peroxide, swish it around in your mouth or dip a q-tip in it and place it on the canker will be gone in a few days!!"


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[YEA]  12/23/2010: Mary from Philadelphia, Pa: "Thank you!!!! This afternoon a canker sore became incredibly painful. Tried salt water. Tried lisine. Came here and tried Apple Cider Vinegar. All either did nothing or made it hurt more. Kept reading here and saw all the good aspirin reports. Didn't have aspirin so I used ibuprofen instead. Oh my goodness, it's now numb. No pain at all. Even if it doesn't last, a bit of relief is a godsend!"



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