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Multiple Supplements

01/28/2011: Carolyn from Milford, Ct: "For those suffering from anxiety and depression, please investigate the condition known alternatively as Pyroluria, Kryptopyrrole and/or Mauve Factor. Debate is raging as to the underlying cause of this metabolic disorder, but the body loses massive amounts of B-6 and Zinc, as well as the omega-6 acids. Moreover, copper begins to build up to toxic levels in the body, causing everything from depression to anxiety to seizures to schizophrenia. The degree of symptoms has everything to do with individual biochemistry and the degree of essential nutrient deficiency. The treatment is simple: high-dose daily suplimentation with niacinimide, B-6 (in the form of B-6 and P-5-P), zinc, manganese, magnesium, chromium, biotin and omega-6 in the form of evening primrose oil.

PLEASE NOTE, however, that this suplimentation should NOT be done without blood monitoring by a qualified medical practitioner. The doses required to see results are extremely high for each of nutritional components, and poisoning can result, particularly In the case of zinc. Moreover, a patient can reverse copper toxicity to the point of too-low copper, which results in its own, unwanted Medical complications.

This metabolic "disorder" is seen in 85% of all autistic spectrum individuals. It is speculated, in this case, that heavy metal poisoning initiates the oxidative stress that, in turn, results in pyroluria. The resulting low B-6 levels result in the inability to properly manufacture serotonin, the "happy nuerotransmitter". Thus, a myriad of psychological "disorders" can result. Conversely, the depleted zinc levels manifest themselves in the gut, leading to coeliac disease and other Malabsorption disorders, as well as leaky gut syndrome. This, in turn, allows various fungi, like candida, to thrive in the gut and, later, the entire body. This, in turn, leads to various types of cancer later in life.

This same biocycle occurs in non-autistic individuals, but to a lesser (slower) degree. Thus, testing for and treating pyroluria involves more than "just" treating anxiety and depression.

Those properly treated have experienced nothing short of miracles. But do note that it can take up to 12 months (although most see some improvement after 3-4 weeks and most see significant gains in 3-6 months) to restore the body's proper balance and that treatment must be adhered to each and every day, for the remainder of one's life, barring any new discoveries as to the underlying cause of pyroluria."


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[YEA]  09/21/2009: Ruthann from Bellmawr, Nj: "I have had a hard time calming my mind and body my whole life. Anxiety has been with me for as long as I can remember and I just had tried to live with it. It is an awful feeling when one just can not rest. It would be like my mind running around a million miles a second and me unable to focus ect. My most recent foray into educating myself with natural methods has turned me to the work of Dr. Abram Hoffer and Niacinamide. I bought this and all I can say is WOW! It has definitely worked on my anxious feelings and inability to focus. I currently take 1000mg three times a day and feel so wonderful.....better than when I was on benzodiazepines, as they left me feeling wiped out and dependant on them.....I also take a high quality whole food bound vitamin B complex and zinc.

Occassionally I will take some ground flax and mix it with cottage cheese or into a smoothie.....I tend to think that a solution lies in a nice balance of things, not just one thing. I also believe that I have food allergies that exacerbate these anxiety states.....however getting off of bread has been quite a challenge for me. But I am a work in progress! I hope this information helps someone else!!!!"

09/22/2009: Kim from Avon Lake, Ohio replies: "Ruthann from Bellmawr, just wondered if you have ever considered that you may suffer from graves disease, (a thyroid disorder that causes anxiety)?"
09/22/2009: Janice from Coloma, Mi replies: "Ruthann, I totally know what you are talking about when it comes to anxiety. I walk around with so much tension in my neck and shoulders and don't even realize it. It's normal for me. How long have you been taking the niacinamide? I think I will give it a try. I have anxiety attacks from time to time and I HATE it."

[YEA]  Cordell from Minto, New Brunswick, Canada: "I would like to share a remedy I successfully used to cure schizophrenic thoughts. I was always shy as a kid, and little bit "paranoid" I guess you could say. But when I turned 24 I gradually began to have more paranoia, coupled with anxiety, and sometimes felt I was hearing voices. No, not the audible kind that people usually hear, but more or less I felt there were more thoughts in my head than my own; too many to deal with at once. Some very hateful thoughts had emerged and I sometimes became obsessive over certain angry thoughts, feeling like I couldn't relax and eventually would have a panic attack and feel out of control, possibly cry from too much stimulation etc. I soon found myself trying to figure my thoughts out, but they often made no sense, and I would play psycho-analytical games with other people thinking I realy knew what they were thinking about me. I was always suspicious, and eventhough I didn't want to feel this way that's what happened. Anyway, I know there are others out there that share a similiar story: how they once felt normal than started having some sort of mental illness, be it brain fog (which I also had from the obsessive paranoia), or adhd or whatever it may be. Niacinamide could be the answer to your problems. On the advice of Ted, a famous contributor to this site, I began taking 2000mg - 3000mg of Niacinamide (niacin can be used, but the flushing may become too annoying at such doses for some people). I noticed within a couple days my excessive paranoid thoughts dimnished almost completely, but I continue to take 500mg tablets everytime I feel them coming back. I also continue to take at least one B 50 tablet a day to prevent deficiencies. It works~! I realize not every form of schizophrenic thoughts may be cured this way, but its worth a try for anyone seeking help like I did. High doses of niacinamide have cured my excessive anxiety, paranoia, schizophrenic thoughts, and even helped to solve stomach ailments I have had for years along with keeping myself more alkaline. The alkaline remedy I used with most success in over-acidity was 1/4 sodium bicarbonate, and 1/4 potassium citrate (a 99mg tablet) in a glass of water 3x a day. This also helps to keep me much more stable. When I added sodium carbonate to this mixture sometimes it also helped with over-anxious thought patterns, and to calm the brain down. I hope this helps someone like it did for me. Peace and love. Cordell"

09/15/2010: Tom from Regina, Sk replies: "The Linus Pauling institute agrees! Go here:
Then click on the molecule to get the Archives:

VOLUME 20 3Q 2005 Issue:

Supplemental Niacinamide Mitigates Anxiety Symptoms: Three Case Reports

Also 2005 Article P 227:
Saying Goodbye after 55 years of Psychiatric Practice
Abram Hoffer, M. D. , Ph. D.

And 2003 Article OCD, Anxiety, ADHD, Arthritis, etc. :

And 2004 Article P104 Anxiety B3 dosage:
Niacinamide's Potent Role in Alleviating Anxiety: a Case Report"
09/16/2010: Janice from Coloma, Mi replies: "Thanks to both of you for all the valuable information."


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[YEA]  02/10/2007: Caroline from North Ireland: "Porriage oats boiled for 2 minutes on the lowest heat drain then eat good for depression and nervous disorders. multi vitamins and minerals (iron supplement) is good for acne and hair loss. you can get this supplement from the chemist boots"

Omega 3

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[YEA]  03/05/2009: Jared from Sydney, Austrailia : "I suffer with social anxiety disorder, I'm anxious and have difficulty thinking clearly in general not just in anxiety situations.I got myself flaxseed oil and took a tablespoon.I felt better instantly. My thinking became a lot clearer and my usual confused anxious state diminished. It definitely has a significant effect on brain chemistry. I'll be taking it everyday now :)"

[YEA]  10/27/2006: Mike from Chicago: "Omega-3 fish oil works great for anxiety"

04/16/2012: Ganpat from Jaipur, india, Rajasthan, india replies: "I have Anxiety, fear and social depression. Can I have Omega-3 to treat myself? I am 59, male, enlarged Prostate also. No other problem. Please advise."
04/16/2012: Connie from Slc, Utah, Usa replies: "Hi Ganpat; It's possible that a zinc deficiency is involved with these symptoms. Anxiety and depression along with BPH are included in the long list.

The amounts people take average between 15-30 mgs. daily of zinc. If higher doses are to be taken, a practioner should be consulted, because too high a dosage can irritate the prostate. As with any supplement, we need to find the most suitable amount.

Potassium is also very helpful for anxiety. Apparently, there is alot of zinc and potassium in prostate fluid."

04/16/2012: Fiona from London, England Uk replies: "To Ganpat from Jaipur : Hello :) I would recommend vitamin b complex for your nerves and also look on the internet for E.F.T (emotional freedom technique) videos or instructions. It works very well and can help you.

Best wishes, Fiona"

Over the Counter

10/19/2011: Dianec from Los Angeles, California: "What has helped me in the past for "nerves" is an old-fashioned help aid for woman known as Lydia Pinkham Tablets!

It didn't help me until 2 weeks of taking it so don't give up and continue to take the tablets everyday as directed. It got to the point of even if I tried to be nervous I couldn't get nervous for nothing!

Order them at your drug store or buy them on-line. (I am not affiliated with this product). I've only used the product. Brought to my attention by a friend of the family."

Peanut Butter

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[YEA]  02/05/2007: Ryan from Lasalle, Quebec: "Peanut Butter cured a anxiety panic attack. When I am having a panic attack or feeling one coming on; I just eat 1 or 2 table spoons of peanut butter (right off the spoon) and I feel calm almost instantly."

[YEA]  05/19/2008: Doris from Murfreesboro, Tennessee replies: "Anxiety Remedies: I saw Ryan's comment about peanut butter and it reminded me of when I had anxiety for five months in 1993. I couldn't eat, sleep, or do anything. I was as nervous as a cat and had to take a leave of absence from working with school children. I lost about 30 lbs. I didn't have a computer at that time so couldn't look anything up about my condition. (I was too nervous to look anything up, anyway.) All I could eat was a peanut butter sandwich or toast with peanut butter. I couldn't even drink coffee because it felt like it was taking my breath away. My medical doctor wanted me to see a psychiatrist, but I wouldn't because I was not going to get hooked on pills with all the side effects. With a lot of prayer I finally got better and went back to work. When I got my computer three years later, I read that peanut butter has lots of magnesium and is good for anxiety. I believe the magnesium is what my body needed to get better (not drugs). I've never had anxiety again and I make sure I take magnesium supplements everyday."
05/20/2008: Joyce from Joelton, Tn replies: "Hi, glad you figured out what helped get out of the doldrums. In the future keep in mind that bananas are also an excellent source of magnesium and that the arginine in peanuts has been linked to herpes! If you should have the same problem again, consider it an alert to improve your diet by getting rid of junk foods/drinks & as I told a psychiatrist one night: "I consider a good stress tab at meal times and bedtime the best nerve pill in the world". Her reply was: "Shhh - you'll put us out of business"."
12/19/2009: Adam from Tucson, Arizona replies: "Add another Yea! to peanut butter --and bananas too! I am currently overcoming my anxiety, very successfully using natural foods, medicines, and remedies. I have to add that, sitting down and eating 2-3 bananas with peanut butter is one of my all-time favorite past-times. It's like ambrosia, so I say go for it!

I only recently began eating bananas again, because I was allergic to them for several years.(?) I missed them, so much, especially with peanut butter. Mmm, mmm, mmm. Feeling calm and being healthy has never tasted so good.

I'd also like to reply to 'Joyce from Joelton, Tn', that the arginine found in peanuts is very very healthy for you. There is no link between herpes and the arginine found in peanuts. That is a fallacy.

There IS a link between consuming LESS arginine in your food intake for people that have herpes, and spreading their herpes during an outbreak. This is limited to people with herpes, it does in NO WAY cause herpes. I just wanted to point that out so no one gets scared and quits eating delicious peanuts and peanut butter, because I LOVE it and it's AWESOME! Thanks E.C.!"


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[YEA]  04/06/2012: Kobus from Roodepoort, South Africa: "After suffering for years with palpitations, anxiety and panic attacts I read on a (afrikaans) forum that it might be a shortage of potassium. I`ve bought a supplement of potassium... And start eating foods like banana etc rich in potassium. I also supplement with magnesium and calsium. May this also help you!"

07/28/2013: Groovy from Tampa, Fl replies: "I am glad you mentioned this. I am on a new medication that depletes my potassium and my levels are low. Never thought that might be a spike in panic attacks for me. I will have to get more because the low levels may be affecting me more than I knew!"

Remedies Needed

04/13/2014: Mike62 from Denver, CO: "I had terrible nervousness, stormy chaotic thoughts, and nightmares, all my life. Enzymes made me a lot more calm and cognizant. Enzymes are nutrients whose electrons have high energies. The electrons in regular food have low energies. Activated barley has the most enzymes and is the most convenient way to get enzymes. Raw organic fruit has enzymes. Papaya, figs, kiwi, and pineapple have special protein enzymes. Home brewed water kefir is the least expensive way to get enzymes."

04/12/2014: Mary from Arcadia: "I really need help. I suffer from Panic Attacks and severe Depression and Agoraphobia. This started when I delivered my son 30 years ago. I had the worst nervous breakdown in the world. I saw strange colors in the sky, had panic attack after panic attack with severe depression and then agoraphobia.

Then I suffered a brain aneurysm and made it through that. When I die and go to heaven hopefully I should have a huge castle for all my suffering. Now it started again after having a stomach flu. Now I don't drive!

Is there any help for this? I am tired of living in fear and panic and am now 63. Overweight and tired of it! Can anyone please help me?"

04/13/2014: Bee from New York replies: "Hi;

Please go to utube if possible and listen to some binaural beats (healing waves) for this.. You can also try out other modalities such as EFT tapping.. emotional freedom technique...also check utube.. Meditation, yoga and exercise will also help...

Good luck."

11/27/2012: Gloria from Poughkeepsie, Ny, Usa: "I am a 20 year old women who is in recovery for anorexia nervosa. I think from anorexia I hurt my heart in some way because I now have intolerable anxiety sometimes, that hits me like a bus. Adivan/Xanax are helpful but are not good long term solutions, I know. I want something natural.

I recently tried Rhodiola and had some positive results with that, although it made me sleepy. What was really helpful was Ashwagandha--but then I read that this can cause weight gain, and that they give it to emaciated people to gain weight. I am barely comfortable weighing as much as I do now (5'9" and 126 pounds) and I worry that if I start gaining weight through this herb without changing my food intake, that I will fall back into "old" restricting patterns.

Has anyone taken Ashwagandha for long periods of time and noticed any effect on their weight? Thanks!"

11/27/2012: Lisa from Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa replies: "Hi Gloria, I'm sorry you had to suffer through this insidious issue. It is not an easy one to deal with, I know. I spent a lot of my youth dealing with this as well. It wasn't until I got pregnant when I was 28 that I could finally put this behind me. And yes, anorexia can cause the body to have all sorts of other issues due to malnourishment. The ashwagandha is very nourishing to the body but it also is re-balancing in its nature, or as they say in Chinese medicine, adaptogenic, meaning it does what is necessary to restore the homeostasis to the body. Therefore, doesn't it make sense that it would cause an emaciated person to gain weight?! Remember, you are also seeing things through distorted eyes which is one of the underlying causes of anorexia. And I have used ashwagandha for extended periods of time and have not noticed any significant weight gain. On the other hand, given your height and weight, you are still extremely thin and could use a bit more weight.

I'm glad you are aware that the meds you are using are not good for you. In the long run they will do a disservice to you. Try meditation, yoga, tai chi- some other form to calm you. Recovering from anorexia is a tricky business. Be kind to yourself. Eat healthy, nourishing foods and read books by such authors as Louise Hay, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer. There is emotional healing to be done and learning to love yourself.

My suggestion to you also, would be to find a good Traditional Chinese medicine Dr. who can help restore your health which has been compromised through anorexia. This has caused your anxiety, heart issues and even your reaction to rhodiola. TCM sees the body as a whole and what, in western medicine, would appear unrelated, is actually completely related. They can help restore your health through acupuncture and Chinese herbs. It is a very powerful system.

I wish you the best in your quest for health. Lisa"

11/27/2012: Gloria from Poughkeepsie, Ny, Usa replies: "Thank you Lisa. You seem like an angel to me. :) Why do you think Rhodiola caused that reaction? Have you heard of that happening before? I started taking it in part because I still do not have a period and I'd like to regain it.

I contacted a homeopathic doctor in my area today. I am worried that I will not be able to afford it, but will try my best because I don't think an alternative approach would be better for me at this point."

11/27/2012: Lisa from Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa replies: "Hi Gloria, Your reaction to rhodiola could be any number of reasons. An interesting aspect of Chinese medicine is 10 people could all have the same thing but the central cause could be 10 different reasons! Each person is individual. In western medicine, if everyone has a sore throat they are treated the same for that symptom. Western medicine treats the symptoms which is why you see people getting sick over and over again once they're done with their medication.

Now, I'm a bit confused by your last sentence because you say "you don't think an alternative approach would be better" for you at this point. Did you make an appt. with the homeopathic Dr.? Perhaps, find a Traditional Chinese medicine Dr. as well and compare costs. TCM is usually very reasonable. Homeopathy can vary widely. I am certain TCM can help you.

Also, remember that since you are so thin, your body most likely will not get a period. Anorexia often brings on amenorrhea because the body fat goes too low for a female to sustain a period. It is not unusual for very thin women to have this occur. I come from the ballet world where this is not uncommon. Most likely if you brought your body weight up, it would return.

I will be interested in hearing how you proceed. I know you can get past it. It will take some work but one day you will look back on it and see the prison you created for yourself through this distorted view of yourself. Through my own understanding of my journey I have been able to help young women make better choices. One day you will be able to do that, too. Wishing you the very best, Lisa"

11/27/2012: Timh from Louisville, Ky, Usa replies: "Gloria: Supplement Raw Heart Glandular to rebuild the heart muscle. CoQ10 and Carnitine will strengthen the heart. There are many Chi or tonic herbs you can use, so it's simply good reason to use as many as possible in combination or in rotation. Find a good herbal handbook so you can learn what's best for you."
12/07/2012: Gloria from Poughkeepsie, Ny, Usa replies: "Lisa, You give great advice. I am going to see a TCM doctor on Monday. I am going to talk about herbal treatments, which I'll post. Wish me luck! :)

I stuck with the Rhodiola Rosea and it's been helping, althought it makes me so gosh darn sleepy. But, I'll take sleepy over anxious ball of nerves obsessing about food any day. All the best."

12/07/2012: Lisa from Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa replies: "Hi Gloria, Congratulations on taking the steps to taking back your health! I'm proud of you for that. I know you will see results with Chinese medicine. I'm glad the rhodiola was able to help quell your anxiety and stop the obsessing about food but being really sleepy isn't easy to deal with either! It's interesting because when I finally started to recover and eat in a "normal fashion", I would get so sleepy after my lunch, it was as if I had been drugged! I actually knew that if I'd just eaten, I wouldn't be able to drive for awhile, it was that bad. So obviously, we completely throw our bodies out of whack with this behaviour.

Now that you're going to work with a TCM doctor, they'll help get your body back in balance and clear the blocks, etc. One of my suggestions to my friends who go to the TCM Dr. is to always ask what they're doing, what are the herbs for, what is that acupuncture point for, etc. Of course, I'm the curious type so if that doesn't interest you, you don't have to and it will still work!

I'll be thinking of you and look forward to hear what you experience. Best to you, Lisa"

12/15/2012: Gloria from Poughkeepsie, Ny, USA replies: "Lisa, You've been so helpful so far! The doctor I went to was ok, but I kind of felt like she was just trying to get my money. She gave me some Acorus tablets to improve my concentration (as I have pretty bad ADD!) and told me to continue the Rhodiola, although it's making me unbelievable tired and dizzy (the crazy things we do to our bodies... ). The acupuncture treatment was really neat though, I felt very relaxed and clear.

On a side note, I was wondering: did you ever seek treatment for your anorexia? I was in the hospital last year and am considering going back during my break from school but am not sure if I need to at this point (and, let's face it, that's terrifying! ). I wanted to know if you had any experiences and/or recommendations--you seem so wise with all this stuff!

Thanks for all your help and hope you have a happy weekend. :)


(P.S. Louise Hays has some great books! I love her style and approach to health)."

12/15/2012: Lisa from Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa replies: "Hi Gloria, I'm glad you felt good about your acupuncture treatment. The Acorus tablets are for ADD (and other things) so that makes sense that she gave those to you. Why don't you google Tao In A Bottle. My husband is very ADD and he said this helped him a lot. In addition, he it helped with anxiety. He said it relaxes him and uplifts him at the same time. Personally, I've never tried it as I take other Chinese herbs which serve me well but then I am not an anxious person at all nor do I deal with ADD.

Do you think you will continue with the TCM Dr. you found or research others? You have to feel good about who you choose and confident in their ability. I have been to several TCM drs over the years and honestly, have never felt like they were just trying to take my money. They were all quite sincere in their desire to help.

As for my dealings with anorexia, no I never went for formal help. Of course, back then there wasn't much understanding of it nor any real "treatment". As I said before, what turned me around was in my first pregnancy. Suddenly my focus was not on what I looked like and obsessing over that but rather that my first concern was the health of my baby and making sure that took precedence. It was as if a switch had been flipped and it was no longer about me.

Today, as a mentor and teacher to young, blossoming girls-to-women, I talk to them about their body's health rather than about weight. In the world of dance, this can be a tricky situation. I get them to focus on healthy foods to fuel their body, accept the body given to them and making the very best of it, focusing on dancing rather than obsessing over their body and working to stay in balance. I tell them books to read to help with self-esteem and healing and talk to them about journaling. I'm glad to hear you have read Louise Hay- she is one of my favorites and a real inspiration as a person. The books/ authors she supports through her publishing company, Hay House are inspiring and have guided me through the years. These are the recommendations I have for those under my guidance, maybe they can help you too.

BTW, when I wrote about the oils vs. Lotion, I didn't realize that was you asking the question! Rest assured, oils are absolutely wonderful to use! Hope this info helps. Lisa"

08/06/2012: Vinni from Sydney, Nsw, Australia: "Dear EC Team & Ted, Thank you for such a great site & wealth of information. I am a 34 yr old woman, who is desperate & direly needs your help. My husband a 36 yr old obviously healthy individual has been suffering from hypertension, following panic attacks for past 2 years. He has been on severe psychotic medication for almost 1 and a half yr but after my continuos pleading slowly weaned off turning to natural supplements & remedies. But unfortunately to no effect. He has been using ACV Sodium bicarb for almost 3 months now 2 Tbspn daily morning or evening and has a bottle of ACV at office now to help his panic attacks on work which are increasing frequently now. He tried St. John's Wort for a few days but couldn't digest it. Has been taking Magnesium, Vitamin C, Vitamin B complex, Fish Oil too for last 3-5 months.

As for his panic & hyper-irritated mood swings, they aren't getting any better which are effecting our lives drastically along with our 3 yr old daughter's too. He tries to take his previous allopathic medicines too (which I dont want) and these put him into a lazy dazed state full of fatigue all day long. After reading some posts under Panic Attacks, I even brought Acetyl L-Carnitine & Alpha Lipoic Acid but his condition has been so bad for the last week tht he took it for 3 days & then went to take a lexotanil.

Plz plz do help us & suggest some holistic medicines for him, as I know these allopathic medicines will just detriorate his condition without any permanent results. He took Depricap, lexotanil, levoprid etc. & his physician wants him to continue taking Depricap twice daily. His digestive system isn't too well too & he mostly suffers from bloating/flatulence too.

I dont know what would help him/us....."

08/06/2012: Lisa from Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa replies: "Hi Vinni, I'm so sorry you are all suffering! I have written this to a few people very recently as it is an issue that an overwhelming number of people are dealing with. The underlying issue causing all the symptoms is systemic candida. I know Bill from Luzon, Philippines has covered this topic as well. Doctors don't give it any credibility but I have worked with several people to help them rid this debilitating problem. That includes my husband. Today it is rampant because generationally it has occurred due to mostly antibiotic use, medications and processed food. The tell tale signs that I recognize are major digestive issues, bloating, flatulence, irritability and mood swings. From there, any number of issues can go awry. Today children are being born with it and it manifesting as ADD/ADHD and autism. There are people out there committed to help those families with the GAPS diet and Body Ecology Diet or BED.

You must first clean up his diet but it really only works when your family works as a team. You can find lots of articles and videos to help you at this link. You will probably recognize much about what you're dealing with in your husband after looking at the vast list of topics she covers in articles.

You will also want to start adding in some fermented foods, preferably non- dairy presently until you all begin to detox. If you can find access to a far infrared sauna, that will also help facilitate the process. Also, taking all those supplements isn't going to do much while he is so toxic. The medications are only exacerbating the situation and keeping the body out of balance. First order of business- restore the body's eco system. Cut out all sugar immediately, all processed food and then begin to "eat close to the earth" as I call it. The site I gave you the link to also has a slew of wonderful recipes that will nourish the body correctly. I have used many of them and they're very tasty. She also has video on how to make your own fermented veggies.

I hope this doesn't sound overwhelming. If you have any more questions I would be happy to answer them. Hopefully, this will give you a starting point. Best to you and your family in this, Lisa"

07/06/2012: Mary from Springfield, Mo: "What makes a person nervous everyday and your ears ring? I have been this way for 5 months. Could someone help me with this?"

07/07/2012: Kate from Raleigh, Nc, United States replies: "You may have a magnesium deficiency. Dr. Carolyn Dean is a strong advocate for the proper type of magnesium supplementation. (Magnesium oxide is poorly absorbed.)"
10/08/2012: Pam from Davenport, Iowa replies: "Please have your doctor check for anemia. I had ringing ears, anxiety, palpitations, resting heart rate of over 100 bpm. He put me on heart medication and sent me for a hearing test.

One year later, I went to my OB/GYN, and he did blood work. I was anemic. Anemia can cause fast heartbeat, ringing ears, I was craving and chewing ice like crazy, falling asleep at my computer.....

I am still anxious, but I am now suspecting an ulcer. I am very nauseous until I eat something. I will feel better for a while after eating.

Good luck to you! I would never wish panic/anxiety on my worst enemy."

05/21/2012: Michele from Newport, Nc: "I have been taking a hefty dose of topamax as a mood stabilizer for about 11 yrs now. I would like to find a natural substitute if possible? As w/ most mood stabilizers it is actually an anti seizure med. Hoping u can help, just don't know what other info to give u right off the bat."



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