Vitamin A Retinyl Palmitate for Glowing Skin

| Modified on May 17, 2021
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Vitamin A Retinyl Palmitate for Glowing Skin.

Vitamin A Retinyl Palmitate, when taken internally, has incredible and fast results, according to one Earth Clinic reader.

Continue reading below to learn the dosage and let us know if you have ever tried this form of Vitamin A for your skin!

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Posted by Renee (Bergen Co., NJ, US) on 09/10/2014
5 out of 5 stars

My skin looks incredible after taking vitamin A in the form of retinyl palmitate. I have taken the liquid form of this for several weeks, starting with high doses of 150k-200k IUs per day, and now experimenting with lower doses of 15k-50k IUs, taken every few days. Great results for hair too. Never seen anything have such a drastic impact. Taken orally, you also won't have the sun sensitivity you get with topical vit A products (rentinol, etc.). In fact, it seems my skin actually tolerates the sun better than usual now. Glowing, even color and texture, and even two moles on my face (that grew back over 20+ years after being removed by a dermatologist) are shrinking. Vit A kills off pathogens, and not just those affecting skin but also all pathogens infecting all mucous membranes (GI tract, sinuses, etc.).

I'm using "micellized" retinyl palmitate now, but I may try retinyl palmitate capsules as well, which are super-inexpensive.

Replied by Shelley
(Wi, US)

Where do you find the liquid form of this product? I'm very familiar with Retinol...use the gel all of the time. I'm interested in finding out more about what you're using :) Thank you!

Replied by Shaista
(Queens Ny)

I have been looking to get micellized vitamin A, but which brand you have been taking for the results you achieved? Please let me know, thanks!