Vitamin D Health Benefits

Parathyroid Tumors
Posted by Sam (Miami, FL) on 10/01/2014
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Always check your vitamin D and blood calcium levels before supplementing. If you are 50 +- and your calcium is high, even just a little bit and vitamin D low, check site BEFORE supplementing vitamin D. It is very important to exclude parathyroid tumor.

D3 Overdose Detox Remedies
Posted by Hesham (Kuwait) on 03/16/2013

Dear Ted, my mother toke overdose off d3 by mistake and now she is sufering from the toxity of d3 "870 nmol". She is in the hospital now given the treatment for lowering the calcium. How can we detox d3? Kindly help ASAP

Ankylosing Spondylitis
Posted by Kerrie (Sydney, Nsw Australia) on 09/19/2012
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I have AS, diagnosed nearly 8 years ago. I have tried everything and stumbled upon something that has made a remarkable difference to my pain. I have been taking a supplement with vitamin d3 1000iu per tablet, boran(from borax)1mg, selenium 50mcg, and natural vitamin E 33 mg. I have been taking this supplement two mid morning and one in the afternoon. At the same time I am taking red algea (lithothamnion calcareum) 500mg, twice a day (taken at same time as red algea). Before trying this, talk to your Dr, not everyone is vitamin D difficient. I avoid the sun as I am fair skinned and burn easily.

Hot Flashes, Insomnia
Posted by Beacker (West Valley City, Utah) on 11/30/2011
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I was having multiple hot flashes and also not sleeping well. My blood work said I was deficeint in Vitamin D. Since I started supplementing four weeks ago I am now sleeping and the hot flashes have been cut in half. Is this a coincidence?

Vitamin D-3 From Sun
Posted by Debbie (Melbourne, Australia ) on 10/09/2011
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Here is a wonderful youtube video by Dr John Cannell on the importance of vitamin D and getting the sun to on your skin "without sunblock". Sunblock has some terrible chemicals which enter your skin easily transdermally to the rest of your body.

He also mentions that wearing sunglasses is blocking the sun from your eyes and is not heathy either.

Anyone who is sick or not feeling well (or wants to stay healthy) should spend time out in the sun with skin exposed on a regular basis.

Reader Feedback
Posted by Dove (Usa) on 12/27/2010

Why go back to shaking hands, just to feel the uncomfortable renewal of ceasing to do so next winter? Look at history, what we traditionally do isn't necessarily a good thing--and sometimes very clearly a bad thing. Why shake hands? Of what benefit is it? Why do we feel compelled to TOUCH a total stranger?? Even someone that isn't a stranger whose health we know is greatly compromised? I haven't participated in this hand-shaking tradition in years. I've also never had the flu and never get colds, and I'm very much over 40 :) To heck with tradition, health is so much better.

Given my recent discovery that most of us have MITES, and in greater numbers as we age, and they can cause serious health issues in those with compromised immune systems (includes so many of us), I'm now adamant about my no-hand-shaking policy. Touching others in loving ways is wonderful, but we should use great discretion in doing so (wash afterward at the very least when health of another is iffy). These mites stayed burrowed beneath the skin much of the time, feeding off of us. Mites love yeast, and if someone tends to be itchy and have flushing of the skin, they likely have an excessive (unhealthy amount of) both. Enjoy life, but we wisely wary, and above all, take care of yourself--both itchy and non-itchy ones ;)


Vitamin D Side Effects
Posted by Sunnieday (Baltimore, Md, Usa) on 12/17/2010
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Dear Earth Clinic:

I've recently started supplementing with 2,000 I. U. of Vitamin D nightly, before bedtime, in the hopes that it will help with my depression. The Mirena IUD ruined my emotional state (causing not only depression, but panic attacks, anxiety and ridiculous mood swings), and I've spent the last five years trying numerous supplements and "therapy" to get back to "my old self". Needless to say, I haven't had much luck. In any case, when I take the Vitamin D at night, I've noticed upon waking that I have a lot of phlegm in my chest; it takes me about half an hour to cough it all up. At first, I thought that it may either be due to a recent cold or the fact that I get recurring sinus infections. However, I remember reading somewhere that Vitamin D is good for the lungs, so I'm wondering if the phlegm is a good thing? Should I continue to take it? If so, should I decrease the dose or increase the dose?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Leg Pain
Posted by Dave (Asheville, Nc) on 07/12/2010
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Blood test showed Vitamin D level at 18 ng/ml. Doc scripted 50000 IU per week of D2. Pain in shin bones and general muscle aches disappeared within 10 days.

Cod Liver Oil
Posted by Maureen (Chevy Chase, Md) on 05/13/2010

Doesn't the Vit A in cod liver oil prevent absorption of Vit D?

EC: Hi Maureen,

According to a recent newsletter from Dr. Cannell, yes, it does:

Vitamin D Side Effects
Posted by Briona (Santa Monica, Ca) on 04/16/2010
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A few months ago, I was feeling a bit down and slightly depressed, perhaps due to the lack of sunshine during our rainy winter, and decided to take Vitamin D. I am pretty picky when it comes to my health so I selected a reputable brand of D3 (cholecalciferol) and started taking 6000 IU a day. First, my energy level increased and my mood brightened up but after hardly a week, I started feeling very tired, and not well. My legs felt very heavy, like if I had poor blood circulation; going up the stairs became challenging and my muscles were shivering - or felt like it. One night, I woke up, my body in spasm. This is when I stopped taking D3. All symptoms disappeared within 24-48 hours.

Vitamin D Side Effects
Posted by Merryanne (Orange City, Florida, Usa) on 04/17/2010 120 posts

Hi to EC from Merryanne, here is the following information on my D3:

Brand: Spring valley (from wal Mart)
20000 IU each

ingred: soybean oil, gelatin, glycerin, water, corn oil, carmel (artificial color), cod liver oil, Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol)

EC: Thanks very much. Same ingredients as the D3 sold at Costco!

Vitamin D Side Effects
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn Usa) on 04/19/2010

The 20,000 iu of D 3 has to be a mistake. Folks normally take 1,000 iu and a 5,000 iu dose during flu season, etc.

EC: Yes, thanks for catching it. Must be a typo. D3 is often sold in 2,000 iu/capsules unless you get a prescription from a doc's office for 50,000 iu (taken once a week for 1-2 months).

Vitamin D Side Effects
Posted by Francisca (Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France) on 04/20/2010

Just to tell you that yesterday I took one dose of vitamine D3 prescribed by my skin doctor as I was a bit high on vitamin A and a bit too low on D3. The dose, which is taken once every three or every six months was 100.000 U.I. On the box it is written Uvedose and Cholecalciferol.

Vitamin D Side Effects
Posted by Spunkymunky (Jabba Wankaleela, Shoobiedoobiedahdahdee) on 02/14/2013

The reason you were experiencing that is because a) You were taking D2 or b) You're not taking magnesium with it. Look up magnesium, vitamin D. Vitamin D creates a magnesium deficiency FAST, if you don't have enough magnesium as it is you'll get immediate side effects. It's not the D itself, it's the lack of magnesium. Also, if you don't take magnesium, Vitamin D won't absorb because it needs magnesium to do so. Magnesium chloride, "magnesium oil " is the best.

Vitamin D3 and Calcium
Posted by Joe (Wellington, Fl) on 04/14/2010

Vit D3 and Calcium


I remember reading about something Ted said where Vit D can easily become calcified under certain conditions. Would you know what situation he is referring to ? Thank You: Joe

Vitamin D3 and Calcium
Posted by Joe (Wellington, Fl) on 04/16/2010

Bill for general alkalizing would baking soda, potassium bicarbonate, and lemon be one of the better combos. My father is diabetic (type 2) insulin shots and his kidneys are not up to par. Would this help or act negatively on them? Any suggestion to support kidney function ? Thanks Again Joe

Vitamin D Testing at Home
Posted by Deirdre (Atlanta) on 03/15/2010

Would love to know if anyone has tried this company for an at-home blood spot test for vitamin d levels? My husband's friend (a chiropractor) just emailed him this link. Costs $75 per test. This test is not available for residents of New York, unfortunately. And if you live in California, you will need to have a prescription from a health care provider before you can order the test.

Please send us your feedback if you've used this (or any other online company) to test your vitamin d levels. Thanks!

Cod Liver Oil
Posted by Kristina (Wvc, Utah) on 03/01/2010
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I have had a young woman living with me for several months. She was very pleased to find I had a wide variety of supplements available and started taking daily doses of most every thing as she was feeling run down and was in a great deal of stress in her life.

For a while she was feeling much better and we were both pleased. But for the last couple of days she started feeling much much worse which started to scare me.

Today she was in great pain throughout her body and was in terrible shape.

I kept wondering what was the matter, and on a hunch I looked up the side effect of excessive Vitamin D.

Her symptoms almost perfectly mimic the information I found on excess Vitamin D. and from your site I learned there might be a link to cod liver oil which is in the D3 from Costco.

This is scary because she is very sick.

Of course, I will halt all the Vit. D immediately but I do not know what else to do as she has no money to see a doctor.

From other sites I learned that a fair skinned person, which she is, can get enough Vit. D in 45 minutes in the sun in a week. She spend a great deal of time in the sun walking her dog daily etc. so I can believe she is way over dosed as she has been taking this vitamin in three sources as well as getting plenty of sunshine.

It would be good to list the problems here. The ones I have are:

"Ordinary doses can build up in the body over time and cause serious illness. Not surprisingly, the Mayo Clinic (are they defending themselves against Linus Pauling's accusations?) is the best source I've found on-line for vitamin D side effects. Here is their list:

Late symptoms of severe overdose (emerge after months or years of starting supplements)

High blood pressure
High fever
Irregular heartbeat
Stomach pain (severe)

Check with your doctor as soon as possible if any of the following side effects occur:

Early symptoms of overdose (emerge within days or weeks of starting vitamin D supplements)

Bone pain
Constipation (especially in children or adolescents)
Dryness of mouth
Headache (continuing)
Increased thirst
Increase in frequency of urination, especially at night, or in amount of urine
Irregular heartbeat
Itching skin
Loss of appetite
Metallic taste
Muscle pain
Nausea or vomiting (especially in children or adolescents)
Unusual tiredness or weakness

Late symptoms of overdose (emerge within weeks or months of starting supplements)

Bone pain
Calcium deposits (hard lumps) in tissues outside of the bone
Cloudy urine
Increased sensitivity of eyes to light or irritation of eyes
Itching of skin
Loss of appetite
Loss of sex drive
Mood or mental changes
Muscle pain
Nausea or vomiting
Protein in the urine
Redness or discharge of the eye, eyelid, or lining of the eyelid
Runny nose
Weight loss

I did read that Vit.A counteracts the absorption of Vit. D. Does any one have any other suggestions? Please be quick as this is serious!

Thanks so much,

EC: Hi Kristina,

Would you please tell us exactly what supplements your friend was taking? Thanks.

To all:

A few links for further research:

Cod Liver Oil
Posted by Kristina (West Valley City , Utah) on 03/01/2010

Thank you for replying so quickly.

She has been taking Costco:
One A Day for women
Fish oil
Vitamin D with Calcium and Magisium
Vit B12

Wellness Booster
Lung complex

Milk Thistle
Memory Complex
Memory Complex
5-HTP Mood Enhancer
Vit C
Grape Seed

She has not taken all of these every day but has done the One A Day and "2" Vitamin D3 and others everyday.

Thank you

Reader Feedback
Posted by Susan (Charleston, WV) on 03/02/2009

Vitamin D....My doctor put me on 50,000 units a month. Just one pill a month. I understand that's okay to take. Can you tell me how that works. Does one pill last a whole month? It seems to me it would be better to take a couple thousand a day. Also I sprinkle lecithin on ceral or salad every day and I take coq10 100 units three or four times a week. Would that be harmful to do. Would I be taking too many different things?

I'm just trying to stay healthy. Thanks so much for this site. A lot of very good info on here. I've taken advantage of a lot of it. Thanks again. Susan

Reader Feedback
Posted by Briana (Dublin, Ireland) on 10/18/2009

hi ted i think your brilliant i love reading your remadies on earth clinic so i have a question for you can i take vitamin d3i suffer from c o p d and had a right side silent heart attack 8 months ago also high blood pressure high colestrol bad digestive system only weighe 28 kilos only 4 foot 10 inches in highte im 56 years old and feel like 90 years old cant eat properly because i cant breathe after eating hands and feet are always cold skin very dry even inside ears dry iv started taking colloidal silver and hydrogen proxide for infection and c o p d i also have some msm tablets but have not tried them yet so do you think my lungs would benifit from vitamin d3 can you please let me know a s a p thank you ted i know your a busy man and i appreciate any help you can give me

Reader Feedback
Posted by Sharik (Arcata, California, Usa) on 10/21/2009

Hi, Briana:

There are several kinds of COPD; emphysema, asthma, chronic bronchitis, and others. It may take a while to find the right combination for you. Try researching:

Chlorophyll Aids in clear breathing
Essential fatty acids For rebuilding and producing new cells
Zinc Protective effects on lung proteins.
DO NOT exceed 100 mgs daily from all supplements.
Copper 3 mgs daily Needed to balance with zinc.
CoQ10 Enhances oxygen in the lungs for use in the body
Free-form aminoacid complex Important for repair of lung tissue.
Grape seed extract 30 mg 3X daily. Helps protect the lungs.
Vitamin A Emulsion form is easier on the system.
Vit.C w/bioflavonoids Aids healing of inflamed tissue
Vit. E 200 IU daily Oxygen carrier and potent antioxident
Calcium and magnesium Chelate forms are best
Kelp Contains minerals needed for improved breathing and healing
Also, research juicing. It may help you get the nourishment you need w/o tiring you.

Hope this helps.
Peace, Sharik

Reader Feedback
Posted by Briana (Dublin, Ballyfermot, Ireland) on 10/21/2009

to sharik thank you very much for your advice i have emphysema for 8 years now been to doctors homeopaths chinese herbal medicine and acupuntcure and still no better then i found this site i believe saint anthony lead me here i asked him to help me find a cure for my emphysema and next thing i know im on this site i think its a great place i stay on it for hours i will take your advice and research all the vitamins you listed for me once again thank you and god bless you and all the people at earth clinic

Vitamin D Side Effects
Posted by Mussen (Montreal, Canada) on 12/02/2008
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With all the hype around vitamin D3 nowadays, I thought I would try it. But this is my second time I've tried and stopped because I hate the way it changes my body odor, including my "female parts" and when I work up a sweat. Even my cats have noticed when sitting in my lap....

Perhaps it's because I rarely eat meat that I really noticed the change, but I can't tolerate it. I feel really animal-ly. I noticed my libido increased a bit and I had a touch more energy, but it's not worth it for me. I'll just try to get more sunshine in the winter.

Reader Feedback
Posted by T (Maryland, USA) on 01/14/2009

I've been supplementing with D3 for a couple of months now and haven't noticed any effect like this. Are you taking a 'pure' supplement? Check the label for fillers - they may be the actual culprit. Also, how much are you taking?

Reader Feedback
Posted by Darlene (Toronto, Ontario) on 12/13/2011

There is a LOT of research indicating that vitamin D supplements are safe up to 10,000 IU a day... Unless you have Crohns, irritable bowel syndrome or certain immune deficiencies. Check your blood level in the middle of winter after taking three months of a supplement. This will indicate whether you are getting enough vitamin D throughout the year to support calcium absorption.

Reader Feedback
Posted by Anna (Oh) on 09/18/2016

Yeah, generally: one should take between 13 I.U and 34 I.U of vitamin D3 per pound of body weight. I'm pretty sure I notice that the 'dry' form of D3 is more potent than the lanolin kind, too. Joseph Mercola once wrote that some organization or something thought: we can take up to 35 I.U per pound of body weight. I've done some of my 'homework' though, and found out: that's too high.

Vitamin D Deficiencies
Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) 383 posts

Lisa: Egg yolk liquid, WITHOUT the white eggs, will have high HDL, but low LDL and it also has biotin and MSM, which helps the glowing skin and hair growth. So if you want to raise HDL, a partially cooked eggs where yolk is liquid and without the whites are preferable. Cod liver oil has some vitamin D, but at the dose were are taking today it is a lot lower than what our grandparents used to take, which was one or two tablespoon. Now we take them in capsules, and quite often it is about at least 1/8 the amount.

People with suicidal tendencies or other behavioral problems such as violent criminals were found to have very low HDL. A simple egg yolk remedy may help depression, and other behavioral problems in children, or possibly your spouse! Perhaps eating an egg yolk for an hour or two before arguing will at least cool down some the fuse from the delay and the yolk!

One easy way to increase the natural vitamin D is to do what the fishes aquarium have been doing for ages: installing black light which have small amounts of UV.

In fact if vaseline were exposed within inches of blacklight bulbs or UV, for several hours, a vaseline will have a healing properties which is not related to vitamin D, but a yet to be identified petrolatum that makes it beneficial to the body.

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