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Seasonal Affective Disorder

Posted by Jan (Mi) on 10/11/2018

Seasonal Affective Disorder ..SAD

I am totally convinced that I am suffering from SAD. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. I'm looking into getting a therapy light and also wondered if anyone had any suggestions on that. I've searched the internet and there are so many. I do supplement with vitamin D, magnesium, b complex and all the rest of the vitamins and minerals. I try to eat healthy most of the time and exercise (although I need to do more). I do miss the sunshine:(

Replied by Steve

5HTP and the light therapy will be hugely helpful for SAD.

Replied by Bill
(The Philippines)

Hi Jan...If it were me and I had SAD, I would take the following simple protocol:

Niacinamide (no flush) -- 500 mgs 3 times a day with meals. You can also safely increase this dose to 1000 mgs 3 times a day if it is helping. There are few significant side effects with niacinamide -- it's quite safe at higher dosage.

B50 Complex -- once a day with a meal.

See the research here:

Here's some more research by Dr Abram Hoffer, one of the Fathers of orthomolecular medicine, on the benefits of taking higher dose niacin/niacinamde for various psychoses and depression:

All about the benefits of higher dose niacin/niacinamide for the body:

I take at least 500 mgs of niacin (with flush) once or twice a day. Keeps my blood healthy, gives me energy, helps to prevent arthritis, Alzheimer's disease and diabetes 2 and also helps to keep me calm and happy.

Replied by Charity
(Faithville, Us)

Jan, I really miss the sun on my skin as fall is upon us. I tan as much as is reasonable while the sun is out and take vitamin K to store the D. Fall comes with shorter, cooler, darker days and rain ... but for me the autumn brings with it holiday pressures to make everyone happy .The media has put great subconscious demands on us to buy and decorate to fulfill the people in our lives. It sells products but does not produce healthy emotions. Most of the gatherings are filled with foods that are not very healthy and people stressed by the added pressures. I try as much as possible to get outdoors even in the cooler weather. We are body, mind, and spirit and our health improves when we address all the areas that affect us. I felt led to write this to you. Hope you find what heals you of SAD and fills your cup with joy overflowing. Blessings, Charity

Replied by Jan

Bill, thanks for the suggestions. I will enjoy reading the sites that you included in your post. I do have niacinamide. I'll get right on it. The B complex too. Thanks again for taking the time to help me out. It's really appreciated.

Thanks, Charity. That was a very sweet reply and so appropriate. We are having an extremely dark gloomy day today and I've just tried to keep in mind how very fortunate I am. And yes, the holidays can be an anxious time, but as I've gotten older, I've given up a lot of things I used to do and let the kids do them now. I do know, that after three or four dark days, it really can get to me and throw me into anxiety/panic attacks. My mood starts to go downhill in late October and get better every March. Thanks again for reminding me to smell the flowers.

Vitamin B and D Deficiencies Are Connected

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Posted by Valerie J. (New Zealand ) on 10/28/2017
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In response to Robert (Manhattan, Ny) on 08/20/2012, who wrote:

"I found from repeated use, on and off, that higher doses of Vit D3 (1000 to 3000iu) results in a negative mood state... So instead I try to make an effort of getting around 10 to 15 minutes of summer sun daily. Another lesson to myself to remember that despite all the positive claims and current hype about a supplement or herb, one must listen to their body first."

Deficiency in D causes a deficiency in B vitamins which are needed for nerves, and mood. If you are low in B bits to begin with and supplement with D, because D stimulates repairs in the body, and Bs are also needed in higher amounts for tissue and nerve repair, a B deficiency can easily crop up. The fact your moods were affected is not a bad thing and neither does it suggest it was D vitamin causing it but rather more the fact you're probably deficient in B's too. In fact, B Vitamins are usually made by the microbes in the gut, but if those microbes get deficient in D, they die off and B vitamin production declines. It's the main reason why we gain weight in winter and drop a few pounds in Summer. Conversely studies show that when you supplement with adequate doses of D, you lose weight. That's becausevin addition to feeding microbes that make B's, it also increases insulin sensitivity, AND reduces insulin levels as a result. [Studies done in post menopausal women who had PCOS)

Replied by Kate Whitley

Hi Valerie,

Thank you for your very informative post in 2017 about Vitamin D and the Bs. Could you tell me where you got your information? I'm studying and will soon implement Dr. Gominak's RightSleep method of supplementing with Vitamin D and the Bs and your information sounds exactly like hers!

Vitamin D Deficiencies

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Posted by Lisa (Michigan) on 01/11/2007
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What does cod liver oil have to do with cholesterol? When you get exposure to sunshine (which excludes most people in N. America) on a daily basis, your body uses cholesterol to make vitamin D. This is one reason you body makes an excess. Of course, if you do not get any sun exposure, you don't use up the extra cholesterol, nor do you produce much vitamin D. Most of the diseases that they warn you about resulting from high cholesterol, are really vitamin D deficiencies. Try having your vitamin D levels checked. You may be surprised. Also, low HDL is worse than "high" cholesterol levels, as evident in many heart conditions. A current study shows that the one thing people who live very long lives (over 100 yrs.) had in common was very high HDL levels. If you can't get any sun exposure, at least you can take cod liver oil (some brands taste OK) but you will still have high cholesterol levels. Niacin will raise your HDL level. FYI. Details: (On the importance of vitamin d levels)

Replied by Ted
(Bangkok, Thailand)
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Lisa: Egg yolk liquid, WITHOUT the white eggs, will have high HDL, but low LDL and it also has biotin and MSM, which helps the glowing skin and hair growth. So if you want to raise HDL, a partially cooked eggs where yolk is liquid and without the whites are preferable. Cod liver oil has some vitamin D, but at the dose were are taking today it is a lot lower than what our grandparents used to take, which was one or two tablespoon. Now we take them in capsules, and quite often it is about at least 1/8 the amount.

People with suicidal tendencies or other behavioral problems such as violent criminals were found to have very low HDL. A simple egg yolk remedy may help depression, and other behavioral problems in children, or possibly your spouse! Perhaps eating an egg yolk for an hour or two before arguing will at least cool down some the fuse from the delay and the yolk!

One easy way to increase the natural vitamin D is to do what the fishes aquarium have been doing for ages: installing black light which have small amounts of UV.

In fact if vaseline were exposed within inches of blacklight bulbs or UV, for several hours, a vaseline will have a healing properties which is not related to vitamin D, but a yet to be identified petrolatum that makes it beneficial to the body.

Vitamin D Side Effects

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Posted by Gemma (Wales) on 08/19/2015
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I took 10,000iu of vitamin D3 plus a k2 supplement for 3 weeks and developed nasty side effects. My joints all started clicking, my knees became painful and my muscles started twitching. I could also feel a weird sensation in my teeth and had lower back pain. A muscle allergy tester diagnosed calcium deposits in all my joints and tendons and recommended phytoplankton 3 times per day and ACV 3 times per day. I have been taking these for 2 weeks and have had slight improvement (I'm not twitching much anymore). I added a magnesium oil yesterday which appears to have helped my back pain.

But my joints still click (everywhere! ) and my tendons are painful. Other people on vitamin d forums have mentioned their joints clicking too. Have you got any suggestions? Should I try the chanca piedra? I'm scared to put any supplements into my body anymore.

Best Wishes.


Replied by KT

Hi Gemma, I would suggest getting some magnesium powder from the HF store. Dissolve about 1/4 tsp. in OJ and drink it with or after a protein meal. Preferably after having eggs for breakfast.

Magnesium binds with protein before it is absorbed (Nutrition Almanac). I have a long history of injuries, reported degerative disc disease and joint pain that has been relieved after adding the magnesium powder to my diet. Staying away from contributing factors such as hidden sources of MSG (a nerve stimulant) is important but with today's tainted food supply it can be difficult. Sometimes the binders and fillers in supplements contain hidden sources. I cannot ingest a gelatin capsule without problems. The capsule alone contains 11-13 mg. of MSG. I had been told that magnesium can offer some protection against the toxic effects of MSG.

It would also be very beneficial for you to get a few minutes of sunlight every day. It is reported in a Nutrition Almanac that 15 min. a day, several days a week does not pose a toxic threat and could provide you with what you need for health. The almanac also reports the sun coverts cholesterol to vitamin D.

Replied by Ali

I know this is an old post, but some reading the comments further down the line may find this helpful.

It is recommended to also take the co-factors - magnesium, K2, boron, zinc, B vitamins, etc, when taking vitamin D, as they are apparently needed to support the D synthesis & to help orchestrate calcium in the body.

if calcium accumulation is already an issue (& you may not realise that until you start taking D), taking D without those co-factors may actually exacerbate the calcium issue.

Nothing works in isolation. Taking one element in isolation may potentially unbalance others.

High pasteurised dairy consumption may potentially lead to calcium accumulation (the beneficial microbes that generate certain necessary enzymes, vitamins & other nutrients needed for proper calcium distribution are no longer present), as may also calcium supplementation.

Vitamin D Side Effects
Posted by Heli (New York) on 12/20/2014
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My Vitamin D level is very low and my doctor told me to take vitamin D. I started vitamin D3 and I have muscle pain. I started with Magnesium 500mg and I was ok. I am not sure what kind of Magnesium I can take with vitamin D. Magnesium Citrate or Magnesium Chloride or other kind of Magensium. Please help

Replied by Myway
(Wilmington, De)

High doses of Vit D will deplete your magnesium so, I would suggest magnesium chloride in liquid form. Add the suggested amount in a very large glass of water and sip it throughout the day to get maximum absorption and reduce chances of diarrhea. The hard pills generally are not absorbed well from what I've read. Good Luck.

Vitamin D Side Effects
Posted by Robert (Manhattan, Ny) on 08/20/2012
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I found from repeated use, on and off, that higher doses of Vit D3 (1000 to 3000iu) results in a negative mood state... So instead I try to make an effort of getting around 10 to 15 minutes of summer sun daily.

Another lesson to myself to remember is that despite all the positive claims and current hype about a supplement or herb, one must listen to their body first.

Replied by Dorothy
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I got depressed on cod liver oil. Subtle blue feeling. Stopped taking and it went away. I am now taking D3 but with all the required co-factors. Mag, Bs, K, etc. Ok so far.

Vitamin D Side Effects
Posted by Kristina (Munich, Germany) on 05/08/2012
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Can anyone please help? My vitamin D is too low and my doctor prescribed me 50.000 IU. But even when I take 600 IU's of vitamin D (pure, no fillers) I wake up the next morning with bags under my eyes (fluid bags, edema). When I keep taking the vitamin D the bags get worse by day, and I get very tired.

Now I'm afraid to take the 50.000 IU and wake up with horrible bags. What could be the problem? Bad liver, liver congestion, low potassium, low calcium, low thyroid? Anyone?

Thanks for help!

Replied by Bama Lori
(Birmingham, Alabama)

You must look at your calcium levels; Get these tests or past blood work results: Calcium- Vitamin D and P T H... This is the parathyroid hormone level which controls calcium levels. D is a response of calcium levels!!

Low D is the body's way of protecting itself from heart damage and stroke due to high levels of calcium, it may only be slightly elevated. Taking D will hurt your heart and cause edema when you have eleveated calcium.


PTH (parathyroid hormone) is the control module for calcium, consider it a thermostat for the body, it is a hormone gland behind the thyroid; it is so important you have four redundant glands that all do the same thing, but only one works at a time.

I had the same problem, was found to have high PTH. Causing high calicium and resulting low D. Reg. Docs all tried to make me take D... HUGE MISTAKE, ok... seriously! My D was only 7-11; It is important that you STOP D, you are harming yourself, doctors can be such idiots!

Go to; read all about it. It was a simple fix, high calicium (mine was never that high but 9. 8-10. 8; my D 7-11; my PTH 90-110; I had one benign parathyroid adenoma... They are benign 99 percent of the time; it is not cancer, dont go there in your mind. My sestamibi scans were negative, dont get caught in that... Oh we cant see it so it doesnt exist, these glands are the size of a grain of RICE ok... Trust no one except the Norman Parathyroid center to get it right if you have high Cal, even a little; or borderline, high PTH and low D... Those three tests alone are enough to diagnose the ademoma without even seeing the bugger!

Have the surgery only the M I R P, minimally invasive, ( I had to go to Tampa and see Dr. Norman, as all others told me it was cancer and it ALL HAD to be removed, including my thyroid and part of the trachea... WRONG... With a very invasive surgery and a life dependant on drugs to survive... NOT THE CASE AT ALL: its outpatient, it takes half a day, and its done. Thyroid nodules were benign as well! They were causing me to be hypothyroid!

The disease is called Bones, STones, Moans, and Groans; If you have achy joints, (I never had stones) been told you have osteporsis developing or osteopenia, high BP , high Cholesterol; GI problems;... Then get this sucker removed; Symptoms of chronic malabsorbtion; all; and changing your diet is the only way to stop these diseases from progressing and developing tumors!

Now, for the cause of this I have finally arrived at FRUCTOSE MALABSORTION; and GLUTEN intol; I have gone gluten free and LOW FODMAP (eliminating foods with high fructose amounts, this includes sugar free additivies, wheat, onions, garlic, apples, honey, HFCS; etc.. With my foods,

the adenoma is a symptom of chronic malabsorbiton, (wiki that) you must find your intolerences and avoid those foods, this is the only cure, I say again, the only cure! Avoidance... Just like a bee allergy, you must not get stung by foods you cannot process, endocrine disease is the result!

- The same swelling a bee sting causes externally is what is happening in your gut (small intestine) and the villi become damaged, cannot uptake minerals from foods, vitamins will NEVER cure this, in fact they will make you sicker!

Sincerely, all my best, Lori PS: Remember medications have fillers, binders and colors that can make all symptoms worse, they did for me everytime. Avoid All colors and dyes, check personal care products, for wheat germ oil; sorbitol; mannitol, etc.

Try going low lactose; real butter hard cheeses only, lactose free milk, no yogurts; no soft cheeses at all; go gluten free; avoid all wheat products (go to for symptoms and lists of unsafe ingrediets, like MSG, INULIN, modified food startch, etc; Low fodmap foods , avoid apples, pears, cabbage family, some types of beans, no pasta, no breads. (LOW FODMAP) Seek out Shephard works and Wiki on Fructose Malabsorbtion, up to 30 percent of caucasians have it, especially euro decent!

(New Zealand)

For the most part, most people are suffering D deficiency because of lack of sunlight actually. Hyperactive Parathyroid is due to boron deficiency from my reading. I'd say that most people out there know if they have not been out in the sun enough when considering the whole vitamin D issue and instinctively know they need it. Scaring people with your personal experiences (rare disease) is just not helpful

Replied by Bibi
(Nashville, Tn)

This is to Kristina from Munich, Germany - If your body is deficient in magnesium, it will not properly utilize vitamin D. Blood or urine tests are often inaccurate, as only 1% of magnesium is found there. I was found to be vitamin D deficient, but it wasn't until I started supplementing with magnesium citrate powder (mixed in juice) for a week or so that I could take vitamin D without other side effects. Check out this link (when you get to this page, move down just a little bit to the section titled: Magnesium and Vitamin D):

Vitamin D Side Effects
Posted by Sunnieday (Baltimore, Md, Usa) on 12/17/2010
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Dear Earth Clinic:

I've recently started supplementing with 2,000 I. U. of Vitamin D nightly, before bedtime, in the hopes that it will help with my depression. The Mirena IUD ruined my emotional state (causing not only depression, but panic attacks, anxiety and ridiculous mood swings), and I've spent the last five years trying numerous supplements and "therapy" to get back to "my old self". Needless to say, I haven't had much luck. In any case, when I take the Vitamin D at night, I've noticed upon waking that I have a lot of phlegm in my chest; it takes me about half an hour to cough it all up. At first, I thought that it may either be due to a recent cold or the fact that I get recurring sinus infections. However, I remember reading somewhere that Vitamin D is good for the lungs, so I'm wondering if the phlegm is a good thing? Should I continue to take it? If so, should I decrease the dose or increase the dose?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Replied by Sandy
(Bristol, Uk)

Sorry to hear how the mirena screwed things up for you. Vitamin D should be taken together with vitamin A to be effective. Check out the information backing this claim at the Weston Price blog

Good luck!

Vitamin D Side Effects
Posted by Briona (Santa Monica, Ca) on 04/16/2010
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A few months ago, I was feeling a bit down and slightly depressed, perhaps due to the lack of sunshine during our rainy winter, and decided to take Vitamin D. I am pretty picky when it comes to my health so I selected a reputable brand of D3 (cholecalciferol) and started taking 6000 IU a day. First, my energy level increased and my mood brightened up but after hardly a week, I started feeling very tired, and not well. My legs felt very heavy, like if I had poor blood circulation; going up the stairs became challenging and my muscles were shivering - or felt like it. One night, I woke up, my body in spasm. This is when I stopped taking D3. All symptoms disappeared within 24-48 hours.

Replied by Merryanne
(Orange City, Florida, Usa)
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Hello Briona, I am sorry to hear of your problem,,,I am taking 5,000-6,000 unit of D3 my self for about 6 weeks, and now for the last week I have been having some unusual sideeffects, at least they are unusal for me at 63 years old,,I have been more sexually aroused than when I was 40 years old, It causes me to have problems going to sleep and I do not dare go out for a drink I am afraid I will forget I am a christian lady,,,I feel like a she cat in heat,,,so I have stopped taking for two days and see if that helps,,,but other wise I feel good, more energy,, less appetite, I have lost 6 pounds and enjoy my house work and am in a happy mood, have stoped taking depression medication,,, now if I can get a hold of my sex drive and feel like I will not molest the men around me I will be ok...Merryanne in Central FL

EC: Merryanne, what brand of D3 are you taking? Also, what is the D3 made from... can you please list all ingredients (including fillers) on your bottle? Thanks so much!

Replied by Merryanne
(Orange City, Florida, Usa)
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Hi to EC from Merryanne, here is the following information on my D3:

Brand: Spring valley (from wal Mart)
20000 IU each

ingred: soybean oil, gelatin, glycerin, water, corn oil, carmel (artificial color), cod liver oil, Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol)

EC: Thanks very much. Same ingredients as the D3 sold at Costco!

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn Usa)

The 20,000 iu of D 3 has to be a mistake. Folks normally take 1,000 iu and a 5,000 iu dose during flu season, etc.

EC: Yes, thanks for catching it. Must be a typo. D3 is often sold in 2,000 iu/capsules unless you get a prescription from a doc's office for 50,000 iu (taken once a week for 1-2 months).

Replied by Francisca
(Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France)

Just to tell you that yesterday I took one dose of vitamine D3 prescribed by my skin doctor as I was a bit high on vitamin A and a bit too low on D3. The dose, which is taken once every three or every six months was 100.000 U.I. On the box it is written Uvedose and Cholecalciferol.

Replied by Spunkymunky
(Jabba Wankaleela, Shoobiedoobiedahdahdee)

The reason you were experiencing that is because a) You were taking D2 or b) You're not taking magnesium with it. Look up magnesium, vitamin D. Vitamin D creates a magnesium deficiency FAST, if you don't have enough magnesium as it is you'll get immediate side effects. It's not the D itself, it's the lack of magnesium. Also, if you don't take magnesium, Vitamin D won't absorb because it needs magnesium to do so. Magnesium chloride, "magnesium oil " is the best.

Vitamin D Side Effects
Posted by Mussen (Montreal, Canada) on 12/02/2008
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With all the hype around vitamin D3 nowadays, I thought I would try it. But this is my second time I've tried and stopped because I hate the way it changes my body odor, including my "female parts" and when I work up a sweat. Even my cats have noticed when sitting in my lap....

Perhaps it's because I rarely eat meat that I really noticed the change, but I can't tolerate it. I feel really animal-ly. I noticed my libido increased a bit and I had a touch more energy, but it's not worth it for me. I'll just try to get more sunshine in the winter.

Replied by T
(Maryland, USA)

I've been supplementing with D3 for a couple of months now and haven't noticed any effect like this. Are you taking a 'pure' supplement? Check the label for fillers - they may be the actual culprit. Also, how much are you taking?

Replied by Darlene
(Toronto, Ontario)

There is a LOT of research indicating that vitamin D supplements are safe up to 10,000 IU a day... Unless you have Crohns, irritable bowel syndrome or certain immune deficiencies. Check your blood level in the middle of winter after taking three months of a supplement. This will indicate whether you are getting enough vitamin D throughout the year to support calcium absorption.

Replied by Anna

Yeah, generally: one should take between 13 I.U and 34 I.U of vitamin D3 per pound of body weight. I'm pretty sure I notice that the 'dry' form of D3 is more potent than the lanolin kind, too. Joseph Mercola once wrote that some organization or something thought: we can take up to 35 I.U per pound of body weight. I've done some of my 'homework' though, and found out: that's too high.

Replied by Art
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Vitamin D is pretty unique to each individual and there is not a one dose fits all application for it. Generally if you carry a lot of body fat it can require significantly more vitamin D to reach a specific 25 OH d serum level than a person who has low body fat even though their weight may be equal. If you are trying to reach a specific 25 OH d level in the optimum range, the only way to do that and be sure is by having a 25 OH d test done. These can be done by mail with a pin prick test directly with a lab. This would be very important if you are trying to treat a specific health issue by getting your 25 OH d level into the upper end of the reference range (reference range: 30 ~ 100 ng/ml).

Some cancer studies suggest that optimal anti-cancer activity may occur around the 80 ng/ml level. Dr. Cannell suggests working your serum level up toward the upper end of the range for autism and even above if improvement continues, and then decrease the dose when no further improvement is seen, but again that would require regular testing by your doctor.

Some people just require more vitamin d than others to reach a specific serum level so it is more important to take whatever dose is needed to reach the desired serum level and test to be sure rather than choose a dose that may or may not achieve the proper 25 OH d serum level for you.


Vitamin D Testing at Home

Posted by Deirdre (Atlanta) on 03/15/2010

Would love to know if anyone has tried this company for an at-home blood spot test for vitamin d levels? My husband's friend (a chiropractor) just emailed him this link. Costs $75 per test. This test is not available for residents of New York, unfortunately. And if you live in California, you will need to have a prescription from a health care provider before you can order the test.

Please send us your feedback if you've used this (or any other online company) to test your vitamin d levels. Thanks!

Replied by Lori
(Dayton, Oh)

I have used the ZRT tests for vitamin D, although I guess the price has gone up. It's a simple blood test - easy to administer. A few drops of blood and send it off. It took about 2 weeks for the results. I still have 2 unused tests. I take a daily supplement of D3 (and a high quality cod liver oil for vitamin A with NO problems maintaining a desirable level of D3 - I think it's a ratio issue)but I'll be vacationing at the beach this summer. I know my levels with supplementation; now I'm interested to see how they change with sun exposure exclusively.

One more thing, a discussion about vitamin D3 and calcium is not complete without discussion of vitamin K2 which dictates calcium deposition.

Vitamin D-3 From Sun

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Posted by Debbie (Melbourne, Australia ) on 10/09/2011
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Here is a wonderful youtube video by Dr John Cannell on the importance of vitamin D and getting the sun to on your skin "without sunblock". Sunblock has some terrible chemicals which enter your skin easily transdermally to the rest of your body.

He also mentions that wearing sunglasses is blocking the sun from your eyes and is not heathy either.

Anyone who is sick or not feeling well (or wants to stay healthy) should spend time out in the sun with skin exposed on a regular basis.

Replied by Steve
(Las Vegas, Nevada)
5 out of 5 stars

Hopefully it will be ok to post this video:

The video is by a neurologist who really has no interest in health food or vitamins but found that by getting her patients on high levels of D3 many of them had almost miraculous recoveries from fibro, sleep disorders, migraines, sleep apnea and many more issues. Watch all five parts if you can.

Peace, Steve

Vitamin D3 and Calcium

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Posted by Joe (Wellington, Fl) on 04/14/2010

Vit D3 and Calcium


I remember reading about something Ted said where Vit D can easily become calcified under certain conditions. Would you know what situation he is referring to ? Thank You: Joe

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines)
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Hi Joe...It is possible that Vit D could cause a rise in blood calcium levels when taken in a high or excess dosage. To ensure that this does not happen, simultaneously taking magnesium and borax supplementation would certainly help to regulate the calcium/sodium/potassium balance within the blood/tissues, and thereby help to maintain the body in a more beneficial alkaline state (since excess calcium in the tissues causes acidosis).

Replied by Joe
(Wellington, Fl)

Bill for general alkalizing would baking soda, potassium bicarbonate, and lemon be one of the better combos. My father is diabetic (type 2) insulin shots and his kidneys are not up to par. Would this help or act negatively on them? Any suggestion to support kidney function ? Thanks Again Joe

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines)

Hi Joe...The kidneys are used to balance the electrolytes -- or minerals -- within the body. So although taking sodium and potassium bicarbonate with lemon is one of the best remedies for acidosis and will balance many body parameters, this will completely depend on the ability of the kidney to do its job properly. Therefore, I would not attempt this remedy if your father has problems with his kidneys without medical advice from a doctor.

Having said that, there is some recent research that suggests that taking just Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate) with water can be beneficial to people with kidney disease. See these links:

Recent Research

Dr Mark Sircus -- Kidney Disease


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Posted by Hound (California) on 04/01/2017
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I had a wart on my thumb. It was on the joint which made removing it difficult. Tried for years to get rid of it using compound w and sacylic acid. When I started taking 10,000 IU per day of Vitamin D3 after discovering I was deficient on a serum D blood test, the wart disappeared and never returned.

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