Vitamin D Health Benefits

Contraindications - Sarcoidosis and Lyme
Posted by beverly (Texas) on 02/05/2022
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Health experts mention how beneficial Vitamin D is to a person's health. You have to be aware there are some conditions that do not benefit from vitamin D supplementations. Sarcoidosis is one and Lymes disease is another.

Explanation - Trevor Marshall was a biomedical engineer from Australia. It took him about 30 years to find out how cell wall deficient bacteria survive in the body for many years. He found out that they stimulate the cells to overproduce vitamin D. It becomes toxic and shuts the immune system down. Exposure to sun, vitamin D rich foods and supplements should be stopped completely for at least 12 months to clear the cell wall deficient form of borrelia. This helps tremendously the action of the antibiotics. Low doses of antibiotics become very effective. He advises Benicar (high blood pressure medicine) to decrease significantly the vitamin D in the body. Not all patients are able to take it. The majority of doctors and holistic practitioners advocate taking vitamin D without being aware of present microorganisms. Remember that fish oils and seaweed are high in vitamin D as well. They are taken by millions of people as supplements.

Most people have vitamin D deficiency that reflects in a blood test. Vitamin D could aggravate severely anybody with chronic Lyme disease and co–infections with CWD bacteria!!! Every person should be tested for these bacteria before administering vitamin D!!!