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Posted by Petunia (Warrenton, Or, United States) on 10/12/2010

I have been taking a multi vitamin from my health food store, it is expensive compared to the brands at the grocery/drug store. I just read Ted's comment that if it does not dissolve in water in 10 minutes it is a waste and not providing any benefit. I tried it and my vitamin was hard as a rock. However, I have been taking this for a year and a half and I have never had such strong finger nails, I really feel it is doing some good. Can Ted or someone explain this. It seems to me that vitamin tablets or food is in the stomach much longer than 10 minutes. Thank you for a wonderful site.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines)

Hi Petunia... Your story reminded me of an article I read several years ago when I was researching the efficacy of multivitamins in general. The author of the article was interviewing a man involved with human faecal sewage. During the interview the sewage manager admitted that when he first began working at the sewage plant, he noticed lots and lots of multicoloured pills in the excreted human faeces. These were the multivitamin pills that everyone religiously takes every morning.

I also learned that most multivitamin pill manufacturers use synthetic patented vitamins -- not natural food vitamins. This is what makes multivits so expensive. As well, since I had learned a bit about vitamins by then, I also noticed that the RDA dosages of all multivit nutrients were far too small to be very beneficial. Then, of course, I also discovered that multivit tablets didn't even get digested. Also, these multivitamins that contain minerals don't tell you that taking, say, calcium, zinc and iron together at the same time in one pill will act to inhibit each other's uptake uptake because calcium, zinc and iron all compete for the same absorbtion pathways in the intestines.

In the end I settled on just using dessicated liver(DL) tablets. I just chew and swallow these tablets now, I take 3 tablets at mealtimes. The reason I take DL now is because liver contains every single vitamin, amino acid and mineral that your body needs and in the most bio-available forms. DL is also high in B vitamins. Ted prefers to take raw chicken livers mixed in a blender with fruit juice and Max Gerson -- from the Gerson Therapy -- used raw calve's liver and carrot juice blended together in a mixer to help cure his patients of both cancer and tuberculosis. I also regard DL as a better than chlorella or spirulina -- because particularly amino acids and mineral nutrient forms are simply not as bio-available or as easily digested by humans as animal forms. Generally, you can buy these DL tablets in bulk at any weight training shop -- and its relatively cheap, because it's really just a food -- liver.

Supplement Advice
Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 01/25/2010

I've given up taking many supplements long ago -- I always try and take the natural form if possible, and completely agree with Ted's low opinion of multivitamin supplements particularly being insoluble and not capable of being digested.

I read an article not long ago(sorry, can't remember the website) where the article author was analyzing the usefulness, efficacy and safety of supplements. So he went to a city sewage complex and questioned the sewage manager, the main man who dealt mainly with human sewage. On questioning him, this sewage manager freely admitted that, everyday, when he inspected the human sewage, he saw thousands upon thousands of multi-coloured pills in the faeces, which could only have been multivitamin pills and other supplements. All undigested.

So what Ted says about pills being insoluble and therefore useless is entirely correct.

Whenever I do take any form of pill supplement -- such as simple Ascorbic Acid -- I always pulverize it into a powder first and then dissolve this in a glass of water before I take it(as per Ted's advice). With Ascorbic acid, I also add baking soda to the solution to create the much friendlier and absorbable alkaline form of vitamin C -- Sodium Ascorbate. And even when I do this alkalizing procedure I have to scrape off the strange scum that forms on the surface of the water(caused by the strange binding agents and additives in the pill).

Most vitamin and multi-vitamin manufacturers don't give a tinker's cuss whether their products are in the right form for your body or not, they just produce a bright shiny-coloured pill that looks nice, that puts you into a trusting comfort zone, and yet does nothing whatsoever for your body.

The supplement pill is usually packed with strange binding agents like magnesium stearate, stearic acid, micro-cellulose agents, starch etc. In other words, if your are convinced by the advertising then you've been emotionally suckered by the supplement pill manufacturers and you may be buying something that is completely useless and not so body-friendly.

So the only way is to educate yourself. Anyone who comes to this Earth Clinic site will soon learn more about herbs, body-friendly chemicals and natural medications than at any other website I know. Here, they show both sides -- the yeas and nays -- of a protocol. Better than any expensive, double-blind placebo, FDA steered wacko research anyday. And the part I love about this site is that everyone tries to genuinely help each other. There is no more honest and better way.

Supplement Advice
Posted by Wydo (Ventura, Ca) on 12/27/2009

Dear Linda from Higbo, MO

12/20/2006: Linda from Higbo, MO writes, "Just found your website so this question may have already been answered. If your daily vitamin doesn't dissolve completely in water within 15-20 minutes will it work to wait until it dissolves (or to pulverize it) and then drink it?"

Twenty some years ago I was doing some colonics to remove old mucus from my colon. I found the un-disolved tablets of supplements I had be taking in what came out of me. The enteric coating of some the suplements were still intact. That means that the supplement went completely through me with out disolving and therefore I did not absorb any of the supplement. The problem with tablets is that some of the fillers used in them are binders and when the manufacturer compresses them they become rocks and never dissolve. This is why it is better to buy supplements in capsules which have less fillers. It is even better to buy them in powders that have no fillers. Some fillers can cause bad reactions in some people and can interfer with the absorption of some supplements. If you can't take the taste of the supplement then cap them yourself otherwise you are just wasting your money and not getting the benefits of the supplements you are taking. There are some manufacturers that are mindful of their customers and make tablets that dissolve. You will find that these tablets disolve in the mouth if you leave them there 2 or 3 minutes. This is a subject that everyone should keep in mind when buying supplements in order to get maximum potential from them. It is also thoughtful when leaving posts here at EC that one would consider using a supplement with maximum absorption vs leaving a post on a supplement which will give no benefit because it cannot be absorbed.

Swansons Supplement Review

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Posted by Art (California ) on 10/14/2018 2076 posts

Since many members of EC are users of Swanson, I wanted you to know of some relatively recent developments I have observed regarding them.

For decades I have purchased hundreds of vitamin and supplements from Swanson and had always been happy with them and recommended them frequently to others. I felt they offered good products at reasonable prices with very good service. Unfortunately it is now my opinion that they are no longer "that company" which I trusted to get almost all of my supplements from without even considering other supplement suppliers unless Swanson did not stock what I was looking for!

In recent years, I feel their customer service is down to poor at best. They continue to raise their prices on most of their products at what seems to be faster than what I see from other suppliers. Yes, I am now using other suppliers and Swanson much less than I used to and until they show me otherwise, that is how it will remain! I will no longer recommend them and will continue to purchase more from other suppliers and much less from them. I also notice that where they used to consistently offer the lowest prices on supplements, that is no longer the case and I am seeing other suppliers who are starting to come up with better prices than them or offer products that they don't even carry.

This week, they sent me an email which asked me to review a product that I had recently purchased, eye drops. I bought these eye drops to compare them to many other eye drops I have purchased before. Well I wrote out a review as they had asked and filled in the information they had asked me for regarding the product and what I thought of it. Having purchased many other eye drops before, I felt I had a good basis for comparison. My review was negative because in my opinion, the eye drops were much less desirable than the others I had tried previously and these eye drops had two main drawbacks that I considered to be very significant. Here is a copy of my review as sent to Swanson:

A waste of money
I bought this to compare to many other eye drops I have used previously and though the drops are helpful, they are not as good as others I have tried. What was more of a disappointment was that the package says to discard the bottle 30 days after opening whether it is empty or not! I don't like the dispensing system that requires you to squeeze the dropper neck instead of the bottle, which I found to be inconvenient and seems like an easy way to contaminate the contents as it requires you to put two fingers very close to the outlet tip, leaving germs in an area where they could potentially get into the bottle!

Here is their reply:

Our staff has read your review and values your contribution even though it did not meet all our website guidelines. Thanks for sharing, and we hope to publish next time!

Thanks again,
Swanson Health Products

I feel that I gave an honest review based on my experience, but apparently, because it wasn't positive, they are not going to post it as a review on their website. I get that some companies will try to control reviews in one way or another, but I thought Swanson was above this tactic. They asked me to review the product and then when I gave my review, they say it does not meet their guidelines. How blatant is that? They have never turned down any "good reviews " I have done in the past, but this is at least the third time they have turned down a review I have sent in that was less than glowing. I guess they think a negative review will hurt their sales and that may be true, but if you only want positive reviews, then you might as well just say that when you ask for the review. I consider this to be a form of deceit on their part because they are not letting their consumers see "all of the reviews", both good and bad. To me, that tactic is a major strike against them!

The bottom line for me is that I will no longer recommend them and will use them less and less and hopefully get to a point where I will no longer use them at all! Oh, and I will no longer be giving them any more reviews either! >:( >:( In my opinion, Swanson is no longer the company they used to be that I trusted to get almost all of my supplements from!


Replied by Art
2076 posts

So I contacted Swanson today to find out which guide line I did not meet in the review that they rejected. I used their chat system to speak with a customer rep named Ann, who told me that the most common reason for rejecting reviews is because you are making medical claims, which I did not do. She then told me that she couldn't really say why my review was rejected and she didn't have it to look at, so I told her I had a copy I could send her and she said that would be fine. After she read the review she sent me a link to their basic page that explains how to do a proper review which my review was not at odds with, so I asked Ann if she thought the review was improper and she said that to her understanding it seemed acceptable, so she was going to refer me to a different department that could explain things better.

Swanson just sent me the following letter explaining why my review was not accepted:


Hello Art, I am sorry that your review was not published. All reviews are judged by an unbiased 3rd party company called Bazaar Voice to see if they can be published or not. They do check over each to see if it can be published and we cannot control which ones are or are not published. This is done so that we cannot pick and choose only reviews that make us look good. It seems to me from reading your review that it may have been rejected due to the comments being more about the dispenser and shelf life rather than if the product worked for you or not. You could try to change it a bit and submit it again if you like to see if would be accepted. Thank you. Have a nice day.

Cristin A.
Swanson Health Products
Online Correspondence Specialist


To me this answer is just about useless as their first letter stated that my review did not meet their "guide lines", but then Ann could not provide me those specific guide lines which could explain the reason for the rejection of the review and if you read the letter they just sent me, Chistin A. did not provide those guide lines either and instead merely passed the buck onto the "independent third party", Bazaar Voice, who she gave me no way to contact to try and find out what specific guide line they used to reject my review! All in all, this to me is exactly what I am saying about Swanson customer service going down hill. All they did was pass the buck twice with no actual way to find out the real reason that my review was rejected. Based on their response, I will continue as I said I would and use Swanson less and less and will no longer recommend them!



Hi Art, I commend you for hangin' in there trying to get justice! Just want to point out that what they did is one of many negotiating tricks used in the business world, "Well, I'd love to help you, but I'll have to run this by the board (or my supervisor or any other person) and get back to you tomorrow. Then, when tomorrow comes, the negotiator says something like "Well, I really thought they would go for the deal you offered, but they said they couldn't do it unless you come down on your offer by $500.00". And, there is no board or other person. It's just a trick. Sorry to see it used in the world of supplements, but, let's face it, they are in, money, money!!


SWANSON......... was bought by the Chinese a year or so ago. I no longer use them. ==ORH==

2076 posts

Ever since Lee Swanson retired in 2016 and sold Swanson Vitamins to Swander Pace Capital, it seems to me like their customer service has declined as I mentioned earlier in this thread. Their prices which used to be some of the best in the supplement market have also continued to rise.

I have been using Swanson much less and other suppliers more. Swanson is essentially my last choice for supplements now and I do my best to avoid them.


Replied by Madelyn

Oh no! Thanks for sharing this. I bought some Artemsesia Annua capsules from Swanson after reading a post here about its effectiveness for viral infections. I ended up purchasing other items with my order, many of them Swanson brand. I think I may return them.


Posted by Rob (Manhattan, Ny) on 11/27/2010

Perhaps Ted could shed some light on this as he has recommended Zeolite. After a little web searching I purchased a bottle of Waiora Zeolite. Although it seems to be of quality, I don't care to purchase another as it is far too expensive and more so a multi level marketing company. They are aggressive in there marketing negating all other brands but their own. Plus the principle of MLM in my opinion is based on greed and profit. I was looking at the Zeoforce brand and wondering if in Ted's opinion it would most likely be just as effective or if anyone has success with a particular brand. I find the supplement/health industry to be increasingly misleading and untrustworthy. Taking more and more energy to separate the marketing schemes from the fact.. I will report later the results of experimenting with Zeolite.

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa)

Hi Rob, I have been using zeolite from a company that I have mentioned here before quite awhile ago at this point. The company is called Omica and you can find them on the internet. I have met not only their reps at various health food stores and events here in LA but also one of the scientific formulaters. He is a very knowledgeable guy whom I've even heard speak on the connection between spirituality and health. I have also had the privilege to hear him educating the reps about the products and what makes them so unique in their formulations. I also think their prices are reasonable for their products of which they have quite a few now. They offer an msm that is plant-derived and I also take their fulvic acid. Their reps are very warm and genuine people whom have taken the time to explain their formulas. Also on their site you'll find some interesting articles to read. Anyway, I hope you look into this company and that this info helps. Lisa

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