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Herxheimer and Supplement Overload
Posted by Arn (Kenmore) on 09/21/2022 20 posts

"Herxheimer is a Jerk"

Inside joke for Earth Clinic readers. I'd get that printed on a t-shirt but nobody would get the joke.

Actually, a Herxheimer reaction is no joke. I think we, who self-medicate, need to ease into new treatments. It's just human nature to jump in with both feet when we have an ailment. But it's a good idea to go slow when the treatment is actually changing your body chemistry.

An example is ACV and baking soda. Your body may switch from acidic to alkaline very quickly, and that is bound to have some side effects. Also, baking soda has a lot of sodium, which causes potassium loss. So you may get some edema or lethargy if you don't take extra potassium.

I also recommend supplement "fasts". On weekends I generally skip all supplements to give the body time to stabilize. It's possible some of our ailments come from supplement overload.