Nutritional Supplement Questions Answered!

Posted by Moshi (Fremantle, Western Australia, Australia) on 07/16/2011

DHEA can be convertd by your body into Estrogens & Testosterone. My experience when taking 25mg tablets for 6 weeks was that my DHEA blood syrum level jumped to more than the recommended range & I actually got morning sickness from too much estrogen! I now take a transdermal estrogen cream at about 5-7 mg per day & have experienced incresed energy levels.

Another problem for those who have a compromised liver function is that these hormones will build up un your liver & can cause damage! I also take a few days break every week or so to stop buildup. It appals me when I see adverts for 100 - 300mg DHEA as this is not something to play around with. My advice go slowly & get your hormone levels monitored until you find what works for you. Finally, transdermal cream has less impact on the liver.