Rhodiola Fights Aging, Depression and Stress Naturally


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Posted by Megan (Fl) on 06/09/2014


I recently ordered a bulk package of Rhodiola Rosea root powder, and discovered the package didn't contain dosage directions or a "scoop" of any sort. I was wondering, since you provide a standard dosage of 200-600mg, what exactly that would look like in terms of teaspoons? As in, how many milligrams of Rhodiola is in 1/4 tsp - 1/2 tsp?

I contacted the website but they couldn't provide any information, so I greatly appreciate any information you may have! We are using the powder for research and development of a product, so it is (obviously) crucial to know dosage equivalents!

Thank you for your time, Megan

Replied by Bev

I bought Rhodiola (3% Rosavin) from Bulk Supplements and the information on their site is: 1/8 tsp = 4oo mgs.

Replied by Leslie
Ga, US

I have read several educational sites as well as several blogs the last 2 days, and I only seen people make reference to 5mg per day and up to 25 mg 3 to 4 days per week. No one so far has spoken of a dose higher than that. I have no personal experience. But one of the side effects is your blood pressure going up. And that's a sure thing from reliable sites. MAKE SURE NO ONE TAKES THAT AMOUNT. BE SURE TO DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE YOU START!!

Replied by Rosie

You should be able to work out how much rhodiola per serve if the powder is pure rhodiola. Is there a NIP or ingredients listed on the package. 1 tsp is similar to 2.5-5g of powder (this is a big variable) you need to weigh the powder. Most tablets provide 500mg of standardised rhodiola, a lot of people use 1000-2000 mg per day. Check what works for you b trying it out, once you have worked out how much you are getting in the powder. Start with 250mg and go up by 250mg until you reach 2000mg. You might only need the 250mg.

Replied by Sally

Maybe you should get a measuring scoop/spoon from the pharmacy, I've had those for vitamin C and they're different than the teaspoon measurements we use for cooking/baking. Or something like this http://www.powdercity.com/products/digital-pocket-scale

Replied by Mandy

I take 1 tsp measuring spoon. Slightly heaping.

Posted by Coach (USA, USA) on 02/19/2008
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Rhodiola at low doses will give a stimulatory effect and at higher doses of the higher quality 5% Rosavins Rhodiola will give you a calming effect.


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Posted by Lh (Manchester Uk) on 01/28/2014
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Have been suffering from symptoms of anxiety, stress, fatigue, sleeplessness for a couple of years. GP initially prescribed anti-depressants after a 5 minute chat so I felt very reluctant to go down this route. Read a book that was recommended on combatting anxiety and panic attacks, which when I read it made sense and offered advice on how to manage situations but little about the associated symptoms that I have had for a long time.

I tried valerian and Kalms which helped a little with anxiety but did not regulate my sleep patterns. Every morning I wake up feeling exhausted which then exaggerates or adds to the rest of the symptoms.

I have taken a rhodiola rosea capsule for 5 days now and the effects have been instantly noticeable. I feel mentally alert, full of energy that lasts all day and evening and most noticeably this morning, the feeling that I had had a restful nights sleep which feels like the first in a long time. I felt jittery on one particular day but I think that was because I had drunk a strong coffee later that day.

Obviously it is early days but I feel able to make comparisons as to how I feel now and how I felt "before" and the difference I have to say is huge.

I'm not sure how long you can take them for and if prolonged use is advisable, but for now I'm going to keep taking one a day to see if the symptoms relief is long lasting.

Posted by T Hank (Detroit, Mi) on 12/22/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I have a very hectic stressful lifestyle and fatigue was consuming me everyday! Rhodiola helped me stop drinking Mt. Dew to get home (driving) everyday! And my thinking seems to be MUCH sharper!

Replied by Lou
Tyler, Tx

I saw something on TV recently about Mountain Dew containing some dangerous additive.

Posted by Michael (Lorain, Ohio) on 12/17/2012
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

I've been taking rhodiola for over a year now. It is a miricle herb. I'm so motivated to do all sorts of things every time I'm on it. I notice that I'm sharper and can concentrate better. I notice a ton more energy (note that my rhodiola is paired with a little green tea extract). When I run really hard, it hurts less (and I run really freaking hard lol). When I'm just having "one of those days" it always turns it around for me.

I do however get the "jitters", but better the jitters than the "ughs" or the "idon'twannas" I say lol.

Replied by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa

Hi Michael, It's awesome that you are getting such great results from your rhodiola! Where are you getting it from? Rhodiola is known to enhance both physical and mental endurance, it is beneficial for those living under stressful conditions(isn't that everyone these days?! ), is beneficial to the cardiovascular system and is a powerful immune strengthener. One very important aspect is, it is a safe and powerful antidepressant. So no wonder, you're having such great responses. Have you tried any other Chinese herbs? I like reishi and chaga mushroom to build the body since they are powerful adaptogens and also goji and schizandra which have unbelievable attributes as well. I love the way the Chinese herbs have helped me in so many ways and take them on a regular daily basis. My energy is steady and my health strong. Best to you! Lisa

Replied by Andrea C
Cardiff, Wales

sorry it on this thread xxxx i was trying to ask can we have a de-tox symtom page xxxxxxx that will be of great help to a lot of people xxxxx i was trying to contact e/c to suggest it xxxxx different regimes bring thier own sytoms with them xxx it will hit some of us hader than other's xx but 'sharing' will help a lot of people xxxxx we won'r all have the same ones xxxxx 'flu' symtom's is common xxxx but feeling 'worse' than that will happen xxxx i am sure a lot of folk would like to see othe'rs experience, so they know thier not going mad or dying xxx love andrea cc xxxxx

EC: Here is the link for that section: http://www.earthclinic.com/cures/detoxification.html

Replied by Diane
Palos Hills, Il

Michael, green tea, alone, totally gives me the jitters. Rhodiola on it's own does not. I'd try taking straight up Rhodiola. You might like it better. Also, I just read about green tea having loads of fluoride in it! Do some research!

Posted by Brendon (Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada) on 09/02/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I have been in a job where I sell products such as rhodiola and energy drinks, pills, cubes, bars and many more! I have never thought that a pill would be noticeable to wake you up. But I'm in landscaping and took it every morning last week except thursday.. I had extreme fatigue all day, weak and loss energy all day. That friday I took it in the morning after sleeping 1.5 hours because I was up with girls and my friend, and I had more energy all day for that 10 hour shift than I was for 10 hours the thursday with full sleep. I do belive this works and im buying alot of it in the future to come!!

Posted by Debbie (Mt. Sinai, Ny) on 04/06/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Rhodiola is amazing. I am completely normal while taking this product and if I run out I am unable to keep up the vigorous daily schedule I have, high school teacher, tutor after school, practice 1 1/2 hours yoga daily, single mom, home owner. I had been getting exhausted in the afternoons recently (after taking 1 capsule 250 miligrams daily for about 1 year) I started taking another one in afternoon and my day can continue throughout the evening in a more balanced and productive way ( with a smile ) instead of miserable. I sleep by 10:30, 11 each night and arise at 4:45 feeling rested. I WAS NEVER LIKE THIS. Thanks to my naturopath doctor who recommended it after I refused anti-depressants, or anxiety medicine. THIS STUFF WORKS. I wish more people new about it!

Replied by Kathy
Carle Place, Ny

Just read your post about rhodiola. I live on LI too and would love to know who your Naturopath Doctor is. Thanks!

Replied by Angela
Manchester, Cheshire

Hello, I just read your post and I know rhodiola is an amazing product, but is it safe to take everyday for a year and what brand do you take to feel this great?

Warm Regards, Angie x

Replied by Anon

I laughed reading your post. "I swim the English Channel! Uphill! Both ways! Leap tall mountains in a single bound! In high heels! Wrestle crocodiles! With both arms tied behind my back! Tame lions! Without catnip! And take the kids to soccer practice! In a single day! " For some reason, after all of that, you consider it abnormal to be tired. Rhodiola makes you feel normal?! I had to laugh. :)

Posted by Melody (Pine Valley, Ca) on 12/29/2011

Rhodiola was prescribed for me by a naturopathic doctor in a la di dah clinic in La Jolla, CA, for helping my adrenals. It is an adaptogen that lowers or raises your cortisol levels depending upon what's needed. I noticed an increase in energy as soon as I started taking it.

Replied by Cg
Boise, Idaho

Lots of great information here. I am still confused about the best dose and brand. Is there a general consensus on this? I suffer from anxiety, depression, fatigue, and seem to always catch what ever bug is going around. Thanks to you all! Debbie from NY, what dose and brand to you use if you don't mind sharing. Again, thanks!

Posted by Kenny G (Las Vegas, Nevada, United States) on 11/04/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Yes I have taken Rhodiola 110 manufactured by nutrilite for good number of years now. I have found it's the most effective energy boost I can take without coffee or Redbull or Monster energy drinks. I have more stamina and mental clarity when I need it without the crash.

Posted by Marilyn (Belleville Ont, Canada) on 10/27/2011
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

I like AOR rhodiola and it does give me a lot of energy and stamina in my exercise classes. But I do always have a low grade headache that makes me feel out of sorts. I also am annoyed with companies that claim Asian Rhodiola is the same as Siberian as there is a massive difference. I have absolutely no effect from Asian Rhodiola. Over all a very good herb but you should cycle this from time to time. Take a few days off a week for instance.

Replied by Cbleigh
Belleville, On Canada

I'm in Belleville ON too. Have you found a good place to buy a quality Rhodilia?

Posted by Anne (Moncton, New Brunswick) on 10/25/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I've heard Rhodiola mentioned by Dr. Oz on his show & the great things associated with it. I have just started taking the capsule a few days ago & WOW! I have increased energy & stamina, my mental alertness has increased and I feel great. I have been working shift work for almost 20 years now and feel the effects of it on my body. Taking Rhodiola has given me a little boost just where I need it! I think it's great!

Posted by Chris Bates (Derby, England) on 05/22/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I'm on rhodiola rosea rosavin. very important, been on this for 3 years now. it's a miracle. I'm 46, work 12 hour days plus sat morning. Up at 430am, back home 700pm every night, working in hot laundry. adaption rate is every day. I just get stronger every day, stress easy to cope with, I could go on all day. I'm so happy. I'm paid the minmum wage, but that's not important. I know at the end ov the day that I will be stronger the next day. more people need to know about this supplement.

Replied by Allan
San Fernando, Trinidad And Tobago

What is the brand name of the rhodiola that you are using?

Replied by Rachael
Chaguanas, Trinidad And Tobago

I use rhodiola root c/s and I make it into a tea. You have to get the organic brand.

Replied by Pat
Diego Martin, Trinidad And Tobago

Good afternoon, I have tried to find Rhodiola in Trinidad and have not been able to. Did you find it here, if so do let me know. Thank you, Pat

Energy, Depression  

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Posted by Jennifer (Sweet Home, Oregon) on 06/23/2012
5 out of 5 stars

My family has an over sleeping habits that have made life in the real world hard. Also, when we wake up we still are so groggy and half asleep that walking into walls and driving on the wrong side of the street is a normal thing. When I started rhodiola 1 year ago it changed my life in quality. I am prone to getting on whatever I could to keep me awake to be able to get through life, and anti depressants? Well, lets just say I got to try all of them on for size at one time or another. Thanks to this remarkable plant I am off of them and happy.

Replied by Carly
Seattle, Wa - Usa

Hi Jennifer - What you are describing sounds like carbon monoxide poisoning to me. Your entire family is effected? That is not normal. If I were you I would have ALL of my gas appliances checked out by a professional HVAC type person. Also, make sure nobody is starting a car and letting it warm up in the garage, and no other gas type items or BBQ's are being used indoors, or any enclosed type area off of the house.

I would open my windows 24 hours a day until you verify that you are not being overloaded with carbon monoxide. Serious business. In small doses you can feel like you are describing, groggy, sleepy, out of it, like you have the flu.... In larger doses it can KILL YOU IN YOUR SLEEP! Please get it checked!

Energy, Mood Enhancement  

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Posted by Ann (Metairie, La) on 07/11/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I've just finished my first bottle of Rhodiola 500 mg. as suggested by my doctor. I have definitely noticed an increase in my energy level and its enhanced my mood. I stopped in a local vitamin store to purchase another bottle, but they only 300 mg. and I was told taking 2 capsules is okay. From what I've read, the 600 mg dose is still good for energy and depression, but at doses in the 1,200 - 1,500 have sedating effects. I can really feel a difference taking Rhodiola. I'm glad my doctor recommended it!

General Feedback  

Posted by Jolole (Australia) on 04/19/2015

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