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Posted by Karen (Surprise, Az) on 02/06/2006

I am a firm believer in Noni juice. It has helped with my PMS, acne, weight loss and energy levels. I was skeptical at first but if taken regularly it really is effective. I have heard to take it on an empty stomach for best results. I am thrilled to find a natural juice that is so effective!

Noni Reader Feedback
Posted by Donna (Aspen, CO) on 11/24/2005

While I was in Tahiti I did a bit of personal research on the Noni plant, which the Mormons are selling as a cure all. They claim that ancient Tahitians used it to cure people. I asked everyone, and on islands far from civilization (I went to the Tuomoto & Marquisis Islands too), turns out the answer is always the same, the Noni plant is a weed, when it's fruit is ripe it smells horendous (yes-this I witnessed-aurgh). Tahitians used to cut it down, but it contined to grow. Now they make money off of it, so it's being grown everywhere. Tahitians are hearing the word from the Mormon church that it will cure you and are turning up in hospitals left and right--as they are trying to use it & eat it. The Marquisis Islands are getting rich off of it, but still they told me the truth, they only grow it for money, they do not use it, it isn't for sale anywhere except the big islands--in the airports mostly. So, it gets you to wondering about everything, is it all for money? no honesty left?

Replied by Melisa
(Birmingham, UK)

Just because noni is a weed as you claim doesn't mean it doesn't work. there are a lot of weeds used in healing, like dandi lion nettle duck leaves if Golden seal is the family of the buttercup which is classified as a weed look into them just becuase they are weeds don't make them ineffective.

Replied by Cathy
(Suva City, Fiji Islands)

This is in reply to Donna from Aspen. I am from the islands of Fiji and Tahiti is my neighbour.We do have Noni trees growing in abundance in our islands and for sure we use it for medicinal purposes.During my childhood I recall my grandmother eating the ripe fruit of 1-2 noni every morning whilst in season religiously.She never had a cold or suffered from any ailments such as arthritis, diabetes, blood pressure,osteoporosis or even had any kind of bladder or bowel problems associated with old age.When she passed on at the age of 84, she was reading our fine print newspaper without glasses.

Also my uncle (her son)suffered from severe bleeding ulcers and intestinal worms and took 300 ml of home-made noni juice every morning on any empty stomach for over a month and was completely cured of his condition.This was after visiting the hospital numerous times with various prescribed medicines that didn't work.Apparently he decided to revert to traditional medicine and found his healing in the noni juice. So yes in the islands noni is one of our traditionally used medicines and recently has become a money spinner due to research done by western and asian (particularly Korean)researchers.

Replied by Tin
(New York)

You simply shouldn't write negative stuff like this without sufficient research. And in regards to Noni Juice, I would say you need to try it for 12 months, religiously, and then you will have the ability to honestly review it, from a personal aspect. But don't stop there, you should also interview other people, who you trust to be honest, who have also used this juice for more than a year religiously. Then, you might have something useful to say.

There was a time that most rational people thought the World was flat. A time when it just simply didn't make sense to believe the World was round. And it wasn't until the World was circumnavigated that people sat up and said, "Well, then, maybe all this time, we were wrong."!

Sometimes you have to do the hard yards to know the truth. Sometimes science doesn't have the ability to understand why something works.

I have used Noni Juice for 15 years. It works for me. It's incredible, I don't sell it, and I have tried many types of herbs and natural medicines. Some things don't work. Some brands of Noni don't work. Could have something to do with how it is created, reconstituted, heated or whatever. All I know is that some brands have always worked for me. It's fantastic juice. It stops me from getting the flu, gives me energy plus many other benefits. Please don't scare people away from trying this juice. You are doing people a disservice.

Replied by Eric

Donna from Aspen Co .... lol you may have been in Tahiti I have been there twice .... and your wrong on a few accounts ... so you talked to a few people and based your information on that, silly. Did you even see a noni plant? If you did you would know it is a TREE that can grow up to 30 or 40 feet tall Most are in the 15 to 20 foot range the taller ones are much older trees.

Trees and weeds don't look the same. My noni came from and comes from noni trees not noni weeds. I will say the plant grows extremely well and fast so yes the locals say it grows like a weed. It is not a weed. Donna, get your facts straight before you put falsehoods in peoples minds, and yes lots of weeds are good for us as mentioned in another post.

Why don't these people in the island buy noni juice hahaha because it grows everywhere and they can pick it 24/7 365 days a yr because it is an ever bearing fruit .... pick a ripe one 3 months later you pick another also on the same Tree(not weed donna) is a bud, a bloom a small fruit a bigger fruit and a ripe fruit all at the same time, truly amazing. So no need to buy it. Also some don't like the smell and won't take it unless they are sick, some take it only when sick or cut or insect bites etc and others take noni fruit and juice daily to stay healthy or help with some on going health issues.

Yes they used to cut it down for several reasons you don't know about or mention. They do cut it down or cut it back because it does grow so fast, and yes because the smell of ripening fruit smells like a strong stinky cheese. Because there was NO MARKET for noni, they also cut the trees down. Not untill two very bright Mormon food scientists who had developed many food, supplements, and additives for many clients in the food and nutriental field ever introduced to noni and studied it it piqued their interest to go to tahiti and talk with many people from old ladies that use noni for cures to others and thats when they decided to R&D Noni Juice specifly Tahitian Noni because there are so many Islands many with few people and covered in Noni trees enough to supply a growing company and the world without running out (Hawaii has how many islands 6 and more populated then French Polynesia) I know people here with gooseberry bushes, red current bushes walnut trees and other things like pears or apple /plum trees in their yards yet eat very little of the fruits and nuts they bear ... so Donna why would the Tahitian people munch on noni fruit daily???? Right, does that mean it has no value as food or medicinal? No

Oh my gosh people who have lived with this fruit for thousands of yrs and when they traveled from island to island always took the noni seeds and seedlings with them because they were so revered makes me laugh the people heard it from the mormon church the men R&Ding noni are mormons the church has nothing to do with educating the native peoples on Noni you keep mentioning the mormon church stop it! And no I'm not mormon but the church has as much to do with noni from tahiti as you do with noni from tahiti. They have used it for thousands of years it was and is their medicine among other plants they use coconuts for many thing too and I highly doubt you talked to everyone on the island like you said you did unless there were less then 20 people living there.

Ah the money making part whats your solution to help the Tahitian people earning more money Mining, logging, car industry, ship building how about tourism and fishing maybe a few McDonalds restaurant? Noni grows in abundance with no market of course they cut it down but once Yes the TWO Mormon scientists discovered all the health benefits and did 3 yrs worth of work before they sold their first Non Mormon church bottle of Noni it became an instant health success in USA first then Canada and then many other countries clammered to bring Tahitian Noni Juice to their counrty next. This provided income for a fruit that was litterly falling off the trees (not weeds donna) and rotting to now suppling needed income to the peoples of these other islands like marquisis mainly and very quickly became Tahiti and French Polynesia's number one income earner, raising the standard of living of many families ... one cop quit his job as a cop because he was making more money picking noni fruit his family all got involved and doing very well. Other families have loved ones coming back to Tahiti and other islands because their families have enough money to live and their kids don't need to find jobs in other countries ..... Tourism Tahiti and French Polynesia can only accomadate so many visitors per year there infrastature can not handle any more so Noni crops are a huge boom for the country and you make it sound like a bad thing when it is the futherest from the truth. with out noni fruit exports that country would really be hurting as you know a trip to Tahiti, Moorea Bora Bora is on the expensive side ....

You say is it only for the money who are you referring to?? The Polynesians wanting and needing a new income stream for family and country, a way to get rid of a medicinal plant with amazing healing properties people world wide would like to know about and buy for their health and the health of their child or loved one?

Or the 5 Five Founders who had vision to bring something good to the world who happened to find and market a great health product that many hundreds of thousands of people and more buy to feel better or "cure" some dis~ease in their body, who just happened to be Mormon .... would it be more pleasing to you if they were Muslim, or Irish Catholic or Buddists, maybe even Christian or Satanist/Athiest would be more to your liking, since you pointed that out they were the Mormon Church .... again donna the Mormon church has nothing to do with picking and marketing noni in French Polynesia, these 5 partners happen to live in Utah and happen to be Mormons that go to a Mormon church that most likely is not in Salt Lake City as they all live an hour or more away.

I did a little experiment myself I picked a noni fruit in may 2000 this may 2015 is 15 yrs old and not one speck of mold has grown on this fruit in 15 yrs its been out of my fridge since 2007 opened and closed dozens of times and Not one speck of mold anywhere in the jar, on the fruit, the lid or the sides name one fruit/food that has that kind of properties to inhibit mold grow for more then a few weeks .... honey and noni the only two I know.

I think I have clarified most of which you wrote about the Tahitian Noni Company has added many jobs, and processing plant, harbour upgrade at/near the processing plant on Tahiti, taxes, tourism and business trips all which add clean jobs, and revenue for the government. Who is grateful an unutilized resourse for thousands of years has become a cash cow because people around the world love their noni juice and how it makes them feel and I'll bet few if any think like you noni is brought to you via the Mormon Church, they the founders have good hearts and they know they have done good in this world.

I have seen too many good things noni juice has done in peoples lives to believe one word of those that speak badly about something the creator put on this planet for us to use .... Best pharmacy in the world? God's pharmacy because he didn't make no junk

Replied by Dmarie
(St Thomas)

I picked a bunch today after being told it could assist in pain learning to walk again after trimeloelar fracture surgery this April. I prefer natures medicine, would like to know proper preparation and dose for aiding my recovery learning to walk again.

Thank you so very much for any info you will share as you have much experience I seek to know.

In Gratitude for you,

Danielle Marie


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Posted by Megan (Louisville, KY) on 10/03/2006

I tried Noni juice for about 2 months for severe neck pain. While it did appear to reduce the pain, I had to drink quite a bit for the effect which ended up being too costly. It also seems to cleanse the intestines.

Posted by Sue (Sumner, WA) on 11/05/2005

Good, unprocessed, noni juice ... is a good natural pain reliever. It is said to be a natural COX II inhibitor (like sour cherries). I have used it to increase the effectiveness of various OTC pain relievers for severe mentrual cramps and back pain. My husband swears by it (taken alone) for back pain. (He is more responsive to the effectiveness of pain relievers than I am). The only drawbacks are it's nasty taste plus it's cost if you consume a lot of it. I found that, for me, about 1/4 cup is a basic dose to start with but you can drink as much as it takes to get the benefit you want. It may be diluted with apple juice or water to make it more tolerable.

Replied by Linda
(Salem, Oregon, USA)

I take Noni in pill form and use it for pain and it works great. Just today I woke up very very early, with joint and shoulder pain. Two noni and some water and within a short time I felt relief and was back to sleeping well. Studies show that fish oil + noni + glucosamine chondroitin is 70% as effective as morphine for pain.

Skin and Bladder Infections

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Posted by Ginny (Georgia, US) on 10/18/2014

I was introduced to noni while living in Jamaica. I would get urinary tract infections and others infections living in the bush. I also had adopted a pup that was in terrible shape, close to death. She had open sores everywhere, her skin was crawling with fleas, she had worms and was also starving. A doctor friend told me to take it and I was shown by a dear Jamaican friend how to make it. It certainly took care of my problems and my pups. I gave my pup a good cleaning, dunked her in the ocean a few times, poured noni juice all over her body and poured it down her throat. She healed up in no time. She didn't look like the same pup, she was beautiful. I believe in the power of noni for sure. I don't live in the tropics anymore but I ordered some noni seeds so I could grow some myself. My husband and I are building a greenhouse and I want to grow some tropical plants in it. I ordered some noni seeds and they're just starting to peek thru the soil and I'm so excited! I read that it only takes 9-12 months for it to start fruiting! I hope all goes well. I also have some beautiful bird pepper plants I started from seed that I brought back from Jamaica. I never took noni on a regular basis, only when I got an infection while living in Jamaica. But if I can get mine producing fruit my husband and I will be taking it every day. He has a lot of arthritis and high blood pressure. I'm hoping he'll be able to get off his meds he's taking and just consume noni.

Vision, Energy

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Posted by Debra (Newark, DE) on 04/14/2007

I was given a bottle of noni juice by a friend, she said it would boost my energy. She also said it was an aquired taste and made me promise that even if I didn't like it I would still drink 1 oz. a day. I hated the taste, but I promised. after about 12 days I saw an improvement in my vision! I was just expecting an energy boost. It also helped with pms this month. I've only been taking it for three weeks. If you can get past the taste I think it's a good product.

Replied by Dfrie
(Vancouver, Wa - Washington)

I lived in the Cook Islands, on Rarotanga, for four months in 1997. The Noni fruit grows native there. I sat in the kitchen of a native family who had several of the fist sized fruits fermenting in a sealed bucket under their counter. It smelled awful. They would take shots of the juice when they felt sick; they swore by it.

Back in the states a couple years later, Tahitian Noni was just coming on the market. I read their literature and their proported portions of the rare fruits extract. In short, the portion of Noni in their supplement was equal to thousandths (virtually nothing) when compared to the quantities taken by the islanders.

I'm a believer in herbal remedies, but I also appreciate that the potency is relevant.

Replied by Simz
(Kingston, Jamaica)

I am a native of Jamaica and Noni juice is by far the best natural remedy ever. Growing up I remember my Grandmother stored the fruit in a jar and allowed it to ferment, sure the smell and taste might be unbearable at first but after a while you will learn to acquire the taste and smell. I know that this fruit works wonders because I have seen my whole family grow up on it and its healing properties are wonderful. I would recommend this fruit above any prescibed drugs.

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