Noni Juice Cures

Skin and Bladder Infections
Posted by Ginny (Georgia, US) on 10/18/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I was introduced to noni while living in Jamaica. I would get urinary tract infections and others infections living in the bush. I also had adopted a pup that was in terrible shape, close to death. She had open sores everywhere, her skin was crawling with fleas, she had worms and was also starving. A doctor friend told me to take it and I was shown by a dear Jamaican friend how to make it. It certainly took care of my problems and my pups. I gave my pup a good cleaning, dunked her in the ocean a few times, poured noni juice all over her body and poured it down her throat. She healed up in no time. She didn't look like the same pup, she was beautiful. I believe in the power of noni for sure. I don't live in the tropics anymore but I ordered some noni seeds so I could grow some myself. My husband and I are building a greenhouse and I want to grow some tropical plants in it. I ordered some noni seeds and they're just starting to peek thru the soil and I'm so excited! I read that it only takes 9-12 months for it to start fruiting! I hope all goes well. I also have some beautiful bird pepper plants I started from seed that I brought back from Jamaica. I never took noni on a regular basis, only when I got an infection while living in Jamaica. But if I can get mine producing fruit my husband and I will be taking it every day. He has a lot of arthritis and high blood pressure. I'm hoping he'll be able to get off his meds he's taking and just consume noni.