25 Scientifically Proven Ways Melatonin Can Fight COVID-19

| Modified on Oct 25, 2022
High Dose Melatonin Reviews
Posted by Karen (Waukesha, WI) on 10/25/2022

I am curious after reading so many posts on Melatonin for Covid. What brands are best? What about gummies? I see them in 3,5,10mg. How many would I need to take in a day? (135-140lbs) What about taking them long term? I am not on any RX other than taking Quercetin, NAC, D, and CoQ10. I had Covid in October 2021 for 6 weeks with pneumonia the last 3 weeks. Not vaxxed. Tested positive for natural immunity a few months ago. Not taking Zinc or C very often.

High Dose Melatonin Reviews
Posted by Mary (New Jersey) on 09/03/2021

Art or anyone --- please tell me if you think that my son's pain in his upper right side toward his back, about even with his chest/breast could be a side effect of high dose melatonin? He had covid & was cleared to go back to work yesterday & was very eager to return, but last night this pain started & it's scaring him. He'll be going to urgent care soon.

He has not pulled any muscles. He has been taking 70-90 mg of melatonin spaced out during the day. Also vit C a few times a day. Then these once a day, sometimes twice D, zinc, B complex, & omega.

Do you see any reason that any of this would be causing such pain? It even hurts him to breathe. I don't believe it's covid breathing issues because those resolved days ago & never gave him pain. Thank you so much.