25 Scientifically Proven Ways Melatonin Can Fight COVID-19

| Modified on Oct 25, 2022
High Dose Melatonin Reviews
Posted by Karen (Waukesha, WI) on 10/25/2022

I am curious after reading so many posts on Melatonin for Covid. What brands are best? What about gummies? I see them in 3,5,10mg. How many would I need to take in a day? (135-140lbs) What about taking them long term? I am not on any RX other than taking Quercetin, NAC, D, and CoQ10. I had Covid in October 2021 for 6 weeks with pneumonia the last 3 weeks. Not vaxxed. Tested positive for natural immunity a few months ago. Not taking Zinc or C very often.

High Dose Melatonin Reviews
Posted by Mary (New Jersey) on 09/15/2021

Update: I have no other thing to blame my son's pain on other than covid, not melatonin ---it was blood clots that went into his lungs.

High Dose Melatonin Reviews
Posted by Charity (faithville, Us) on 09/03/2021

My last ER visit 2014, I had an elephant on my chest and it was a lack of digestion putting pressure on my lungs. My son had 1/3 of his lung removed in dec 2019 from a bout of pneumonia scar tissue 6 years prior that left him with constant fluid build up and coughing it back up. He is better now. I use astragalus every morning along with my ox bile. Liver pain is on right side. Although if it is gallstone take some vinegar or chanca piedra, my sis just lost her gallbladder due to stone blockage. Dehydration from stress makes stones build.

See this post by Ted

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Most of the unexplained pain in the chest comes from a yet unidentified bacteria. That's why the medical professions are baffled. But basically I will get the immune system up first with lysine, zinc and selenium. Lysine 1000 mg x 3, hourly and zinc gluconate (25 to 50 mg for a month only) and selenium yeast (200 mcg x 3). To help the circulation and the fatty liver (most common I have seen), is lemon and baking soda remedy three times a day, and fatty liver, granulated lecithin one tablespoon twice a day. The fat emulsifiers will get rid of the fatty liver but not your waist size, but most of that is hidden in the liver. Most conditions of the lungs are due to (most frequently) the fungus. To help detoxification, a capsule of N acetyl cysteine 500 mg every time you have a cough, is my remedy for a cough, of course there is peppermint oil, but is not generally good in preventing in the long term but are used for convenience. Circulatory issues remains the main issue and so you must drink more water, especially during meals and try to eat less fats and carbohydrates as the major cause. It really helps the intestines if wheat products are avoided, as it prevents detoxification issues due to gluten (glue in latin) that is why is so much of a problem, lime and baking soda, and at least some vinegar and baking soda, will help the liver function better. Lime and baking soda helps the circulation and vinegar helps acetylation of the liver.


High Dose Melatonin Reviews
Posted by Mary (New Jersey) on 09/03/2021

Art or anyone --- please tell me if you think that my son's pain in his upper right side toward his back, about even with his chest/breast could be a side effect of high dose melatonin? He had covid & was cleared to go back to work yesterday & was very eager to return, but last night this pain started & it's scaring him. He'll be going to urgent care soon.

He has not pulled any muscles. He has been taking 70-90 mg of melatonin spaced out during the day. Also vit C a few times a day. Then these once a day, sometimes twice D, zinc, B complex, & omega.

Do you see any reason that any of this would be causing such pain? It even hurts him to breathe. I don't believe it's covid breathing issues because those resolved days ago & never gave him pain. Thank you so much.