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Lecithin Tips

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Posted by Sue (Townsville, Qld, Australia) on 04/27/2009

You can add lecithin to your cooking by replacing some of the fat/oil in the recipe with it. I use it in muffins that way with good results. I've also seen health recipes where you dissolve it in water and use that instead of oil. So if the recipe requires you to "fry an onion", use the 2tblspns of both lecithin and water instead. Just start off with the water and lecithin in the pan then when hot start cooking. It is good.

Replied by Diamond
(Salisbury, Usa)

Sue, from Australia;I tried soy milk and I had some problems adjusting to soy, I also can no longer drink regular milk as it too affects me so I have tried dream rice which I seem to tolerate very well.

I am wondering now how important is it really to take the Lecithin? I found that selenium and magnesium with calcium and vit. D is great for the brain/memory.....Thanks & good luck

Replied by Ally

What's the taste of fried lecithin? Is it neutral tasting or yukky?

Multiple Cures Reported

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Posted by Tina (Nsw) on 07/17/2020

I started taking Lecithin in granule form for treatment of fatty liver on advice of Ted on Earth Clinic website. I have been feeling generally a lot better in many ways, my memory is sharp to the point of recalling childhood memories as if they were yesterday, I am faster to think of witty responses in conversations, anxiety is gone, my tummy is toning up, I am not reacting to foods with bloating, my IBS is gone, my inflammation has gone down, and my skin is clear. I feel great and don't intend to go a day without this wonderful nutrient.

EC: Hi Tina!

How much lecithin are you taking each day and how? I am sure EC readers would love to know! Thanks for your fabulous feedback.

Replied by Tina

I started out with a tablespoon of the granules and after a couple of weeks switched over to a 1,200 mg tablet for convenience. 1 x 1,200 mg tablet a day.

Side Effects

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Posted by Pacific Coast Lady (USA) on 03/13/2021

Not 100% positive yet, but I bought Lecithin and started on it a couple of weeks ago. Just put it in Green Tea and let it sit and dissolve nicely. Really liked the addition to the GTea. But I have been having a migraine every day (not severe but bad enough I had to take tylenol) and when waking in the night, migraine then as well. When I say a migraine, I'm talking without the aura, just the pain in one temple, not the full-blown classic/hemoplegic ones I get maybe once every 6 months.

So I knew I was warned about the Soy Lecithin but for the price I could afford, that's what I got. I quit using it just yesterday and will see how things go for at least a week. It could be other things as well, just have to experiment to find out. I was recently (Jan 20th) diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and the Lecithin was hopefully going to bring down my triglycerides and cholesterol.

So dropping all the carbs except under 30 grams per day (which finally brought my bg down) has really put my body into withdrawals. So that could cause the migraines as well. I don't think so though as I already went through normal type headaches the first month or so. Then I started the Lecithin. If it is the Lecithin with Soy, I will take others' advice and get the Sunflower type and try it. Thank you all.

Edit: It must have been the Soy Lecithin, no more "every day" headaches, and none at night. I bought the Sunflower Lecithin but accidentally ordered the Powder, not the granules I believe were recommended. Doing ok on this one though, just stir it in with a bit of hot water, then add my Almond milk, just a cup, and it tastes just fine. When I just took a teenie taste of the Sunflower Lecithin, no taste at all that I noticed. I even read recipes for lattes you can make with coffee if you like that. I'll make another review after I've been using the SL for awhile.

Side Effects
Posted by Lou (Tyler, Tx) on 02/27/2012


A word of caution about Soy Lecithin granules. I had a severe allergic reaction causing hives around my neck, severe itching and a huge red stripe around 2-3 inches in diameter from my chin to the base of my neck. Luckily, I read on Earth Clinic to blot the rash with borax and hydrogen peroxide. Then I took a bath with a couple of scoops of coconut oil in the water. Instant relief! I also had switched breads to a 12-grain variety that started off the allergy attack. I must have had a huge buildup of lecithin in my body and a soy allergy too.

Side Effects
Posted by Elly (Topeka, Kansas) on 05/22/2011

Hi Bill,

When I give my mom a teaspoon of lecithin she feels very giddy afterwards. Like a mild mania. I gave it to her on a different occasion and same result. What's this mean? Why is this happening? Thanks.

Replied by Mark
(Las Vegas, Nv)

Lecithen contains phosphatidylcholine and regulates moods and also helps with memory. It has also been said to clean the arteries and lower choleterol. Now of course studies have been put out linking it to cloging arteries in rodents. But nevertheless humans have been very sucessful in using it.

Side Effects
Posted by Darlene (Las Vegas, Nevada) on 03/23/2009

I've been taking 1200 Mg.of lecithin a day and I also started breaking out on my face.The product I use ingredients are Lecitin from soy 1200 mg.Phosphatidyl Choline 180 mg. Phosphatidyl Ethanolamine 156 mg. Phosphatidyl tnositol 108 mg. Linoleic Acid 324 Mg. Linolenic Acid 72mg. Is the Lecithin I'm taking wrong or is this something that does happen when taking it. I know I am very sensitive to oils. Please Respond.

Replied by Diamond
(Salisbury, Usa)

Darlene;What is inside of the body must come out on the surface. Maybe you are doing too many items all at once, why not try a few at a time? good luck

Replied by Desigirl
(Oakland Gardens, Ny, United States)

Diamond from Salisbury why don't you try Egg Lecithin or Dandelions since you are so sensitive to oils. Ted did mention somewhere that Soy is not at all good for this reason.

Weight Loss

Posted by Beth (Long Island, Ny) on 02/10/2014

Hi I read the comments about Lecithin and using it as a supplement. I want to better understand how it will affect the body. One of the discussions seemed to imply that if one takes lecithin and it is working in the body one will lose weight. I however am looking to use it to help me improve my digestion of fats and therefore help me absorb the healthy fats that I eat. I am somewhat under weight and am trying to (in a healthy way) gain weight. I believe my liver for the most part is healthy as I eat very well. My question is in my case if I use lecithin will it make me lose weight? Which I do not want or will it help me gain weight by helping me process and better absorb the fats that I eat? Thank you, Beth

Replied by Mike62

Beth: Please let me explain, as best I can, both lecithin and weight gain. When fed properly with active nutrients the body can make lecithin. Lecithin is made from phospholipids and b vitamins. Normally choline is the hardest to get. Choline is in raw pastured eggs and desiccated liver. Both of these are high in all the b vitamins. B vitamins work effectively for 5 hours so taking a dose every 4 hours is wise. A green smoothie made from organic baby leaves is high in all the b vitamins except choline. Taking a supplement would not be wise because the body self regulates when functioning optimally. The body makes enough lecithin and then stops. As for weight gain the weight you want to gain is muscle. Every gram of muscled added requires 6 grams of protein and strength exercises. Carbs, oils, and proteins need to be taken together at certain dosages and at certain times. Proteins have a biological value. The protein for added muscle is glutamate. Bcaas become glutamate. The easiest and most cost effective way to get protein for structure is non denatured whey isolate. I pay $85 for 5lbs shipped from a reputable company. Supplementing with isolated amino acids is not wise because they lack co-factors. Eating 85% raw organic produce and 15% raw grass fed animal products enables the cells to function at peak performance. Thank you.

Replied by Catherine

Read the book: "why we get fat... " By Gary Taubes. This book cites the most recent scientific studies as well as historical data and will help you decide the best methods for gaining weight or losing weight. It does not prescribe any specific diets. It merely will enlighten you on what causes weight gain and loss and the massive bad inforlation we are sold by the mass media and our govt. And where that info came from as well.

Replied by Cactx
(Htown, Tx)

Clearly, your metabolic rate is high. Getting it lower naturally seems to be a challenge. Age, in many cases, is a factor with high metabolic rate the norm below 30. All the same, eating healthy now or for some time, don't necessarily means optimum working liver. For that reason, a liver cleanse is in order. A cup blended pineapple and olive oil two to three times per week is suggested. Ones weight becomes regular with a proper functioning liver. Keep the faith!


Hi Cactx (Htown, Tx),

Re liver cleanse: you meant whole pineapple or pineapple juice?

How much fresh pineapple (juice or whole?) do you blend with how much olive oil and when do you drink this smoothie? Right before sleep or first thing in the morning or?

Which brand of olive oil do you use/recommend?

Thank you

Replied by Debra Williams

I began to take sunflower lecithin for memory. I could use a good cleanse. Does it clean liver, colon or what?

Where to Buy: Thailand

Posted by Lee (Chonburi, Thailand) on 04/21/2014

Where can I buy Soy Lecithin Granuals Non GMO if possible, in Thailand?

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