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Food Containing Melatonin
Posted by Art (California) on 04/16/2024 2213 posts

Previously I said that melatonin derived from foods was very likely of insignificant health value because compared to studies using supplemented melatonin in milligrams, the amount of melatonin gotten from foods is measured in nanograms. To give that some perspective, it takes one million nanograms to equal just one milligram.

That would suggest that orally received melatonin from foods in just hundreds of nanograms would not likely offer any health benefit at all, but this new study (April 2024) shows that elderly people consuming foods with melatonin available in just ng levels found significant benefits from eating such foods.

Here is a relevant study quote :

' Multiple regression analysis showed that older adults with higher FMT consumption are more satisfied with life (FMTdinner: β = 0.107; ∆R2 = 0.011; p = 0.020), have a lower level of depression (FMTday: β = -0.124; ∆R2 = 0.015; p = 0.003), and higher scores in positive affect (FMTday: β = 0.169; ∆R2 = 0.016; p = 0.007; FMTdinner: β = 0.136; ∆R2 = 0.019; p = 0.003). Logistic regression analysis showed that older adults with higher FMT consumption are less likely to have depression (FMTday: OR, 0.614; 95% CI, 0.436-0.864; p = 0.005; FMTdinner: OR, 0.671; 95% CI, 0.476-0.945; p = 0.023), and they perform better on logical thinking tests (FMTday: OR, 2.066; 95% CI, 1.131-2.204; p = 0.013; FMTdinner: OR, 1.887; 95% CI, 1.183-2.138; p = 0.033). A greater life satisfaction as well as a decrease in the cognitive impairment and psychoemotional state of older adults is associated with a higher consumption of melatonin-containing foods. '

The above proves that I was wrong on this aspect of food-derived melatonin, and this is the first study I have seen showing that food-derived melatonin is definitely healthful for humans. I apologize to the Earth Clinic community for my misunderstanding of the value of melatonin derived from food. This study clearly illustrates that melatonin derived from food containing nanogram levels of melatonin is not only active, but it also has a very positive effect on our mental state without the side effects that some people report from the use of oral melatonin supplements. I stand corrected.

Here is a list of foods that have higher levels of melatonin in them :

1. Oily Fish such as salmon and sardines

2. Pistachios

3. Oranges and Orange Juice

4. Pineapple and Pineapple Juice

5. Tart Cherries

6. Walnuts

7. Goji Berries

8. Mushrooms

9. Corn

10. Grapes

11. Tomatoes

12. Strawberries

13. Cauliflower

14. Walnuts

15. Almonds

16. Bananas

17. Broccoli

18. Sweet Potatoes

19. Barley

20. Oats

21. Ginger

22. Cabbage

23. Blackberries

24. Rice

25. Sunflower Seeds

There are more than these, but the above are 25 common ones.