Melatonin, Increase Naturally
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How to Increase Melatonin Naturally - Art Solbrig

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Posted by Betty (CA) on 01/08/2022
5 out of 5 stars

Wow, very well done! Very informative. Thank you.

When I was dx with cancer I wanted onc's opinion on vitC IV's, melatonin and vitD. He got so uptight and said do not take anything but the chemo. I knew that was crazy.

For melatonin I didn't know alot at the time but read it might have anti-cancer properties/synergize chemo. Then heard a chemo nurse talking about how they needed to stop at wal mart to get some. I asked her why she was taking it thinking she would say "for sleep." Instead she told me they all take it for the anti-cancer benefit.

I hope alot more will find this site and make their own informed health decisions based on research and personal experiences found here.

Article Reviews
Posted by Dianne (US) on 01/08/2022
5 out of 5 stars

Thank you Art for sharing this article and study so informative. Blessings to you and all who work so hard to share this news.