Grapefruit Seed Extract: Amazing Health Benefits

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Posted by Shea (Cincinnati, Oh) on 09/09/2010

Does anyoneknow how long grapefruit seed extract can be kept in water before it goes bad? For instance, I want to make up a batch and use it as an internal cleanser. Thank you

Replied by Katrinika
(Morehead City, Nc Usa)
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I wish somebody had mentioned in the tooth abscess thread that grapefruit seed extract should not be used full strength in the mouth. It was one of the few items mentioned in the thread that I had in the house when at 3:00am this morning I read four pages of the thread and decided to try it as part of a poultice in a bit of gauze, which I left in my mouth until the pain from it seemed so much worse than the abscess I was trying to relieve that I got up and took it out (about three hours). I've been sick and have missed a lot of sleep over the last five months... At 3am I'm not too cogent. I didn't read the bottle. Now I've got second-degree burns in the entire left side of my mouth.. Gums and cheek. It's worse than the tooth abscess, will last longer (with tissue sloughing and probable infection), and is likely to leave significant scars. Now there's no chance that I can avoid the antibiotics. I really could have used just a tiny warning.


If you read the directions on the bottle, it says NUMEROUS times NOT to use full strength in the mouth. It is very important to not listen to just your friends or threads but the manufacturers directions. Thank you.

Replied by Brooke
(Montgomery, Tx, Usa)

There is no better gum conditioner than one that uses the following formula: Water, Prickly Ash Bark, Sodium Chloride, Calcium Chloride, Atomidine (Iodine Trichloride, 1% solution), and Flavor: Natural Peppermint Spirits. Look that up and you will find that a whole slew of stores carry it. It might even be at you neighborhood health food store! I put a little bit on a Qtip and then rub it all over my gums at night before going to sleep - massage it really well. Then in the abssesed tooth - test it and make sure it doesn't burn. If it doesn't, then put it directly on it. I would put it on there throughout the day, if it doesn't burn.

Replied by Linda
(York County, Maine)

Hi Katrinika..... The Strep Throat thread has a warning about undiluted GSE.... But----didn't you receive instructions with your GSE? Mine came with 1/2 page of how to dilute for which use.... Veggies, skin, etc. I'm sorry to hear about something that can be so helpful causing you so much pain.

Replied by Kathy
(Macomb, Il)

I used gfse in a cream that takes down shingles itch. That was in 2000...............and it is still good.

Grapefruit Seed Extract Toxicity

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Posted by Prioris (Fl) on 09/30/2014
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I don't want to scare everyone with a warning but this is something to be made aware of when taking GrapeFruit Seed Extract. It also explains why it may work or not work.

I was looking to see what the active ingredient in grapefruit seed extract is and I came across this.

"But a new review published in the American Botanical Council (ABC) journal HerbalGram claims that many, if not most, GFSE products on the market today contain synthetic preservatives, microbicides and disinfectants that are not necessarily listed on their labels.

The idea behind GFSE is that it contains natural antimicrobial, antiseptic and alkalizing properties that render it highly beneficial in a variety of clinical applications. Many GFSE users who take it internally say it has helped eliminate chronic infection, clear up colds and sinus infections, and even cure candida and other yeast and fungal overgrowths inside the body.

But the new review, compiled by Dr. John H. Cardellina, Ph.D., a natural product, organic, medicinal and analytical chemist, suggests that most commercially-available GFSE products contain synthetic chemical components that are the true active ingredients. Actual grapefruit seed extract, suggests the review, does not contain antimicrobial properties, and is not the ingredient responsible for the beneficial effects that users experience."

I have heard people say it contains toxins so one shouldn't take it too long. Now I understand just what that really means.

I did limit my intake to 1 week due to the warning of toxicity. Understand that we eat toxins every day from the foods we eat. There are toxins in Aloe Vera juice. This is why I can't take the juice. It doesn't stop people from raving about the wonderful benefits of the juice. I am more sensitive while others are not.

There are toxins within the herb Uvi Ursa that I took to knock out a idiopathic bladder infection in short time. I would take it in a heart beat again. So we need to put toxins in perspective. It comes down to making sure it doesn't build up in the system too long. A week is a reasonable amount of time to try it.

"It was discovered that the ethanol-extracted GFSE contained no antimicrobial chemicals, while many of the commercial GFSE products contained some or all of them."

This may be why it may work for some people and not others.

"In a 2007 study the main synthetic antimicrobial agent identified in commercial GSE samples was benzethonium chloride"

I would think you would have to look for a non ethanol extracted GSE.

Replied by Jackie
(Missoula, Mt)
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Xylitol causes renal failure in dogs!!

Halitosis in Dogs

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Posted by Tamara (Baton Rouge) on 02/15/2007
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Do NOT use products with Xylotol in them for your pets. It's toxic in very small amounts.

Replied by Melinda
(Terrace, Canada)

I use GSE (grapefruit seed extract) Liquid concentrate and it doesn't contain Xylotol. I use it diluted in water or tuna water for both my cats and my dogs. This website has a list of things GSE is useful for and also assures that is is safe for pets. I reccomend GSE for pretty much everything. It is a cure all for everybeing. I put this diluted on my dogs infected foot and was healed within days. No expensive meds needed. :)

Halitosis in Dogs
Posted by Alan (USA)
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We use: Grapefruit seed Extract. H20, carmal extract, xylotol for sweetness -- found in sugar free gums. A solution of 20 drops Grapefruit Seed Extract with 10oz. H20 and carmal extract for taste has cured incoming dogs to the pet rescue of bad breath and tarter build up. This took about 2 days of having it sprayed into the mouth for bad breath and a week to notice loss of tarter. Daily maintenace of 4 drops in water also showed a reduction in weight in our heavier dogs. Give chew toys or carrots to dogs during this time to assist with the cleaning process. GSE is an excellent anti bacterial element and has many uses for people and pets. Great for raising the pets PH level as well.

Halitosis in Dogs
Posted by Candice (Victorville, CA)
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Hello. I was reading a remedy for Halitosis, from: Alan and he writes, "We use: Grapefruit seed Extract. H20, carmal extract, xylotol for sweetness -- found in sugar free gums. A solution of 20 drops Grapefruit Seed Extract with 10oz. H20 and carmal extract for taste has cured incoming dogs to the pet rescue of bad breath and tarter build up." I was worried about the Xylotol that is used for a sweetener, in his recipe, because I read an article stating that Xylitol caused serious side effects in Dogs including death. I believe the article was from, but I am not sure. I just thought that this would be useful information. Thanks!

Heel Spurs and Plantar Fasciitis

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Posted by John (Eugene, Oregon) on 07/15/2008
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One year ago I was supposedly diagnosed with heal spurs and plantar fasciitis. Doc did not want to acknowledge the symptoms of migrating pain and twitching up the leg and into the body. I would at times catch a cold, and would feel it go into my heel, which would then swell so I could not walk. One day out of desperation, I rubbed GSE on it. The next day the pain was gone. A week later, I felt the pain and swelling come back. Again, over night with the GSE say 12 drops on the bottom of the foot, and it was gone the next morning. Simply amazing. I had not considered GSE but had tried: Iodine, DMSO, H2O2, other essential oils, colloidal silver, heating foot packs, magnesium oil rubs and soaks; some of which helped a small bit, but nothing like the GSE. So take it for what it's worth. And thanks Ted.

Replied by Cathy
(Villa Park, Illinois)
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After I read Johns post I went out and bought some grapefruit seed extract. I am 45 years old and I do a lot of hiking and I guess that is how I developed plantar fascitis. I do not have the heel spurs but do have the pain with the plantar fascitis. I rubbed several drops on each heel. The next morning the pain was totally gone. After 1-2 weeks the pain came back in my left heel but only half as bad. so I did the same again with the left heel and pain went away again for about a week or so. Right heel has not had any more pain. Over several months the pain in the left heel has diminished each time I apply the GSE. Still have little bit of pain. GSE is an anti-inflamatory among other things. I asked my naturopath if I did the right thing and she said YES I did exactly the right thing. She said it is usually caused by a magnesium deficiency which I already knew I had because of the twitching I had all over my body. That is pretty much gone now. I eat almonds everyday which are very high in magnesium. If you can afford to see a qualified naturopath I highly recommend it. Illinois is in the process of trying to get liscensing for naturopathic doctors. My Blue Cross Blue Shield even covers it surprisingly. I have learned a lot from this website but I like to confirm the information with the naturopath because she really knows her stuff and knows exactly what I need. Good Luck.

Replied by Eliz

I'm from Singapore and I do suffer from this Heel Spurs and Planta fasitiis. Is there any sure or what can I do to minimise the pain. I went for Physio, it helps after sometimes the pain comes back. Appreciate any help Eliz

EC: More remedies for heel spurs here:

Replied by Lady_m
(S.f. Bay Area, California, Usa)

RE:Plantar Fasciitis and other joints posted by:
02/22/2010: The_phoenix from Townsville, Australia

Really interesting theory, phoenix.

I just wanted to reiterate that chronic severe low back pain could be related to a VERY RARE but serious disease (Ankylosing Spondylitis, which I have) and should be x-rayed for signs of sacroiliitis.

I had plantar fasciitis for years and then developed spondylits. THESE 2 AILMENTS ARE NOT MEDICALLY RELATED. PLEASE DON'T WORRY YOURSELVES TOO MUCH.


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Posted by Trish (Antwerp, Belgium) on 06/27/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I have used grapefruit seed extract for the past 2 and half years and it is wonderful for getting rid of a cold or flu ( I take a teaspoon 3 times a day for the flu) and also treats acne when used topically. I actually use it for more than just that but of course doing your research is all part of using non-allopathic remedies. I have a link if anyone is interested. I do not purchase grapefruit seed extract though, I make it at home. Its not hard to do. You do the prep and such, then it has to sit for 4 to 6 weeks. Then strain the solids out and there you have it. You can find on ehow or youtube how to make it I believe.

Replied by Ladyliza
(Los Angeles, Ca)
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For those who tend to get cold and flu, all you need is the correct amount of vitamin D and you won't get sick anymore. I take 5000 iu of vitamin D3, and I haven't had so much as a sniffle since that time, 6 years. I will never get another flu shot either.

Replied by Baldev
(Mumbai, Maharashtra, India)
190 posts

Hi Trish, Could you kindly explain as to how did you make the GSE yourself. We don't get the seed extract in India but in season we do get the Grapefruit, and it is not a bad idea to make it during the season and use it when required. Thanks, Baldev


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Posted by marybeth (volcano, HI) on 09/21/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I have used GSE in the past for candida but I'm looking forward to using it for other things. I live where mold is a problem so I make a mixture of 20 drops GSE, 2 cups water, a few drops tea tree oil and a few drops lavender. I spray it on walls, furniture and it works great. I also put some in my dishwater-where I live there's no water lines to it's just rainwater in a big tank. The GSE helps with any bugs that may be there.

Replied by Linda
(Brisbane, Australia)

Hi, my partner has been told by a specialist that his asthma is caused by mold in his lungs. Is there anyway that GSE can be used to kill this mold ? not sure if it would be safe to use it in a nebulizer. Any advice or feedback would be appreciated.

Replied by Tenderfoot
(Las Cruces, Nm Usa)

Linda, I'm not sure if mold is one of the symptoms of copd, but I have tried several different remedies for copd on this site with varying results over the last 2 years. Much of it was very helpful to me including the use of 3% hydrogen peroxide spray, according to Bill Monroe, along with a 1:1 ratio of 3% H2O2 and distilled water in my nebulizer. Having a lot more summer humidity this year my breathing got worse and often needed to use my rescue inhaler. Last month I did some research and found out about yamoa powder which I am using with excellent results within a short period of time and breathing much better now. I wish you the best and hope you find a remedy that works as well. Not being able to get a decent breath is very scary.

Replied by Tom
(Regina, Sk)

Linda and all: Have you found out about Oralmat, the Oz-developed non-prescription oral drops(around 1999 was the clinical trials there, and it has been on the market now since early 2000's)?

It is a natural extract of ryegrass, containing many phyto-compounds.

Here is a recent March 2010 5-minute vid testimonial from a guy who used to have asthma:

Near the 3:45 mark he mentions "60 pounds" , which might be the cost there in the UK. That's a lot of money, if he means 1 vial! It is used for both allergy relief and asthma. Some testimonials claim it cured their asthma after only a few weeks or months, rather like yamoa powder in that respect. A 10 ml vial will contain 100 3-drop doses under the tongue. I see it around net sites for up to $60 a vial, but I see it's way cheaper than that in its native Australia, and while I can't provide a direct URL to a commercial biz, I guess I'll just say try because there it's $18 only. They ship only to USA addresses. Sorry about the long paragraphs running together. Editing software screwed up and it won't let me separate them!

Replied by Rebel

Linda, I know this is very late to post a reply, but I just found your post today. You can try She has a Black mold and fungi detox homeopathic drops. I do not know if they work, but it may be worth a shot. She also recommends Oregacillin to be taken with this. Click where it says homeopathic and scroll and you will see it there.

Multiple Cures

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Posted by Sarahd (Spain) on 01/22/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I started taking GSE for a UTI after nothing else had worked. For 2 weeks I took 6 tsp a day of D-mannose, about 700 billion cultures of probiotic a day (very high, not recommended if you are toxic) and 6 tsp a day of alkalising salts (very high, I built up to this level over months during an alkalising programme).

Miraculously, the GSE started to heal this very stubborn UTI infection that had been causing me a fair amount of pain and discomfort. When I started the GSE, I was desperate to heal the UTI so I took 40 drops every 2 hours and began to see a difference within hours. I upped the dose to 80 drops every 2 hours and within 24 hours I was completely pain-free. Then I gradually reduced and started intuitively dosing using muscle testing and came down to 50, then 40, etc and, after a week, am currently on between 2-5 drops every 2 hours.

The (very happy! ) side effect of all this GSE is a lump on my arm that I'd had for 8 years (it was an ingrown hair bump that had swelled up and never gone away) is now completely flat after just 8 days of taking the stuff.

The skin on my face looks amazing - clean, clear, fresh.

My head feels amazing - I no longer feel groggy in the mornings (this must be that the candida have been reduced). To put into context, I eat a mainly vegan, grain-free, sugar-free, high raw diet, so didn't think I had that much candida to start with but I must have done, since the difference after a week or so of GSE has been amazing and I feel wonderful now.

The whites of my eyes are whiter.

I feel calmer, more balanced, clearer thinking, cleaner inside somehow.

All in all I am a complete convert - it's brilliant stuff! I have just started my 15 year old daughter on GSE to help heal her acne and will report back on progress in a few weeks. She will be taking 15 drops 2 times a day.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Pam (Groveland, Fl) on 09/14/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I've taken Grapefruit extract pills for tooth pain and swelling and it takes care of the pain right away and by the third day all seems well. I take it most of the time at night time for several ailments, however I miss some as well and can notice the difference. Last night I had menstral cramps and normally have to take three advils for severe pain, however I did not have any so I popped two grapefruit ones instead and took care of the pain. I slept through the night! Now the only pain I had left was my hubby; cracking his knuckles! ;] if only the extract could silence him!

Multiple Cures
Posted by Cheryl (Sturgeon Bay, Wi) on 08/29/2011
5 out of 5 stars

For over a month I had a white coating on tongue diagnosed as thrush. Was given 2 doses of nystatin. Didn't work. Was told to get Grapefruit seed extract as acts as antifungal. Took internally for one week. The next week I emptied the capsules and put it directly on my tongue. After 3 days the white coating was definately better. Been 6 days now & almost completely gone. Will continue for another week to take internally & put on tongue to make sure gone.. Notice I feel better now also. Not as tired & my bowel constipation has cleared up. I think this is a wonderful cure & it works!!!

Multiple Cures
Posted by Jody (Boston, Ma) on 01/01/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I use the liquid form (diluted in water, as per the directions) of grapefruit seed extract (or GSE). It helps me with a wide variety of issues: keeps my digestion on track, seems to stop colds in their tracks, and (once you get past the taste, which is admittedly bitter), it makes for a VERY refreshing gargle/mouthwash/mouth rinse. (More specifically, you feel refreshed when you are finished rinsing. ) It also seems to make my tongue pinker and healthier looking and my teeth whiter, though I may be imagining that part. I also like to use it externally as a face wash (I make a sort of homemade paste or mask using a few drops of the GSE, some baking soda and a bit of water. )

It can also be used (diluted in water) to wash veggies. I don't have pets myself, but I have read online in multiple places that it is also useful for treating various animal ailments. Overall, it has turned out to be quite a miracle treatment for me with an astonishing array of uses. I am so happy there are communities like this one where we can share our stories of natural healing. Thanks for the opportunity to share!

Multiple Cures
Posted by Janet (Alexandria, La, United States) on 10/21/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Grapefruit Seed Extract is excellent treatment for the following:
1. Diverticulitis: Mix 2-3 oz orange juice with 6-15 drops of GSE at the first sign of pain or dull ache, and continue 2-3 times a day until the danger goes away.

2. Any sign of illness: same as above.

3. Sore Throat: Same as above, but gargle it in your throat before swallowing.

4. Bleeding Gums: Place 6 drops of GSE in the reservoir of a water pik, along with an ounce of Hydrogen Peroxide. Fill the reservoir with warm tap water and use the water pik as directed on package.

5. Acne and any minor wounds: place one drop of GSE in the palm of your hand, and one drop of tap water. Mix it up with your finger, and rub onto the wound. This reverses the progress of infection and inflamation. Overnight success!

Perioral Dermatitis

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Posted by Rebekah (Melbourne, Australia) on 04/05/2008
5 out of 5 stars

After taking Grapefruit Seed Extract for two days my perioral dermatitis (that i have battled with for two years) disappeared.....and i mean gone !!! I almost couldn't believe it myself but i am keen to share this "miracle" cure with other people suffering similar skin conditions. Take orally in 250ml of water , 8-10 drops of the oil twice daily. I had no luck with the ACV for my skin but grapefruit seed extract did the trick !!!


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Posted by Miller (Austin, Tx) on 03/27/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I, too, have recently used Grapefruit Seed Extract (one drop per ounce of water), applying it several times a day for a couple of days, and it immediately dried up and mostly disappeared. I'm in the process now of applying once a day for a more extended period of time.