Grapefruit Seed Extract: Amazing Health Benefits

Dental Health
Posted by David (Salt Lake City, Utah) on 08/02/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I want to share with you a discovery that has changed my life. A few years ago I realized that after brushing when I rinsed with one drop of grapefruit seed extract (must have citricidal in the ingredient list) and a mouth full of water that all the pain in my mouth went away, my gums stopped bleeding and I never had morning breath. When I ran out of the extract I ordered more and noticed right away that the product tasted different and in a few weeks all my pain and issues returned, I went online and low and behold everyone was complaining that they had reformulated it and it was no longer effective.

Lucky for me, I found that the old formula was still available in a maximum strength version with the all important godlike ingredient citricidal in the product. I ordered it right away and was relieved to find my teeth pain went away again. I think this is hands down the best product you can get for tooth pain and dental health in general. I've spread the word to family and friends and they all have had the same results that I have discovered. I have not had to have a single cavity filled in three years now and that is an incredible change for me considering how things had been before this discovery. If I eat a lot of sugary snacks and start having pain again I have to completely cut out all sugar, sometimes I have to rinse with the extract three times a day for a few days to a week before I get control of the pain again but miraculously it always works.

If you add glycerin free tea tree oil toothpaste and a few drops of trace minerals to your toothpaste or mouthwash and your bottled water, stop eating sugar and grains and eat lots of fresh alkalizing fruits like kiwis and grapefruits and fresh vegetables and quality protein your teeth will start to remineralize and those little cavities will fill in. But in the meantime even if you have some gnarly cavities the extract seems to completely kill all the bacteria in the mouth that is causing the pain in those sensitive areas.

Warning, always rinse with this highly potent extract after brushing and never before and never use it on your toothbrush as it is highly acidic and could temporarily soften teeth enamel for 30 minutes or even longer after use and always only use one drop in a mouthful of water or it will burn a little on your tongue etc.

This might be the best kept secret in dental care, I have tried everything, salt rinses, clove oil etc. Nothing compares to the instant relief that I get from this extract. My mouth has that acidic feeling, stretched out pain in my cheeks like I've just blown up ten balloons sometimes. And my whole mouth tingles and feels absolutely perfect for many hours, even waking up in the morning with no morning breath. I also do oil pulling with olive oil which I believe is the most soothing of oils and also the most anti bacterial and is the best choice for oil pulling, add a few drops of trace mineral drops to the oil to help remineralize, for the first time in my life I think I may never have to have a tooth filled again.

After suffering with chronic dental issues my whole life, this is saying a lot. Unfortunately grapefruit seed extract is controversial, some claim that it is not a natural supplement at all and that the citricidal is a strange bi product of the processing of the seeds and that it is closer to a medicine that should be regulated, this is probably the reason that it has been reformulated unfortunately making the new formula sadly not effective. I trust my gut on this one. If you are lucky enough to have found this review, do yourself a favor and order yourself some of this stuff and spread the word. Tooth pain is one of the worst things humans experience in this existence, lets spread the love and share this remedy with everyone we know.

Some say all disease starts in the mouth, much love to you all and I hope you have many days of good health ahead of you.