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Posted by Jkw (Monterey, Ca) on 07/21/2015

About 5 days ago I re-tried starting Betaine HCL. I have been taking it while eating with protein, I don't take NSAIDS/steroids - I felt immediate relief the first 2 days. Unfortunately, then I started getting bad stomach aches and reflux in the throat. I was taking 1-2 pills per meal.

I do not know if I have an ulcer (I have only been diagnosed with gallstones and GERD). I can feel though that my digestion is very slow. I suspect Candida (positive with questionaire though the last time I had antibiotics was well over 20 yrs ago as a child) or SIBO. I was taking 5% iodine for awhile, but have had to stop due to bad hyper reaction (also with borax).

I feel rather discouraged at the moment because the supplements I feel would help are currently causing bad reactions.

I would appreciate any advice for repairing the stomach lining and taking some milder anti-bacterial/fungal so that I can eventually take these stronger supplements. (I started glutamine 2 weeks ago and have heard bitters - especially one from Germany starting with an 'I' - would help. I will also adhere to a strict diet, perhaps only vegetable soup for a few days or week as protein is currently difficult. I have restarted being no sugar, no dairy, low carb.) Also do you think it is imperative that I stop coffee? It seems to really help with constipation - I can take 1500mg magnesium chloride and still no bm.

Thank you for your help.


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Posted by Joe (Melbourne, Australia) on 09/09/2012


I have been taking Betaine HCl for the last six months or so. I have had to stop taking it because it has been giving me severe migraines. I've been getting dry skin on my hands too. Stopping the Betaine HCl has ended the migraines and my skin is slowly returning to normal. It's a pity that the Betaine HCl has all these side effects, because it was working well for digestion before the side effects kicked in.

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa)

Hi Joe, I'm not disputing the fact that you had such severe side effects but, I wondered what are other ingredients/ fillers and what is the source of the betaine hcl? Could it be you are having a reaction to those and not the betaine? I say this because when researching this, it said there are usually no side effects from it and if there are it's usually nausea or diarrhea. I have also learned betaine can be from beet sources. I am actually going to specifically look for this the next time I purchase some.

I have been using betaine for quite awhile now after learning all about it here on EC and it has changed my digestion dramatically in such a positive way I don't want to be without it! Best to you, Lisa

Replied by Kaija
(Kampala, uganda, Central)

Hi Joe, Would you consider sending me some of those betaine HCL! ? I have been down since 2007 thanks to allergies caused by protein indigestion, in this part of the world, those things are hard to come by. Please help!

Posted by Pyroluriac (Alamogordo, Nm) on 03/05/2012

I take Betaine HCl w Pepsin, and it really helps me to feel better over all. I'm glad I found this warning. I know from experience that OTC meds like @dv1l will strip the stomach of its protective mucous lining.

1. People using non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen (NSIADs), cortisone-like drugs, or other medications with the potential to cause a peptic ulcer (a break or sore in the tissue lining the upper digestive tract) should avoid supplementation with Betaine hydrochloride.
found here: http://www.prohealth.com/

Replied by Liz Paddon
(Milton Keynes, Uk)

Please test it for yourself and remember that the main reason something is removed from the alternative health availability is because pharmaceuticals want to reduce its ability to work, patent something else and sell the inferior product as being as good as the original. They cannot patent what the creator created. So now they are raising the prices of even cook from scratch ingredients for everyday meals forcing those on low income to buy doctored foods with little or no nutrition. Thereby reducing their life energy. What is their bigger picture. I like Gods picture. Betaine HCl works, you just have to find the quantity level that works best for you. So always start low and rise slowly. Once you feel better all the time, then start reducing slowly until you can maintain feeling good by diet alone. Go for sugar and sweetener free nutrition for the rest of your life. Live long and eat to live, not live to eat. :)

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