Uncovering the Health Benefits and Side Effects of Betaine HCl

Side Effects
Posted by Art Med (Calexico, Ca. ) on 01/15/2023

I had the feeling Betaine was causing the side effects I'm currently experiencing which include heart palpitations, insomnia, and sweating. I will certainly not take it again.

Side Effects
Posted by Victoria (United Kingdom) on 02/22/2018


Can someone explain to me why when talking betaine HCI one would start belching after a meal and having headaches?

Thank you


Side Effects
Posted by Bernardo (Brazil) on 10/15/2017

Hi, I was reading about betaine hcl side effects. I took omeprazole during several years which has caused me a lot of problems.

So I started taking betaine and I feel good now. Inittially I started with 150mg 3 times/day and my stomach was working too hard to digest. I took 300mg and it got better.

Obrigada month later I'm taking 300mg at lunch, 150mg in the afternoon with some light meal and 150mg during the dinner. I think it's going fine.

What I would like to know is: os that normal to feel some burn/blazing in my tongue and upper stomach and dry lips?

Thanks in advance.

Side Effects
Posted by Jkw (Monterey, Ca) on 07/21/2015

About 5 days ago I re-tried starting Betaine HCL. I have been taking it while eating with protein, I don't take NSAIDS/steroids - I felt immediate relief the first 2 days. Unfortunately, then I started getting bad stomach aches and reflux in the throat. I was taking 1-2 pills per meal.

I do not know if I have an ulcer (I have only been diagnosed with gallstones and GERD). I can feel though that my digestion is very slow. I suspect Candida (positive with questionaire though the last time I had antibiotics was well over 20 yrs ago as a child) or SIBO. I was taking 5% iodine for awhile, but have had to stop due to bad hyper reaction (also with borax).

I feel rather discouraged at the moment because the supplements I feel would help are currently causing bad reactions.

I would appreciate any advice for repairing the stomach lining and taking some milder anti-bacterial/fungal so that I can eventually take these stronger supplements. (I started glutamine 2 weeks ago and have heard bitters - especially one from Germany starting with an 'I' - would help. I will also adhere to a strict diet, perhaps only vegetable soup for a few days or week as protein is currently difficult. I have restarted being no sugar, no dairy, low carb.) Also do you think it is imperative that I stop coffee? It seems to really help with constipation - I can take 1500mg magnesium chloride and still no bm.

Thank you for your help.