What is the Mother in Apple Cider Vinegar?

| Modified on Nov 21, 2023
To Refrigerate or Not
Posted by Alexandra (England ) on 09/08/2017

Thanks for your informative and entertaining video on the mother.

I do keep mine refrigerated but it's a cool safe place for her to rest.

Nail Fungus
Posted by Lisa (New Hampshire) on 01/10/2017

For nail fungus:

Use ACV with "the mother" which seems to yield better results. You can usually find this in the natural foods section of a grocery store.

Posted by Tonya (Virginia Beach, VA) on 06/22/2014

Apple Cider vinegar with the mother is the best form of acv. It is liquid form; you can find it at health food stores or most grocery stores with a organic healthy iInstructions are on the bottle. Hope this helps blessings to all ttc. (trying to conceive)

To Refrigerate or Not
Posted by Ron (Warsaw, Missouri ) on 04/01/2021

Is it better to refrigerate or just leave it sitting on the kitchen counter?