What Is The Best Oil for Oil Pulling?

| Modified on Apr 30, 2023
Sesame Oil
Posted by Sue (Phoenix) on 02/01/2020

I began oil pulling with organic sesame oil just five days ago and hooked for rest of my life. Wish I would have known about this 20 years ago. In just using oil for five days, I have totally not had any urge for sweets...chips...etc. I have always been a healthy type of person, but, have had problem with sweets. Now using oil pulling and my detox toothpaste, I am sure now the several problem gum pockets will totally disappear. Now looking forward to getting rid of 15 pounds of body fat! I have, in the past, tried everything to try to suppress my appetite for sugars and fatty things. Nothing worked. This is crazy just in five days I can look at a bag of Reese's Pieces and Cheetos and NOT even want.

Oil Pulling Compilation by Sandy
Posted by Leslie (Alabama, Usa) on 09/30/2016

I won't elaborate on my health problems here but……while doing research, I was looking at heavy metal toxicity as a possible contributor to my problems. While reading up on mercury poisoning, I came across some very compelling testimony about poisoning from mercury amalgams (fillings) in teeth. More than one source gave some pretty stern warnings about using H2O2 as a gargle/rinse agent. According to these sources, the H2O2 weakens the amalgams, thereby releasing more of the mercury into your system. I used to use peroxide a lot as a mouth rinse, and I also had several fillings. When my fillings started falling apart, I attributed it to age but, now, I'm not so sure that the peroxide didn't play a part. Just a word of caution to anyone who has mercury fillings ------you might want to check into this before using peroxide in your mouth. Love Earth Clinic! Best of health to all!

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Posted by KT (Usa) on 08/15/2016

You are very welcome. It is a good idea to see a dentist to be sure, but you could try these things before your appointment to see what the x-ray shows.

Expense is what kept me diligent with the garlic and tea bag (make sure it is a brand name because I heard that cheaper brands are being diluted with grass on a Dateline report).

I kept using the garlic cloves all day long and my ear hurt really bad. I used them three days in a row back-to-back. My husband would not come within three feet of me!

For the bleeding you could use a warmed tea bag on the tooth to draw out blood/pus. I changed that twice about every thirty minutes. You will have to keep spitting the bitter tasting stuff out.

In a small glass pour a cap full of peroxide diluted with a cap full of water and swish. It sounds like you may have something small caught between your teeth or under your gum. Do you have filings or crowns? I had to do this several times to get out the debris caught under a crown (ground spice pieces or blueberry seeds...even a sliver of garlic).

After that initial treatment I still used a garlic clove once in awhile to make sure any trace of an abscess was gone. I even went to bed biting on a small garlic clove a couple times.

Oil Pulling Compilation by Sandy
Posted by KT (Usa) on 08/15/2016

Sometimes flossing will shove things under the gum (if you have fillings or crowns) getting a WaterPic water flosser is a big help.

In addition when swishing the peroxide and water, time it at least two minutes.

Oil Pulling Compilation by Sandy
Posted by Paula (Ca) on 08/15/2016

Hello KT,

I have been oil pulling with coconut oil once a day since my last post and doing some salt water washes in the evening. Though I do not have any pain, my tooth bleeds when I brush and floss (It's a molar on the upper right side). I do experience an odd pressure on the right side of my head/cheek/ear at times. I'm not sure if I have an abscess, but am assuming so as my lymph were tender at times. I will try the garlic, as you've suggested, and am making a dentist appointment as your comment about infecting the brain has made me a bit nervous.

Thank you for your post.

Oil Pulling Compilation by Sandy
Posted by KT (Usa) on 08/13/2016

Dear Paula,

Has the abscess come through the gum? If so, you can pour a cap full of peroxide diluted with a cap full of water in a cup and swish for at least two minutes. Sometimes you can feel pieces of food that may have been caught between your teeth, fillings or crowns loosen.

Below is a post here on EC that encouraged me to bite on garlic cloves until my pain went away. It was an upper molar so there was a concern about infection going to the brain. Garlic cloves work and the next time I had an x-ray on that tooth, the abscess was gone.

[YEA] 07/05/2012: Happynurse66 from Santa Monica, California, United States: "I woke up 3 days ago at 6am with a bad toothache. I went to bed the night before at 11pm with not a hint of pain. I called and saw my dentist that morn (Monday). She sent me to an endodontist.

The endodontist said I had a tooth abscess (top tooth, #4), "a real bad infection" to the root of my tooth, and that I need a root canal. He drilled my tooth and and drained pus. I asked, "How come I didn't have any pain at all the night before, and I woke up with such bad pain 7 hours later?" He said I had a "flare up". I had also self-medicated myself with ibuprofen 600mg at 6am when I woke up that day and at noon. After draining my abscess, he filled the hole, and his assitant gave me 600mg of ibuprofen (4pm). He then put me on a stronger antibiotic than he usually presribes (Augmentin instead of Amoxicillin) and prescribed Vicodin. I have to take Augmentin twice a day for 7 days until gone. He told me to take 600mg ibuprofen every 4 hours continuously for for 3-4 days to help keep the swelling down. My gum and face were swollen. I was to take 1 Vicodin every 4-6 hours, as needed, for (breakthrough) pain. I got to the drug store and took my first dose of Augmentin and Vicocin at 5pm, one hour after leaving the endodontist. I have to return to him to do more dental work in 2 weeks, which I already have an appointment for. He says he can't do any more work until the infection is gone.

I've been diligent about taking the ibuprofen (every 4 hours) and Augmentin as directed. I've tried not taking Vicodin, but the pain has been too much. So, I've been having to take Vicodin every 4 hours, with the ibuprofen, yesterday and Tuesday. (Today is Thursday). I've taken Vicodin every 8 hours since last night. I don't like taking pain meds or antibioitics at all, but I knew the infection needed to clear and I couldn't take the pain.

I came across this site, and I've got garlic on the infected tooth at this very moment. Instead of taking my next dose of ibuprofen/Vicodin combo, I went to the store and bought a head of garlic for $.50. I peeled and cut a clove in half. I put one half on one side of my tooth, and the other half on the other side of the same affected tooth. The garlic did not burn initially, as many have reported on this site. But I bit the garlic piece(s) three sentences ago, and I can feel the burn now. It's starting to subside, but the site is also throbbing right now. Ok, so now I'm chewing on the garlic again, allowing the oils of the garlic to penetrate around my toothache. I'm holding on, like everyone here says to do. My eyes are watery/teary right now. The burning/throbbing feeling and teary eyes slowly go away - until I bite into the garlic again. The burning/throbbing feeling and teary eyes goes away again - until the next bite. I try to put the newly-chewed piece of garlic on the affected tooth until the garlic is all chewed up and consumed. I'm holding on!

Garlic all gone now. I'm going to wait a few minutes to allow the garlic to do its thing in my mouth. Then, I'll oil pull with VCO to get the garlicky smell out of my mouth (hopefully). I should add, I drank about 3 tbsp of ACV in about 16 oz water just before I put the garlic in my mouth. I know the beneficial effects of ACV, so I knew it couldn't hurt.

At this point of my writing, I've eaten all the garlic. No burning, no throbbing, and no teary/watery eyes. I've just written a "live" play-by-play of the all-powerful garlic remedy on toothache/abscess. It seems to be working, as I write this. I'll oil pull in about half an hour.

I wish I had read about this remedy before I saw the dentist and endodontist. I wrote a check for $274 to the endodontist that day (half of the cost) and still owe $274 (and that's with insurance! ). Had I known about this cure, it would have cost me half a dollar only to be rid of this pain and infection.

I know I just did the garlic, but so far, so good. I'll keep you posted.

Thank you EARTH CLINIC for your awesome website! Thank you everyone for posting and sharing your experience, strength and hope with me."


I hope this post helps you as it did me.

Oil Pulling Compilation by Sandy
Posted by Paula (Ca) on 08/13/2016

I too have OP'd with Coconut Oil a few times and experienced the sore throat, and my tongue feels raw. I will try the Sesame Oil and see how I feel with that. I am trying to correct a tooth abscess naturally instead of having some invasive work done by the dentist. I also do salt water washes as well. If I do not see that I am on the mend in a week I will call the dentist.

Oil Pulling Compilation by Sandy
Posted by Michael (New Zealand) on 08/03/2016

Hi Maddio, Just a couple of brief thoughts! Firstly, are you using a good quality Coconut Oil? And yes, I know that the "Extra Virgin" label is not the same as it would mean for Olive Oil. Complicated of course but you can google this subject. Secondly, maybe your body is trying to rid itself of some problems and you are experiencing some (hopefully) temporary symptoms. In the latter case, you can either stop doing the treatment for a while or reduce the frequency of the treatment and see what happens.Gotta listen to what is happening and maybe make the change required? I use Coconut Oil for both pulling and eating and don't have this problem but we all react in different ways. I do not plan to switch to another oil but you might wish to consider others. I did check with my supplier to ascertain if they had a quality assurance type programe in place and I was reasonably satisfied.

Oil Pulling Compilation by Sandy
Posted by Maddio (Endwell, Ny) on 08/03/2016

Cara, thank you for mentioning the cough and scratchy throat! I was beginning to think it was only me. I get it most when I oil pull with coconut oil. Anyone have any solutions? Last night I sucked on a cough drop in bed, but don't want to do that every night.

Oil Pulling Compilation by Sandy
Posted by Cara (Usa) on 05/15/2016

Sounds like me. Don't really notice anything positive except whiter teeth. Might switch from coconut oil to something else. Sesame is the strongest. I am retaining water and gained a size in 6 weeks. Does it sting your throat and make you cough? I've been op for 6 weeks.

Oil Pulling Compilation by Sandy
Posted by Jim (Frostburg) on 02/02/2016

I strongly suspect 'oil-pulling' works because of the physical suction produced by the 'pulling'. This suction gets blood into the gum tissue, as cupping would effect in skin areas. Thus, there is no need to keep one dose of oil (or salt/borax/baking soda and water, if you prefer that agent) in the mouth for such an extended time; spit or swallow and take another sip. I also believe swallowing the used oil (or water) is actually of benefit as it introduces the supposed 'poisons' to your stomach, allowing that to register and trigger your body's self-defense -- the basis of homeopathy.

Oil Pulling Compilation by Sandy
Posted by Susan (California) on 02/02/2016

If you absolutely have to swallow, cough, or whatever, spit the oil into a cup and put it back into you mouth and continue swishing after you've swallowed, etc.

Oil Pulling Compilation by Sandy
Posted by KT (Usa) on 02/01/2016

Dear Emma,

I hold whatever I swish up in the front of my mouth, more between my teeth. You could try to practice that with some water first to see if that helps you. Good luck!

Oil Pulling Compilation by Sandy
Posted by Emma (Massachusetts) on 02/01/2016

How does one hold anything in their mouth (and swish) for 15-20 minutes without the need to swallow?

Oil Pulling Compilation by Sandy
Posted by Oceanwild (Vancouver Bc) on 06/30/2015

Most people use the sesame oil, some people use coconut oil. and use the Cinnamon Oill to do the massage.

Oil Pulling Compilation by Sandy
Posted by Lisa (Milton, Ga) on 06/28/2015

Hi Sandy, I've started oil pulling with coconut oil. Within 3 weeks I stopped having tooth aches, loose teeth healed, TMJ & lock jaw disappeared. Lower back pain reduced, Arthritis in hands gone. Then I added Safflower oil. My libido returned to what it was prebaby after only 3 days! Other hormone related problems are also disappearing such as hot flashes, inability to regulate temperature, random bouts of rage or crying, and insomnia. I pull 3-6x a day for 20 minute periods.

Oil Pulling Compilation by Sandy
Posted by Becky (South Carolina) on 06/09/2015

Billie, I divided it up into 4 tsp, each in a shot glass. The first tsp I added a small amount of raw honey, then followed by the other three tsp's . Swishing with each tsp as long as I could.

Oil Pulling Compilation by Sandy
Posted by Harsha (Karnataka) on 05/16/2015

Good comparison, especially between coconut oil and sesame oil. I try both often and feel that they are far better than any other.

Oil Pulling Compilation by Sandy
Posted by Julio (Nicaragua) on 04/08/2015

HI, does anybody have experience with Moringa oil?

Oil Pulling Compilation by Sandy
Posted by KT (Usa) on 04/07/2015

Maybe try a smaller amount for five minutes.

Oil Pulling Compilation by Sandy
Posted by Billie (Ohio, US) on 04/06/2015

Does anyone have any ideas on helping me from not gagging while trying to oil pull? I've tried flavoring the oil with essential oils, but I can't seem to quit gagging. Thank-you!!

Oil Pulling Compilation by Sandy
Posted by Shellyscorner (Greensboro, Nc) on 10/31/2014

Hi Gary (from Uk), to be honest, I've never tried oil pulling before, in fact, I had never heard of it until I read this page just now! So, although I can speak with specifics or any authority on the subject, I CAN attest to how easy it is to read something and even if you were really focused on it at the time, you can SOMETIMES miss something of forget something ... so, from that thought, I'll redirect you to the top of the page, in the very first paragraph it says the following:

"... while a number of different oils can be used for pulling, one rule of thumb is to use the best quality oil you can find ? think unrefined, cold-pressed, organic oils. Likewise, you want a natural plant-based oil."

I think, for me, that was ALMOST the MOST important sentence on the whole page! Because I really want to try this but I had the similar basic questions you did, I went back to the beginning and started rereading. So, if the oil that you're looking at using has some or all of those qualities, and it's as good as you can get, then I would think you should be able to try it with reasonably positive expectations. Although, with the understanding that not ANY remedy for ANYTHING works the same for everybody!

Good luck Gary! I hope you find that it works wonders for you! ;-)

Oil Pulling Compilation by Sandy
Posted by Gary (Uk) on 10/30/2014

Hi, here in the UK I was going to try Tesco Organic Sunflower Oil or Napolina Extra Virgin Olive Oil as they are easy to get hold of, will either of these do?

Thank you..

Oil Pulling Compilation by Sandy
Posted by Marilyn (Flanders, NJ ) on 06/24/2009

Sandy - You are awesome, thank you so much. It's been difficult to get my friends to dedicate their time to reading all the testimonies that are so important. When I discovered this site, I did have the time, and was convinced easily by the wonderful feedback. So now, I can point out your hard work to my friends with confidence. I am so grateful! Bless you.

Oil Pulling Compilation by Sandy
Posted by Sandy (Bangalore, India)

Dear Earthclinic,

Based on all feedback received for oil pulling so far (as seen on your oil pulling pages), I have created the following list of cures by oil-pulling using various oils:

1. Sesame Oil:
Cleared vaginal infections, got rid of tooth/gum/mouth/bad-breath problems, tightened loose teeth, heart felt better, depression replaced by happy thoughts, better vision (eg. Colors become vivid), no underarm odor, reduces cravings and helps de-addiction, alertness increased, pimples decreased, cured Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJD, TMJ or TMD), moisturized skin, healed dry/cracked heels, hair grew back on bald spot on head, sinuses cleared, did not catch colds/flu, brought color to cheeks/complexion looks healthier, cured the keratosis pilaris on upper arms, more energetic, didn't get allergies, looked 10 years younger, open pores on face closed, wrinkles disappeared, swollen glands under neck became normal for HIV+ person, anaemia cured within 1 month, lipase enzyme levels brought back to normal within 1 month, bloating/edema gone, decreased fibromyalgia pain, got deep sleep/ insomnia cured, dark circle around eyes decreased, cured hangover after alcohol consumption, digestion improved, back pain decreased, neck pain decreased, joint pain decreased, hives cured in 2 weeks, periods was not painful, no cramping during periods, experienced colon cleansing, eczema disappeared, skin glowed, stopped a headache, faded age spots, healed canker sores, subsided PMS, eliminated asthama, lost weight, cured diarrhea.

2. Sunflower oil
Got rid of tooth/gum/mouth/bad-breath problems, teeth whiter and sensitive condition corrected, sinus cleared, cured toothache, blood cholesterol profile got balanced when oil-pulled first thing in the morning, postmenopausal hot flushes decreased, wake up refreshed, hair grew thicker, think clearly, swollen lymph nodes reduced, energy increased (many people said), reduced dependence on caffeine-oil pulling gave a huge energy rush-oil pulling twice a day eliminated 2 cups of coffee from that day, blood circulation improved, cold hands and feet became warmer, cravings decreased, skin looks great, eliminates dry eyes, clears out sugar from body faster, pulmonary fibrosis cured, cancer cured, stopped vaginal discharge, clearer breathing, better sleep, lungs not congested anymore, coughing eliminated, herpes simplex virus eliminated from body, cold sores and canker sores healed, cleared allergies, hangover (due to alcohol) eliminated, lost weight especially around lower abdomen, lost 4 pounds in 20 days by oil pulling twice a day, gave sound sleep, body aches and strains gone, fatigue gone, irregular periods became regular, ear itch gone, clearer eyes and clearer vision, indigestion problems and gases eliminated, cracked heels healed, dark circle under eyes eliminated.

3. Olive Oil
Better mouth health, jaw pain gone, sinus cleared, finger nails grew fast and had white tips, hair grew fast and is thick, better energy, better mental clarity, mood elevation (many people said this), cracked heels got healed, softer hair, softer skin, no wheezing or coughing, eyes stopped feeling itchy or dry, beard got thicker and softer, de-addicted from tobacco, alcohol, caffeine (many people talked of de-addiction), back pain reduced, cleared nasal and ear blockage, lost weight doing oil-pulling using extra virgin olive oil, pores on face became small, no undereye puffiness, better vision, lines around eyes smoothened out, brain fog cured.

4. Coconut oil
Appetite suppressed and lost weight (many people said this), relaxing, pain in nerve decreased, joint pain gone, breathing easier, snoring gone, bloating/oedema gone in just 6 days, blood pressure stabilized, got rid of tooth/gum/mouth/bad-breath problems, gap between teeth closed, sinus cleared, heightened sense of taste, cleared inner ear infection, got rid of rocking/imbalance sensation, skin glowed and moisterized, increased energy, increased mobility, agility and vigour.

5. Cod liver oil
Got rid of teeth problems, better skin

6. Avocado oil
Makes hair healthy and shiny, bags under eyes flattened, sinus cleared

7. Cedar nut oil
Whiter teeth

8. Canola oil
Better mouth health

9. Walnut oil
Got rid of gum problems

10. Castor oil
Induces sleep

11. Black cumin seed oil
Drained mucus

12. Safflower oil
Pulling sensation in arm gone, Got rid of tooth/gum/mouth/bad-breath problems, lost weight, energetic and active, Rheumatoid Arthritis cured, chocolate addiction gone, hair and skin looks good, scar gone, periods improved, PMS gone, voice improved, got good sleep, hair shedding decreased.