Urine Therapy: Your Own Natural Remedy!

Urine Therapy Side Effects
Posted by Corinna (London, England) on 02/09/2010
1 out of 5 stars


Years ago I wanted to try urine therapy. Unfortunately, I suffered extremely adverse reaction in form of panic attacks accompanied by mild hallucinations. I am not given at all to these symptoms normally. I stopped the urine therapy and the symptoms took two whole months to subside. Unfortunately, after a while I wanted to try if it was really the urine therapy which caused that. Same thing happened and it took yet again 2 months until my symptoms subsided. I never had these feelings before and after.

I would have put it down to 'one of those things' but my husband - poor thing - experienced exactly the same symptoms: confidence disappeared, fearful of everyone and even a period of impotence. He immediately stopped the urine therapy - and luckily his symptoms all went away. He was wiser than me and never tried it again.

Years later I spoke to an ayurvedic therapist about this and she told me that if you have eaten meat in your life your urine is toxic and that this therapy is only safe with baby urine.

Be careful, people! Even the most benign regime does not work for everyone!

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