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Ovarian Cancer
Posted by Sunil (Nagpur, India) on 12/13/2016
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Dear Friends,

While surfing thru net for information on Urine Therapy, I came across your blog on UT.

My wife was operated for ca ovary (cancer) in March 2015.she received 6 cycles of chemotherapy till August 2015. Her all reports were normal till Aug.16. Now raised ca 125 detected in Aug. followed by CT scan performed on 22nd Aug. showed Small tumor of 3 cm was detected in pelvis area which is surrounding veins connecting kidney to bladder. Serum urea / creatinine were 51.0/1.8.

My wife had started taking urine from 22nd Aug. and continuing till date. She is taking around 1.0 Liter in the day first after waking up in the morning and after afternoon nap. She is also massaging body one hour before bath with stored urine.
As per recommendation of Oncologist, 4 cycles of chemo drug LIPODOX 50 & Carba were administered with a gap of 28 days till 24th Nov.

During recent test, Serum Urea found dropped from 51.7 to 25.6 and serum creatinine from 1.6 to 1.2. Hemoglobin has improved from 9.6 to 10.4, WBC from 5700 to 7500.

Urine is totally colorless and odorless as my wife is taking very light diet with very little salt, spice and oil with no bakery / dairy products.
She is also taking 3gms of wheatgrass powder in the morning, light breakfast & lunch. She is also taking seasonal and dry fruits & drinking juice of juice, pomegranate, butter milk & skimmed milk.
Avoiding dairy, bakery & processed food.

She is also performing pranayam in the morning and walking bare foot on lawn grass. PET Scan performed on 22nd Nov. 16 revealed that entire pelvic area is clear and single node though has shrunk 25% is still active.

She is otherwise maintaining good physical profile with no signs of weakness, vomiting or acidity even after 4 cycles of chemo. As per recent pathological test, she is having Hemoglobin of 9.1, WBC7400, Serum Urea of 28.9 & platelets count of 336000. She may have to undergo radiotherapy to dissolve single tumor.

As you being successful in dissolving your pelvic tumor, I seek your guidance on treatment of auto urine therapy along with other elements of diet for complete cure as we Want to avoid chemotherapy & further cancer treatment after radiation cycles are over.
Please help me and guide me till she gets completely cured.

Best Regards

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