Urine Therapy: Your Own Natural Remedy!

Food Allergies
Posted by Katnco (Denver, Co, Usa) on 02/18/2011

I started using UT when I was diagnosed with MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity). I was very reluctant to try it, but I was desparate to regain my health. At the time I was severely food allergic. I was on a strict rotation diet and had only 12 foods to rotate over a 4 day period. I read three books on UT before I started. I followed these directions to ease my food allergies and it worked like a miracle cure! I drank fresh UT 15 minutes before eating a food I was allergic too, I ate a little of the food and then 15 minutes after eating I drank more fresh UT. I did not get sick. I was able to incorporate all my foods back into my diet; with the exception of peas? But I didn't mind because I could eat again with out a rotation diet. I was FREE!

I've used it topically on my skin and received TONS of compliments.

However as time went by and my health improved I stopped using it. Now I have candida and was on EC reading for remedy's and ran across UT. Ah ha! Of course! Why didn't I think of that!

I am going to drink to the God's as soon as I finish this post. THANK YOU TED, Bill and all the posters on here taking responsibility for their own health! Yeah to all of us for our courage and good will to live a better life!

See our page at http://www.earthclinic.com/Remedies/urine.html for other remedies using urine as a topical treatment.